Costa Rica Adventure

Born to be king (2019) (The Kid Who Would Be King)

Alex outwardly is no different from his peers, he is a simple guy who dreams of glorious exploits and adventures. Only he could not imagine that his dreams could become real. Fulfillment of desires is sometimes fraught with serious danger. Quite unexpectedly, Alex gets the legendary Excalibur – a sword that belonged to King Arthur. Legend has it that this is a very powerful and invincible weapon that can destroy any evil. Alex will be charged with the duty to protect the human world from the villain Morgana, who is merciless and does not even pity children. Alex will have to confront her and become a real hero!

Triple Frontier (2019) (Triple Frontier)

A small territory located on the border of three South American countries – Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, is a paradise for crime. Drug dealers, terrorists and mafiosi are thriving here, with which special forces units have been unsuccessfully trying to fight for years. Then one day a group of five officers decides to act independently. They are tired of observing the senseless deaths of their colleagues and will try to defeat crime by their own methods. Having decided to rob one of the local crime boss, they expect not only to secure a comfortable old age, but also to strip the large drug cartel from financing.

Desert (2019)

In the Main Intelligence Directorate, known by the abbreviation GRU, comes the report of the plans of the field commander. Masood was preparing to carry out a terrorist act and very large-scale. On the intended consequences, it could be the same as the one that took place on September 11. In order to prevent an act from the GRU, Colonel Nikolai Krylov is being introduced into Masuda’s group. He was his fellow student at the Airborne Troops School in Ryazan. Nicholas is required to bring Masud into a frank conversation so that it can be concluded about the reality of the information received. But if Massoud really planned a large-scale action, then the colonel would have to take more active steps than talk.

30 crazy desires (2019) (Then Came You)

The main characters are very different from each other, they have too different characters and mentality. For example, Kelvin is highly suspicious and fixated on his state of health. He works at the airport to sort baggage and is constantly thinking about what diseases he may have, including non-existent ones. But the girl named Skye is his complete opposite, she is cheerful and tries to see only positive in everything that surrounds her. More precisely, she enjoys the last months of her life and intends to fulfill all her dreams and desires. And now they will have to rediscover the world, learning about its amazing aspects. Much to each of them to learn about yourself.

Kim Five-plus (2019) (Kim Possible)

Kim is a typical high school student. That’s just it at first glance, she is an ordinary and unremarkable student of secondary school. In fact, Kim is a real superhero. She learns during the day, and with the arrival of night, the girl turns into a superhero who saves the world from the villains of all stripes. Two buddies help her with criminals: Ron and Loud. Together they stand guard over the order, together they get nuts for anything. Evil Dr. Drakken decides to destroy the whole world, using some kind of secret technology. When Kim became aware of this, she decided to prevent an impending catastrophe. Does the girl calculate her strength, because the doctor is not weak?

Alita: Battle Angel (2019) (Alita: Battle Angel)

The near future. Technocratic rules are established in the world, which all must abide by. Robots and cyborgs received high rights to the neighborhood with humanity, and in some places – superiority. In a cruel world, a place has appeared for conspiracies and clans. Many began to flock to oppress the weak and destroy common stereotypes, and at the same time capture certain spheres of influence. One day, an experienced doctor finds a strange mechanism in a landfill. Subsequently, the scientist realized that he had found a real droid. A few hours later, the scientist manages to revive the droid, which turns out to be a girl named Alita. The girl is desperately trying to remember her past, but all attempts are in vain. At that very moment, the gangsters enter the doctor’s house and Alita easily destroys them. At the same time, it becomes clear that Alita was a warrior in the past. That she will lead the resistance and change what is happening.

Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang (2019) (Shen tan pu song ling zhi lan re xian zong)

The main character, the writer Pu Sunlin, is engaged in creating stories and novels, thus trying to get a piece of bread. Suddenly, he is confronted with his own past, which reminded him of his true purpose. For a long time he worked at the court of the Chinese ruler and served as a ranger, a kind of royal hunter. Pu Songlin decided to resign and devote the rest of his life to writing. People ruler found him and asked for help in finding the missing princess. The hero takes on the case, not knowing who he will have to fight.

Costa Rica Adventure

The Adventures of Aladdin (2019) (Alad’2)

Baghdad is finally freed from the power of a vizier who weaves his cunning intrigues, but having defeated the villain, Aladdin is not too happy. The brave and desperate folk hero literally languishes from longing and boredom in the luxurious palace chambers. But he will not be bored for long, and very soon a new rival will appear on the horizon. Shah Zaman – an evil dictator who has already conquered a lot of land, claims the throne in Baghdad, and also expects to marry a beautiful princess. To prevent the tragedy, Aladdin is forced to flee from the palace and go in search of a genie, with which he can save the city and his beloved again.

Costa Rica Adventure

Holmes and Watson (2019) (Holmes and Watson)

Another screen adaptation of the famous detectives investigating the most dangerous and mysterious cases. Sherlock – the famous detective of all times and peoples. He has a special deduction method by which he finds criminals. He has an assistant military doctor Watson, who does not possess such skills as Sherlock, but then he has a number of other useful skills. Uncommon Kompashka undertakes another complicated case. But, as always, there is a huge number of obstacles and obstacles on the way, which prevent the criminals from getting out to clean water. During the investigation, they will make a lot of enemies, but all these difficulties will not break them, but will only strengthen the detectives’ faith that they are doing the right thing.

My friend Dolphin Echo (2019) (Dolphin Kick)

Rest on tropical islands can be not only beautiful, but also rich in impressions, especially necessary for a child. A ten-year-old boy, Luke, was lucky to spot a dolphin who received the nickname Echo. The boy all day long plays with his friend, rejoicing in carefree pastime and watching Echo conquer the waves. But even a sweet creature could be in danger, and Echo was no exception. The fact that the dolphin was in trouble, Luke and his sister learned. Children are not going to wait for the outcome of events, and strive to save the dolphin. Children have a whole plan for salvation, and they are in a hurry to realize it.

Detective from the school Bixler Valley (2019) (Bixler High Private Eye)

Xander DeWitt is a stylish young man who is very confident and always in the spotlight. But for some reason, he often appears to be completely different names. He may impersonate a financial tycoon, or the owner of an expensive car, but this has a reason – Xander is investigating various cases. He likes to be a detective, although formally he has no right to engage in this activity. But the main goal for which the boy is willing to take risks is the search for his father. Three months ago, my father disappeared and there were no traces, so Xander takes on his own investigation into this disappearance.

Io (2019) (IO)

On Earth, an apocalypse occurred. The disaster destroyed everything that was so dear to people. Sam is one of the few survivors of a disaster. She is a young scientist. After the apocalypse, the girl began to devote herself to finding ways for surviving people to adapt to new conditions of life. And while Sam is actively working on new concepts of life, the remnants of humanity are preparing to go to a distant colony planet. Suddenly a guy named Mick appears in the girl’s life. He wants to fly away from Earth to start a new life in the colony. A warm relationship is established between young people. At some point, Sam is faced with a difficult choice. She can leave the Earth with Mick and live another life, or she can stay and try to restore the planet.

Costa Rica Adventure

Way Home (2019) (A Dog’s Way Home)

Animals that have long been companions of man, and that cats and dogs are often thrown out onto the street. Who was deliberately turned out of the house, often even delivered far away and abandoned, and who was lost. And what about a lonely animal, accustomed to his man? Of course, wait. Of course, look for him. Bella was left completely alone. She did not doubt for a moment that she should look for a way back to where her master was. The path turned out to be very long and difficult. The dog was just lucky to survive. But how much danger will she meet on her way to home? Even her friends will appear.

Treasure Hunter: Legend of the White Witch (2018) (Treasure Hunter: Legend of the White Witch)

Bumblebee (2018) (Bumblebee)

Bumblebee has always been considered one of the best Autobots. During the formation of the Beyformera universe, there was an active war between the Autobots and their spiteful critics. Ultimately, the aliens managed to defeat and defeat Cybertron. Bumblebee went on the run and was saved on the planet of people. He was found by a girl named Charlie, who worked as an auto mechanic. Charlie immediately realized that she would definitely bring the car back to life. At least, at first she thought it was just a car, and only then she learned that there was a real transformer in front of her. Autobot will find in the person of Charlie a faithful ally and assistant. Perhaps together they will be able to find other surviving Autobots and help them rebuild their home planet.

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