Comfortable sandals for women

To buy Ecco shoes at the best price in Ukraine only in the online store E-shoes means to purchase high-quality and original Ecco shoes with a manufacturer’s warranty. A partnership agreement with logistics companies makes it possible to deliver Ekko shoes in Ukraine to all cities, so being in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Lviv, Odessa or in another region – you can be sure that the order will arrive as quickly as possible, as cheaply as possible.

Comfortable sandals for women

ECCO knows all about feet, all about shoes! A person makes an average of fifteen thousand steps a day, the foot of a person consists of twenty-six bones, twenty muscles and one hundred twelve ligaments, each of which needs freedom of movement for normal functioning. The heel of a person must withstand a weight twice as large as our own, with each step. The skin of the feet produces about two hundred milliliters of sweat during the day. Ecco shoes take this challenge!

Every detail of Ecco shoes is designed to help you make every day walking through your beloved Kharkov, walking in Odessa or Lviv, visiting the capital of Kiev and other cities of Ukraine is unforgettably easy and enjoyable, leaving only positive impressions. The company uses the best materials for the manufacture of shoes and providing the lowest price. In Ecco shoes you will feel real softness and comfort, repeating all the bends of the foot. This was made possible through strict quality control of leather production at ECCO factories. Ecco’s indoor microclimate is created by a special innovative lining that can absorb moisture and, letting air through, allows the foot to “breathe.” The modern polyurethane materials used make it possible to get maximum benefits for Ecco shoes, making the sole at the same time soft and shock-absorbing.

All the years of its existence, the company pays maximum attention to the quality of shoes. Engineers are constantly improving technology, making the sole and insoles of Ecko shoes more functional. A regular outsole has a good grip and absorbs shocks and bumps, while the sole of Ecco shoes performs much more functions. The insoles and the sole guarantee a 100% anatomical design, gently absorb all road irregularities, create an internal microclimate and are capable of even killing bacteria, preventing the appearance of an unpleasant smell. As for the materials that are used for the production of Ecco shoes, high technology plays an important role here too. The company, taking care of its customers, conducts regular research and introduces new technologies. So, ECCO invented a number of vegetable tanned materials. The ECCO Comfort Fiber SystemTM does not contain metal impurities, and the insoles of Cambrelle felt are perfectly washable. The company has its own factories for the preparation of natural leather. The preservation and development of competence of the company and in this area of ​​production of ecco shoes allows you to maintain high quality and softness of the skin, which is a priority of ECCO.

The company is a world leader in the production of high-quality leather for the automotive and aircraft industries, ECCO is a supplier of natural leather for the manufacture of bags, gloves and shoes by other companies. Before being put on sale, ecco shoes undergo a large number of special tests and tests that guarantee durability and the preservation of a beautiful appearance.

Ecco shoes are made in our own factories located in Slovakia, Portugal, Indonesia, Thailand and China.

You can be sure when buying Ekko shoes in the E-shoes online store – you will receive only original, high-quality shoes, which, according to the Law of Ukraine on Consumer Protection, you can return within 14 days. Time for delivery of shoes from Kharkov, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Lviv and other cities is not taken into account.

Comfortable sandals for women

Trust your feet to ECCO professionals!

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