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April is a joyous month, as we will celebrate wonderful holidays: the Annunciation, Palm Sunday, and, finally, EASTER CHRIST!

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The proposed letter contains texts of Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann from his book. "I believe". What does it mean? About the main thing in Christianity". Conversations on the radio "freedom". Exmo. Moscow. 2013

""Preach the good news, earth, great joy, sing, heaven, God’s glory!". There are few holidays radiating such joy, such jubilation as the Annunciation, which the Orthodox Church celebrates, recalling the good news brought to the Virgin Mary, and Her acceptance of this message.

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What happened, what happened on that many centuries separated from us day in the small Galilean town of Nazareth? Before us is only a childishly simple story of the Evangelist Luke: ". P The Oslan was the angel Gabriel from God to the city of Galilee, called Nazareth, to the Virgin, engaged to her husband, named Joseph, from the house of David; The name of the Virgin is Mary. The angel, entering into Her, said: Hail, Blessed One! The Lord is with you; blessed are you between wives". "Then Mary said: Behold the servant of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her." (

What happened then? The sky touched the earth, the earth opened to heaven. The human heart heard the call of God and, hearing, accepted and answered God: "Yes".

Sometimes our life, this evil, soulless world around us and all its meaningless cries, seem to us to be a mistake and a terrible tragedy. But from the depths of the holiday quiet chants sound: "Arkhangelsk voice screaming Ty, Pure: Rejoice. ", and as if all noise disappears somewhere, all the fuss of everyday life. There is, our heart tells us, there is another world imbued with the glory of God, there is truth, purity and goodness that no matter how much they darken, drown out, deny, shine over the world and purify our souls.

This is the feast of the Annunciation. God says, God promises, God calls, and the world responds with the mouth of one Chosen One from the Ages intended to tell God "Yes", all of us give to divine love.

Last Sunday before Easter is called Palm. On this day, we remember how, six days before His sufferings and death, Christ entered the Holy City and was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd (

The solemn entrance to Jerusalem was the only obvious triumph of Christ throughout his earthly life. He never sought no recognition, no power, no glory, never sought even elementary everyday well-being. From birth in a cave to the disgraceful death on the Cross alongside with criminal offenders, His whole life from our human point of view was tragic failure by our standards and standards. It must be admitted that in the center of the Christian faith there is indeed earthly failure, earthly tragedy, earthly collapse. This entry into Jerusalem has forever become a debunking of power based on force and coercion, demanding endless praise.

Giant empires were created and perished, vast territories passed from hand to hand, reached unprecedented glory and earthly rulers went into oblivion. But the Kingdom of the poor and homeless Teacher is still standing and shining with the same light, all the same joy, all the same promise. "Thy kingdom come"Christians pray, and it comes all the time, all the time winning, even if this victory is invisible and imperceptible in the roar of earthly and transient victories.

What are Christians celebrating? For man best of all expresses himself in celebration, and if religion is first and foremost a joy about God, and therefore a holiday, then it is easier to understand Christianity through its holidays, and not through abstract theological formulas.

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Since ancient times, Christianity, and especially Orthodoxy, has embodied its faith and its worldview in the network of holidays covering the whole year. It can be said without exaggeration that the believer lives from holiday to holiday, and these holidays paint for him the entire sequence of seasons: autumn and winter, spring and summer.

There is no better introduction to Christian holidays than the one that the Orthodox Church has always called "holiday holidays" and which has always been the incomparable joy of all believers. This holiday is Easter. Easter is not only the main, but also chronologically the first holiday of the Church. Christians took him from ancient Judaism, for which he was the main religious event of the whole year. From the Gospel we know that Christ suffered in the days of the Jewish Passover, and that this coincidence was not accidental.

A few centuries before Christ, the Passover feast becomes for the Jews an annual reminder of the exodus from Egyptian slavery, the forty-year procession through the desert, the entry into the promised land (that is, God promised to the Jews). But in the preaching and teaching of the prophets, these events outgrow their original, historically limited meaning, expanding to the limits of some kind of universal vision. The Easter holiday becomes a celebration of human history, its movement from slavery to freedom, from bitter famine in the desert to the flourishing fruits of the promised land.

Easter becomes a symbol of human life itself in its striving towards a good and joyful end. All that constitutes the content of our faith in Christ is connected precisely with the Easter days, acquires the key in Easter. Christ preached the kingdom of God, which overcomes the horror of death, separation and decay. About Himself, Christ taught that in Him, in His life, and especially in His sacrificial death, that transition is made (which means the Hebrew word "Easter"), which the whole world craves: from slavery, suffering and death to freedom, life and love. Therefore, Christ was called New Easter, therefore His death in the days of the Jewish Passover, as it were, until the end accomplished this holiday, filling it with the last, already universal meaning; therefore, His Resurrection became the main subject of faith and the joy of Christianity."

Chicago christmas market

I wish all of us joy, health, strength, and God’s help in all our affairs, so that we truly realize and feel saved from all evil! God bless you!

abbot of the temple of Sts. uninterrupted Cosmas and Damien in Shubin,

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