Christmas travel ideas

The end of December is marked not only by the joyful expectation of the New Year. Most people at this time there comes a rather long two-week period of the so-called New Year holidays. And since not everyone wants to stay at home at this time, they are faced with the question of where and how to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Christmas travel ideas

Ideas on how to spend the christmas holidays

Indeed, on New Year and Christmas, you want to experience something extraordinarily magical. So why not go on a trip, especially since time allows you to do it.

Depending on your personal abilities and preferences for such a trip, you can choose the three most successful intervals. This is the period of European Christmas – from December 15 to December 25, the New Year’s journey – from December 28 to January 4-5, or directly after the New Year, from January 2 to 12.

By the way, in the latter case, the trip will even cost you a bit cheaper, since during this period there is usually some calm, and there are special New Year discounts, and in addition, in many countries Christmas and New Year’s sales continue.

How to spend the Christmas holidays?

Go to rest in the Baltic States, if you have not been there. There are quite reasonable prices, it can be reached quickly and without problems, and the New Year and Christmas will be truly fabulous.

Christmas travel ideas

The Baltic countries are full-fledged European states, in which both Christmas and New Year are celebrated on an unprecedented scale, and although this is not Denmark, but the images of the Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen, who are familiar to everyone from childhood, will haunt you everywhere. In addition, this trip will cost you much cheaper than a similar trip to Western Europe.

If time and money allow you, then you can spend the Christmas holidays in Germany. Christmas Germany attracts travelers with its bright festive fairs, where you can enjoy good food and a variety of entertainment programs. After spending western Christmas in Germany, on New Year’s Eve you can visit the neighboring Czech Republic, for example – Karlovy Vary or the capital of the country – Prague.

If you are bored with snow and frost, then you may well choose the countries of the European south, such as Spain or Italy, for your trip. In these Catholic countries, Christmas is celebrated with no less, and even with a large scale, so that the atmosphere will be surrounded by the most festive, despite the comfortable and warm temperature.

How to spend the Christmas holidays

I must say that the first option is far from the best and will not bring any benefit to your body, except extra pounds. In addition, if you really want to give yourself a rest, then you just need active movement and fresh air.

Maybe you will be surprised, but doctors have long proved that it is not a sofa, but a walk on skis through the woods allows the body to recharge and relieve psychological stress. So let’s think about how to spend the Christmas holidays with maximum benefit.

If the funds do not allow you to go on a trip abroad, then simply invite your close friends to visit or pay them a visit yourself. You will be able not only to socialize while drinking tea in the kitchen, but also to remember your childhood and go skiing on a sled or go skiing out of town.

Christmas travel ideas

Another good option would be to go in a good company for a few days in one of the out-of-town boarding houses. This will allow you to change the familiar environment, and at the same time improve your health. Many boarding houses these days offer their visitors a variety of collective programs: skiing, horseback riding, ice fishing, and so on. In addition, such a vacation will allow you to make new acquaintances and maybe even meet your destiny.

How else can you spend the Christmas holidays? New Year and Christmas holidays give you a great opportunity to visit your relatives who live in another city. Well, if they live in the village, this will allow you to combine the useful with the pleasant: not only please yourself with fellowship with loved ones and give them small gifts, but also stay in the fresh air, and at the same time forget about home and work problems.

And, of course, we should not forget that New Year and Christmas is a time when tour operators offer the lowest prices for their services, and you can spend the Christmas holidays by visiting one of the exotic countries at a price significantly lower than normal.

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