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Liguria is a region of Italy in the north-west of the country, washed by the Ligurian Sea. The administrative center is the city of Genoa. Liguria is a well-known resort region, the most popular resorts, among others, are San Remo, Portofino, Portovenere, Santa Margherita Ligure and others.

Also, the region has gained fame thanks to the popular tourist destination – the Cinque Terre National Park and the picturesque rocky coast.

Milan is a major metropolis in the north of the country, which daily receives thousands of tourists coming to Milan or departing to other cities in Northern Italy. There are two airports in Milan – Malpensa and Linate – accepting flights from other countries. By workload, the Milan Malpensa Airport is comparable to Rome Fiumicino.

Milan attracts tourists from all over the world thanks to its numerous attractions, known throughout the world (Milan Cathedral, La Scala Opera, Sforza Castle, etc.), as well as thanks to one of the best shopping conditions in Europe. In the vicinity of Milan there are many outlets where clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories of famous brands can be purchased with great discounts. Read more in the complete guide to Milan—>.

Milan is also attractive as a starting point for trips to the north of Italy. Milan has a high level of traffic interchange, here, in addition to airports, there are several railway stations, bus stations, as well as a large number of rental offices that rent cars. All this together provides a wealth of opportunities for traveling around. Most cities in Northern Italy are interconnected by motorways and rail links, which makes trips around the region convenient, fast and comfortable.

Cinque Terre train

Idea # 1: Verona

Distance – 160 km

Verona is considered one of the most romantic cities in Italy, because it was here that the events of the famous love story in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” unfolded. Verona is full of sights – in the route of one day you should definitely include a tour of the Roman Arena and Castelvecchio, Giusti gardens and Juliet’s house.

Juliet’s house is considered a haven for all lovers – many tourists leave notes with their wishes on the wall of the house, and someone in the hope of happiness rubs the statue of Juliet installed in the courtyard of the house. Also very popular is the balcony of Juliet, on which, according to legend, Romeo also confessed his love to his betrothed.

You can get from Milan to Verona by high-speed trains that run along the route throughout the day. Travel time is just over an hour. You can clarify the schedule and purchase tickets online at the Raileurope railway service. Also, the cities are connected by highway number A4.

Idea # 2: Brescia

Distance – 96 km

Brescia is a small town in northeastern Italy, located near Lake Garda. Its main feature is considered to be a large number of preserved ancient sights, it is not surprising that the historic center of the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Brescia, like no other city, is great for day trips and will be a great idea for a day trip outside of Milan. Ancient squares and cathedrals, town halls and palaces, and even the ancient Roman Pantheon – this is an incomplete list of what can be seen in beautiful Brescia.

A mansion in Brescia stands a mighty castle, lonely towering on a hill – wandering around its walls, taking a walk in the landscaped garden and entering the astronomical observatory or weapons museum is surely worth every tourist to experience the true spirit and atmosphere of the old town.

From Milan to Brescia direct trains run throughout the day at intervals of 1 time in half an hour, travel time – from 30 minutes. You can clarify the schedule and purchase tickets online at the Raileurope railway service. Milan and Brescia are also connected by road no. A4 / E64.

Idea number 3: Bergamo

Distance – 52 km

Another great idea, where you can go from Milan alone, is the ancient city of Bergamo, located between the two lakes of Northern Italy – Garda and Como. Bergamo is literally littered with various monuments and landmarks, whether it is the castle of La Rocca or the Cathedral, the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore or the numerous palazzo. The city managed to maintain its medieval appearance, therefore, once in Bergamo, you can feel like a traveler in another era.

The historical center of Bergamo is predominantly pedestrian; here, literally at every corner you can find interesting architectural buildings, structures, monuments and fountains. Many of the objects of the city were built during the early Middle Ages. The main decoration of the city is considered to be Cathedral Square, the one with the view of the Cathedral. The square is surrounded on all sides by historical monuments, be it a cathedral, a chapel, a baptistery or other historical buildings.

You can get from Milan to Bergamo by train, the journey time is from 50 minutes. Trains run throughout the day with high frequency. You can clarify the schedule and purchase tickets online at the Raileurope railway service. Also, cities are connected by road route no. A4 / E64.

Idea # 4: Turin

Distance – 140 km

Turin, the historical and administrative center of the Piedmont region, can be an interesting option, where to go from Milan for 1 day. In recent years, we heard about Turin only in the context of the Winter Olympics, held here in 2006, but the city has a lot of attractions that are not related to the Olympic Games, and has enjoyed steady popularity among tourists for many years.

The best view of Turin is from the tower Antonelliana, whose height is 160 meters. Here, as in the palm of your hand, you can see the Palantine Gate, the Royal Palace, the Cathedral of Turin and other attractions. Another beautiful natural site for exploring Turin is the 17th century Superga Basilica, located on a hill. Highly recommended for inspection as the palaces of Madama and Valentino, which are excellent examples of baroque. Turin is famous for its museums – the State Art Gallery, Automotive Museum, Cinema Museum, there are more extravagant museum complexes, for example, the martini museum.

You can get to Turin from Milan by direct train, travel time is just over an hour. Trains run twice an hour throughout the day. You can clarify the schedule and purchase tickets online at the Raileurope railway service. The motorway that connects the cities is numbered A4.

Idea number 5: Genoa

Distance – 140 km

Genoa is a city that is difficult to overestimate in terms of its importance. Genoa is both one of the country’s largest seaports, and a former independent republic, and a city with an amazingly rich history, which is why the number of attractions in Genoa sometimes exceeds the limit. Palazzo, cathedrals, squares, observation platforms, as well as more modern sights such as the Aquarium and the Biosphere Museum – all this together with the Ligurian Sea makes the city a desirable destination for many tourists and travelers.

Since Genoa has long been a center of attraction, it is not surprising that every self-respecting noble dynasty had its own palace. Since then, the city has preserved many palaces that were previously inhabited by Italian nobility, and now these are museums that are open for visitors to see. You should definitely visit such palaces as the Palazzo Bianco, Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Tursi, Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo Reale. It may take several days to inspect only the palaces, and there are also many other interesting monuments in Genoa, for example, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, Ferrari Square, the Castelletto observation deck, the Aquarium and the Biosphere.

You can get from Milan to Genoa by train for 1.5-2 hours, the trains are direct, go all day. This route is considered very popular, so the trains depart every half hour. You can clarify the schedule and purchase tickets online at the Raileurope railway service. From Milan to Genoa also leads the highway number A7.

Idea # 6: Lake Garda

Distance – 120 km

When asked where to go from Milan, the most common option is to go to one of the lakes, which are located just north of Milan itself. And this is really a wonderful idea, and at any time of the year. The lakes, all as one, have fascinating landscapes, as well as many fun and interesting.

Thus, Lake Garda is considered the warmest of the lakes of Northern Italy. In the summer, you can ride boats, climb the mountains (both on foot and on the funicular), go to the entertainment center Gardaland or take a walk through one of the historic towns located on the lake. So, Sirmione is attractive for tourists with its mysterious castle of Scaligers and numerous thermal complexes, as the healing source of the Biola beats in the city. And Desenzano del Garda will be surprised by the number of historical attractions per square meter of the city.

You can get to Desenzano by direct train, the journey time is about 50 minutes. You can clarify the schedule and purchase tickets online at the Raileurope railway service. There is no train station in Sirmione, so you can take a bus from Desenzano, which will take you to any of the other coastal towns, including Sirmione. Also Milan and the cities of Lake Garda are connected by highway no. A4.

Idea # 7: Lake Como

Distance – 50 km

Lake Como is located closest to Milan, only 50 km away, which is why Como is often the very first thought that comes to mind when the question arises as to where to go from Milan. Lake Como is an amazingly picturesque place on three sides surrounded by alpine foothills. The fastest way to get to Como is to take a direct regional train to the eponymous city of Como. This resort town will surprise you with its elegant architecture, boat trips along the lake villas, as well as the cable car leading to the foothills of the Alps.

A little further from Milan there are other resort towns of Lake Como – the historic triangle Bellagio-Mennaggio-Varenna (trains also go to Varenna), the towns of Colico, Lecco and Lenno. You can clarify the schedule and purchase tickets online at the Raileurope railway service. In addition to trains, you can also reach the lake by road No. A9.

Cinque Terre train

Gian Luca Ponti / Lake Como

Idea # 8: Lake Maggiore

Distance – 90 km

Cinque Terre train

Lake Maggiore is the northernmost lake located at the junction of the Piedmont region and Switzerland. On one side of the lake is surrounded by mountains, which can be climbed on the funicular and see the water surface with a bird’s-eye view. Climbing the cable car to Mattarone is considered one of the most exciting activities on Lago Maggiore.

Start your journey on the lake is better from the town of Stresa, where you can directly reach from Milan. The city is full of resort charm, but is also the starting point of boat trips to the Borromean islands and the ascent of Mount Mattarone. In addition, in the vicinity of the city, it is also worth exploring the convent of Santa Catarina hanging above the water, Villa Taranto, Villa Pallavicino and other interesting architectural objects.

In the direction of Stresa ply direct trains from Milan, travel time – from 1 to 1.5 hours, the route is considered to be in demand, trains depart in the direction of Stresa every half hour throughout the day. You can clarify the schedule and purchase tickets online at the Raileurope railway service. You can also reach the lake by road No. A8.

Read about other interesting routes in the country in the complete vacation guide in Italy—>. It contains relevant information on planning and organizing independent travel in the Italian regions.

Ebua Libana / Lake Maggiore

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