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Stories about the school for younger students

Valentina Oseeva “Blue Leaves”

Katya had two green pencils. Lena has not one.

So Lena asks Katya:

– Give me a green pencil! And Katya says:

The next day both girls come to school. Lena asks:

And Kate sighed and said:

– My mother allowed, but I did not ask my brother.

– Well, ask another brother, – says Lena.

Katya comes the next day.

– Well, brother allowed? – asks Lena.

“Brother let me, yes, I’m afraid you break a pencil.”

– I’m careful, – says Lena.

– Look, – says Kate, – do not fix it, do not press firmly and do not take it in your mouth. Do not draw a lot.

– I, – says Lena, – only the leaves on the trees need to be drawn and the grass is green.

“This is a lot,” Katya says, and her brows frown. And the person dissatisfied made.

Lena looked at her and walked away. I did not take a pencil. Kate was surprised, ran after her.

– Well what are you? Take it!

“Don’t,” replies Lena.

In class, the teacher asks:

– Why do you, Helen, the leaves on the trees are blue?

– There is no green pencil.

“Why didn’t you take it from your girlfriend?”

Lena is silent. And Katya blushed and said:

– I gave her, and she does not take.

The teacher looked at both:

– It is necessary to give so that you can take.

Yuri Koval “Nyurka”

Nyurka dyadizuevoy was six years old.

She was six years old. Whole year.

And just in August, Nyurka became seven years old. On Nyurkin, Uncle Zuy’s birthday, the wake of the gates – these are such cheesecakes with millet porridge – and invited the guests. Me too. I began to gather for a visit and could not think of what to give Nyurke.

“Buy two pounds of candy,” says Pantelevna. – Pillow.

– Well, no, there must be something more serious.

I began to sort out my things. I shook the backpack – something heavy is felt in the backpack. Christmas trees, sticks, but this is binoculars! Good binoculars. Everything in it is whole, and there are glasses, and eyepieces are spinning.

I rubbed the binoculars with a dry cloth, went out onto the porch, and brought it to the yard of Dyadizuev. Well, everything is clear: Nyurka runs around the garden, collects dill, Uncle Huy puts a samovar.

“Nyurka,” shouts Uncle Zui, “damn you, damn it?”

This is not through binoculars, I can hear it.

“Nakopala,” Nyurka replies.

I hung binoculars on the chest, went to the store, bought two pounds of pillows and went to Nyurka.

Most different people gathered. For example, Fedusha Mironov came in chrome boots and with mom Mironih. Brought Nyurke case of birch bark. This case grandfather Mirosha spun.

Manya Klettkina arrived at the age of five. She brought Nyurke apron white, school. On the apron embroidered in the corner with small letters: “Nury”.

More guys and adults came, and they all gave Nyurka something school: an ABC, a ruler, two chemical pencils, a samopisky.

Aunt Xena brought a special brown first-class school dress. She sewed herself. Uncle Huy presented Nyurka with a yellow leatherette briefcase.

The Mohaw brothers brought two buckets of blueberries.

“All day,” they say, “they collected it.” Mosquitoes burn.

– Why is it non-school? – say brothers Mokhov. – Very even school.

And then they podnavalis themselves on blueberries.

– Well, Nyura, I congratulate you. You are now seven years old. Therefore, I give you two pounds of pillows and now – binoculars.

Nyurka was very happy and laughed when she saw the binoculars. I explained to her how to look through binoculars and how to direct something. Immediately all the guys ran off ten steps and began to look at us through this binoculars one by one.

And Mironih says, as if binoculars for the first time see:

“Why is it non-school,” I was offended, “since the schoolgirl will look at him?”

And Uncle Huy says:

– Or with the teacher Alexey Stepanych they will climb on the roof and begin to look at the stars.

Then they all went into the house and both sat down at the table and piled on the gates and cucumbers. A strong crunch from cucumbers stood, and especially my mother Milonikh tried. And I liked the gate folded envelopes.

Nyurka was very cheerful. She put the primer, binoculars, and other presents in her briefcase and ran around the table with him.

After drinking tea, the guys went to the courtyard in a lapta to play.

And we sat by the window and drank tea for a long time and looked out the window, as the boys play in lapta, how slowly the evening comes and how the orcas swallows fly over the barns and over the road.

Then the guests began to disperse.

“Well, thanks,” they said. – Thank you for the cucumbers and for the gates.

“Thank you,” answered Nyurka, “thanks for the dress, for the apron and for the binoculars.”

A week has passed since that day, and September has come.

Early in the morning I went out on the porch and saw Nyrku. She was walking along the road in a school dress, in a white apron with the inscription: “Nury”. She held a large bouquet of autumn golden balls in her hands, and had binoculars hanging around her neck.

Ten steps behind her, Uncle Huy walked and shouted:

– Look, Pantelevna, Nyurka, then my school went!

– Well well well. – nodded Pantelevna. – What a fine fellow!

And everyone looked out and went out on the street to look at Nyurka, because this year she was our only first grader.

Near school Nyurka was met by teacher Alexey Stepanych. He took flowers from her and said:

– Well, Nyura, you are now a first grader. Congratulations. And what binoculars brought, it is also great. We will then climb everything onto the roof and look at the stars.

Uncle Zui, Pantelevna, aunt Xenia, Mironih and many more stood by the school and watched Nyurka walk along the steps of the porch. Then the door closed behind her.

And so became Nyurka first grader. After all, she is seven years old. And for a long time to be. Whole year.

Yuri Koval “Zero class”

A new teacher came to our village. Marya Semenovna.

And we had an old teacher – Alexey Stepanovich.

Here is a new teacher has become friends with the old. They walk together in the village, greet everyone.

Were friends like that for a week, and then fell out. All students to Alexei Stepanychu run, and Marya Semenovna stands aside. Nobody runs to her – it’s a shame.

Alexey Stepanovich says:

– Run-ko to Marya Semenovna.

And the students do not run, huddle at the old teacher. And, really, seriously, they huddle so closely, they are pressed against the sides of it.

“We are scared of her,” the Mokhov brothers say. – She washes cowberries.

Marya Semenovna says:

– Berries need to be washed to wash off the infection.

From these words, the students are even stronger to Alexey Stepanych huddle.

Alexey Stepanovich says:

– What can you do, Marya Semyonovna, I will have to continue to teach the children, and you get yourself a zero class.

– And so. We have Nyura in the first class, Fedyusha in the second, the Mokhov brothers in the third, and in the fourth, as we know, there is no one. But in the zero class, the students will be.

– And more? – Marya Semyonovna was delighted.

– A lot is not much, but one – he is there, standing on a road in a puddle.

And right in the middle of the village, on the road, there really was one person standing in a puddle. It was Vanechka Kalachev. He kneaded the clay with rubber boots, drowned the water. He did not want all the water out of the puddle.

– Yes, he’s quite small, – Marya Semenovna says, – he also kneads the clay.

– Well, let me knead, – Alexey Stepanovich answers. – What kind of pupils do you want in the zero class? Tractor drivers, or what? They, too, knead the clay.

Here Maria Semenovna comes up to Vanya and says:

– Come, Vanya, to school, in the zero class.

– Today, there is no time, – Vanechka says, – the dam should be done.

– Come tomorrow, early in the morning.

“I don’t know,” Vanya says, “as if the dam had burst in the morning.”

– Yes, he will not break through, – Alexey Stepanovich says and corrects the dam with his boot. – And you learn a little in the zero class, and for another year I will take you to the first class. Marya Semyonovna will show you the letters.

– What are the letters? Uppercase or printable?

– Well it’s good. I love prints because they are understandable.

The next day, Marya Semyonovna came to school early, laid out printed letters, pencils, and paper on the table. I waited, waited, but Vanya did not. Then she felt that the dam had all the same burst, and went on the road. Vanechka was standing in a puddle and doing a dam with his boot.

“The cart went by,” he explained. – You have to fix it.

“Okay,” said Marya Semyonovna, “let’s do the dam together, and at the same time teach the letters.”

And then with her boot she drew the letter “A” on clay and said:

– This is Vanya, the letter “A”. Draw the same now.

Vanya liked to draw a boot. He brought out the letter “A” with his nose and read:

Marya Semenovna laughed and said:

– Repetition is the mother of learning. Draw the second letter “A”.

And Vanya began to draw letter by letter and sketched before that dam burst again.

“I will not draw the letter“ A ”anymore,” said Vanya, “because it is breaking through the dam.”

– Then give another letter, – Marya Semenovna says. – Here is the letter “B”.

And she began to draw the letter “B”.

And then the chairman of the collective farm on the car left. He buzzed a gazik, Marya Semenovna and Vanya parted, and the chairman not only broke the dam with his wheels, but also erased all the letters from the clay. He did not know, of course, that a zero-class occupation was taking place here.

Water poured from the puddle, flowed along the road, all down and down into another puddle, and then into a ravine, from a ravine to a stream, from a stream to a river, and from a river to a distant sea.

“This failure is difficult to eliminate,” said Marya Semyonovna, “but you can.” We have the last chance – the letter “B”. See how it is drawn.

And Marya Semenovna began to collect the scattered clay, to lay it with barrier. And not only with her boots, but even with her hands she folded the letter “B” on the road. Beautiful turned out the letter, like a fortress. But, unfortunately, through the letter folded by it, water gushing and gushing. Heavy rains took place in September.

“I, Marya Semyonovna, will now say this,” said Vanya, “I should add something stronger to your letter“ B ”. And higher. I propose the letter “G”, which I have known for a long time.

Marya Semyonovna was glad that Vanya was such an educated person, and together they made a not-so-curved letter “G”. You will not believe, but these two letters “B” and “G” completely detained the water from the puddle.

Cute Transparent Bags

The next morning we again saw Vanya and Marya Semenovna on the road.

– Re! Ze! – they shouted and kneaded clay with boots. – Ka! El! And short!

A new and unprecedented book lay under their feet, and all of our residents cautiously bypassed it, drove around on the cart, so as not to interfere with zero-grade classes. Even the chairman drove on his little car so neatly that it didn’t touch a single letter.

Warm days are soon over. The north wind blew, the puddles froze on the roads.

Once in the evening I noticed Vanya and Marya Semenovna. They sat on a log on the river bank and loudly considered:

– Five, six, seven, eight.

It seems they considered cranes flying to the south.

And the cranes really flew away, and the sky was darkening, covering the zero class, in which all of us, friends, are probably still learning.

Irina Antonova “Ivanova, Petrov, Sidorova”

Petrov was a bad student and loved Sidorov. But Ivanov, an excellent student and neighbor, Sidorova, could not stand for her. And this love and hate originated in his heart at the same time.

Previously, the life of Petrov flowed carefree. He sat peacefully at the desk, looked out the window of the crows, and at the words of the teacher “he would go to the blackboard. “Dived under the desk.

Once he managed to still call to the board. Petrov, as usual, began to mumble something. But suddenly, looking around the class in search of clues, he caught on himself Sidorova’s tender glance and. numb

Sidorova opened the textbook and began to tell in a whisper.

Ivanova pulled her neighbor by the sleeve and shook her head reproachfully.

Sidorova blushed and fell silent, dropping a gentle look.

Well, Petrov and stood at the blackboard until the end of the lesson – numb and confused.

But for a break he ran out furious: he could forgive the tip that had flown away, but an ever-deafened, tender look never! And from that time on he started chasing Ivanova through the school. And when he overtook, he dropped his briefcase on the head of the academic from all over Mach.

– Do, you fool! Came a whiny voice in reply.

Once Petrov drove a pupil into a corner. The raised briefcase was ready to fall on her.

– Fell in love – say so! – suddenly exclaimed Ivanova. – Do not let your hands!

Petrov froze in surprise, wondering how Ivanova could have guessed about his secret feelings for Sidorova.

He Sidorov quietly adored. Did not push, did not tease, did not take away notebooks with homework. I didn’t talk at all – I was afraid to offend.

– In whom? – finally remembered Petrov. – In love with whom?

– In me! Who else? We know, we know! Whom love – for those and run! – And the pupil proudly walked past. Of course, she was pleased to be in love with her. And it doesn’t even matter that this is just an ordinary Losers.

Only now Petrov remarked that the whole class was whispering and exchanging glances: he was watching him and Ivanova, for the development of their relations.

A pupil threw victorious glances around.

And Sidorova was quietly suffering.

Petrov thought hard – three days, I guess.

– Si-po-ro-va-ah! – echoed along the corridor. – Hey!

Sidorova turned around – Petrov flew to her from all feet. In the upraised hand – a briefcase!

A smile illuminated Sidorova’s face. She darted off and rushed away.

But Petrov caught up and with all the power of his love put the briefcase to the back of his beloved.

– Do, you fool! – breathed out happy Sidorova.

Marina Druzhinina “My friend is a superman”

In the Russian language lesson we were in for a surprise.

– Dictation today will not be! – Tatiana Evgenievna announced. – But now you will write an essay under the conditional name “My Friend.” I hope you take this task responsibly and creatively. So, I expect short and vivid portraits of friends, classmates or just acquaintances from you!

“I’ll write about Petka! – I decided. – Maybe he is not a friend to me, but that a friend is a fact. Yes, and sits right in front of me – it’s very convenient to describe it! ”

At this moment, Petka seemed to feel that I was watching him, and moved his ears.

And so I began the essay like this: “My friend is moving his ears well. “

Describing Petka was very interesting. I did not even notice how Tatiana Evgenievna approached.

– Vova, wake up! Everyone has already finished work!

– I finished too!

– And about whom did you write with such ecstasy?

“So, about one person from our class,” I replied mysteriously.

– Perfectly! – the teacher exclaimed. – Read aloud, and we will guess who this person is.

“My friend moves his ears well,” I began. “Although they are huge as mugs, and at first glance they are very awkward.”

– Yes, it’s Pasha Romashkin! Screamed Lyudka Pustyakova. – He has just such ears!

– That’s wrong! – I snapped and continued: – My friend does not like to learn. But he loves to eat. In general, such a voracious friend. Despite this, he is skinny and pale. The hangers are narrow, the eyes are small and cunning. He is very inconspicuous in appearance – so, the stooped match in school uniform. Or pale grebe.

– Then this is Vladik Gusev! He’s so skinny! – again cried Lyudka Pustyakova.

– And the ears do not converge! – shouted the other guys.

– Stop making noise! – the teacher intervened. – Vova will finish, then we’ll figure it out!

“Sometimes my friend is terribly harmful,” I read on. – And sometimes not terrible. He loves to laugh at others. And his teeth stick out in different directions. Like a vampire.

– Guys! Yes, it’s Vovka himself! – suddenly yelled Petka. – Everything is the same! And shoulders! And bad! And the teeth stick out!

– Right! – picked up the other guys. – That’s Vova! Wow he described himself! – Some girls even clapped their hands.

“If everyone guessed in unison, it means that they really look like one,” said the teacher. – But you are too critical of yourself. Some cartoons depicted!

– Yes, I’m not it! You do not understand anything! – I’m downright soaked and hoarse from indignation. – This is Petka! Isn’t it clear ?!

Everyone laughed, and Petka showed me his tongue and jumped on the chair.

– Peter, calm down. Now we will listen to what you wrote, – said Tatyana Evgenievna. – And you, Vova, by the way, have something to think about.

I sat down, and Petka got up. And loudly proclaimed:

– My friend has an incredibly beautiful face! He is amazingly complex, smart and strong. And it is immediately noticeable. He has long strong fingers, steel muscles, a thick neck and baggy shoulders. On the head of my friend, you can easily break a brick. And a friend does not blink. Just laugh. My friend knows everything in the world. I love talking to him about this and that. Now and then my friend comes to my rescue. Day and night!

– Here is a friend! – Tatyana Evgenievna admired. – Envy! I myself would not refuse such a super friend! Come on guys, quick, who is this?

But we did not understand and looked at each other in bewilderment.

– And I know! This is Sylvester Stallone! – Suddenly blurted out Pustyakova.

But no one even responded to such nonsense. There will be Stallone and Petka chatting about this and that!

But Tatyana Evgenievna clarified:

– A friend from this class?

– From this! – confirmed Petka.

And we again began to goggle and spin in all directions.

– Okay, Peter, give up! – the teacher finally said. – Who is the hero of your story?

Petka lowered his eyes and shyly said:

Irina Pivovarova “Young ladies Lucy”

Little Tale


– Children, listen to me carefully! – said Valentina Ivanovna, the head of our housing department. – Today at six come to the Red Corner. I have a business for you.

At six o’clock we were in full force in the Red Corner.

At a table covered with a green velvet tablecloth, sat Valentina Ivanovna.

“Sit down,” she said. – The conversation will be.

We sat on the oilcloth sofa.

– Well? – said Valentina Ivanovna, strictly looking at us. – Because? How long will we still play the little riders, all sorts of balls there, jump-in games? Look how big the kids have become, and there’s no use to you!

“We took part in gardening the yard,” said Lyuska bravely. – Two trees planted in the yard and five currant bushes.

“And the checkers club was organized,” said Petka. – We are now playing checkers round days.

“That’s what it is that you’re playing,” said Valentina Ivanovna. – Some games are on your mind. That the yard was planted is good, but it is not enough. More need to help adults! You are already conscious!

– Yes, we are happy! Tell us what to do, we will.

– Tell them everything! – exclaimed Valentina Ivanovna. – How small anyway! No independence! For example, did you wonder how many pensioners live in our yard?

“We were thinking,” said Lyuska.

– And what conclusion did you come to?

“Nothing,” Lyuska surrendered.

– That and that, that to any.

And by the way, among these pensioners are single and disabled. Understand what I’m getting at?

“I see,” said Lyuska, although she, like everyone, did not understand anything.

– So what are you sitting with folded arms? People are lonely, the sick live, there is no one to help them, and you are slacking, you are beating your time, you are jumping into classics!

She pulled some paper out of the table:

– Here is a list of our retirees. Take patronage over them. They will help with the housework, they will run to the pharmacy and so on. This way you will be of great help to our society, okay?

All began to take turns to approach the table and attach themselves to pensioners. Lyuska and I came up last, and it turned out that only one retiree remained in the list – Kablukov Vladimir Ivanovich.

“Well, okay, help him together,” said Valentina Ivanovna. – And do not delay. Go today.

And we went to the pensioner Kablukov.

“And so there is no time,” grumbled Lyuska on the way. – That the lessons, the school, the grandmother clean the potatoes, and then there’s all sorts of pensioners. When, it is asked, to walk?

– I wonder what he will make us do? What if the floor wash?

Cute Transparent Bags

– Paul is still nothing. As if the laundry is not made to wash!

We went up to the third floor and rang the doorbell.

– There is no house, – Lyuska was delighted.

But then shuffling footsteps were heard outside the door, and the door opened.

Before us stood a tall thin old man in a home corduroy jacket, in a scarf, rolled up around his neck.

– Hello. Are you a friend of Kablukov?

– Yes. I Kablukov – smiled old man. – And who are you, ladies?

– We are from our yard. We were attached to you in the housing office.

– In the housing office attached? – cheerfully raised his eyebrows old man. – Why, let me ask?

– They told you to help you with the housework.

The old man’s thick eyebrows suddenly dropped immediately, his look frowned, even angry.

– Hmm. Said the old man. – Were told. What does “ordered” mean?

– Yes, they did. Said to all lonely and disabled.

The old man did not let us finish:

– That’s what? But I, by the way, did not ask anyone for anything. So transfer to the housing office. I wish you good health!

And we did not have time to come to his senses when the door slammed in front of our very nose.

For about two minutes we stood with open mouths, then Lyuska made a face and twisted a finger near the forehead:

– Togo! Greetings

– The truth is that! Does not want, and do not! – I said. – He’s worse!

And we went to Valentina Ivanovna.

– Valentina Ivanovna, and the pensioner Kablukov drove us out! He’s so mean!

We thought that Valentina Ivanovna would be angry with the pensioner Kablukov, and she became angry with us.

– Really kicked out ?! She screamed, and even threw up her hands. – What did you say to the old man? What offended? No, that won’t do! Tomorrow go to him again and apologize. Yes, speak more politely, more courteously. Old people are touchy. They need an approach!

– An interesting movie! – said Lyuska, when we left the housing office. – We were expelled, and we still have to apologize! Why apologize, you understand?

– And what if we apologize become, and he will expel us again?

But there was nothing to do. The next day, we again dragged ourselves to the pensioner Kablukov.

This time we waited even longer outside the door. The woman in a white dressing gown opened us and, without saying anything, turned and went into the room.

“Vladimir Ivanovich, there are some children for you,” we heard.

– Hey, who is there? Come in!

We shyly entered the room.

Pensioner Kablukov with his sleeve rolled up over his shoulder was sitting on the couch. The doctor measured his blood pressure.

– Come again? – said pensioner Kablukov. – Well, if so, wait.

This time he looked not so angry, and we cheered up and waited for the doctor to write the recipes and leave.

Finally, the door for the doctor slammed shut. Pensioner Kablukov returned to the room.

– Well, stubborn ladies, still decided to help me. Where do we start? Wallpaper will glue? Floors to wash? Boots tachat?

– We are not able to boots! – we were scared. – Let’s better wash the floor!

– Why wash it? He is clean, I swept him today.

We were afraid that now Kablukov will drive us out again, and stood up.

“Excuse us, please,” said Luska.

“Because you kicked us out that time.” Valentina Ivanovna scolded us. I have ordered that we apologize to you.

Pensioner Kablukov raised his eyebrows again. He stared at us for a minute, and then said:

– Come on, go, ladies, here! Sit down, sit on the bed, do not be afraid!

We carefully sat on the edge. Kablukov’s eyebrows were shaggy, angry, and his eyes, on the contrary, were light-bright, transparent, like water!

– Do you have pressure? You are sick, yes? – muttered Lyuska, cringing under his gaze.

– Trivia! – gave a hand Kablukov.

– And let us run to the pharmacy?

“Nothing,” retired Kablukov said again. – You better tell me what is your name?

– This is great! Come on, young ladies Lucy, hand me these papers!

We handed him recipes. He took them and began to fold in a strange way. His hands were pale, with brown specks, and they trembled a little. I suddenly wanted to stroke them terribly! My grandfather Sergei had such hands.

“One, two, three,” said Kablukov, a pensioner, made another move. and suddenly the recipes before our eyes turned into little white frogs! – Kvak! – smiled Kablukov, and one frog jumped on me, and the other – on Lyuska!

– Oh! – we laughed Lyuska.

“These are yours,” said Kablukov, a pensioner. – And now, dear young ladies, go home, moms will not wait for you there. And tell the comrades in ZhEKe thanks and say that old Kablukov doesn’t need anything, he is happy with everything.


In the courtyard, we met the Karmanov brothers. They dragged a full string bag of potatoes. Petka walked alongside.

– Where do you get so many potatoes? – we were surprised.

“This is not for us,” said the brothers. – This is our sponsored grandmother Mitrofanova. She bakes fritters out of potatoes. Oh, and delicious!

– Just think! – said Petka. – Together with Nikolaeva Zoya Kuzminichnaya, we ate soup together! I have swept her kitchen and pounded the nail in the bathroom. We hung a towel on a nail.

– What a thing – a nail! Shouted the brothers. – We have grandmother Mitrofanova carpet shaken out of the balcony. That’s such a huge one. And you, Sinitsa with Kositsy, what did your uncle do?

“What they did, they did,” Lyuska frowned.

“You will know much, grow old soon,” I said. – Come on, Lucy, there is no time to waste time talking to us!

And we went, holding small paper frogs in our palms, and it seemed to us that the snow under our feet quietly croaked.

– No, I do not agree, – suddenly said Lyuska. – All help, and what are we, red, or what?

“Why, he says he doesn’t need anything.”

– How is it not necessary? Everyone needs, but he does not need? Wonderful some!

“He’s not wonderful,” I said. – You do not understand. He is proud, he doesn’t ask for anyone.

– Then you have to come up with something, to go to the trick. After all, he did not even allow us to buy medicine!

And then I stopped and slapped myself on the forehead with a mitten:

– Lyuska, and we will buy without permission!

– Do not give without recipes.

– Yes, here are our recipes! – I waved a frog in the air, and we rushed to the pharmacy.


The pharmacy told us that the medicine would be ready in a day, at three o’clock.

A day later, at exactly three, we were at the pharmacy, and twenty minutes later we were standing at the door of the pensioner Kablukov.

– Call you, – said Lyuska. – I’m afraid.

I bravely pressed the bell button. Honestly, I myself was a bit of a coward.

– Does not open. Probably guessed that it was us. What if he gets angry again? Maybe run away before it’s too late?

– And we give him the medicine and run away.

Tink – once again rang the bell.

There was silence behind the door.

Maybe he left? Suddenly to the pharmacy?

We called again and again, but the door did not open. Behind her, a low murmur of radio was heard.

– He listens to the radio. You have to knock with your fist.

We started banging on the door with our fists.

– Why knock? – A neighbor from another apartment opened the door. – Vladimir Ivanych was taken to the hospital. We called him an “ambulance” at night.

The medicine fell from Lyuska’s hands.

– And who are you to him? Said the neighbor.

– Sorry. I thought relatives.

We must go to the hospital to visit the old man.

– We’ll go! – Lyuska shook her head. – We will visit!

– Be sure to take a trip! But how! Just tell me, please, where is this hospital?

“I didn’t guess to ask,” the neighbor said. “You’ll find out somehow.”

– Poor Vladimir Ivanovich! – said Lyuska. “If we had brought the medicine right away, he might not have gotten into the hospital.” Ehhh!

“And where will we find this hospital?” In Moscow, you know how much!

– Yes, he was probably taken to Malaya Semenovskaya, the hospital is big there, let’s go there?

– Late today, we still have lessons to do. Come visit him tomorrow? And then, it is necessary to carry the transfer to the hospital. Something tasty, some kind of kissel, oranges.

– Where do we get them? Let’s better bake Vladimir Ivanovich!

– I saw how grandma baked.

. Ten minutes later we kneaded the dough in the kitchen.

– Do you have yeast? – asked Lyuska.

– Then you need to put soda in the cake.

I brought a box of soda from the bathroom.

– Fool, this is washing!

I climbed into the kitchen cabinet, pulled out a small pink box and poured its contents into the dough. Then we poured a whole packet of granulated sugar into the dough so that the pie came out sweeter, swelled in more raisins and put the pie in the oven.

Half an hour later, the cake was ready. It was round like a wheel, and ruddy like the sun. From it in all directions stuck out raisins.

“Probably Vladimir Ivanych will like it,” said Lyuska.

– Still would! – I said. – He, as our cake will try, will immediately recover!


The day after school, we went to the hospital.

In addition to the cake, we carried a jar of cranberry jelly, which grandmother Lyuskin cooked.

And we also took Uranus. Vladimir Ivanovich will immediately cheer up when he sees how our Uranus serves on its hind legs!

The three of us entered the emergency room. An elegant lady stood at the reference window.

– Well done, girls, what! – smiled lady. – Mom came to visit?

– Well, why aunt? We uncle came to visit. Rather, grandfather.

The lady raised her eyebrows and suddenly loudly laughed:

– Well, jokers! Oh, and laugh. Well, tell me honestly, who do you want – brother or little sister?

We looked at each other. This lady must not be all right in his head.

Then we stuck our heads into the background:

– Tell me, please, comrade Kablukov in which ward lies?

– Let’s see. How are the initials?

– Ta-a-ak. – The nurse quickly looked through a long list.

– Kablukova. Kablukov. This is not. And you are not confused? Maybe Kaplunova Valentina Ivanovna? Here it is. Girl. Healthy. Fifty one centimeter. Congratulations! Everything is good!

What are they, conspired, or what?

– Yes, we are not a girl, we need a grandfather! Normal growth! Kablukov Vladimir Ivanovich!

The nurse froze for a minute with the list in her hands, and then she smiled:

– My dear you! Where are you looking for your grandfather, we have a hospital, give birth to babies here!

– And where can we find a grandfather? He was taken to the hospital by ambulance yesterday.

– It is necessary to call the emergency room, they will say. Wait a minute, I’ll call myself. Here, ”she said, when she had finished talking on the phone. “I wrote you everything down.” Third Green, house one hundred. From here, there are three bus stops.

“Thank you very much,” said Lyuska and I.


Getting to the hospital turned out to be fiddling.

Twenty minutes later we were at the hospital gates, and after another ten we knew that Vladimir Ivanovich was in the second building, on the first floor, in the fifth ward.

But the trouble is, in the gate we were stopped.

– To the sick Kablukov.

– kidding me ?! Who will miss the hospital with the dog? Well, go away, do not stand in the way! – And the watchman turned and blocked our entrance with his wide cotton back.

– And they will miss it! I bet you?

Lyuska showed tongue wadded back

watchman, and we ran along the fence to another entrance.

– Let’s wrap Uranus in a coat! Say, we carry oranges grandfather!

I took off my coat, we wrapped Uranus in it and carried it.

– What are you carrying? The watchman asked suspiciously.

“And our grandfather, except for oranges, does not eat anything,” we said, moving backwards, because Uranus pulled a tail from under its coat and waved it in the air.

But here we inadvertently hooked Uran by the door. Uranus screamed loudly. and we were again on the street.


“Don’t be upset, Lyuska,” I said. – All is not lost. You can jump over the fence.

Thick branchy trees grew along the stone hospital fence. Easily climb over! Nobody will see us!

But Uranus did not want to climb over the fence.

“Then jump over,” Lyuska urged him. – Run up stronger, and r-time!

But the harmful Uranus and did not want to jump! He was walking away from the fence and tail tail.

I had to turn my back. Lyuska climbed onto my shoulders and, grunting, dragged Uranus onto the fence. Then she put up a jar of jelly, climbed herself and extended a hand to me.

I grabbed Lyuska by the arm and began to climb on the fence.

– Oh, I’ll fall now! – squealed Lyuska, she waved her hand and pushed Uranus. Poor Uranus could not resist and, together with a jar of jelly, collapsed on the other side of the fence.

– What have I done! – Lyuska was frightened. – Uranus, Uranchik, where are you?

Bushes under the fence did not respond.

– Crashed! – whispered Lyuska.

Numb with horror, we looked at each other. And suddenly some strange sounds came to us from the bushes. As if someone slapped bare feet on a puddle!

We quickly descended to the ground.

Uranus lay in the bushes and, puffing, licked pink jelly from a puddle.

The second building was to the right of the entrance.

We learned from patients strolling alongside, where the window of the fifth chamber goes, and tied Uranus to the mountain ash, which grew under the window. Very comfortably! Vladimir Ivanovich will look out and immediately see Uranus. We will shout out the window: “Uranus, serve!” And Uranus will serve.

“Sit quietly,” said Lyuska.

We entered the hospital corridor.

– We left, – said Lyuska. – You go first. I’m worried about something.

– And I’m worried. I even sweated my neck.

– To you, daughters, in which ward? – Asked the nurse in a white coat.

– In the fifth, to the sick Kablukov.

– Vladimir Ivanych? I’ll go tell him.

The nurse entered the white door and said loudly:

– Vladimir Ivanovich, your granddaughters have come to you!

“This is a mistake, Thekla Matveyevna,” we heard a low voice. – This is not me.

Then we opened the door and entered.

At the window, stretching his arms over the yellow blanket, was Vladimir Ivanovich. He was pale. Thick shaggy eyebrows stood out strongly on his face, his eyes looked as if from afar.

“Hello, Vladimir Ivanovich,” we said.

Vladimir Ivanovich did not move, only looked at us, as if with some difficulty remembering something. Then one eyebrow slightly trembled and crawled up.

– Ah. young ladies lucy. I didn’t expect it, ”he said softly. – Again, you were sent from the housing office?

– No, Vladimir Ivanovich, we ourselves came. Pie you brought. You know how delicious!

We pulled the cake out of the bag and put it on the bedside table.

– Oh, and handsome! – the patient in a dressing gown who sat on the next bed was delighted. – Right hero! Did mother fuck yourself?

Vladimir Ivanovich raised his eyebrows and looked at the cake:

“I’ll get some tea,” said the nurse. – You, Vladimir Ivanovich, have some tea with a cake. Your granddaughters are caring, good ones. And he said – not to you!

Vladimir Ivanovich looked at us with bright transparent eyes.

“I didn’t,” he said. “Thank you, ladies Lucy.”

And then the nurse returned and poured tea for everyone. She took a penknife out of her pocket and wanted to cut the cake, but for some reason the cake was not cut.

“Take my knife, Thekla Matveyevna,” said the patient in a dressing gown. – You have apparently blunted.

The nurse tried to cut the cake with another knife, and again she failed. Something happened to the pie. He was hard as a board!

– Persistent cake, – said Vladimir Ivanovich. – All the hostesses!

He perked up. His cheeks were slightly pink.

– Vladimir Ivanovich, honestly, he was soft yesterday! We touched him!

– Maybe froze on the road? – smiled Vladimir Ivanovich. – Trifles, do not be upset, we will warm him up alive in tea!

Nurse hardly broke the cake into pieces and dipped one piece into the tea.

– My dear, where did you swell so much soda! – she wrinkled.

– Trivia! – said Vladimir Ivanovich. – Soda is not salt. What are you, Fokla Matveyevna, a wonderful cake! I haven’t eaten such delicious pies for a long time!

“And here we are also going to spoil the jam,” said the patient in a dressing gown. – Cherry jam. Eat to your health!

Outside the window, Uran was howling. Poor, we completely forgot about him!

– Where did the dog come from? – the nurse has been alarmed. – Shoo! Kysh! Scare the sick!

– Fokla Matveevna, do not chase him! This is our Uranus! We brought him to serve Vladimir Ivanovich!

I took a piece of cake from the plate and shouted at the window vent:

– Uranus, serve! Serve!

Uranus jumped up on its hind legs and stuck out its tongue. Then he grabbed the pie with his paws and began to nibble him like a bone.

Vladimir Ivanovich, raising himself on his elbow, looked out the window and laughed softly.

– Vladimir Ivanovich, you can’t get up! – the nurse was frightened. – Doctor Yevgeny Borisych swears!

“Do not worry, Thekla Matveyevna,” said Vladimir Ivanovich. – I feel better today.

– How “better.” Remember what happened yesterday!

– And today is better! Here is an honest pioneer! – said Vladimir Ivanovich and winked at us Lyuska.

– Still would! – said the patient in a dressing gown. – With such granddaughters you can’t afford it! Do not give!

– Do not give! – said Vladimir Ivanovich and slyly laughed.

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