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Tula gingerbread, the Museum of weapons, the estate of Leo Tolstoy and a sea of ​​emotions – that’s what you get from a trip to the locomotive tour “Tula and Yasnaya Polyana”. You will learn new interesting facts about the cities of our country famous for their cultural heritage.

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It was in Yasnaya Polyana that Leo Tolstoy wrote works that became world masterpieces. In the house where the writer lived for 50 years, all the subjects remained in their places. This trip will help you to better understand the mood and life of your favorite classic.

Tour program:

7:00 – group gathering at the Kursk railway station.

7:20 – Departure of the retro train to Tula (on the way – excursion service using audio equipment).

11:00 – Arrival in Tula.

Acquaintance with the exposition of the Tula State Museum of Weapons, where the most valuable collection of firearms and cold weapons of domestic and foreign production is kept.

Tula State Museum of Weapons is one of the oldest museums in Russia. The collection began to be collected as early as 1724, when, after Peter I’s decree at the Tula Arms Plant, gunsmiths began to form a collection of samples of their products. The uniqueness of the museum lies in the ability to trace the stages of weapon development.


Sightseeing tour of Tula (without getting off the bus). If you have already been to Tula and think that you have seen all the sights of the arms capital, then you are mistaken. Tula is capable of surprising endlessly: with each trip to this glorious city of gingerbread and samovar you will discover more and more new places.

A trip to Yasnaya Polyana – ancestral estate of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy.

“Without my Yasnaya Polyana, I can hardly imagine Russia and my attitude towards it.”

Museum-Estate “Yasnaya Polyana” is a memorial and natural reserve. Coming here, you find yourself in that very Tolstoy estate, which Lev Nikolayevich himself and his relatives wrote in their diaries and letters, and which guests of Yasnaya Polyana admired so much.

In Yasnaya Polyana, he was born and lived for almost 60 years. The family estate with its landscapes, the best traditions of the estate life, family legends served Tolstoy as an inexhaustible source of creative power and inspiration and was invariably present in his works. Tolstoy gives a description of his native places in Romanov Russian Landowner, War and Peace, Anna Karenina.

Lev Nikolaevich could boast of his library: there were 22 thousand books in the collection. A study with an ancient table made of Persian walnut with green cloth will tell about the work and life spent in the estate; here the writer wrote all his works; the hall where they dined, rested, argued and played music by family members and guests of the manor. A round table located in the “room under the arches”, a lamp, a sofa, an old toilet with three mirrors, personal belongings and portraits of loved ones — all the objects remained in the places where the writer lived.

Clear program

A tour of the Yasnaya Polyana Museum Estate of Lev N. Tolstoy includes a visit to the memorial house of the writer and Kuzminskys ’lodge, a walk through the nature reserve: Birch Alley“ Preshpekt ”,“ Anglitsky ”park with a cascade of ponds, the“ Old Order ”forest.

17:50 – departure of a retro train to Moscow.

22:59 – Arrival at the Kursk railway station.

We reserve the right to make some changes to the tour program without reducing the overall volume and quality of services. You can find out the current trip schedule by calling +7 (499) 704-35-53 or from an information letter, which will be sent via the email you specified during registration 1-2 days before the start date of the tour.

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