Delta comfort + review

Stealth brand works and produces motorcycle equipment in Russia, and every year the demand for these products is growing. The Delta 200 model is considered a novelty by the Chinese manufacturer. At the moment, the entire Stels brand line is owned by Velomotors.

Motorcycle Stealth Delta appeared on the Russian market in 2011, and since then, the model is very popular. The design of the delta is quite standard, and the forms are streamlined, which makes it a great inexpensive bike. The most important thing in this model is the low price. When the production of Soviet bikes stopped, the Russians needed a new two-wheeled vehicle, and Stealth appeared just in time. This model has many advantages.


  • excellent quality parts;
  • standard classic appearance;
  • reliable suspension;
  • good handling;
  • high-quality assembly.


  • poor quality rubber;
  • weak brake system;
  • unsuccessful footboards.

Delta comfort + review

Technical characteristics of Stels Delta 200

Delta 200 perfectly proved itself in technical characteristics, showing excellent value. The volume of the Stels Delta 200 is only 197 cm cube, but the engine power was 13, 6 horses. Accordingly, the Stels Delta 200 features allow the motorcycle to produce excellent dynamics and maximum speed of up to 120 km / h.

Most Stealth engines are made in a standard way, so this model has the usual engine operation in 4-stroke mode, 1 cylinder and air cooling. It is the simplicity of spare parts and repairs that allow us to set such a small price. Both brakes on a motorcycle are hydraulic discs, but reviews of the Stels 200 indicate that the brake system here is rather poor-quality and does not fulfill its role 100%. Using the above characteristics, Stels Delta 200 is perfect for a beginner, who in turn will experience all the advantages of a motorcycle that has an attractive design and quite acceptable data.

Stels Delta 200 Review and Photos

Even before the creation of this model, the manufacturer set the task: to create a cheap bike with the highest possible characteristics and quality. As a result, the price for Stels Delta 200 was 58,000 rubles (for 2016), which makes it possible to buy equipment for anyone. Unlike Japanese competitors, the Stealth Delta 200 wins in almost everything, because in order to bring the Japanese model to Russia, you will need to clear it, which in general will give a price twice as much as the Chinese sample.

Delta comfort + review

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The most important competitor in terms of power and other characteristics is the Yamaha YBR-125, which was inferior to the Chinese in price. But the similarity they still had, and it is quite comfortable fit. If you decide to go on a long journey, the maximum comfort will provide a soft shock-absorbing seat. The fuel tank of 18 liters and fuel consumption of about 3.5 liters is enough for a long trip. Owners consider stock rubber to be a big minus of the motorcycle. Almost all reviews of the stealth 200 say that standard tires are cheap and therefore of poor quality. It is recommended to replace it with a wider and more expensive.

If you are afraid of repairing a motorcycle, then there is no need to worry. Firstly, if you take a new bike in the Stels company store, then most likely there is a service station of the company, where you will be made an inexpensive and high-quality repair. If you want to do it yourself, you can buy spare parts Stels 200 and change everything manually, the design of the motorcycle allows you to do it. Details on this model are inexpensive, for example, a chain for wheels will cost 800 rubles, and a starter in 1000 rubles.

In the current situation the Chinese equipment will be the best option. And the motorcycles in this statistics have always been in the lead, because for the most part I want something inexpensive and at the same time more or less high-quality. The best representative of this ratio is the brand Stels. He took into account all the wishes of customers and made a bike for beginners with an excellent price tag. Also experienced racers have met, and the Delta 200 also likes it. The above mentioned disadvantages can be disregarded as serious, because in general Stels Delta is a really successful model.

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