Christmas family holidays

Together with the film “Dangerous holidays” also look

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  • The film is based on the novel “Summer in the Crimea” by Tatiana Ustinova.
  • The original film was called “Letter from the Past.”
  • The film was first shown in July 2016 at the International Children’s Film Festival “Scarlet Sails”.

The scene of the film begins in the city of Moscow. A small ten-year-old boy, Seryozha, finished fifth grade and is now enjoying a vacation in company with his grandmother named Tonya. His parents are building engineers and, unexpectedly for all, his father is being sent on a business trip to Crimea all summer to build a new hydropower station. Serezha is very skeptical about this news, referring to the fact that he will be bored there. But his parents persuade him and he has no choice but to do anything more than agree.

In the meantime, news of an assassination attempt on Prince Bahram, the head of the kingdom of Hashemi in the Middle East, is broadcast on television in the news. The prince is engaged in serious negotiations about rapprochement with Moscow and further cooperation. Many of his supporters in the government do not like this decision of the course. That is why they are going to hold another attempt with a setup for Russia. In the near future, Bahram is going to visit the city of Sevastopol and look at the parade. His traitors decide that this is a great chance to attack and hire an experienced killer named Tai Pam, whom no one knows by sight. Instead of transporting weapons, they recruit a local resident, a former design engineer, and now a pensioner. In the meantime, the whole family arrives in Crimea. They are located near Nina Pavlovna, in the house which was allocated for the trip. During one of the meals, a neighbor passed by, who was politely invited to the table. The neighbors are George Ivanovich, a former design engineer and, recently, a pensioner. He is lonely, his son a journalist went missing in one of the countries of the Middle East, and his wife, unable to survive the bitterness of loss, left him.

Christmas family holidays

The next day, Sergey’s parents leave for work in the city, he stays alone in the house with Aunt Nina. Immediately after leaving, three young but very suspicious men come to their house. They claim that they came to build the Internet and the city will pay all the costs of it. City boy Serezha, missing information technology, persuades Aunt Nina, and they let them in. In the afternoon, her niece Kira, the same age as Serezha, comes to visit Nina Pavlovna. Grumpy and very cocky girl. Nina gives her presents and asks Sergey to help her bring heavy baskets to the house. On the way, they often argue and swear. Kira teases him that all Muscovites are cowards and weaklings, while Seryozh proves the opposite. Then they decide to dispute will go to the opposite part of the cape on the boat.

On the way to them, a little boy, nicknamed Wolverine, jumps into the boat. This is an acquaintance of Kira, who talks about what he knows about the treasure cave and can show it to them. They arrive at the scene, and the guys discover a cache. Seryozha recalls how this morning, he heard the news on the radio about how three gangsters robbed collectors, and he decides that this is their stash. Internet users are immediately suspicious. Returning home in the evening, Seryozha tells everything to his parents. But they are too busy with their work and therefore do not pay attention to his fantasies, referring to all the impressions of the watched film.

Christmas family holidays

The next day, a killer Tai Pam arrives in Krasnodar and is sent to the Crimea by boat. Meanwhile, George is found in the park with an elderly lady of European descent. He is obviously worried about something and asks for a little more time for preparation. A woman asks him to speed up and shows him a video in which his son is chained and held captive. Georgy assures that he agrees to all conditions, only so that his son remains alive. In the afternoon, new precinct arrives at Aunt Nina for the purpose of dating. The Internet users, having noticed him, decide to drive past. Sergey, paying attention to their strange behavior immediately tells everything to Kira. Doubt no more, they are criminals. Calling with him Wolverine, the three of them, again sent to the cave. Upon arrival at the place, they find tickets for the ship to Sevastopol in the cache. After returning home, Seryozha sees an open Internet machine, which was not nearby. He decides to enter it and finds a gun in the glove compartment. Frightened, he hides it in a jacket and runs away.

The next morning, the guys again go to the cave in order to pick up the bag, with the keys that Cyrus forgot. Wolverine first resorts to the site, but there is already a killer Ty Ty Pam, who collects a rifle from a bicycle, which is designed by George Ivanovich. The killer grabs Wolverine and ties him, but Seryozha stuns him with a pistol shot, and they all run away. After returning home they are noticed by Internet users. Having caught frightened children, they tell them that they themselves are operatives and are on a mission to catch a dangerous criminal. The children tell the men that they have seen Tai Pam in a cave and will be able to identify him. They take them with them to complete the mission. In the square they notice a suspicious man with a bicycle in his hand. Seryozha finds out the killer. Tai Pam suspecting the ambush rushes into a run, but the vigilant district policeman neutralizes him. The next morning, the FSB officer gives young heroes awards and praises the operative for a job well done. The criminals are punished, and the innocent are at liberty, including the son of George Ivanovich. Ends film overlooking the sea with a scarlet sunset.

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