Disney in Paris

Paris is beautiful at any time of the year. Especially in spring, when moderate air temperatures are akin to a soothing balm after winter chilly cold. The city comes to life in the rays of bright sunlight and is charged with a real spring mood. In spring, Paris begins to awaken from hibernation.

Paris events and weather in March

The daily average for the month is around 12 ° C – 13 ° C. At night, temperatures drop to 4 ° C-5 ° C. The amount of precipitation expected in March in terms of days covers more than 12 days. However, the sun “comes out” to the sky for at least 5 hours, warming the whole city after another rain. It should be borne in mind that the March weather can be completely unpredictable: not seasonally warm or, conversely, frosty.

March is a very interesting time in Paris. This is a great time to participate in long excursion programs. In addition, in March, there is little chance to stumble upon long queues at popular Parisian attractions.

In Paris, is the current Irish community, which in March celebrates the day of St. Patrick (La Fheile Phadraig). People come off “to the fullest” with the obligatory visit to Irish pubs, in which beer flows like water. And then incendiary dances begin and chants that continue until the morning. St. Patrick in Paris celebrated very frivolously

Disney in Paris

Events and the weather in Paris in April

April should be devoted to exploring the main sights of Paris, when it is still far from tourists. The only exception is Disney Land, “teeming” with children in April during the Easter holidays.

Disney in Paris

The film festival of short films under the extravagant name “Shorts” is one of the interesting events in the Paris event calendar.

Blues fans will get a lot of fun at the festival “Banlieue BleuesBanlieue”, held in the northern suburbs of Paris. At the festival “Banlieue BleuesBanlieue”

Admirers of the gastronomic delights of France are expected at the Culinary Festival, which precedes the beginning of the Paris Marathon inside the city and beyond its line. At the culinary festival in Paris there is a close acquaintance of the participants with the national French dishes from different regions of the country.

And connoisseurs of beauty will be able to enjoy the ballet opera performances of students in the Paris Opera.

Events and weather in Paris in May

Warm and sometimes hot days remind of the imminent approach of summer. Air temperature ranges from 16 ° C-20 ° C. At night, the thermometer drops to 9 ° C. The sun shines brightly for 9-10 hours a day. If we talk about precipitation, their amount is equal to the figures of the previous spring months, distributed over 12 May days.

Disney in Paris

May is marked by a parade on the Champs Elysées in honor of the end of the Second World War.

You can quench your excitement and try your luck at the annual horse races in Paris.

Paris Spring – the dream of any romance. These are long walks along the Seine, breathtaking views of the Champs Elysees from the Eiffel Tower, a leisurely sunrise on Montmartre and the aroma of delicious croissants wafting from street cafes.

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