Croatia v Greece

Yuri Zapisotsky calls for calm – Euro 2020

Football is the main thing

Known in the past, the player will work with Poltava – Ukrainian Championship

Ukrainian midfielder will continue his career in the Donetsk club – Ukrainian Championship

Former “creamy” forward has shared his opinion about Ukrainian footballers playing in Spain – Spain

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  • Announcement
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The club from Dnipro strengthened its leading position in the standings – Football

Young football player decided that the penalty kick in favor of his team was appointed unfairly-Football

Mentor of Kiev “Dynamo” spoke about the preparation of the team for the next fights – Football

Live broadcast of the First League-Football match

Channel “120 yards” tells about the most ridiculous celebrations of goals – Football

25-year-old forward awarded at Buckingham Palace for achievements in football – Football

Frank Kessier received punishment for a fight with Lukas Billey-Football

Young football player decided that the penalty kick in favor of his team was appointed unfairly-Football

Football – the latest news

  • 20:13 Dynamo began preparations for the match with Zarya – Championship of Ukraine 81
  • 19:53 First League 20th round. SK Dnipro-1 scored 4 goals against Agribusiness – Championship of Ukraine 612
  • 19:33 VIDEO. The most scandalous celebration of goals – Other news 1077
  • 19:20 Sergey MYAKUSHKO: “Grozny called people crocodiles” – Championship of Ukraine 1 961
  • 19:09 VIDEO. Harry Kane received the Order of the British Empire – England 1 660
  • 18:50 Milan’s midfielder fined 40 thousand euros for a fight – Italy 944
  • 18:40 VIDEO OF THE DAY. Galatasaray player U-14 deliberately did not score a penalty – Other news 6 4882
  • 18:32 HATSKEVICH: “I hope we will see Besedin and Sol on the field this season” – Ukrainian Championship 3 1761
  • 18:15 Oleinik – Linnet: “Baby, what do you say on the hair?” – Championship of Ukraine 2364
  • 18:00 Dnepr-1 – Agribusiness. Watch online. LIVE Broadcast – Championship of Ukraine 1 2114

In our football, the coach can only be a Dynamo Kiev player.

there was still such a teeth in the chukre .. something similar))) also furrowed. but how zafigachit somewhere. )))

like a crazy lion))) why haven’t you been banned yet?)))

This 13-year-old Kyrgyz boy, it’s time to get married)

Croatia v Greece

Stepaneku as an example

yeah .. reserve popcorn. can be fun.

Croatia v Greece

Moraes full bottom. Empty place if you want. He did not strengthen the national team, but he created the problems above.

the national team could not invite a new player this way, this is a matter of a miner to whom and when citizens should be given.

This can be resolved. Ukraine Ukraine two techies of Portugal 3 points in the amount of 4, Luxembourg 3 points in.

Aged Morientes. (He would have been a global star if not for the eclipse Raul.

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