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In Kiev, the intention was to connect the Baltic and Black Seas with a $ 140 million transport corridor

Ukraine will build a high-speed transport corridor between the Black and Baltic seas. About this on his page on Facebook said the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman.

The heads of the Ukrainian Cabinet said that the construction of the high-speed transport corridor Go Highway between the Baltic and the Black Sea in 2019 provided 4 billion hryvnia (about 141.5 million dollars). This corridor, according to the idea of ​​the Ukrainian government, should connect the Ukrainian Black Sea ports of Odessa and Nikolaev with the Polish ports on the Baltic Sea in Gdansk and Gdynia.

According to Groisman, this transport corridor is very important from the point of view of logistics, because it will simplify and cheapen the transportation of goods from north to south. It is reported that the territory of Ukraine will pass about a thousand kilometers of the road.

The corridor between the Black and Baltic Seas is certainly an interesting project and may interest not only Poland, but also other potential investors, however it is embarrassing how such affairs are usually done in Ukraine, when the allocated budgets are settled, and the result is approximately as with the notorious wall Yatsenyuk.

Or is Groysman’s statement no more than a pre-election PR move?

– By itself, the news is positive, – says political scientist Alexander Dudchak. – And, of course, why not use any positive for the purposes of the election campaign?

“SP”: – And how much is the construction of such a corridor in Ukraine possible today? 4 billion hryvnia is enough, by the way, and where to get them?

China silk road

– As practice shows, in the construction you can drown any amount. But if builders estimate the project at 4 billion, then why not believe them. During construction, most likely, it turns out that you need to allocate more additional amounts, but it will be later. For such projects it is possible and additional money issue, which should not lead to inflation. This is exactly the case when the project is useful both for the state and for the people, even if some of the funding traditionally settles in “kickbacks” and other “inappropriate expenses” – new jobs will be created, many enterprises in various industries will be loaded .

Ukraine, by the way, took part in the creation of the Lisbon-Kiev transport corridor, with the prospects of creating a Eurasian transport corridor – Lisbon-Vladivostok. Such projects were discussed back in October 2013 – right up to Maidan. But the Maidan buried many important and promising projects, turned Ukraine from a transit country into a Great East European deadlock. But the connection of the Baltic and Black Seas, of course, is a good idea, though not a new one.

China silk road

“SP”: – Does Poland need this? Will she somehow participate in the project?

“Poland also needs this, proceeding from the same considerations, and Poland will also be able to“ pull the blanket over itself ”in this project as a“ senior European brother ”, or more precisely,“ European sister ”.

“SP”: – Many people who visit Ukraine have the impression that many roads have not been repaired since Soviet times, and the road network must be built from scratch. How does this situation affect the economy?

– A lot was invested in the construction of roads to Maidan, there were noticeable improvements on the highways Kiev-Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev-Chernigov, Kiev-Odessa, etc. But then the devastation began, those who came to power by means of a coup have not yet created anything, they just destroy. And as roads this is manifested more clearly.

—Ukrainian authorities, as indeed ours, often sin with exaggerations, I am sure chief editor of the forum. Moscow time Anatoly Baranov.

– For example, they call the opening of a route along already existing routes a “transport corridor”. One might think that a new highway or a high-speed railway line will pass through Ukraine and Poland. But judging by the estimated cost, we are talking about the transport route, and no more. With the money allocated, you can only patch up the road in some places where it is already completely impassable. Plus, the most important thing is the acceleration of the border crossing, which may require the improvement of one or two border crossings, where the traffic flow is mainly inhibited. That’s the whole “mega-project” that existed under the emperor’s emperor, when the Kingdom of Poland was part of the empire.

“SP”: – Why did Groisman’s statement come out right now? Why did they not think of this before?

– Why didn’t you think of it earlier? Even from the Varyag went to the Greeks, only then was the main port of Novgorod … Actually, the passenger train on this route has long been running, freight trains, too. As for highways, Ukraine is in trouble with them, and if in some places asphalt is patched, it is already good.

For the new highway, the announced amount of 4 billion hryvnia is, of course, comic. Only patch up and improve. Most likely, this is generally a Polish initiative, which needs to think about loading its own ports, which are detached in relation to the main cargo traffic.

In principle, taking advantage of the political situation, switching to Turkish and generally Mediterranean traffic from Illichivsk is not a bad idea. Moreover, there is a project “TRACEKA”, which bypasses Russia from as far as China, and the new “corridor” fits into it. But there the road turns out to be long, inconvenient and very expensive, so that, judging by his projects, China is not very interesting. But some products from the former Soviet Central Asia, and perhaps Iran, can flow through it to Europe. This is part of these flows that Poland can switch to. But all this is long, long and hardly very profitable.

“SP”: – In reality, such a corridor could somehow affect the state of the ports of southern Ukraine, their profits and workload?

– There is some sense in driving cargo from Illichivsk to Polish ports. Otherwise, the port of Odessa will have to be closed altogether – it becomes unnecessary, so huge. However, I don’t see much economic sense, say, for Turkey in double transshipment of goods to Europe – there are full of transport corridors through Bulgaria and Romania, and there is no need for dry cargo ships to go to the Black Sea on the way to Europe. There is also the Danube as the main transport artery of Eastern Europe. The whole point of Ilyichevsk was in transshipment of goods to Russia and further east. Well, except that if we consider Poland as the final consumer of some goods. But then it is not clear, where are the Polish ports?

“SP”: How would you generally assess the state of the road network in Ukraine?

– I do not think that the terrible condition of the Ukrainian roads is a secret for anyone. And without transport arteries to talk about the modern economy is somehow silly. But the roads lead from somewhere and somewhere. And modern Ukraine itself has closed for itself everything that is located east of its border. That is, as the transit territory of Ukraine ended. She herself now produces very little, except for agricultural products. This is the only thing that can be exported from Ukraine outside on a large scale. As a consumer, Ukraine is of little interest because of poverty. So judge …

– This project is already two years old, – reminds Russia Today columnist Vladimir Kornilov.

– For the second year already, money has been allocated in the budget of Ukraine, they promised that construction will start as early as 2018. But it is still there. Groysman has it all. He constantly reports on the construction of supposedly new roads, and as a result, last year Ukraine dropped to the 7th place from the end of the road quality rating. Worse only in dilapidated Haiti, Yemen and in several African countries like Madagascar.

“SP”: Four billion hryvnia is enough?

– Looking at what. On the construction of the road, of course, is not enough. So, who is going to build it?

“SP”: Is Poland not ready to participate? Maybe she throws money?

– The Poles and their roads were built for the money of the European Union. Why would they spend on the Ukrainian project? Kiev last year begged for money from the EU for this project. But apart from the statements of Kiev officials, no one confirmed the existence of such plans. In any case, in the EU budget there are no costs for this.

“SP”: Can this corridor really help the economy?

– Having good roads always helps the economy. But officials are much more important the possibility of cutting, and not the road itself. Otherwise, Ukraine would not fall in world rankings.

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