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Before you free online games Colored blocks, and you probably know how to play them. Each toy has its own rules, but it’s easy to understand them. Sometimes you need to knock down monochrome groups by sending a ball towards them that bounces off a moving platform. Hitting the target, he destroys them. Another time you have to drag objects to build a chain out of them, and then they too will disappear. An interesting puzzle game suggests dragging blocks inside a closed square to bring them through a single opening. These and other versions are free.

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Delete groups of the same color by playing in the colored blocks of the game.

Games colored blocks – collect and break

The current versions of the online game color blocks originate in Tetris, where you have to direct the cubes with arrows, straight lines and broken lines so that they occupy the space at the bottom of the field, lining up in even rows. Each figure should take place in accordance with the free cell of a similar form. When a row is formed with fully occupied cells, it disappears and new pieces fit into its place.

Later came the color Tetris, and then many variations of virtual fun. Now the process has gained zest, become more creative. Cubes often give way to pretty faces, pieces of furniture, human poses, precious stones.

The process of the game is simple – you have to drag the elements to match the color and sometimes the size. If you managed to collect a monochrome group of three or more elements, it disappears, turning into glasses. Several successive moves from a large number of blocks, and you get not only significantly more points, but also earn a useful artifact.

What are the bonuses useful for?

Each acquisition will serve in its time, when the time for passing comes to an end, and there are still unplayed games on the field. Mixers, mix elements and build them in a new order, in which it is easier to fold a long row of the same color. Hatchets and bits break down obstacles that arise in more complex stages and closing blocks. The watches give extra time, and mines destroy some of the elements on the field.

If the game has many levels, you will have more than one evening for an exciting toy. And the more experienced you become, the more accurately your eye finds beneficial manipulations, and the bonuses become more and more. The more impressive your collection is, the greater the chance of not getting stuck on the road to success.

Entertaining game logic colored blocks

Play colored blocks, it is to solve logical puzzles that are presented almost in a primitive form. The youngest gamer will easily understand them and will not refuse to play an office worker. All you need is:

  • Choose a topic
  • Skillfully wield the mouse
  • Distinguish colors
  • Understand the assignment

This can be a simple mouse dragging of nearby elements or immersion in a certain story. You may well end up in the cave of forty thieves, where they hide untold treasures. In order to take possession of them, all that is needed is to collect identical figures on the field, building them side by side.

Disney fast pass

You can shoot clusters of blocks at the top of the screen from a cannon with shells of the same hue. As such blocks sometimes appear cute faces, fruits, stars, sparkling stones. And 3D models make you connect a surround vision of the situation, and act more thoughtfully.

An interesting variant of the game in blocks, when the crane must lay bricks, building a new house. The technology is the same as in Tetris – direct the next laying to the sides with arrows, looking for the corresponding cell for its shape.

Thanks to accurate calculations and quick-wittedness, you will be able to drag blocks from one bunker to another. All the boxes are of different lengths, and you need to find the right combination to clear the passage during their permutation, and then move each one to the next room.

We’ll have to break your head in the game where you need to destroy the blocks so that the ball fell from the platform and rolled into the goal. First, follow the prompts and learn, because soon you will have to work independently. The levels become more complex, and if at first it was enough to move one block, in order to succeed, you should now perform several manipulations.

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