Cute luggage

Lovely women, making a holiday soulful and memorable is not as difficult as it may seem. Prepare a festive banquet with fun entertainment, well-aimed toasts and good wishes. Surround everyone’s attention, none of the heroes of the occasion should be deprived of your care. And let the wonderful video gift “Dedicate to beloved men” be the main surprise at the festive event. Of course, you have to work hard on it, but the result is worth it! Evaluate your possibilities – you can make a small cute clip using photos, and you can make a whole amateur short film, in any case, the gift will be unique and very pleasant. To create a video, in advance, ask the men to bring their photo albums for a while. The more pictures you have, the more interesting it will turn out. Children’s and family photos will work perfectly. Scan the selected images and make photo stories from them. Let the background music and beautiful poems about each. Knowing your men, you can write soulful, personalized poems.

Alexander. Life is not life without adventures And without creative torment. Light, courageous, Sasha, You conquered our hearts!

Alexey. It will never be bad If Lech is near. Alex, like a ray of light Instantly sadness dispel this.

Anatoly. Anatoly. In short – Tolya. The mind is inquiring. Strength. Will. He is aware of all events. Destined to success.

Andrew. Andrei is a daredevil, Balagur, a merry fellow, Well done in deeds And in love is not simple.

Anton. Let not the permanent, Antosha, But in general you are a good guy. You are never bored with you. Friends do not forget you. Abilities – do not hold. After all, your slogan is – "Want to know everything!".

Artem. Artem – healthy, safe, Uninhibited, tireless. Deep, strong, romantic, wonderful friend and excellent husband.

Boris Boris is a fighter, Boris is a sage, Our Boris is just great! Categorical, maybe, But how can you not love Boris !?

Vadim. The versatile Vadik knows that life promises a lot to him who does not sit still. Going forward with luck together.

Cute luggage

Valentin. Responsive Valentine and a bit, Will come at any time of the day To help relatives and friends. How not to appreciate all this to us?

Valery. Valera – fidget, mischievous, I got used to the successes of my early childhood. It’s interesting to go with him in life, And friendship is measured on the way!

Vitaly. A beautiful name given at birth! There is so much softness and so much fun, Mobility, lightness and optimism, We forgot – almost – altruism. All these qualities are in Vitali! It is nice to write poems in his honor.

Vladimir. Where is he – there is peace, partnership, friendship, It is difficult and not necessary to argue with him. Great friend, spouse, father. Vladimir, right, well done!

Vyacheslav. A more glorious name, It seems we do not find. This is wonderful luck – to meet you on the way. Your open heart, Thoughts are always honest. Dear, the only glory, We love you very much.

Gennady. Gennady is our natural leader. I am sure that rights are always in everything. God did not offend beauty. And the mind and become, and all with him.

George A lot of “star” Gosh in the world – It is easy for you to stand in this line. Always effective and good, – Well, you just will not pass by!

Gleb. Friendly with people, Responsible for their deeds, Our Gleb is reliable and intelligent, He will not throw words to the wind.

Gregory. Grigory, you are like a hurricane: Ideas are a fountain, a volcano of passion! You are a mood generator, you awaken inspiration in us.

Denis. Denis has all his days — holidays, full of happiness, All men are so different, But with you it’s not cold in the cold!

Dmitriy. Dima means "mother Earth"That is your strength! Though to work for three, Though to love for four – Forces you enough for everything: We see, the name helps.

Eugene. A faithful husband and a good father, In life, in work – well done everywhere.

Ivan Ivan is known as a hero for nothing – He smashes problems with one blow. Vanyusha is vulnerable and thin in the soul, Outside is a warrior, inside is a child.

Igor Garik will give the last shirt and smile after. Responsive people are many, Such as Igor, no more!

Ilya. Eloquent, intelligent Ilya, It is so interesting to listen. A wonderful husband and family man – We have one such Ilya!

Kirill. Pulls like a magnet, Cyril, You do not get bored with him. Witty, light, bright – He is a surprise, not a gift!

Konstantin. Reliable, faithful, pure soul, Our Kostya is a golden guy! And we heartily congratulate you, our friend! We wish all the best!

Leonid. Life is not a joke, life is a game, Miracle, fairy tale, depth. Living, dreaming, more interesting – Lenya knows all this.

Maksim. In Latin – the most-most, Maximum and large. Experience the initial baggage Let him serve well.

Michael. Be happy, Misha, bright person! Love for you, dear, we have forever. Be respected and loved by everyone And you keep your angel all your life!

Nikita Nikita means "winner". Able Angel – your keeper of Thee to lead victories. Forward! And good luck!

Nikolai. Advice and help are needed – Kolya will help – everyone knows that. Calm, wise, comrade faithful, You are in our heart, our friend, believe us!

Oleg. Dear, our glorious Oleg! You are a beautiful person, You are smart and romantic And we are very likable!

Paul. Calmly and securely with Pasha, He became a mainstay in our life. Do you need help – Pavlik near, Will help by deed, word, look.

Peter. He is thorough and bold, He can be soft and sharp. In endurance does not take away – Peter can raise the whole world.

Novel. Roman has continuous novels, Life is like a story, a tangle of adventures. His friend was the eternal wanderer, the golden-haired boy Cupid.

Ruslan. Ruslanchik is bright, Ruslanchik is light, Cheerful, sonorous, a little timid. We wish you happiness in everything more, Live a bright life, as long as possible!

Semyon. We know, Semyon, that you are very hurt, Believe us, friends: you value and love! Responsive friend than you can not find, You have helped so many people on the way of life! And we want to wish this holiday – To be strong spiritually and not to lose heart!

Sergei. Sometimes Seryozha is the center of attention, Sometimes in the eyes of the sad ones there is a secret. Your world is rich, the soul is immense, it gives you sadness, I guess.

Timofey. Timofey is practical and caring, But sometimes it comes to life by touch. It is easier to be, look simpler And do without self-help.

Fedor. We, Fedya, respect you, We wish you all the good things of the world! And also, happiness and success In solving life tasks.

Yuri. Yuri is a mystery to friends, Glorious, kind, not hidden. Good for us together, sweet, Only give me a key.

Cute luggage

Yaroslav. Congratulations to Yaroslav! The power of your life is glory! Be lucky and happy, And always-always loved!

[c] A man always aspires to heights; He is ready to help if he needs help. The man goes to the goal, He fights, searches and rushes forward. A man is ready to argue with fate, With dignity endure the battle of life. And every man will not surrender in the fight – He is faithful to the Fatherland, love and himself!

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