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Recently, for our guests, I made a list of things that will make a trip to Thailand rich and unforgettable. This list was based on what we ourselves did / tried in Pattaya, and that a tourist from Russia would not exactly meet at home (at least for the same money). I am pleased to share my recommendations with you, our beloved readers, and accept advice from you!

Learn more about what we tried and where we went for a few months of life in Pattaya, can be here. But my recommendations for those who come here for a short time: what to do in pattaya, if you flew a half to two weeks?

1. What to do in Pattaya? Try fried insects

Yes, yes, yes, this item tops this list! Read more about how we tried roasted insects ourselves the first time and what we have eaten since I wrote here.

Scorpio is like a cancer for a reason: there is not much food in it. But after the fried scorpion in Thailand, snacks are served: grasshoppers and larvae!

2. Do not ignore water fun!

In Pattaya, water sports and entertainment are much cheaper than in Russia. That’s how much they cost:

– wakeboarding 500 baht per day, – banana – 700 baht per half hour, – jet skis – 800-1000 baht per half hour, – kayak – 100 baht per hour.

3. Go for a massage!

Required, no – MANDATORY – go to thai massage in pattaya. And not only in Thai. Moreover, massage parlors are located on every corner. Value for money Thai massage in Pattaya does not need comments. How much does massage cost? One hour Thai massage in Pattaya worth 200 baht. Foot massage – 200 baht. Face massage – 250 baht. Oil massage – from 300 baht. Massage herbal bags – from 350 baht. In Moscow, the same thing costs at least 5 times more (walked, we know).

And sometimes you don’t need to go to a Thai massage even in the salon – they do it right on the street. For example, in this photo – Bangkok, Khaosan street, we are doing a foot massage for 120 baht half an hour. And it is on the eve of the New Year!

4. Buy wooden souvenirs

In Pattaya, wooden souvenirs are quite inexpensive, and the quality is wonderful. For example, we bought vases of 200 baht and large decorative plates of 100-200 baht (this was during a Phuket vacation, after which we decided move to thailand). Thai wood products will be a great decoration for your home (we have, we know).

5. Build up Thai cosmetics

Cosmetics in Thailand is also cheap and also very high quality. You can buy it in online stores such as Tesco lotus and Big c. When we still lived in Russia, I ordered cosmetics from Thailand at online stores at an exorbitant price, and here – everything is cheap and at hand, which I am very happy about.

Disney alcoholic drinks

Thai cosmetics for men is also very high quality. Zhenya in Russia spent a year and a half stretching a wonderful Thai aftershave cream for sensitive skin, after which there was never any irritation.

It would seem, Nivea, everyone knows her and in Russia … But for some reason, after Zhenya, after the Russian Nivea, the skin burned for three more days, and everything is fine here.

6. Ride an elephant

This is very cool and very scary! Especially when you walk on hilly terrain, and the elephant begins to descend. It seems that you are about to fall forward over the head of an elephant right under his feet! Anyway, riding an elephant in Thailand – one of the main entertainment. And in general, going to Thailand and not riding an elephant is like … how … How to go to Moscow and not see Lenin in the Mausoleum 50 years ago, that’s how it is!

Riding on an elephant necessarily included in the program of many excursions in Pattaya (description and prices – in this article).

When you are going to ride an elephant, do not forget to buy bananas for it. It is unlikely that elephants in Thailand are undernourished, but once again eat it, too, is not a fool! And why would he so vymahal.

7. Eat plenty of seafood.

In Pattaya, seafood is quite inexpensive. For example, a large plate of shrimp costs from 120 baht, and grilled fish – from 100 baht. I also recommend that you try lobster in Pattaya – if only because it will cost three times more in Russia.

8. Try traditional Thai dishes.

Literally at every step in Pattaya you can try the following Thai dishes: kao pad gai (fried rice with chicken), som there (spicy green papaya salad), tom yum kung (national sweet and sour soup with shrimps), pad thai (rice noodles with shrimps). In street cafes of Pattaya, these Thai dishes are from 40 baht. And in general, to visit Thailand and not to try Tom Yam soup is like … how … Well, you understood how)))

… and we went even further: we learned not only to eat, but also to cook Thai food! How we went to a culinary workshop in Pattaya, read on our website soon. We recommend to subscribe (in the column on the right) – then you definitely do not miss anything important!

9. Look at transvestites and katoi.

In such quantity this miracle of nature you will not see anywhere else in the world! Understandably, for this we must go to Walking street. Our opinion – to go there once is more than enough. Bangla Road in Phuket is more impressive.

He is a woman and a man, and on the figure (in comparison with ordinary Thai) – he and the horse, he and the bull.

10. Spend the evening on the beach

Go to 7/11, buy some alcoholic drinks there (alcohol in pattaya inexpensive and good), buy all sorts of different snacks at the table and go to the beach in the evening. It’s so great to sit on the sand in the evening, listen to the sound of the waves and talk about all sorts of different things. Just do not forget to buy with alcohol in 7/11 mosquito repellent – insects in Thailand love to bite! Happy holiday to you!

Dear readers! Have you been to Thailand? Maybe there is something that you can advise to try / make / see other people? Write us about it in the comments – we ourselves go!

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Hello, fly to Pattaya on

Transvestites and Katoi – unhappy people, I feel very sorry for them. Not nature is a miracle, but plastic surgery. Due to the lack of jobs they are disfigured from childhood, they turn boys into “girls.” Better remove them from the rating.

Olga, good afternoon. We are going to Pattaya, in December 2017. You can give your number, we want to order excursions from you.

Love, good afternoon. Our contacts, as well as descriptions and prices of all excursions, are listed in our price list:

Hello. Tell me where in Pattaya to find a culinary master class, which you mentioned in your article?

Hello! It was more than two years ago, I don’t remember the exact address. It seems it was on South Street. However, what I have to say to you: there were many such cooking classes down the street. You can still look at Tripadweiser lists of culinary workshops in Pattaya – https: //

Olga, good afternoon! Thanks for the detailed articles. We are going to Thailand for the first time in a week, for dollars it is clear – better than large bills. And if you carry rubles, which denomination is preferable for exchange? Thank.

Good day! In exchange Pattaya accept from 100-ruble bills and above. They accept smaller ones, but they can make it harder, then you will have to go to another exchanger.

Julia, good afternoon! Firstly, it is better not to carry rubles at all, see this article – http: //

Hello Olga! I’m going to Pattaya and read your articles all day. Very interesting, sure come in handy! Is there a market in Pattaya where you can buy home

Galina, hello! This is a very specialized question. With the export of plants, problems can arise, at the airport they can be sent to quarantine and require some kind of documents. At the airport, we simply saw the Plant Carantine Station, but we don’t know how to go through it, we only brought the animal in and out.

Olga, hello! I can report that last year we took a couple of dozen plants from Taya,

I’m glad everything went well!

Hello! First of all, thanks for your articles! Very informative and interesting) My mother and I will fly to Pattaya from October 26 to November 6. We fly for the first time, absolutely spontaneously. And then we looked at the weather forecast, and there was a thunderstorm written almost all the time. Since we already have vouchers, I would like to know how rainy the rain breaks, what if we can’t leave the hotel because of the rain? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hello, Eugene! Thanks for the kind words! You know, most of the questions about the rainy season begin exactly this way: “We bought vouchers, and then we looked at the forecast for Gismeteo – it rains every day! The rest will be spoiled ?! ”:)) Therefore, we specifically wrote several articles concerning the weather and the rainy season. You can watch this collection in the “Start here” menu item, here is a link to it – http: //

Good day to all. Excellent article and an excellent resource, especially for those who are going to rest in Pattaya, and counts the days until the long-awaited vacation. In Pattaya we often rest with the family, the period of stay is not less than a month. By the way, this time we took tickets for

This time we will go, I want to try to rent a car and go on about. Phuket

Good afternoon, Stanislav! Thanks for the kind words about our site and for an interesting comment! Yes, about Koh Lana – I support 100%, I don’t even know how it happened that we haven’t written about this island yet (probably, because as soon as a person starts a blog about Pattaya, first of all he writes about Koh Lan and here we decided to stand out)))) About excursions (or rather, independent travel) to Bangkok, we wrote in another article – How would we spend the rest in Pattaya, if we arrived there by tourists. And about fishing there in our guide to pattaya – A great option for a holiday day!

Olya, good afternoon! a couple of times in (Pattaya and Koh Chang) I got stuck with living creatures in the house: tiny ants … go “building”, paving the way for some food … And they come to the house through the same as they are tiny crevices in the ceiling, floor … You with such not encountered ?? How to drive them out of the house.

Irina, good afternoon! Yes, we saw such ants, they came to our house, as we were settled, appeared. But their life with us was very short – literally in a week we brought them all out. Helped chalk, such as “Masha”, which is sold in “Tesco” for a penny. Unfortunately, everything is written on it in Thai, so I can only transliterate its name in Russian – “Aat Chalk Van”. And now a year as they have never been!

Thank you very much, Olga, for your advice.

Hello!)) I am extremely glad that I have come to your site) Everything is so interestingly painted that I can’t wait to be there more) I really wanted to ask you where it is better to buy leather goods (bags, wallets and

Hello, Lily! We are glad to welcome you on the site, glad that you like it and thank you for your kind words! Your question is what is called a classic. Personally, I bought a leather wallet in the store, where the locals will buy it (they don’t go on that “familiarization” excursion). I can advise you to the Outlet Mall, but what about Sukhumvite. There is a small selection, but the prices are nice. It is believed that during the excursions everyone sells at exorbitant prices, and in order to justify the price, the guide will tell you that in all other places the products are of poor quality. &# 128578;

Hello Olga! I finally found a wonderful site of intelligent people! Thanks you! I was in Pattaya travel

Hello Natalie! Thank you for such kind words about our site! Delicious Thai food and seafood can be eaten cheaply, firstly in the markets. But mostly food is sold there for take-out, there are few tables. But you can buy and eat, for example, on the seashore))) In the markets and fish, yummy for sale, and shrimp, and mussels. Only dried squid do not buy &# 128578;

Secondly, it is, of course, Thai cafes. Their distinguishing feature is the simplicity of decoration. That is, these are the most unpretentious tables, chairs and interior. But cook right in front of you, everything is fresh and hot. In such cafes in the purest form of seafood you will not find, but a lot of dishes with them. The same Tom Yam goong, salad with crab, kao pod tale (fried rice with seafood). Good and tasty impressions in Pattaya! Then be sure to tell us about your impressions. &# 128578;

Olya and Zhenya are very happy with your articles. Great tips. Tell me if you know where in Pattaya you can buy a battery for a camera?

Vladimir, the largest selection of equipment and everything to it – in the Tukcom store, which is on South Street (South Pattaya Road). I think there you can find what you need. &# 128578;

Hello Olya !! Please tell me how you can get from Pattaya to the Chatu Chak market, we want to go. Is there an organized bus to and from?

Hello, Alla! Chatu Chak Market is located next to the Urine Bus Terminal in Bangkok. You will reach Mochit – consider that you have reached Chatu-chaka. I know that some minibuses from Pattaya go straight to Mochita – it seems that those from the Central Festival. You can ask when you buy tickets. If the bus does not go to Mochita, then it goes, most likely, to Victory Monument. From there you can take the metro to Mochit or Chatu-chak. Have a nice shopping!

Hello Olga. Its me again. Sorry for the annoying. At that time, when I wrote to you according to the weather forecast, the weather was still sunny, without precipitation. (You just answered me right away. I thought after three four days I would get an answer just as precipitation started) After July 9, there were already rains, heavy rains,

Olesya, hello! Slowly approaching the rainy season. Yes, weak short rains are now in some areas of Pattaya. Sometimes during the day, sometimes at night. As I said, they do not interfere. Thunderstorms and no showers. The longer you pull tickets, the closer to the rainy season and the worse the weather &# 128578;

When to fly – now or in the winter – it’s up to you to decide.


Hello Olya. How are you there? Have you started the rainy season now? We wanted to take the tickets already, but looked good at the forecast for July. The horror alone rains, showers, thunderstorms. She began to read reviews of tourists about the weather in July, and many people write that it rains all day long. water an hour and stop. I do not know what to do. The first time we eat in the summer. Usually in the winter went. And here this year I have two students already. And as you do not want to tear off from school. We decided in the summer. Ol advise what to do

Hello, Olesya! We have not seen rain and thunderstorms for a month. On the horizon, when you come to the sea, thunderstorms are visible in the evenings, yes, but we do not have them. It is also necessary to take into account that it may rain in one part of the city, and not in the other. We even wrote an article about why it is worth coming to Pattaya in the summer and call the weather one of the reasons. While the rainy season has not started, the rains are light and short, there are no particular inconveniences. “It rains all day long” in Pattaya, even in the rainy season. That was on Krabi. Check out the Wikipedia article for Pattaya rainfall.

Hello! I read about elephant riding. Remembered our story. During the trip to Kwai, we had the experience of riding on elephants in the elephant village. My husband and I got a very bad and intractable specimen; my son and daughter had more pleasant individuals. Ours did not want to go straight along the path, all the time it braked and strove to return to the jungle. When they came out to the river, he stood rooted to the bank and the driver couldn’t or didn’t want to persuade him to move on for about ten minutes. And personally, I do not advise to roll right around the neck of the elephant, my husband rolled and then we were suffocated from the smell and barely washed the breeches! So everything smelled strongly of “wonderful” elephant smells!

Hello Olya! Thanks for the answer)). I also want to believe in the good (that in Tae is not a fake and that those who want to obey us – tourists from the local population of Ty make up a tiny percentage). Yes, of course, not all return, but many, but not many people buy jewelry))). Of course, this is a good marketing gimmick at a jewelry factory and sellers know a small amount can come back, but I will come back. ))))) and I will check how their benefit actually works))))). I now want to pay extra and take a product made of yellow gold)))). And when I return here and check it out in practice, then I will write you in detail about the results. ))))). So sellers in the factory – wait for my return. ))) I wrote here about it, I thought we could have already checked it in practice and share information here (whether bad is not important) is the main thing useful for all tourists))). If some of the visitors have already checked the benefits of fvboiki in practice, please, huge – please share. )))))

Yes, Svetlana, be sure to write later about the results of the exchange! It will be very interesting to know.

Sveta, I myself bought a diamond ring at the factory with a guarantee. In my presence, a woman who had previously bought her set of a ring and earrings was brought for exchange with a surcharge, and also asked to update-cover her other earrings and rings for an additional fee. So she exchanged a set for a more expensive list, and the old earrings and rings were covered with gold for free! she was glad.

Altynay thanks for the answer)))). It means, after all, this is not only a publicity stunt in the factories and all the guarantees are valid, I am very glad of such information that not everyone in Taja wants to cheat you)))). What city are you from? In Turkmenistan, we have the name Altyn – very widely distributed in Turkish. Russian language means gold)))). And how many times have you been to Tae and where did you stay?)))))

Hello, Sveta. Yes, I’m glad that my advice was useful to you. I am from Kyrgyzstan. I lived in Pattaya all spring, I am going there again in the fall. She lived in the condo TW Jomtien Condo Platinum Suits. I like … Ava where you stay?

Hello, Sveta. Yes, I’m glad that my advice was useful to you. I am from Kyrgyzstan. I lived in Pattaya all spring, I am going there again in the fall. She lived in the condo TW Jomtien Condo Platinum Suits. I like it there … it is on Teprazite, not far from Tapprai … near the Outlet, the night market, Tesco and

Hello Altynay. We all three trips to Tai lived in hotels – Cozy Beach and Marcy, both are on Pratamnak. But the condo never rented. You have the experience of renting, we also want to rent a condo for the next trip, and therefore I would like to ask you if you would like)))))). Maybe it will be convenient for you to write to my email: zu-zu72 @

And a small addition about buying gold: on other sites I read that at the factory all the privileges we were told were just a marketing trick to improve the sale of gold and that on the next visit they could simply refuse to take back or find fault with a worn item (such as scratched or poor condition). People. Those who wrote such an opinion themselves, in my opinion, did not encounter such a problem, they only expressed a very, very big doubt about such benefits. Is it really true (I really would not want to believe it)? If any of the visitors to this site had the practice of such purchases and returns, exchanges – please. Share your experience? Olya, and you did not buy anything and did not change anything from precious items?

Svetlana, in my opinion, is also like this: most people who write such a negative opinion about the benefits you mentioned actually didn’t come across anything like that, but simply heard from third (or twenty-third) hands. I also read a review where a person talked about an excursion to a latex factory and witnessed how the mattress was not taken back for some reason, there was a scandal … I think that the promise of such benefits really stimulates sales, but also I think that it cannot be 100% refusal to accept return. But there is a certain percentage. I myself did not buy precious items in Thailand, because I cannot wear them because of the heat.

Hello Olya! Someone I did not find a separate page with you on the purchase of gold and precious products and, therefore, I wrote (sorry) here and wanted to ask you about the topic of buying gold. On the last visit (January 2014) on the tour I lost my one gold earring and we decided to buy new earrings for me here on January 4 (January 4). We went to a jewelry factory and took earrings there: silver, coated with white gold, stone – blue topaz for $ 206. Of course, this is expensive, Thai silver and gold are generally expensive. Earrings are very beautiful))). And then we saw in the Orion store (located right next to the Cozy Beach hotel, down the road from the sea right after the pizzeria, maybe you have been there too?), And so we saw there the same earrings cheaper by 1000 baht and a lot of other jewelry products are also cheaper than in the factory. Many times the guides told us that it is best to buy jewelry only at the factory, and there will be fake in the stores. Do you know anything about this and what is your opinion on this (pliz)? Do these stores sell fakes? At the factory, we were still bribed by their privilege: we were told that a lifetime warranty for life was given on earrings purchased. Then they showed us the same model of earrings, but with other stones and said that the next time (meaning the next visit is probably))), we can change my earrings for another stone for free, showing necessarily the payment receipt. And yet – I can donate these earrings and take another piece of jewelry, but with the condition that the selected new product will cost at least a little more expensive, so I take a new product with the additional cost difference. And we didn’t guess here to ask in Orion, if you buy them like that, then they have the same benefits as at the factory. Do you know anything about this? I would be grateful for the information!

Hello Svetlana! Yes, we did not write about the purchase of jewelry, and to be honest, we are not even in the plans yet. Svetlana, what can I say about the assurances of the guides? Guides ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE say the same thing: buy only from us, at all other points not the quality / the wrong guarantees / the wrong service / robbed / deceived and

Good afternoon, Olga! Thank you very much for your site and for your reviews, it helps a lot. We are planning a trip to Pattaya in early July. How is the weather there now? You can swim in comfort?

Good afternoon, Vladimir! And thank you for the kind words! The weather in Pattaya in early July is good, not very hot, it rains a little and not often. As for swimming, in my opinion, the level of comfort on the beaches of Pattaya is about the same, we have, by the way, own rating of the beaches of Pattaya. Look, I think it will be very useful. And on Koh Lana there is always where to bathe in comfort.

Good afternoon guys. We have been going to Thailand for three years in a row. Twice were in Pattaya. This year, for the first time, a tour operator offered a trip to the Spa for 1200 Baht. This year’s travel program was drawn up in advance and there was no time to visit the spa. We plan to visit the salon in 2015. Can you tell me what kind of recreation and services in Pattaya?

Svetlana, good afternoon! Honestly, we have not been to Pattaya in the spa. But I have my 30th birthday next month and plan to please myself with a good spa program, I’ll be happy to write about these services in Pattaya later &# 128578;

Hope, hello! Yes, indeed, the Russian Foreign Ministry does not recommend going to Bangkok. But today the curfew in Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui was canceled! And this, you see, says a lot! Curfew is still valid in Bangkok. First of all it means that you should not be on the streets of the city in the evening. According to numerous reports we received, the situation in the capital of Thailand is calm. But the decision, of course, you take))

Olya hello, tell me, please, the latest events in Thailand – 50 countries of the world, including Russia, warn citizens to refrain from traveling to Bangkok, as far as this information corresponds to reality.

Good day! Thank you very much for your site! You are great fellows! A lot of useful and simple words. We are going to Pattaya on the 28th of May for the second time. But we thought of taking pictures in Pattaya together, what if you know photographers in Pattaya? To not very expensive, but how much I look at ads prices just space. :(

Helen, hello! Tried to find a friend of the photographer. But unsuccessfully: it turned out that he had already gone home, the wintering was over (

Olya hello. I would like to know your summer weather account. They say it is not possible in the summer to go there in the afternoon Heat and humidity increased, very hard. Sweat stream. We went in the winter and we were quite happy with everything. But this year everyone was delaying, delaying the trip. And there is no patience to wait for winter. So I fell in love with this Thailand. All year delirious. thank

Olesya, good afternoon! Perhaps such concepts as “summer” and “Thai summer” were confused)) The fact is that the Thai summer falls in April and May, but sometimes, when it comes to Thai summer, they simply say “summer”, because which may cause confusion with the Russian summer. What you are describing is just the Thai summer that is now: heat and humidity are increased, sweat is flowing. In July and August, it was not at all the case; last year it was very comfortable – we know from eyewitness accounts, since we ourselves moved to live in Thailand in mid-September. So do not wait for winter! By the way, very soon we will have an article about the benefits of visiting Thailand in the summer months (June-August).

Hello Olga! The first thing I wanted to say: I envy you so much (with white envy). I love Thailand so much, I fell in love with it the first time: I was with my husband and daughter in August 2011, in August 2012 and in December-January 2014 – for the third time there were 24 days. And all the same to me it is not enough, I never will inhale Thai air. And I feel so bad without favorite Ty. This is love for life. And so I envy you a good envy. Well done that you left for your dream! Well, now in the direction of the lyrics and share my impressions. With your permission, I would like to suggest adding a list of places that would be interesting for tourists to visit in Thailand: 1. The Chatuk Chak market in Bangkok. He works on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Ochchchchen huge in size, we went there for 2 days in a row and could barely beat half of the market. They sell there: shoes (Thai fakes, quality is good and branded from well-known companies), watches, clothes, antiques, various animals and birds, handicrafts, and of course souvenirs. This market is considered the cheapest and most diverse in Bangkok. We are people without frills and therefore bought there our own clothes and shoes. Then they compared the prices and made sure that the prices there are really cheaper. For example: good-quality T-shirts made in Thai size 44-46 are 80 baht, sneakers are a good fake of Nike – 700 baht, men’s levis jeans of large size 34 cost 300 baht, autumn shoes of Thai production 38 size – 280 baht. But it will certainly be interesting for picky buyers. We liked both the quality and price)))). It was interesting to wander through this market: there you can feel the full flavor of Thai life. We really liked this market))))). In the next review I would like to continue the list of places that will be of interest to tourists. and I also have a request to you Olga: please write me in my mail. I really want to talk in detail with you about Thailand and I have been living for three years with a fiery desire to live permanently in Thailand. I know that there will be a lot of questions and I really want to bring my dream closer)))). I will wait for a letter from you)))))

Svetlana, good afternoon! I am very glad to welcome you on our site! With great pleasure I read the comments and feedback of people who love Thailand! All the more so sincere and sincere as you. Svetlana, thank you so much for such an interesting and detailed story about the market Chat-chuck, it’s great that you wrote about the prices! We were also in this market, we bought there a braided dragon for 200 baht and Shane’s wife at 140 baht. I did not notice that there were autumn shoes there, this is a good clarification))) And you are really right: it was very difficult to get around it, you were there in two times, and we were only half a day impossible to be tired, and we didn’t manage to get around so much! And of course we will be happy if you share with our readers and a story about other interesting places!

We rested twice in Pattaya in August – very comfortable and not hot, and the showers were fleeting, and the humidity was not great, but in November-December, I did not like it – there were more tourists, and I personally was very hot, and the humidity was high! This year we are going to visit earthly paradise in the middle of September!

Last year we moved to Pattaya just in the middle of September. Zhenin’s birthday))) We really liked the weather: the sun did not burn, there was normal humidity, there were noisy tropical rains (we loved them very much). And yes, there were few tourists, and the trees above)))

I am interested in swimsuits and summer clothes, you can of course look at your skin (bags) :)))

Eugenia, I can advise you of the Outlet Mall shop – it is located in Sukhumvit near Tesco. Many expats who don’t like to dress in the market are shopping there. “Mike Shopping Mall” – from the same category, you can look there. The Central Festival will be a bit more expensive, but there is much more choice there than in the aforementioned stores. These are the largest shopping centers. Of course, it is always possible to buy clothes on the market, but for my taste it is more of an Asian type there, which is not very appropriate to wear in Russia. Surprisingly, I really like summer clothes in a small night market in Jomtien, there it is not the same as in large markets.

Olga, good afternoon! I am very glad that on the Internet, I came across your site with a detailed description and humor of Patay, and there is also an opportunity to ask about something and get not just a formal reply, but a full and most importantly detailed

Good afternoon, Eugene! Thank you very much for the kind words, glad that you liked our site! But not all questions, unfortunately, can be answered. First of all it concerns tastes. What are quality things for you? What I like may not like you and vice versa. Is it about summer clothes? Or about any skin and stuff? I only buy summer here. What size? In the sense that the markets are usually all of the same size – Russian 42-46.

We don’t have children, so here I don’t have the right to give recommendations, you understand &# 128578;

Olya hello, and you do not organize excursions? Pattaya, Komboja and if so, how to contact you. The page is very entertaining and interesting, I would like that when you first visit Pattaya, to see all the most interesting, with people who love Thailand.

Hope, good afternoon! We are very glad that you liked our site! We do not organize excursions (by the way, all foreign guides work here illegally). Generally in Pattaya there are a LOT of travel agencies, you can contact any on the street. They have all kinds of excursions, including in Pattaya and the surrounding area, and in Cambodia. Have a nice holiday in Thailand!

Olga hello. Thank you for the answer. Very pleased about this. I learned about

Olesya, good afternoon! Yes, Zhenya has already almost answered you this question – it is necessary to watch schools .. From myself I can add that almost all schools provide an opportunity to go to a trial lesson for free. Take advantage of this opportunity !! Because feedback is one thing, and your child’s personal sympathy for the teacher / textbook / school is another. You can write letters to schools and ask in advance so as not to waste time on it when you arrive. There are no difficulties, believe me. I advise you to look more closely at the morning and afternoon groups, where there are fewer people (as a rule), then the child will be more involved in learning and will quickly overcome the language barrier. Good luck to you, you are just clever !!

Olya hello. I would like to

Olesya, good afternoon! Thank you for such a great interest! Olesya, if you go to Pattaya, then there is nothing to worry about. Here, the influence of political unrest in Bangkok is not felt in any way. So don’t worry about yourself or the kids! &# 128578; Zhenya on our website regularly updates the article about what is happening in Bangkok – http: //

Hello! Loved Elena’s stories. I want to ask you Elena, we are going with boys for 9 years. Advise where and what you can see with them. Where in the city you can swim on the island.

Elena, good afternoon! While the other Elena has not answered you about where to go with the children, I can say from myself – about bathing. To swim on a good beach with clear water and white sand, it is best to go to Koh Lan. And in the city – the farther from the center, the better. That is, Wongamat in the north, Jomtien in the south.

then be sure to take a trip to the aquarium in Bangkok, it is much more than Pataysky, even though you look through the glass))) but it is better to go on your own, if you take a tour it’s not enough time. for all. From any bus station Pataia on an early bus for 134 rubles, drive to the airport. There you go to anyone and ask “Siam Paragon” is not a taxi – metro)))))) stops something 8-10. Siam Metro Station is docked right to the exit of Siam Paragon. Aquarium in the basement! do you happen to eat with children? there, at 5th floor, the center of Kinzania, as it is called, you can’t go wrong! there it is SAFE to take a child from 10 to 17. Our 11 years old of delight fell out of there))) but we were still not confused on escalators, everything is very strict

already bought a ticket! (((it means not destiny to swim with sharks! (((thank you very much for answering!))))

Natalya, I found the site of the Russian scuba diving center, which is located in Pattaya, quite by chance. I remembered right away about you)) Maybe they have what you need – http: //

and these islands are far from pattai?

the problem is that it is very far away (look at a map), the Gulf of Siam is very big, but poor in life, it’s like half the Black Sea)) At its highest point, Bangkok, and Patania is only 100 km away

Olga, hello! I read all your advice and recommendations, reviewed almost all the photos and want to thank you for such an amazing site that you made. I will be in Pattaya for the first time and I fly there only for the sake of diving! Please tell me a good diving center! I really want to see and touch the real shark, albeit a small one, but still … Thanks in advance.

Natalya, this is certainly not my site, but since I’ve read it))) Pattaya in the Gulf of Thailand wakes up disappointed. Corals minimum, the sea is poor, I did not see sharks, but they say there are small and few. For diving you have to go towards the Indian Ocean (to the Similan Islands) there and saw turtles and the sea is richer, although not as Red

Natalia, good afternoon! Thank you for such kind words about our blog! Yes, Natalya, I see that you have already been answered, and, unfortunately, I can’t add anything comforting to what was said. The underwater world near Pattaya is not very diverse, I have not heard that there was provided the opportunity to scuba diving, so that you can touch the shark. But you, Natalya, do not be discouraged! There is a lot to do in the city itself, and there are many interesting things near the city. And in Bangkok, you can go, and in Ayuttayu. And fly to the islands by Air Asia.

Natalia, good afternoon! Thank you for such kind words about our blog! Yes, Natalya, I see that you have already been answered, and, unfortunately, I can’t add anything comforting to what was said. The underwater world near Pattaya is not very diverse, I have not heard that there was provided the opportunity to scuba diving, so that you can touch the shark. But you, Natalya, do not be discouraged! There is a lot to do in the city itself, and there are many interesting things near the city. And in Bangkok, you can go, and in Ayuttayu. And fly to the islands by Air Asia.

On the islands of Kohlan and Samet near the coast, visibility under water meters

Pro elephants !! If suddenly you are going to ride without this “carriage” on the back. Only large, adult elephants and only light people are planted on the neck. It is comfortable to ride on the neck, but on the back. CHOOSE THE BIGGEST AND FAT ELEPHANT. the ridge sticks out of the elephants, to put it mildly uncomfortable, when it goes it is necessary to swing a little with it from side to side, and if it runs, then the shoulder blades hit on themselves guess what place. In front of me, 2 Frenchmen slid down from their elephants and barely hobbled afterwards))))))))))))) It is more convenient to sit like the Thais, with their legs folded at the knees,

Elena, good afternoon and once again thank you for such a detailed and interesting comment! And about the recommendations to take drying, and then the bananas are really banal.

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In fact, with great surprise I read about the fact that you were riding on elephants without this very saddle. Imagine how scary it was! Because sitting on the back of an elephant in my lap … Well, I don’t know, I’d definitely not keep my balance. Elena, where did it all happen, where did you take the tour and where did you go?

We rode on elephants once, and there, by the way, there was no such option to ride without a carriage on the back. Zhenya tried to ride around the neck of an elephant (and Zhenya was not very easy at the time; it was during this visit to Tai that he lost 6 kg in a month – http: //

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We went to the jungle 3 times in Chiang Mai. first fucked up, and then scary, but great. first learn to command the elephant. It turns out the elephants obey only voice commands, well, or hook them (((we very hard recorded everything, given that the Thai explained in English, and we practically do not know him (((And then it turned out that elephants do not understand us, probably we have terrible accents. Generally, in 16 days in Chiang Mai, we heard Russian 6 times on the street. If you sit on your neck and beat your heels behind your ears, the elephant starts to accelerate, but the voice of the farang does not listen at all, but its host who goes far away. on an elephant looks like this: go to the elephant, look Shporgalku and several times repeat to him with different variations “San-Suun” the elephant eats your bananas and pretends not to understand, although I am sure that he knows perfectly well what to do. Then the team finally gives the elephant and the elephant immediately raises front right foot. We put our right foot on his foot and grab his ear. And then almost all the shame)))) at the same time we pull up, and 2-3 Thais are pushing from the bottom. Look funny)))) yet it’s not on an elephant ) By the way, on these excursions everyone is dressed in training suits, because he finishes I still hook or elephants in the river. In general, elephants are VERY understand their owners, if you watch longer, surprisingly simple. I also want to advise, in the park Nong Nooch go around behind the arena, where they hold a show of elephants. there is a playground where elephants are washed and cooled between performances. Thais will gladly give you an elephant wash from a hose, and watering tiny elephants who are waiting for speakers of mothers is so cool, they behave like puppies)))))

Elena, I read your story four times probably! So you describe everything so colorful and tasty, thanks !! True, now I don’t know if I’ll make up my mind on such a walk)) Yes, I see that in Chiang Mai there are very different walks on elephants, not that we took a tour in Phuket or offered a ride in Pattaya (although it’s better to go for a ride, somehow what not to ride at all!) On Phuket, the walk was also in the jungle, but no driving instruction !! So I envy you, an excellent experience, wonderful feelings and thank you for sharing your impressions so interestingly! We will definitely go to Chiang Mai this year, so …))))))

Olga, good day! Could advise: where in Pattaya is best to buy a latex orthopedic pillow and pearls … beads, for example, pearl (if you do not take shops, where to take tourists and where everything is at an exaggerated price)? Which shops and markets offer the most appropriate prices?

in stores on 2nd street in the festival and

Olga, good day! Can you use the services of street vendors for excursions in Pattaya? edm second time. For the very first time when they didn’t take a chance, they didn’t have enough time, they were 7 days and the first two days I had acclimatization (apparently from fried shrimps :)) I managed to go only for diving and then took to hotels at a Thai local tour company (there turned out to be cheaper than our compatriots on the street). We got to the British, which I am glad to be unspeakably pleased with so far (responsibly, although not a boom in Russian)

Alexander, and you have a good day! Thanks for the comment!

Of course, of course, be sure to use the services of street travel agencies! There are many of them, take them where you are offered convenient dates for you and where they communicate pleasantly. &# 128578; Our guys are also responsible for the majority.

By the way, did not know that Thai firms offer cheaper. We just do not go on excursions, all on our own. &# 128578;

I’m glad to hear that you are going to Pattaya for the second time, which means you liked it))) When did you go for the first time, by the way? This time not for seven days, more? Fried shrimp, fish and generally any food, try not to buy from merchants who walk the beach. I have heard more than once that they are being poisoned by food bought from them.

Hello again to all! Three times we were in Pattaya, all three times ordered excursions from the same tour operator from the street. We were very pleased with both the attentive attitude, and the compulsion, and the utmost decency, and the courtesy of this person. I already wrote about him his name is Eco. If, because of traffic jams, he assumed that he would linger, he must always praise al and warned. And when the first time he accompanied us on a tour of Nong Nooch, we have from girls and girls (daughter and her friend) get away from steel and somewhere. I read in a light pre-panic state: “Where am I going to look for them?” The husband is angry: “two chumichki!” Friends look around the adjacent tracks, but try not to go far so as not to aggravate the situation. Eko spun, said, “Wait,” disappeared for a few minutes, and appeared with our disappearances, where did he find them so quickly ?! History is silent, and the main thing still did not really know us and could hardly remember everyone. But the beauties were found as if by magic.

Well, well done your Eco! By the way, I observe whether Thais remember us or we all look alike for them, and all the time I see that they remember very well)) And the names too.

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