Delta seat comfort reviews

More than 100 cars with special compartments for disabled people travel by railways in Russia. Disabled 1, 2, 3 groups. A lot is provided in these compartments in order to facilitate travel for people with any health restrictions. In the car for the disabled, the patient can get with the help of a special lift, with the help of which the disabled person, without leaving the wheelchair, gets into the car regardless of the height of the pyrone.

Wagons in trains

The lift in the wagon for the disabled

In the car of a disabled person, a pleasant surprise awaits, a two-seater coupe, for a disabled person and accompanying person, the width of the compartment is more than the standard. Space for the stroller will turn, turn around and transfer to the bed, as well as there are auxiliary belts for greater convenience. The berth is transformed into any comfortable position for a disabled person. For the visually impaired and blind switches, sockets, buttons are located below for convenience. And also there is a special sound device, providing the necessary information for the disabled.

Delta seat comfort reviews

In cases of acute need in the compartment for the disabled there is a call button for the conductor. The toilet in the wagon for the disabled is right in the compartment. The passage and approach to the toilet wide is convenient to drive up in a wheelchair. There are handrails near the toilet, which is also important. There are also sound devices and a bright display for blind and poorly seeing passengers. Just get into the car for the disabled is not quite easy. It is necessary to make inquiries in advance at the checkout, whether wagons for disabled people go in the direction where you are going to go, if yes, book a place and enjoy the road, convenience is not superfluous.

Assistance at the railway station

If you are disabled, there is no one to take you to the train, or your relatives do not have the opportunity. What to do in this situation. It is necessary to apply with the application to the Center for the Promotion of Mobility of Russian Railways. But it must be done three days before the date of the trip. In this case, an employee of the station is provided for escort, who will provide the necessary assistance.

What a disabled person can really count on:

  • Transfer of luggage to the landing site;
  • Meet and put in the car;
  • Delivery of the passenger to the toilet, cashier, waiting room;
  • Help paperwork.

For passengers with official disabilities, assistance is provided free of charge. But, unfortunately, such a service exists only at major stations and stations.

As guaranteed, buy and issue a ticket in a specialized car

Where to start if you need a person with disabilities, go to a sanatorium or just travel.

To guarantee the purchase of a ticket for a seat in a disabled car, do the following:

  1. Apply to the cashier’s office or a mobility assistance center;
  2. This should be done 50-60 days before departure;
  3. After consideration of the application you will be contacted and told when and where to issue a ticket;
  4. To purchase a ticket you need – a passport, a certificate of the disabled.

Delta seat comfort reviews

Who can count on equipped coupe

Let’s consider which categories of citizens can legally use a compartment for people with disabilities:

  • Disabled first, second, third;
  • People with severe injuries and serious illnesses.
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