Disney’s Most Popular Character

Along with full-length paintings, the animated genre always goes side by side. From year to year, a huge number of cartoons are created, which not only children watch with pleasure. To say more – for every adult, animation, rooted in childhood, is nothing more than a step of maturation. The number of drawn and loved cartoon characters, replenished by decades, is truly impressive. In this article, we highlight the most famous of them.

Domestic heroes are the best

More than one generation grew up on them, they are remembered by our parents and grandparents. All of them, painfully familiar to every Russian, characters. Cartoon characters of Soviet films rightfully occupy the first place. Agree, there are hardly any who will shrug their shoulders at the mention of “Well, wait!”. All twenty issues, since 1969, the wolf is desperately trying to catch a hare, which, in turn, always deftly runs away. The animated series popular in the Soviet Union in each series reflects the notion of friendship, and often the wolf and the hare go hand in hand.

“Three from Prostokvashino” tells about an intelligent boy, Uncle Fedor, who is leaving his parents to live in the village. There he lives with the local dog Sharik and the economic cat Matroskin. Characters include the curious postman Pechkin, who dreams of getting a bicycle for the missing boy.

The screen version of the work by Astrid Lindgren, “The Kid and Carlson” was the first Soviet cartoon to use the technique of electrography. The audience met a bored boy and his new friend Carlson living on the roof, as well as the “home teacher” Freken Bock.

“Leopold the Cat” was released in 1975. A popular cat, perhaps the kindest of all the pets on display, struggles with the leprosy of two mice in each series, encouraging young viewers to live together.

In addition, the classics of domestic multiplication include “Dunno”, who went to the Moon, “Doctor Aibolit”, “Cheburashka” and his faithful friend Crocodile Gen, who runs down to the wizard “Funtik” and many others.

New era of Russian animation

Leaving Soviet examples in the past, the capabilities of current technology have gained their indispensability in modern times. New characters are also presented to the public with new characters – cartoon characters are no less colorful and memorable. Among them are the brightest:

  • the good boy Jacob, whom the evil witch turned into the “Dwarf of the Nose”;
  • three bogatyrs who received an independent cartoon: Alyosha Popovich, Dobrynya Nikitich and Ilya Muromets (“The Knight’s Move” in 2015 gathered the heroes together);
  • “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” – a story filled with loyalty and courage, love and magical transformations;
  • “Star dogs: Belka and Strelka” – space adventures of true friends with the rat Venia;
  • Luntik – an unusual creature with an incredibly good character, fell from the sky.

Disney's Most Popular Character

Cartoon Characters: Disney

Characters Disney cartoons have a special place, and the animation studio itself has a huge history. During the long hard work, shrouded in dozens of years, Disney has released a number of both classic and game projects. Famous cartoon characters:

  • Aladdin, who lives in the eastern town of Agrab, together with his beloved Jasmine, Jinn and the parrot Iago, he confronts various heroes of the forces of evil;
  • funny ducklings Billy, Willy and Dilly, as well as their elderly uncle Scrooge McDuck, who became a secondary hero, are familiar from “Duck stories”;
  • the princess of the Atlantic, the little mermaid Ariel, who loves to explore human things on the ocean floor, and the company is made up of her true friend Flaunder and prim crab Sebastian;
  • Black Cloak, abbreviated as PE, is a fighter for peace in the city of Saint-Canard; master of martial arts, lover of getting into trouble; his chief assistant is the mechanic Zigzag McCreac.

This list includes not all known characters. Cartoon characters that have become prominent representatives of the Disney direction are complemented by funny “Gummi Bears”, “Chip and Dale”, always hurrying to help, “Winnie the Pooh” and a team of his friends, “Miracles on the Turns” about the courageous pilot of a seaplane Balu, and many others .

Disney's Most Popular Character

Foreign heroes of our time

Hollywood production of animated pictures can be safely put on the conveyor. Over the past two decades, the largest dream studios in the country, like Disney and Pixar, presented the audience with a huge list of new characters – kind, brave, funny. “Cars” 2006 conquered a global audience not only with an interesting plot, but also with colorful graphics. Created by their motives “Airplanes” had a little less success. The green troll “Shrek” became one of the most successful projects, each of its four parts invariably became a masterpiece.

Authors and animators try to saturate a number of characters – often they become various animals, for example, birds, snails, ants, little mice and our smaller brothers (Rio, Turbo, Antworm, Wash off, Forest chap ”,“ Ice Age ”,“ Horton ”,“ Madagascar ”,“ Ratatouille ”), epic creatures (“ How to Train Your Dragon ”), monsters (“ Monster Family ”,“ Monsters on Vacations ”), children’s toys (“ History toys ”), all kinds of villains and superheroes (“ Megamind ”,“ Ralph ”,“ Volt ”), as well as ordinary l di ( “The Incredibles”) and other imaginary creatures: “The Smurfs,” “Epic,” “Rango,” “The Lorax.”

Cartoon characters: girls for girls

Any animated film is designed for a wide range of viewers. But despite this, a separate category is occupied by cartoons for girls. As a rule, the main characters are beautiful princesses, who are surely saved by the prince. These include “Cinderella” and “Rapunzel”. Charming Barbie will enthrall with its many adventures, just like the Fairies in “The Lost Treasure”, and the Winx club enchantresses will teach you how to remain determined warriors.

In the future only with the past

It remains to express hope that the beloved heroes are not lost in the spectator memory. And even more vivid and interesting were the new cartoon characters, whose names will take their place in the animation story.

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