Combined laptop bag

Skate with electric motor. Imagine the speed of 30 km / h and mileage on a single charge of 25 km. Fantasy? Reality and already on sale. Beautiful bamboo longboard, SUV with high ground clearance, the classic model of the board.

Use shipment at own expense. We are located in the very center of Moscow. 3 minutes walk from the metro station: m. "Marina Grove". Our sales office is open from 10 to 20 without lunch. Waiting for you!

They work! Without tired and laziness! Scrub the whole apartment and house to shine. From 16,500 rubles. Free shipping and 3 extra brushes as a gift.

Full range of Xiaomi products in our store

Unique bracelet with calorie counting

Fashion covers and accessories

Stylish backpacks for your gadgets and things.

Edison lamps will add Loft style to your interior

This cover will be a great gift for any photographer. After all, with it you can take pictures in the water and get unforgettable pictures.

Now you do not need to ask others to take great pictures.

Soap dispenser.

Stylish backpacks famous brand!

The most progressive electric skateboards on the 2016 model market

Combined laptop bag

One of the leaders of smart watches by number of sales

We have a very large selection of covers for e-books.

This multimedia projector will not leave indifferent film fan.

Perfect quality at the lowest price.

With this glass it is not necessary to worry that the film on the screen will be scratched or will quickly fail. She also has no bubbles. And so on. This is a second thick protective glass.

Polo favorite brand.

Calls are accepted from 09 to 21 every day.

January 03 from 13-00 to 18-00

From January 4 to January 8, the office will work from 10-00 to 18-00

Starting January 9, the office is in standard mode.

Congratulations to all the New Year holidays.

Today, the pickup office is open from 15-00 to 18-00

We are glad to welcome each of you on the pages of our online store. "ABC shopping" – the most complete electronics hypermarket on the RuNet territory!

Only here you can find the widest range of digital products and electronics for various purposes – from simple iPods to real modern vacuum cleaning robots.


For your convenience, we have developed an online store so that you can easily and quickly find the products you are interested in, be it an electronic translator or a digital photo frame. On the main page of the virtual hypermarket, you can always view those products for which we have special offers. Who knows, maybe it is you who are waiting for a robot vacuum cleaner at the most loyal price in the area, or a laptop from Apple.

It is not difficult to find the products you are interested in – the catalog is located on the main page in the upper part. You simply move the cursor to the section of interest to you and select a specific product from the catalog. You will be immediately redirected to the section with goods of this type, where you already have the opportunity to sort the offers by the manufacturer and price forks. You can do it easier – enter in the search the name of the necessary model of electronics or technology that you would like to purchase. The search system will immediately lead you to a specific product, if we have one, or suggest similar device models.

It is not difficult to make an order for the thing you need: this can be done directly through the site, filling out short web forms with your wishes regarding ordering and delivering the goods, or by contacting our manager in an interactive online mode or by phone. Orders on weekdays are processed very quickly: you will be given all the necessary advice regarding the payment and delivery of our products.

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