Crewless boat charter


emergency exit – emergency exit, escape trunk emergency kit (in case of leaving the vessel) – bailout bag emergency signaling rockets – distress flares box emergency patch – collision mat emergency steering wheel – jury rudder emergency spare transmitter – emergency transmitter crash – breakdown, wreck automated yacht design – Computer Aided Yacht Design automatic signal buoy – automatic buoy autopilot – autopilot Airex (brand of filler) – Airex acclimatization – acclimatization aluminum – aluminum US Bureau of Shipping – American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) anemometer – anemometer heating wire anemometer – hot wire anemometer anemorumbometer – wind indicator annul – annul, cancel anode – anode anodized – anodized appeal – appeal aramid – aramid fittings – reinforcement architecture – architecture class association – class association astronavigation – celestial navigation outrigger; about – outrigger backstay – backstay, permanent backstay, run stay stern post – sternpost aerodynamics – aerodynamics aerodynamic tube – tunnel aerodynamic forces – aerodynamic forces aerodynamic characteristics – aerodynamic properties


"woman’s" knot – granny’s luggage room – luggage room hook, catch hook – boat hook kayak – canoe tank, tank superstructure of the ship, bow cockpit – forecastle buoy buoy – buoy tank sailor – bowman backstay – broad reach backstay (downwind, windward) – runner (lee, weather), free wind balance wheel – balanced rudder girder farm – girder ballast – ballast internal ballast – keel bilge ballasting – ballasting stock – rudder stock balsa – balsa balsa filler – balsa core thwart – thwart Barbera quickdraw – barberhauler barge, admiral boat; collide – barge boat – longboat barograph – barograph battoxes – buttocks rolls – roller running rigging – running rigging safety lamp – safety-lamp security – safety unlimited – steppless run-down: steep run-down, steep to the wind; racing windfall – close hauled beyfut – parrel seizing – lashing seizing Coast – coast coastal breeze – offshore breeze bermuda / latin / print / guari / lug weapons – Bermuda / Lateen / Sprit / Gunter / Lug rig arbor – bosun’s chair bowline knot; bowline – bowline sleepless – jigless mizzen – mizzen mizzenmast – mizzen mast beam, width, traverse – beam binoculars – binocular bitt – bitt protest form – protest sheet block – block double block (pulleys in the same plane) – block fiddle dvushkivny block – double sheave block Caninas block – snatch block deck unit – block cheek (foot / lead) block with a pick ax – block with becket ratchet block – ratchet block block locking – jamblock (jammer block) peen – maul, mallet cross wind – wind broadside fan – fan supporter board left – portside right side – starboard board; board, centerboard; board the boat – board boards – sides roll – roll, rolling onboard motor boat, dinghy; tender; rolls, unstable – tender (Dinghy) onboard tank – side tank, wing tank side / hakaabort / mast / all-round light – sidelight / sternlight / masthead / all-round light side view, cutout – porthole side compartment – side tank side stringer – side stringer, side logbook – logbook Beaufort scale – Beaufort scale boatswain – bosun boatswain seam – Herringbone stitch barrel sling – sling for a barrel barrel for stacking lotlin – lead lot lead-line tub brahmshot knot – double sheetbend branderschit – entrance panel bras – guy bras; pull out – brace take reefs – to reef windlass – windlass tarps, tarred canvas – tarpaulin brig – brig bronze medal – bronze medal throwing end – shifting wire, hauling wire, warp broking, yawing, throwing into the broking, scouring – broach splash guard, breakwater, coaming – splash board snow storm – iceboat boating sport – ice sailing buoy – buoy anchorage buoy – anchor buoy tug – tow boat towing end– eng. towrope, am, tow line tow rope – tow rope, towline towing behind the stern / pushing – towing alongside / astern / pushing ahead pool towing tests – towing tank tests bulb – bulb Bulbkil – bulb keel bunker – to bunker bunkering; cisterns – tankage shoulder – rubbing strips the breaker from the rotation of the screw – screw current breakers, surf – breakers buffet in the saloon – pantry cable coil – coil coil of rope bowsprit – bowsprit retractable bowsprit – retractable bowsprit quickly remove ("put out") sail – douse a sail speed-boat – high speed powerboat to be in shape – be in (sporting) form


in drift – adrift in the longitudinal direction – fore and aft vacuum – vacuum vacuum forming – vacuum molding rolls, unstable – tippy, crank, tender guy (lower, upper) – shroud (lower, upper) guy-putens – shroud plate the main guys – lowers waterway – covering board (plank sheer), waterway waterline – waterline water stamp – bob stay, whisker stay watch – watch lookout watch dog – dog watch watch sailor – watchman watch officer – officer of the watch bucket – bucket pail wakeboard, board for driving behind a boat – wakeboard valve – valve fan, ventilation system – vent fan type fans "Dorado" – Dorade ventilators vereya, small rowboat – wherry werp – kedge whipping, hauling a ship – kedging heave – heave heaving swivel – swivel swivel boom – gooseneck pinwheel – taffrail log spinner, turbine, impeller – impeller top tack – throat upper walking deck – sundeck upper part of the stem – stemhead luff – head wave top / bottom – wave crest / trough weight – weight mast weight – mast weight wet weight – weight of wet yacht weight – yacht weight paddle – oar, scull lead ship – to steer wind – wind windy, stormy weather; headwind – foul weather wind shade – wind shadow wind resistance – windage drag, windage wind meters – wind instruments visibility – visibility visual signal, optical signal – visual signal windsurfer – windsurfer variable pitch screw – variable pitch propeller fixed pitch screw / folding / vane type – fixed / folding / vaning propeller screw coupler – rigger’s screw rigging screw vortex formation – eddy making yacht owners – owner’s name cavitation effect – cavitation influence external forces – external forces external fender – outer bulwark outside yacht – exterior yacht inner bottom second bottom – tanktop, inside bottom internal ballast – internal ballast internal free beam – inwale inner head – babystay inboard yacht – interior yacht concave (sheer) board line – conventional sheer water for washing the yacht – insins water pedal boat pedal boat – pedal boat Water bike – jet ski jet boat full load displacement – full load displacement displacement; displacement swimming – displacement diver – frogman water cannon – jet, water jet, propeller-nozzle system waterproof – waterproof waterproof suit – wet suit drainage means – bailers air; wind – air air bubbles – air bubbles, air pockets air box – buoyancy tank disturbance – disturbance wave; sailing board type "wave" – wave excitement – seaway surge suppressor – beach wave absorbing beach breakwater – breakwater wave formation – wave making the waves – seas fiber reinforcement – reinforcement fibers fiber – fiber armament with two pairs of splinters – double spreader rig armament type "kite" – kite rig armament type "crab claw" – crab claw rig Kat type weapons – una rig cat-kech armament – catketch armature sloop with top staysail – jib headed sloop rig armament, equipment; arm – rig restoring moment – righting moment "eight" – figure of eight forward – ahead forward to the nose – forward absorb moisture – absorb moisture finish time – closed finishing time foamed aggregate – foam core float up – immerese auxiliary bridge – flving bridge, monkey island headwaters – head seas counter current – counter current headwind – headwind wing edge – leading edge choose (tackle) setting; ballast movement – trim pick slack – to take up the slack choose anchor – to heave up the anchor clove hitch – clove hitch lamellar knot with bayonet – clove hitch and half hitch choose the sheets so that the sail becomes flat – harden a sail agitated – wave-induced win the race – win rust chipping – rust-chipping pennant – pennant pennant; pendant – pendant pennant wind – apparent wind put to the wind – back take the sail to the wind – to back the sail perform engineering calculations used in – to perform the engineering calculations used in. buckling / wrinkling / lamination / wrinkling sandwich – sandwitch buckling / crimping / wrinkling / dimpling buckling – buckling high freeboard – ample topsides high-breasted body – chunky hull high elongation – high aspect ratio high performance short chord keel – short chord high performance keel indoor height – headroom metacentre height – metacentre height set prescribed lights – to exibit lights prescribed put out (hang lights, flags) – exibit shot – boomkin protruding parts – appendages peel off the anchor chain – to slip anchor chain exhaust – exhaust go out of control – to get out of hand outgoing (rear) wing edge – trailing edge wing edge – trailing edge


harbor – harbor hook – hook stretch – stretch tack; tacking; tack angle – tack gulfwind – beam reach galvanic corrosion – galvanic corrosion handicap – handicap jeer – throat halyard gaff – gaff gaff armament – gaff rig gel lining, decorative layer – gel coats helmport – helmport, rudder trunk general card – general chart general cargo – general cargo general course – general course, rhumb line charging generator – alternator genoa 145 percent with a twist – 145 per cent furling genoa twist genoa – roller genoa genoa, genoa staysail – genoa overlapping genoa sealant – seal sealant – sealant hydrodynamics – hydrodinamics hydrodynamic theory of ship rolling – shop motions hydrodinanical theory hydrodynamic forces acting on the hull – hydrodimamical forces acting on ship hull wetsuit – dry suit hydrostatics – hydrostatics geek – boom boom guy – vang boom-shkot – mainsheet boom-shkot with 4: 1 system – 4: 1 mainsheet system gini – purchase hypothermia – hypothermia main deck – main deck main engine – main engine chief conciliator – chief measurer gliding – planning plan out – glide planing hull – planning hull depth – depth water depth – middle depth water depth – depth of water deep / shallow hold – hard / slack bilges socket / base railing – stanchion socket / base oarlocks nest – thole pin rotting – decay bare body – canoe body gong – gong race around the buoys – round the cans race distance race "a loop" – windward / leeward race race for the Olympic distance – Olimpic type race race; race – race racing instruction – sailing instruction racing explanation – course explanation racing declaration racing rules – racing rules racing score – rating, racing rate racing windfall – full and by race committee – race committee racing course – sailing course proud – girdline, gantline horizontal lateral movement of the vessel – sway surge horn – horn flammable – inflammable National anthem – national anthem gravitational davit – gravity-davit crest – crest rower – oarsman rowing – rowing paddling or canoeing – paddling rowing on a boat – rowing pulling row boat – pulling boat wave crests – wave crests propeller shaft – propeller shaft propeller screw – propeller adjustable pitch propeller "multipitch" – multi pitch propeller rowing motor sailing – capable of being rowed, sailed or motored to row – row mushroom anchor – mushroom anchor coffin – quarter berth grotto – main grotto – mainsail grotto – loose footed main grotto with through plates – full batten mainsail grotto-shkot – outhaul main mast – main mast cargo – cargo timber load – lumber cargo anchor load – catenary weight load waterline – load waterline load mark – load line mark cargo mast – derrick post cargo space – cargo space cargo ship – cargo ship cargo block – cargo-wheel, cargo hook – cargo-hook cargo door – hatch way cargo plan – cargo plan cargo hoists, cargo pendant – cargo-fall ground paint – primer sump tank – sump, sump tank guari – gunter Hooker – hooker huys stock – jackstaff


blow the whistle – whistle Dacron – dacron back up – go astern give slack – pay out two body lengths – double length of the boat engine – engine internal combustion engine – internal combustion engine motor foundation – bearers, engine bearers sailing – sail propulsion mover – propulsor double bottom – double bottom double bow – bowline in the bight double nut knot – double Blackwall (-hitch) double wire benzel – double wire seizing double simple knot – double overhand knot double lanyard knop – double matthew walker double spanish hooks – double Spanish burton double rails with "the gateway" – double lifelines with gates double hoists – luff fackle, watch bilateral – double ended I-beam (profile) – I-bar two-speed self-gripping winch – 2-speed selftailing whinch dvushkivny block – double block deviation – deviation deadweight; cargo – deadweight stern tube – sterntube, shaft boss take a turn – wear tack – tack ship wooden deck – wood deck wooden mast – wooden spar keep afloat with a floating load – water logged derrick crane – heavy derrick defective statement – Assessment of Damage junk – junk jute – jute diagonal smooth and slender – diagonals are smooth and clean diagonal – diagonals diameter – diameter diametral plane – centerplane diesel engine – buoyancy diesel engine speaker – announcer dynamics – dynamics fluid dynamics – fluid dynamics dynamic stability – dinamic stability dirik-fal – peak halyard disqualification – disqualification unqualified yacht – disqualified yacht disk ratio – disc area ratio engine remote control – engine controls distance reduced – shortened course trim – trim difference trim aft – trim by the stern nose trim – trim by the bow length – length maximum length – length overall (LOA) waterline length – waterline lengh (LWL) long turkish braid – long turk’s head long splash – long splice long steel splash – long splice on wire, endless splice bottom, hold – bilge bottom; seabed – bottom bilge type "deep v" – V-bottom sea ​​bottom – ground dredging – dredging additives, additives – additives additional resistance – added resistance docker – dock-worker, longshoreman docking, mooring – docking dugout canoe – dugout canoe longitude – longitude dope – doping doping control – dope test additional resistance – added resistance dori (fishing flatboat) – dory Leeward Yacht Road! – course free for leeward yacht! way to the right tack! – course free for starbord tack! the road! – course free! sailboard type "fan" – fun, funboard access – access access to the inside of the deck – access to the underside of the deck access: provides access to hold space – provides access to the bilge area dhow (arab boat) – dhow dredge – dredge The Dragon – Dragon wood – wood drifting – drift lee way yacht drift – leeway drift at anchor – to drag an anchor drainage hole – drain hole fractional tooling – fractional rig fractional sloop armament – fractional sloop rig throttle – throttle chimney – funnel


Europe (yacht class) – Europe "herringbone", the seam "herringbone" – herringbone


rope fabric roving – roving, woven roving railway ferry – railway ferry reinforced concrete – ferro concrete gutter – scupper, hole boat draw – drawing of boats liquid ballast – waterballast


astern – aft astern – astern outboard – outboard curtain side – tumble home tumblehome blockage – preventer completion – completion hangup in liventik – irons, "to be in irons" cap on the ventilation pipe (gander), cover – cap oil pollution – oil pollution design assignment – task, design task cable termination – close a cable hold up – stop slackening reverse – sternway the luff, see the lateral luff – after leech blowing – backwinding blowing the wind into the sail, setting the sail – aback blow out – flog clamp stopper – jammer secure the sail with carbines – to hank on spin a sail – furl cover with a tarpaulin – ness batten down flap, aileron – flap bay – bay flooding – downflooding substitute pennant – substitute go sailing – go in for yachting rinse – flutter, fluff aggregate – core Charger – charger drowning – sinkage calm, temporary weakening of the wind – lull tightening knot (midshipman knot) – midshipman’s hitch running knot – running knot protracted flemish knot – running figure of eight knot wind set – header, persistent shift rat protection – rat guard protected by a skeg covering the steering wheel – protected by a partial skeg request – entry declared member – declarated Star (yacht class) – Star sound signal – sound signal beep sound – blast mark on the distance (№ 1, 2, 3, 4) – course mark (# 1, 2, 3, 4) starting line restriction sign – mark limitating the starting line alarm sign – signal shape-figure starting line sign – starting line mark finish line mark – finishing line badge – dabge zone – zone race zone – course area collection area – assembly area launch area – starting area viewer – spectator swell – kippled sea


go without a roll – sail upright go to backstay – sail on broad go downhill / cool runneck / backstay – to sail by wind / closehauled / free go to wake – cover a competitor products – autoclave change course – alter the course speed meter, lag – knotmeter gauge compass gauge – divider wear fender, protector – rub rail wear resistance – abrasion resistance porthole (openable and deaf) – portlight (opening and fixed) porthole deaf – deadlight personal rescue tool – personal buoyancy personal rescue tool – Personal floating device individual / general review – individual / general recall towing instruction – towing instructions interior – interior iol – yawl distortion caused by measurement rules – rule induced distortions test pool – tank tests test duplicate models – mirror image tests head tests – head seas tests smooth water tests – calm water tests oblique tests – oblique seas tests rotary test – rotating arm tests trials – tests true wind – true wind true course – true course


to stern – abaft cable work – cable-laid, water-laid cableway (185.2 m) – cable kabolka – rope-yarn cable knot – rope-yarn knot, spunyarn knot billyboy – billyboy cavitation – cavitation Cadet (yacht class) – Cadet galley – galley galley cooker – galley stove coal tar – coal-tar channel – canal rope factory – rope-walk, rope-yard canister – jerrican canlinas block of lotlin – lead-line matchblock gunboat – gunboat team captain – team captain nylon cable – synthetic rope brass carbine – guy hook snap hook – snapshackle gimbal suspension – gimbals Carlings – carline sea ​​chart – chart compass rose – compass card cutting cards – cutting lists catamaran – catamaran jet skiing – jetting boat – powerboat boat, launch, motorboat; boat descent – launch swinging, pendulum system – pendulum system ship roll – motions cabin; felling – cabin quadrant steering – rudder-quadrant qualifying – qualifying Quarterdeck – quarter deck Kevlar – kevlar ketch, cache – ketch deadrise (bottom of the boat) – deadrise pitching – pitching motion pitching keelboat – keel yacht keel ship – keel boat keel – keel wood keel lead in fiberglass shell – fiberglass incapsulated lead keel keel with "by wings" – wing keel wake – wake up wake wave – stern wave keelson – keelson kingston – seacock bale – fairlead (Chock) flanged bale – pad eye staple – deck organizer bales, wiring gear – leads oxygen mask – oxygen gas helmet brush – brush the class – class yacht class – yacht class classification – classification glues, glue joints – adhesives glue – paste, glue jib – jib wedge shaped housing – wedge shaped hull form clipper nose – clipper bow clot – mast pole, flag pole hawse – fairlead (Chock) cool cover – hole hawse pipe cap bollard – bollard knica – knee knop "star" – star knot knop "the Rose" – rigging screw, am. turn buckle, rose knot push button (keel and stem joint) – forefoot knob without punching – Matthew Walker (‘s knot) leather braid – service-leather dashboard – centerboard case goats, sector geek – trestle, support cockpit drift visor – spray hood visor over the entrance hatch – pop up top bunk – berth, bunk bunk "in a coffin" – quarter berth coconut – coir coconut rope – coir grief cockpit – cockpit witch – telltale, tel-tail paddle steamer – paddle steamer "wheel" (in knop) – wall knot collector – manifold peg – sheep’s shank ring nozzle – nozzle ring eye; grommet on the sailboard; trapeze lock – ring team – team team "To turn!" – Ready about! steering teams – helm orders coaming – coaming the coamings of the cabin to give a modern look should be tilted inward – cabin sides should rake inboard for modern apperance committee, commission – committee commentator – commentator compass – compass compass heading – compass course the end of the anchor where the eye is located – ring end console steering wheel – spade rudder construction of small vessels – boat designing structural elements – construction members design department – design office design – construction plywood construction with sizing of seams with fiberglass strips – taped seam plywood construction housing design – construction of the hull wooden construction – wood boat consruction timber construction – wood boat construction container – container life raft container – raft canister contract: s. was contracted to build. – . was contracted to build. counterspace – jackstrut control time – time limit countertimers – horn timber counter strut – jackstay cone, tapering part – taper taper – taper ratio end plate washer – end plate end tank – peak tank end vortex – tip vortex ship architecture – Naval architecture shipwreck – shipwreck shipbuilder – shipwright ship – full-rigged-ship core part – standing part stern – stern feed of sailing board – tail stern of shipboard – garboard stern of the vessel – quarter aft (haqabort) fire – stern light stern / bow moorings – sternrope / headrope stern shot – bumpkin (boomkin) feed railing – stern pulpit aft moorings – stern rope fin box at the board – finbox short / long beep – short / prolonged blast short splash – short splice shackles for tacking a sail – stop body – hull housing without equipment (under construction) – bare hull Deep V type hull – V-bottom hull corrosion – corrosion oblique agitation – oblique seas slanting sail – fore-and-aft sail overcoat suit – anti exposure suit koush – thimble total completeness ratio – block coefficient stop / torque ratio – thrust / torque coefficient form factors – coefficients of form fender – fender paint – paint, color antifouling paint – anti fouling paint kraspitsa – spreader cruising yacht, cruise yacht, cruiser – cruiser cruising racing yacht – cruiser-racer cruising, cruise – cruising roll from uneven loading – list roll, heel steering, keel, frame – heel grommet – cringle inclinations – inclining inclinometer – inclinometer mounting duck – fair lead snatch cleat mount end (on bollards) – to belay a rope mount with slack – soft-laid, slack-laid load fastening – securing cargo mount – chock fixing boom on deck, sector – gallows mounting spinnaker boom on deck – spinnaker pole chocks curve – curve cut sail; section – cut bracket – bracket propeller shaft bracket – prop shaft strut outboard motor bracket – outboard motor bracket round braid – round sennit round benzel – round seizing round seam – round seam cruise / racing yacht – cruising / racing yacht twisted thread – roping twine wing – wing pterygoid body of small elongation – low aspect ratio wing body wings on the sides of the dinghy for otkreneniya – wings felling roof – coach roof cover case – cover hook – boat hook hook – hook cup – cup cam stop – cam cleat course direction – heading course curving – dead run yacht course – angle of sail, point of sail course; distance; route – course cutter, tender – cutter coachman’s braid – cross pointing coach Kat (type of weapons); catamaran – cat kat, catbot – catboat


tacking – luff tacking tacking two tacks – double tacking tacking – beat lag – log speedometer infirmary – ships hospital Laser (yacht class) – Laser Laser 2 (yacht class) – Laser II Laser Radial (yacht class) – Laser radial Lightning (yacht class) – Lightning varnish – varnish impregnated laminate "wet" – wet laminate laminated – laminated fluke – claw palm of fluke lata – batten lata lower (at the sailboard) – skirt batten Latin weapons – lateen rig Latcarman – pocket batten pocket armor: grotto with through lats / without armor – full batten / battenless main winch – winch winch genoa – genoa winch leventyk – head to wind left twist – left-handed left side – portside left tack – port tack light breeze – light air icebreaker – ice-breaker guard foot, falseboard – toe rail railing, deck railing – lifeline railing – stanchion watering can for fuel – funnel (fuel) linen – flax Flying Dutchman (Yacht Class) – Flying dutchman flying jib, "flyer" – Hying jib leader – leader likpaz (forestay or mast) – groove (forestay & mast) lipase; mast shoulder strap – mast track ruler – ruler bead line – sheer board line: a slightly tilted board line gives the boat the features of a racing yacht – sheep line start line – start line, starting line lin, line – line lighter barge – lighter, barge licensed builder – licensed builder dinghy boat – right of way boat propeller boat – airboat boat, ship – boat, vessel go to drift – heave to go backwards – to reverse the course lope, tali – purchase paddle, feather; blade – blade lotus – lead-line lot – pilot book pilot ladder – unloading pilot ladder horsepower, l. with. – horse power luving match, wrestling course – luffing match any knot with a loop that is easily decoupled – slipped knot grommet – grommet, sheet lead hatch eyelets – eyelets lugger weapons – lug rig Luke – hatch aluminum frame hatches – aluminum frame hatches hatch beam – hatchway beam


magnetic declination – magnetic declination magnetic course – magnetic course maneuver – maneuver manila hemp – manila-hemp brand (on rigging) – marking lower brand – lowest band foot mark – mark Mars, crow’s nest – crow’s nest martin-geek, shot of a bowsprit; shot – whisker pole master sailer – sailmaker scale series – allometric series mat – mat chopped mat – chop strand mat resin-impregnated mat – resin mat soaks three-layered core filler material – core material building materials – building materials matrix – mold cockpit sailor – pit man match race – match race mast – mast Mast on the beam! – mast abeam! broken mast – broken mast mast wing – wing mast mast pocket – sleeve, luff sleeve mast sailor – mast man engine room – engine room engine cover – engine casing scale effect – scaling health care – medical aid medical checkup – medical check-up copper parts "copper sticks" – bright work double bottom tank – double-bottom-tank International Olympic Committee (IOC) – International Olympic Committee (IOC) International Sailing Union (INRU) – International Yacht Racing Union (IYRU) off-season storage – off season storage a piece of chalk – chalk small – shoal shallow boat – shoal draft boat low set – shoal draft measurer – measurer measuring commission – measurement committee measurement certificate – rating certificate local wind – local wind a place to turn! – Lee-o! competition venue – competition site training place – training site place at the mark – markenfeld metal products, practical items – hardware metal mast – metallic spars mechanical – power gained midsection – middle middelweiss – king plank minimum qualification sizes – minimum qualifying dimensions multihull multihull – multihull able to be engraved – capable of being reefed model pattern – pattern modular – modular supposedly – mole hammer – maul moment – moment yaw moment caused by excitement – wave induced yawing moment nagging moment – bow-down trimming moment monotype – one design sea – sea nautical art, navigation skills – seamanship seaworthiness – weatherliness, seaworthness seaworthiness – seakeeping ability motion sickness – seasickness sea ​​training – seamanship nautical mile – nautical mile law of the sea – maritime law nautical – marine, maritime, offshore marine aluminum – marine aluminum catamaran bridge, bridge; – bridge pontoon bridge – bridge of boats bridge – bridge gangway – gangway motor yacht – poweryacht mizing – diamond knot garbage – sweepings coupling – clutch mallet – serving mallet


Crewless boat charter

on the shore – ashore on board – aboard on watch – on watch at the oars – under oars on the tack (left, right) – on the tack (port, starboard) on course – on course on deck – abovedeck at different stages of readiness – . to various stages of completion on the traverse – on the beam on the run – underway gain / lose speed – to gain / loose speed to draw water – take on water watch – observer set – scantlings heap – collision pile on – collide hinged deck – shelter deck the padlock – padlock hinged transom steering wheel – tramsom hung rudder windward side – windward side windward yacht – windward yacht windward – windward windward mark – windward mark the windward steering wheel – windward helm navigation lights – navigation lights nog – pin arresting plate – pin rail reward – award rewarding – distribution of awards load – load load: water, fuel, supplies, crew – load: water, fuel, stores, crew surface – abovewater freeboard – freeboard proper side – required side proper course – desired, proper course, required course proper course for sign, layline – lay line superstructure – superstructure superstructure on the upper deck – deck-house inflatable boat – inflatable inflatable raft – rubber raft hiring a ship without a crew – bareboat charter the name of the device for ribbing – Lazy jack nylon – hitch nylon lash – lashing pad "dog shin" – dog’s shank pad, boat, bow – cross rope tabling lining tilt of the transom – transom rake steel cable end – eye terminal tip type Norsseman – Norseman terminal cable end – terminal, terminal fitting cable end in the form of crimping – swage binnacle – binnacle file – file filler – filler filler thickener – thickener Direction of the wind – wind direction directions in interior design – trends in interior design voltage – stress outer rail – outwale violation of racing instructions – infraction of the sailing instructions breaking racing rules – rules` infringement class violation – class regulations `infringement violation of sports ethics – offence against sports spirit rotary nozzle – steering nozzle pump – pump pump room – pump room tuning – tuning national team – national team national federation – national federation National Olympic Committee (NOC) – National Olympic Committee (NOC) initial stability – initial stability small inlet curvature – easy curvature in the entrance underloaded sails – undercanvassed antifouling paint – anti fouling paint unsinkability – subdivision involuntary turn through fordevind – accidental gybe stranger – oilskin stainless steel – stainless wire non-slip deck – non slid deck non-slip – skid resistant unsporting behavior – unsportsmanlike conduct carry pennant – to fly the pennant to sail "on the butterfly" – goosewing carry a flag – fly the flag (pennant) bearing surface – lifting surface accident, absenteeism – forfeit unstable wind – oscillating breeze oil cargo – oil cargo fuel oil – fuel, furnace-oil oil – oil lower backstay – checkstay bottom of the mast at the sailboard – mast foot foot loops, "stirrups" sailing board – foot straps nok ray – yard end knobenzel angle; peak – peak case matrix number – number of the hull mold sail number – sail number member number – number on the back nose – bow, stem sailing board nose – nose nasal wave – bow wave nasal shape – figurehead bow propeller – bow propeller stainless steel bow rail – stainless steel bow pulpit bow roll – bow roller nasal swab, bakshtov – fourstrand rope boat’s painter bow spring (mooring line) – fore spring bow thrusters – bow thrusters


bridge kit – dodger, bridge-screen contours – lines contours and design ratios of the tier yacht – sailing yacht lines and design ratios hull lines – hull lines overtaken ship – yacht to be overtaken overtake – overtake overtaking vessel – overtaking yacht course review – visibility, steering visibility measurement – measurement measure afloat – in-water measurement measurement drawing – measurement diagram measuring template – template wind up – pass on the weather side down the lee side – sail through the lee equipment – inventory ship equipment – equipment of the boat overgrown with shells, seaweed – foul reverse (cable) descent (on the cable) – hawser-laid reverse transom – reverse transom streamlined body – streamlined body pickaxe on deck for blocks rigging – deck plate bypass the buoy – round the buoy plating – planking (skin) clinker – clinker groove rails – stripking sheathing – skin general review – general recall total false start – general false start rounding of the mark – rounding go around – round go around the sign – to round the mark fire extinguisher – fire extinguisher fire point – eyesplice fire (navigation) – light class restrictions – class limits obsess – fend off single hull vessel – monohull single-type ship, sistership – sister ship Monotone – One ton Solid cup – One ton cup hail – call hail hail meaning "Place to turn!" – Water! U-shaped forging – toggle mace top stamping – masthead fittig spinnakir-geek – spinnaker boom fitting end of competition – end of the competition describes the behavior of a typical planing body – describes how typical planning hull behaves braided rigging – braided cordage notify participants – notice for participants foot – foot determine the hydrodynamic resistance of the vessel – to define the ship’s hydrodinamic drag desalination plant – watermaker empty waste tanks – to empite holding tanks rollover – inversion tip over – turtle, to turtle tilting / restoring moment – upsetting / righting moment overturning moment – upsetting moment Optimist – Optimist experience pool; tank – tank experiments on oblique agitation – oblique seas test Organising Committee – organizing committee organization of races – management of races ordinates – offsets orthogonal projection – orthographic projection draft – draught sediment (amer.) – draft osmosis – osmos, osmosis inspection, survey, measurement – survey rig the boat – to equip a yacht warp – warp main line – base line core guys – fairly slack, lower shrouds main dimensions – main dimensions stop the flow – stopping a leak damage stability – damage stability dynamic stability – dynamic stability metacentric stability – metacentric stability stability at high angles of heel – stability at large angles of heel initial stability – initial stability transverse stability – transverse stability limiting stability – ultimate stability longitudinal stability – longitudinal stability operational stability – operational stability stability; sustainability; rod stability under compression – stability steady – stiff Sharp Sail Board Stern – pintail sharp cheekbone – hard chine sharp-headed dinghy – chine dinghy tow us to the harbor! – Tow us to the harbor! Roll off! (crew departing vessel) – Shove off! hardener – hardener holes for file passage – halyard exit slot screwdriver – screwdriver sheer stems – plumb ends response pennant – answering pennant response flag – answer flag give reefs – to reef away anchor – to let go the anchor give reef – shake out give anchor – drop the anchor recall (in race), recall – recall competitor’s refusal of competition – withdrawal put off – postpone (a race) reject the protest – decline a protest opening out – counterbalance, hike fishing yacht – hiking take off – sit out open deck – weather deck open bridge – flybridge low tide – edd low water canceled race – canceled race cancel / stop / postpone the race – to cancel / stop / suspend the race relative gait (propeller) – advance ratio relative extension – aspect ratio an attitude – ratio ratio of displacement to length – displacement lengh ratio (DLR) retaining hook – boat hook missing sign – missing mark delay – kicking strap delay – vang (boom) Cunningham quickdraw – cunningham carriage pull – traveler control spinnaker post – foreguy spinnacker – twing delay; tack – downhaul class officer – class officer official person – official coverage – girth judge’s mistake – referee’s error


payol – sole payoli – floorboards tow – tow, ground tow fell – powl finger, nog with a lock ring – clevis pin deck – deck deck filler – deck scupper deck equipment – deck equipment deck cuts – openings, deck openings deck cut – deck opening deck hatch – deckhatch pumping – pumping Panamanian Klyuz – panama towing pipe dashboard – control panel apeak – apeak paner / anchor rose – anchor apeak / atrip parallel ruler – parallel rules set ferry – ferry front sail (by definition: sail, the span between the middle of the length of the front and rear luff of which does not exceed 50% of the length of the luff) – headsail sail sail – sail storm sails – stormsails canvas, sailing fabric – canvas, sailcloth sailing / motor yacht – sailing / motor yacht Sail board – Sailboard sailing needle – needle sailing boat yacht – sailboat sailing thread – sailmaker’s twine sailing ship sailing yacht – sailing vessel motor sailing vessel – motor sailer sailing tarpaulin – cloth sailing hook – sailmaker’s hook sailing bag – sail bag sailing, yachting – yachting passenger cabin – passenger accotnodation Passenger ship – passenger ship pliers – Pincers patented anchor – patent anchor bearing – bearing direction finder – pelorus foam – foam closed cell foam – closed cell foam variable density foam core – variable densities foam core hemp rope – hemp rope bulkhead – bulkhead trailer transported – trailerable freight transportation (in Sweden) – ender kink – hogging negotiation tube – sounding pipe overloaded with sails – overpowered double boom overload – double bend double Spanish Burton gear ratio – gear ratio forward plumage (of aircraft), nose steering, "duck" – canard wing head sail – head sails front fin at the sailboard – fore fin front triangle (measured) – foretriangle front – fore luff; cite; to rinse – luff shift the steering wheel to / into the wind – to move the helm up / down postponed race, see delayed race – the transferred rapid motion move the rudder rudder – to suffer steering fialure portable ladder – ladder nature recalculation (model test results) – expansion hauling vessel (from place to place) – shifting side shift – tuck transitional bridge – storm bridge, cat’s transient mode – sub planing list of sails – sail inventory alter the sails – remake a sail perimeter, circumference – circumference hawser – hawser, towing spring steering wheel – rudder blade feathers (steering wheel, tail) – foils hourglass – glass tackle loop – kink cock forged top of the mast (bent back) – mast crane stanchion – post pier, see berth – jetty written permission of the jury – written permission of panel of judges drinking water – drinking water sailing off the proper course on the sign when tacking – overstand sailing into the wind with good speed and belonging to the setting of the yacht – groove, "to be in groove" swimming full courses – running fin – fin fin keel – fin keel smooth feed exit – flat runs floating cottage – houseboat buoyancy – buoyancy flotation parachute type anchor – Para Anchor, drogue plaz – loft space breakdown – lofting general location plan – Arrangement Plan, Layout Plan sail plan – Sail Plan gunwalker – rail cup plastic – plastic fiber-reinforced plastic (surfactant) – Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) glass reinforced plastic – glass reinforced plastic bathing platform – swim platform wardrobe – hanging locker network – sennit woven fabrics, woven materials – knitted fabrics static stability arm – lever of static stability stove with oven – stove with oven flat knot – double carrick bend flat knot – Genuine Carrick Bend flat seam – flat seam flat bayonet – Rolling hitch raft, life raft – raft sail area – sail area downwind full courses – downwind winner – winner surface friction – skin friction surface – surface bearing surface – lifting surface wetted surface – wetted surface tacking – go about rotate – come about turn "roll" – roll tack tack turn – going about turn through the wind tunnel – gybe turn, when before and after changing the tack hangs on the trapezoid – wire to wire tack swivel head – steering nozzle damage – damage restart – restart die beams decks / felling – deck / house top camber perish decks – crown of deck weather; used in meaning "into the wind" – weather epaulet – horse iron geek – mainsheet traveler on structural arc shoulder straps sidewalks genoa with carriages – inboard genoa tracks with cars boundary layer – boundary layer dive – emerse handling equipment – cargo-handling gear under sail – under sail pick a man overboard – recover a man overboard outboard motor – outboard motor lee side – backwind lee yacht – leeward yacht lee – lee leeward lee mark – leeward mark hydrofoil – foil ceiling, back of deck – underside (of the deck) preparatory (signal) – preparatory training – preparation valance – counter lining, embedded part – backing block lift up – to hoist similarity – similitude outsole – trough retaining wedge (on the stern of the boat’s bottom) – wedge stern wedge bottom lift, deadrise – rise of floor ascent to the shore "pulling out" ships – hauling out anchor lifting – weidhing anchor lifting force – lift lift – hoist crane – hoisting crane useful volume – usable space slider carriage – slide, traveler polyvinyl chloride foam – PVC polypropylene – polypropylene shelves and shukhlyadki – shelves and drawers full load – full load full rollover – complete inversion fullness – fullness fullness (belly) of a sail – camber of the sail full / medium / small back – full / half / easy astern full backstay – by the lee fullwave – close reach Competition Regulations – notice of Race CV position in length – longitudinal location of CB position of the center of gravity along the length of the vessel – Londitudinal Center of Gravity (LCG) osmosis cavities – osmotic cells semicircular braid – half round sennit half-muffle – serving-board semi-skirt – doghouse half pipe (profile) – split pipe get jury permission – get permission of the jury half-width – Half Breadth Plan pump pump – pump across the ship, from side to side – athwartships transverse metacentric stability – transverse metacentric stability transverse bulkhead – transverse bulkhead cross tie screed – crossed seizing transverse – transverse passing wave – following sea handhold – handrail handrails, handrails – grabrails rush – gust puff gusting wind – disturbed wind grounding – grounding landing with trim on the nose – bowdown trim control post – helm station setting sails "bow tie" – wing and wing permanent beds with mattresses – permanent bunks with mattrasses constant wind – steady wind construction – building construction of the vessel of reinforced plastic – FRP boat building gait – advance ratio lose (plating belt) – lapstrake lose turn – lose way flow – flow the flood – side deck poison – ease hiking watch – sea-watch special guest – guest of honor mending the sails – sailmaker’s darning plating belt – strake belt zone – zones yachting – yachty class rules – class regulation measurement rules – measuring rules rules for sailing small craft – boating regulations discrepancy rules – navigation rules competition rules – competition rules the rule – rule one minute rule – one minute rule Trapeze / Simpson rule – Trapezoidal / Simpson’s rule road right – right of way right / left tack – starboard / port tack starboard – starboard pre-stretch – pre-stretched prestressed dacron – pre-stretched dacron preliminary sketching – sketching, preliminary sketching grotto coverage – mainsail girth limits intended for mass production – intended for series production preferred side of the course – favored end performance prediction – performance predictions prelaunch zone – prestarting zone warning (signal) – warning prematurely launched yacht – premature starter premature start – false start termination – abandoning (the race) retired race – suspended race let – obstacle fresh water – fresh water press center – press center tack meter – close hauled meter dashboard – dash, dash board free beam – clamp free beam – rubbing strake ghost with strong wind – pinching lead / fall away – to tack windward / under lee greeting – salute Get ready for mooring! – Stand by mooring! receiver – receiver pressure loads "rats" – ducks prismatic coefficient – prismatic coefficient admit mistake – admit mistake / fault cover, overlap (sails), connectedness – blanketing cover the wind – blanket tide – flood high water tidal phenomena – tide ergonomic principles – ergonomic principles shaping – bond pier, pier – pier, moorage, mooring berth moor – moor punching (in rigging work) – tuck flashing light – flashing light a hole – hole, gap repeat the race – resail staysailing – jib fairlead wire check – cotter pin deflection (hull of a ship on top of a wave) – sagging deck deflection – curvature of the deck deflection – camber weather forecast – weather forecast engine warming up – preheating pleasure boat – pleasure boat advance to the wind – headway duration of competition – duration of the competitions longitudinal stability – longitudinal stability longitudinal axis of symmetry of the vessel; tab (keel and


driving to give speed scaling – scull sculling work load – working load workboat – working boat equality of results – tie radial – radial Radio antenna – radio aerial, antenna radar reflector – radar reflector radio operator – wireless operator radius of inertia – giradius disassemble protest – decide on protest camber – flair flat sheet scan – expand flat panels tear apart – let fly size, size, point, rank – rate dimensions of small vessels – measuring a boat warm up – warm-up different courses regarding wave – various wave headings disarm – derig damaging deformation – breaking strain breaking / impact / shear strength – breaking / impact / shear strength discharge – suction missile (signal) – rocket rax carbine – hank frame frame – ring frame spar – spar rocking ship rocking – rocking unleash, deploy sail or flag; tear the anchor off the ground – break out race schedule – race schedule ballast location – location of ballast common location – layout layout, deck layout – deck arrangement strut, lath, outrigger, front sail boom; bracket, stand – strut distribution of displacement along the length – underwater volume distribution load distribution – distribution of loads distribution of underwater volume – distribution of the underwater volume loose cable end – fag-end spray – spraygun stratification – delamination stretching – tension Uklyuchina stretching – outrigger diverge "purely" – to pass clear disperse – pass payment – calculation displacement calculation – calculation of displacement calculation of set elements – calculation of scantlings design pressure / load – design head / load propulsion calculations – speed calculations shaky, unstable – cranky, tender reversible transom – reversed transom regatta – regatta registration number – register number register certificate – certificate of registry regular excitement – regular seas redan – sponson red – stepped gearbox – gear box planing mode – planning mode reserve anchor – spare bower anchor rubber – rubber sharply bowed nose – sharply raked bow sharply inclined transom – sharply raked transom aerodynamic tube sail test results – wind tunnel sail data raid – roads, road (stead) raid – roastead rail – pulpit railing nasal – bow pulpit spinnaker pole – pulpit with pole yoke mast rails – sail track rail epaulet – rail open strap – hiking strap repairs – repair repair kit – repair kit jury decision – decision of the jury flooring – drating ray – yard, cross tree rust – rust reef – roband flat reef – foot reef reef, take reefs; underwater rock, reef – reef reef grommet – reef point reef protecting a sail from burrowing into a wave – anti trip reef reef knot (


with trim in place – carvel planked, carvel built with a raised top – with board up sazhen – fathom stuffing box – stuffing box spontaneous combustion – spontaneous combustion self-draining cockpit – self bailing cockpit self-cleaning sight glass (on the boat) – clear view screen self-propelled model – free running model, self propelled model the smallest forward – dead slow / easy (slow) ahead sanitary pump – sanitary pump pile knot – marline spike hitch pig – wooden needle swedish – Swedish spike welding – welding welded ship – welded boat welding deformations – weld metal deposition fresh weather – heavy air overhang – overhang overhang – end overhang: when yachts go on excitement, their relatively long overhangs alternately float and sink – when yachts are in a seaway, their relatively long ends are alternately immersed and emersed skylight – skylight light signal – flare up light spark plug – spark plug witness – witness ship safety certificate – safety certificate certificate of measurement – measurement certificate lead; lot – lead red lead – red lead whistle – whistle twisted or strand – stranded twisted of four strands – shroud-laid rape free surface – free surface free / limited / formula / monotype class – open / restricted / formula / one design class set of signals – code of signals tied up – overlapped shift – shear segars – hoops mast hoops sheer / backward shear / S-shaped bead line – conventional / reversed / powderhorn sheer jury secretary – Secretary of the jury sextant – sextant boom sector – boom crutch stopwatch – stopwatch serial (serial) number (yacht) – builder’s serial number sickle (part of the sail behind the straight line connecting the corners) – roach certificate – certificate surfing – surfing earring swivel – swivel section (hull of the yacht) – section frame section across the frame – station cross section mid – mid-section cross section in the nose from the midsection – sections forward of amidship cross sections on frames – sections signal – signal signal "start is open" – starting distress alert / preparatory / warning / sound – detress / preparatory / warning / sound / signal fire alarm – smoke signal signal production – girder signalling warning light – morse lamp signal mirror – distress mirror signal beam – signal yard signal line – signal halyard signal flag – signal flag signal ball – ball signal board – signal board nasal seat – bowseat booster seat – stern pulpit seat sisal hemp – sisal hemp sisal cable – cizalle rope traction / lateral force – driving / side force silicate filler – silica filler strong / moderate / light wind – heavy / moderate / light air sinker (a type of sailing board) – sinker synthetic cables – synthetic ropes synthetic tarpaulin – whipping synthetic canvas sail siren – horn fuel supply system – fuel supply system scoring system – scoring system mast system – mast raising system disposal system (wastewater) – treatment system systematic series of yacht hulls – systematic yacht hull series surface finishing systems – surface finishing systems binder impregnation systems – component feed systems skeg, fin – skeg warehousing, loading – stowage brace – cleat shackle speed – speed wind speed – wind velocity shore speed – speed made good speed of wind – speed made good to windward the speed at which the boat is driven – steerageway skou (stupid lake dinghy) – scow twisting sail, twist – twist cheekbone – chine, turn of the bilge slack – slack drain – bail obey the helm – to answer the helm lubricating oil – lubricating oil adjacent adjacent bearing surfaces – adjacent lifting surfaces shift watch – relief offset sign – shifted mark resin – resin tarred kabolki strands for benzel – caskling foxes wetted surface – wetted surface bow chain – shackle bow anchor chain – joint (of cable) supply – outfit to anchor – to weigh anchor natural frequency (oscillations) – natural frequency agreed contours – faired lines maintenance, care – maintenance compound assembly – assembly of component structures coupling coupling – joint go out of the race – retire shorten the distance – shorten a course distance reduction – shortening short race – shortened course Soling – Soling solar battery – solar cell displacement ratio length – displacement length ratio (DLR) the ratio of the main dimensions of the body – hull ratios rival – opponent resistance – drag, resistance resistance in direct position without drift – upright resistance residual resistance – residual resistance friction resistance – frictional resistance form resistance – form resistance tear off the moorings – to break free from moorings competition – competition varieties of wood – species of wood Pine – pine state of measurement – measurement trim rescue horseshoe – horseshoe preserver, horseshoe life buoys lifeboat – lifeboat rescue ship – rescue boat rescue buoy – life buoy life raft – life raft lifebelt / vest – life belt / jacket rescue device – preserver rescue line – lifesling lifeline – life-line, man-rope special cargo – special cargo spinnaker – chute, kite, spinnaker spinnaker – spinnaker spinnaker with large lateral luffing spinnaker with "ears" – spinnaker with wide-rouned leech spinnaker geek – jockey pole, spinnaker boom spiral design – design spiral crew list, ship role – crewlist list of participants – list of competitors alloy – alloy alloys used for various structural elements – alloys be suited for various structural members cable splash – mariner’s splice, splice on a cable spangle on the pendant – crane splice sailing master – sailmaker’s splice splash – splicing splicing – splice boat’s ability to carry sails – boat’s power to carry sail guide to beacons and signs – Light house book spruce (Canadian fir) – spruce straightened blade outline – developed blade area straightening / heeling moment – righting / heeling moment launch of ships – descent float – lounch splice – marry middle guys – intermediate shrouds, snug medium / full speed ahead – half / full ahead average superstructure – bridge means of motion; motion – propulsion protest deadline – protest time pitching stabilization – rolling stabilization set the boat on an even keel – to bring a yacht to an even keel spout glass – spreader root staysail – staysail staysail (tent, storm), jib – jib (working, storm) staysail halyard – halyard sheave steel rigging – wire-rigging steel rope – steel cable chisel – chisel back anchor – bower slipway – jig slide starpost – stern frame, stern-post start "through the gate" – gate start start out of the water (on a sailboard) – waterstart start upwind / downwind – windward / downwind start starting procedure – starting procedure launch boat – starter launching vessel – starting yacht starter board – uphaul Chief engineer – chief engineer major assistant – chief officer amateur status – amateur status stationary engine – inboard engine glass mat – glass mat fiberglass – fiberglass fiberglass with Airex aggregate – Airex cored fiberglas fiberglass – glass cloth step mast – step mast step stevedore – stevedore subside – to fall off, pay off collision – collision carpentry – joinery deck joinery work – deck joinery stopper – stopper keyboard stopper – clatch (clatch stopper) stopper, duck – cleat lock duck – jam cleat lock block, block with "ratchet" – ratchet block locking bolt – walk belaying pin lock button – man rope knot waste tank – holding tank sewage after showering, washing (


weight table – table of weights deviation table – deviation table ordinate table – Table of Offsets results table – tournanament table scoreboard – score board brands (profile) – T-bar typhoon – typhoon rigging – rigging shackle, bow, carbine – shackle rigger – ropemaker tactics – tactics tack tactics – windward tactics tali – purchase hoists for hoists (method of winning in power) – luff upon luff hoists with movable and fixed blocks – gun tackle lanyard – bottlescrew, rigging screw, turnbuckle hoist – tackle tanker – tanker ram bulkhead – collision bulkhead twindeck – tween deck fluidity – yield engine room telegraph – engine room telegraph yacht cart – boat trolley yacht tendency to lead / fall – leeward / windward helm theoretical drawing – set of hull lines planing theory – theory of planning motion ship theory – Ship teory sea ​​wave theory – sea ​​waves theory motor ship – motorship heat treated, cured at high temperature – baked to endure an accident – capsize sailing technique – sailing method technical delegate – technical delegate technical committee – technical committee flow – current flow – leak teak railing – teak-rail the cloth – fabric T-shaped cockpit – T-shaped cockpit yoke pushing – ooch, ooching ripple – chop buoy – trip buoy ton – ton tonnage – tonnage propeller shaft tunnel – shaft tunnel tons of deadweight – tons deadweight top masts – mast head top, top – top topenant – topping lift topenant – balance topenant geek – boom topping lift cargo boom topenant – derricklift geek-topenant – topping lift fuel tank – oil tank fuel – fuel top weapons – jib headed rig, masthead rig top / main / middle guys – Cap / Primary / Intermediate shruods top staysail, jibtop – jibtop topsel – gaff topsail RIB – rib top staff – head stay Tornado – Tornado torpedo boat – torpedo boat traverse – abeam traverse, transverse tiller on catamarans – tiller crossbar poison – slack away, veer slack off – to ease injury – injury trawl – – trawl transom – transom transom feed – flat stern, square transom stern transom nasal tip – pram bow ladder – ladder stairs ladder for swimming – swim ladder trapezium – trapeze trapezium; steel cable – wire gangway cabin – gangway trawler – trawler demand a way – require way require place at the mark – require place near the mark trailer – trailer trainer – coach training – practice training race – practice race worming triangular distance – triangle course three-wire rope – three-stranded rope sandwich construction – sandwich construction trimaran – trimaran trysail – trysail triple turkish braid – turk’s head of three parts cable – rope steep descent cable – hard-laid, short-laid cable of the reverse descent, cable of the left lay – left-handed cordage a cable stretched along the deck for securing individual safety cables – jackline lanyard; lanyard, tench – lanyard right-angle straight cables – right-handed cordage aerodynamic tube – wind tunnel pitot tube – Pitot tube pipeline – piping, pipeline hold – cargo hold bilge pump – bilge pump wc toilet – electric flush toilet toilet, bathroom, latrine – toilet foghorn – foghorn fog signal – fog signal dull boat – pram turbulence – turbulence turbulizer – turbulence stimulator turkish braid – turk’s head five piece turkish braid – turk’s head of five parts four piece turkish braid – four part turk’s head fire fighting – fire extinction carefully balanced – properly balanced traction – draw thrust, lever, wire; fishing rod; – rod traction stop for sailing board – tug cleat pounding – gravity


amidships – amidships White Spirit – white spirit cleaning the sail, "blanking" spinnaker – takedown cleaning, laying sails – flake sail cleaning system – flaking system to fall off – bear away to fall off – bear off, fall off, to ease off carbon fiber – carbon fiber carbon – carbon recess between the strands – worm angle – angle reinforcement angle – fiber angle attack angle – angle of attack waterline entry angle – angle of waterline entrance flooding angle – downflooding angle rudder angle rudder angle "noose"strangling the hangman’s knot impact / fatigue load – impact / fatigue loading mast extension at the sailboard – mast extension tiller extension – hiking stick tiller extention facilities – accommodations satisfy protest – satisfy a protest knot – knot knot "cat feet" – cat’s paw knot on the throwing end – heaving line knot, heaving line bend narrow waterways – narrow waters narrows narrow keel (short chord) – short chord keel laying (reinforcing material) – lay up cable laying in the bay – whipping coil lay bay – coil down set / lower / slack / set / transfer sail – to furl / lower / let go / set / gybe the sail okey – oarlock, rowlock okey – rowlocks shorten the sling – shorten a sling universal joint (for attaching a sail to a sailboard) – universal joint toilet – bowl flattening – flattening stop – thrust controllability – controllability, driving qualities to manage – handle drive – steer Level classes – Level Rated Classes fatigue – fatigue installation of saturation parts on the molded case after its curing – secondary bonding course stability – directional stability full course course stability – downwind directional controllability line feed device – throwing appara tus give way – make way mustache geek – boom jaws duck (self-locking) – cleat utensils – flying-jibboom weft – fill, filling competitor – competitor the race course area that yachts go full-time – leeward leg training ship – training ship


halyard – halyard halyard plate – headboard headlight – halyard point headlight angle; latrine; head – head false start – false start aluminum backboard with through-mount – aluminum through-bolted toe rail bulwarkshire sailing dinghy – gunwale, bulwark false keel – false keel false (long, falling) – ballast keel (fin, long, drop) hand flare – hand flare hand flare, signal torch, flare, lighting cartridge – flare plywood – plywood plywood with stitching at the seams – sewn seam plywood channel – fairway channel the finish – finish Finn – Finn fitting (deck) – filler (deck) fitting – fitting flag – flag flag (pennant) of shipowner, shipping company – House flag flag replacing – substitite flag class flag – class flag distinctive flag – distinguishing flag signal flag, vault flag – code flag flagship material for flagships – bunting flagpole – flag-pole Flemish knot, "eight" – figure knot of flemish flora – floor wind vane – fly wind vane foc – foresail foremast – fore mast folkbot – folkboat fordwind – fly down wind fordewind: a kind of rotation through fordewind on a windsurfer – carve gybe the form – form, shape body shape – hull form body shape is twofold (threefold) concave – double (triple) concave hull shape keel profile shape – keel profile shape molding – molding vacuum bag molding – vacuum bagging winding molding – roto molding spraying molding – spray molding molding, molded section – mold forepeak – forepeak force majeure, insuperable circumstances – Act of god forestay – forestay stem – stem bow french braid – French sennit French arbor – French bowline chartering a vessel for a fixed term – time-charter front – front the front is warm / cold – warm / cold front Froda number – Froude number foundation for cargo arrows – derrik post


flow characteristics – flow characteristics grip-tali – luff tackle cotton – cotton Hobby – Hobie running trim – running trim running end – working part, hauling part sea ​​trials – trial trip driving performance – sea ​​performance driving performance on sharp courses – windward performance navigation lights – navigation lights boating on a boat under sail – boat sailing fridge – fridge compartment cold forming – cold molding canvas – burlap sacking gunny chord – chord


color marks (on the mast) – colored bands whole molded – one-piece molded Centre – center center lateral resistance (CLS) – center of lateral resistance (CLR), center of lateral force center of magnitude (CV) – Center of Buoyancy (CB) sail pressure center – Сenter of effort of the sails sail center – center of sail area center of gravity (CG) – Center of Gravity (CG) central bulkhead – center bulkhead central keelson, middle keelson – center gieder, center keelson centering, balance – balance chain splice chain stopper – chain stopper chain sling – chain sting chain box – chain locker chain – chain chain with long links – long-linked chain chain with buttresses – stud-chaim cable chain with short links – short-linked chain closing ceremony – closing ceremony award ceremony – victory ceremony the opening ceremony – opening ceremony zinc coating – zinc-protection circulation tests – rotating arm tests circulation pool – curculating water channel circulation pump – circulating pump digital speed meter combined with distance meter – digital knotmeter with log


charter – charter part of the manual lagline to zero mark – stray-line prow, skiff boat – skiff man overboard! – man overboard! continental champion – continent championships world championship – world championships scoop – scoop drawing "side view" – Outboard profile longitudinal section drawing – inboard profile Quarter Ton – Quarter ton four-wire cable – shroud-laidore case – cover grotto cover – mainsail cover chicks, puceses, guy-putenses on the mast – hounds cavitation number – cavitation number clean ahead – clear ahead clean behind – clear astern


screw pitch; pitching – pitch step ratio – pitch ratio Charpy – sharpie sea ​​mop, "Mashka" – bear mooring lines – mooring rope mooring – mooring mooring: prepare for mooring – be ready mooring bollard – mooringpost mooring ducks – mooring cleats mooring cleats – mooring pipe mooring end – mooring line mooring spire – warping capstan moorings – docklines moorings – mooring ropes sewing machine – sewing machine channel (profile) – channel stick-in type – daggerboard swivel type – centerboard dagger – center board, foil keel dinghy – centerboard boat dinghy, dinghy, dinghy – dinghy center hole – trunk, centerboard trunk dashboard – centerboard trim line leeboard – leeboard shebekka (type of sailing vessel in the Mediterranean) – xebec shelter ship – shelter-decked vesse shelf (set item) – shelf sixfold margin – sixfold security awl – pricker width – breadth wide width – wide beam latitude – latitude shirstrek – carboard strake quarterdeck – quarter-deck luff – boltrope luff – foot luff – edge non-woven cabinet – oilskin locker squally wind – squally wind pulley – sheave pulley block; the gate; chicks, bales on the boom for reef-pendants – pulley marline – spun-yarn skipper – skipper sheet; choose a sheet – sheet clew – boatman clew angle – clew clew – Sheet band skin (on the basis of tissue) – emery cloth hose (for fuel, feces, water) – hose (fuel, waste, water) sanding (sandpaper (sandpaper) – sand paper Gateway – lock, sloop boat deck – boat deck boat stopper – boatplug cord – lace lacing, lacing end – lacing the seam – seam putty – putty frame – frame (timber) putty knife – putty knife scupper – limber hole scuppers – scuppers cockpit scuppers – cockpit scuppers screed braid – multi-plait stud, bolt, finger, pin – pin veneer – veneer mast spur – mast heel spring – spring line, sprit sprint weaponry – sprit rigging sprint sail – sprit sail sheet pelt – garboard strake shtag – stay cargo boom head – derrick-guy rod – stem steeve – to stow calm – calm calm, smooth water – calm sea stock anchor – stock-anchor storm – storm storm port – freeingport, washport storm sails – storm sails storm ladder, rope ladder – rope-ladder fine, surcharge – penalty penalty points – penalty points steering wheel – steerind wheel steering wheel – wheel steering navigator – mate, ship’s officer navigator line – navigation ruler navigator’s cabin – chart room navigator table – chart table bayonet – half-hitch bayonet with barrier – Round turn with two half-hitches steering pin – pintle schooner – scooner


equivalent bar – hull girder crew, team – crew experimental methods for studying ship pitching – experimental methods of ship motions study experimental – experimental performance, driving performance – performance exterior – exterior electronic equipment – electronic aids boathouse – boatshed elliptical feed – elliptical stern epoxy resin – epoxy resin Effect – effect ballasting effect – effect of ballasting effect of adding and moving weights – adding and removing weight swinging effect – sweep effect effect of flow restriction in the pipe – tunnel blockage pick-up and release effects – effects of adding and removing weight echo sounder – depth sounder, echo sounder


Yuzen – house line yut, utah superstructure of the ship – poop Commerce – deadeye


Crewless boat charter

anchor winch – anchor-winch anchor niche – anchor well, anchor pocket anchorage – light anchorage anchor chain – anchor cable anchor rolls – anchor roller anchor – anchor admiralty anchor – old fashioned anchor cat anchor – grapnel CQR anchor (plow) – CQR anchor Danfort type anchor – danforth anchor anchor is clean / not clear – clear / foul anchor plow anchor – plow anchor yacht – yacht yacht open without cabin or with deckhouse – daysailer the yacht is clear ahead / behind – yacht clear ahead / astern a yacht – starboard tack yacht road yacht – to light-of-way yacht breaking yacht – yacht breaking the rules non-race boat – yacht protest boat – yacht of protestors protest boat – protestee severely damaged yacht – much damaged yacht starting yacht – yacht considered taken start yacht Club – yacht club yacht building, low-tonnage shipbuilding – boatbuilding industry yachtsman – yachtsman yachts are not connected – Non-overlapped yachts box under the cockpit can – cockpit stowage

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