Christmas holidays ideas

New Year is not only the most joyful holiday, it is also the most elegant one. At this time, everything is transformed: streets, courtyards, hospitals, apartments, shops, kindergartens and schools. It is especially important to dress up the school, because no one expects the New Year so much as the schoolchildren: he brings them not only the desired gifts, but also holidays.

That is why the atmosphere here should be the most wonderful. It is far from always that funds are allocated for Christmas decorations, parents of different classes have to organize everything on their own, which does not always make them happy. But not so long ago there was no such amount of purchased jewelry and such things were organized only thanks to improvised means and imagination.

How to decorate the school for the New Year? – simply. In the course you can let everything that comes into your eyes: tinsel brought from home, postcards, colored cards, cotton wool, rain, even A4 paper is suitable for this purpose.

Christmas holidays ideas

Corridor decoration

To decorate the school for the New Year, including corridors, children should be connected. Children will be happy to take part in this event, especially primary school, children from 1 to 5 grade.

First, let each student make a craft or poster at home and bring the product of his labors to school. Volumetric crafts put on the windowsill or placed in the corners. Hang beautiful New Year’s posters along all the walls; you can also hang small decorations there.

Collect all the tinsel, disassemble it by color and decorate the upper part of the walls, organizing something like a marquise from it. You can fasten with tape or clips. Corridors for the New Year just shine.

Secondly, use everything you plan to throw out. For example, if you have old tulle or gas, do not rush to throw it away. With a fabric, you can do this: make beautiful waves, tie them with tinsel. The design can also be placed anywhere: on the walls, under the window sill, and even below the ceiling. The very same ceiling for the New Year is decorated with snowflakes or rain. On a subject such as technology, a class teacher can, with students, cut and glue together a huge number of snowflakes that are attached to the ceiling by means of a thread or a safety pin.

New Year’s glasses

Today it is very fashionable to decorate glass with different pictures of winter themes. This may be the image of Santa Claus with his granddaughter, forest, winter games and entertainment. For decorating external glasses, techniques such as “decoupage” are well used.

For the New Year’s decoupage you need beautiful Christmas napkins, with drawings of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, snowflakes, snowmen, which need to be cut and glued to the PVA glue on the glass. The surface of the picture is neatly greased with a thick brush with the same glue, showered with glitters. When the work dries, the glue becomes transparent and only the beautiful pattern remains. For expressiveness, it is necessary to draw a picture border, this can be done with gouache or henna tube.

Also excellent on school glasses will look colors pictures of winter themes. Equally interesting technique with glue and glitter. PVA glue is taken, patterns are drawn using patterns that are showered with sequins on top. When it all dries out, the patterns remain very similar to those of Frost, which we all remember from childhood. After the holiday, everything is easily removed.

Lobby decoration

To decorate the lobby, each school must take part in the city event for the best Christmas tree decoration for the New Year. Schoolchildren, along with their parents, make wonderful toys of various sizes and bring them to school. It will be convenient to organize exhibition platforms, and place them in different places. For example, put a desk in a corner or between school windows, decorate it with the same gas and tinsel, and then install crafts on it. It will be both interesting and useful, because parents rarely do something with their children.

Christmas holidays ideas

And if you add sparkles to your works, the feeling of a fabulous holiday will be a little more real. Columns in the lobby and corridors can be wrapped with tinsel and decorated with full-length rain. But in any case, do not “improve” the risers and batteries – this is prohibited by the fire safety regulations. Access should also be free and the visibility of the fire hydrant and fire extinguisher should be open. You can lightly decorate the wooden base of the box, but not glass.

For the ceiling in the foyer for the New Year, not only dots attached to cotton wool are used, but also snowflakes on a colorless fishing line, which will give them the appearance of floating in the air. You can also cut out small spirals from blue, white and blue paper in a circle, you will get homegrown serpentine. Transparent beads on threads that will resemble icicles with their appearance will work well. In fact, every child, especially girls, they are in the house. .

Decoration of the assembly hall

The assembly hall is central to any holidays, and even more so in the celebration of the New Year. Here you should try “one hundred percent.” But even the whole class must be connected to this question. In order to stimulate work, announce a competition and present diplomas and certificates for the best creative work; today this is more important than ever.

In the assembly hall will look great big pieces of balls or those crafts that children do together with their parents. For example, snowmen: they can be made with the help of threads, glue and balls.

Snowmen from threads and balls

Inflate three balls of different sizes. If according to the plans, a snowman on the New Year should stand on the floor, the ball should immediately be loaded, for example, with heavy washers or stones, and then inflated. For hanging toys nothing needs to be done. Wrap it neatly in a circle with white thread layer by layer, spreading each layer with PVA glue. The ball should actually disappear under the web of threads. You dry it, then pick up a dry ball, bite it with a needle, carefully remove the remnants of the ball, only a tangle remains in your hands. You bond the balls between the threads, decorate with sparkles, sequins. You fold your nose out of colored paper and cut out your eyes; you can glue everything on a double adhesive tape.

Crafts such a plan and not expensive and very beautiful. It is possible on the same principle to make Christmas (ceiling) balls, Christmas wreaths (from sausages, balls), bells. Bells are made a little more difficult, but quite affordable.

Bottle Bells

For bells you need plastic bottles of all sizes. The length you need (usually 15 cm) recedes from the neck and the bottle is cut off. The lower part is thrown away (or used as a cup). It turned out almost ready bell, it remains to decorate it with gouache, glue sequins. Then, at the base, just below the cork, tie a beautiful bow.

The bows, by the way, are in general a universal decoration: they can be fixed both on the Christmas tree and on the walls. Make them easy and simple. Tie a piece of cloth or foil in the center and, voila, the bow is ready!

New Year class decoration

Christmas decoration of the class is a favorite work of all students, but again, we should not allow them to attend to them without adult supervision.

The guys in advance can prepare a large New Year’s poster with personal photos. But since the theme is New Year’s, each boy must cut out the red cap, and the girl has a blue cap like a Snow Maiden. Decorate the poster with snowflakes and sparkles and write some short greetings for the whole class, teachers and parents. Be sure to dress up the board, hanging tinsel along its perimeter. It is better not to glue anything on the ceiling in the classroom so that all this does not crumble on students and does not distract from the educational process.

  • Class windows can be decorated with stencilled white drawings, but quite a bit. The light must penetrate in sufficient quantities into the classroom.
  • Good to decorate cabinets. They can and decorate and paint even along, even across. But, on the cabinets themselves, again for safety reasons, nothing should happen.
  • Flowers (by the way, for some time and they were banned in schools) are perfectly able to disguise themselves for any occasion. They can be decorated with paper snowflakes and small handmade Christmas-tree decorations.

And on the doors of each class, you can hang a wreath of cones or any other material. Let the guys compete: announce a competition for the most beautiful wreath.

DIY wreaths

New Year’s wreath can be made of fir legs and wire, neatly connected to each other in a circle to decorate with tinsel and small Christmas decorations.

You can also make a wreath of salt dough. To do this, you need to take 1 kilogram of flour and 1 kilogram of salt, all this is mixed with water about 500-700 milliliters, and after thorough mixing it is used for handicrafts. Cardboard is taken as a basis: a circle is cut out, an inner circle is cut out to make a bagel. The dough is divided into two parts 1: 3. Spread in a circle on a cardboard base most of the dough. Smooth it with water dipped hands, making the surface smooth.

Decorations will be made from the remaining dough. First, we roll a few balls, sculpt a pair of ribbons, etc. Let’s attach them to the surface of the donut. From above with the help of a garlic press it is necessary to squeeze the curls around the perimeter of the circle, lightly press it all down so that the patterns are tight. Bake such a creation should be in the oven, like a regular pie 180 degrees. Finished products are painted with colors, decorated with sequins. You can make wreaths and other materials.

Little about security

Decorating the school, we should not forget about the most important thing: child safety. After all, the main thing is not how to decorate the class, but how not to harm children. If you use paints, then you should not get involved more than using ordinary gouache. Stained glass paints must be a proven company, without odors.

Christmas holidays ideas

Each attached bead, as well as the decor of the film, should hold well so that the younger students do not slip on all of this. To hang Christmas decorations for school, especially on high walls and ceilings, should be adults or children under supervision, because any awkward movement can lead to injury.

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