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Flowers after berries / Boys more beautiful flowers / Boys Before Flowers / Boys Over Flowers / Kgotboda / 꽃 보다 남자

Production: South Korea, 2009 Genre: drama, romance, comedy, school Type of: series (25 episodes) Broadcast Date: from January 5 to March 31, 2009, KBS2 Show time: Monday – Tuesday 21:50 Producer: Jun Ki Sang Screenwriter: Yoon ji ryun Manga: Hana Yori Dango

Kind, caring and fair girl Gym Chang Di by chance goes to study at the most elite school "Shinhwa". New student just decides "sit aside" before graduation and nothing to knit. But her plans were not destined to be embodied, since F4 (four of the richest students, who now and then mock weak classmates) rules everything in the famous school. Who would win in this seemingly unequal struggle – a brave and honest Gym Chang Di or spoiled beauties F4?


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From early January to the end of March 2009, every Monday and Tuesday at 10 o’clock in the evening, millions of South Korean TV viewers rushed to their television screens to see another series of romantic TV history called "Boys over flowers"broadcast on tv channel KBS2. Based on the eponymous comic book series by a Japanese artist. Yoko Kamio, This series is a story of a modern Cinderella – a girl from a normal middle-income family who goes to a prestigious private school where children from "high society". The school is ruled by four beautiful senior guys from very influential families. Naturally, the plot outline of the television series develops around the relationship of this four and the newly appeared Cinderella. Backstage intrigues, meanness, deception and at the same time the pure love of adolescents, coupled with a galaxy of excellent actors and excellent field shooting, captures the viewer from the very first series. TV series "Boys over flowers" He achieved the highest audience rating – he was watched, as they say, by both old and young. The popularity of the television movie was so high that whole sociological studies were devoted to the study of this phenomenon. To a large extent, its popularity is due to the great musical accompaniment, which in itself deserves special attention. The songs from the television series very quickly fell in love with the viewers and healed their own lives on television and radio. Almost simultaneously with the release of the series, the album was released, with its musical accompaniment, which sold over 100 thousand copies. This is a very high figure for these times. TV series songs "Boys over flowers" – "I’m stupid" performed by a group "SS501" and "Paradise" performed by a group "T-max". Another composition, which became popular thanks to the series "Boys over flowers", is a song "Stand by me" performed by a group "SHINee". Lines from the song, translation: "Be close to me, look at me, although you do not know yet what love is. Be close to me, become my support, although you still have no experience in love. The more I look at you, the more fun in my heart. And unwittingly, I start to sing a song. I suddenly want to buy you a rose. This is such a strange feeling. It seems to me that my heart touches you. And this world looks so beautiful. If you also feel the same thrill in the shower, wait for me a little more.". Another song from the musical television series "Boys over flowers"called "One more time". Performed by her duet Tree Bicycles. Song "One more time" belongs to the category of lyric folk ballads. Lines from the song, translation: "The day is too slow. I’m so hard. I want to show you my soul, but you can’t see it. I just blame the past tense. The seasons change each other, but I still feel sad. One more time. I needed to love you a little more, despite the pain. Laugh for you, cry for you".

Cherry Blossom Japan

TV series "Boys over flowers", whose plot is based on Japanese comics, released in 36 parts over 11 years, was filmed in Japan and Taiwan and gained great fame in their countries. In this regard, the Korean version of the series, which came out third, is constantly compared with its previous versions. However, shooting in New Caledonia, Macau and other beautiful overseas locations, as well as within Korea, make the series more interesting and rich than its predecessors. It was noted that in the Korean version of the series, the actors were chosen best of all, and their appearance is most similar to the appearance of the main characters of the comics. A well-chosen cast and their great game became the key to creating a good series. This series has gained popularity since the first day of the show, and now it is daily mentioned in various television programs, as well as filmed parodies.

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"Goodbye, Boys are more beautiful than flowers; numbers that matter in ‘Flowers after berries’"

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4: Attractive flower four No one will argue that the drama ‘Flowers after berries’Has become incredibly popular because of F4. Undoubtedly, they are the key to success drama KBS. Heir to the influential Shinhwa Group, Gu Jung Pyo (Lee Min Ho), the grandson of the former president, Yun Zhi Hu (Kim Hyun Joong), miracle potter, So Yo Jeong (Kim bom) and the heir to the real estate empire, Sleep u bean (Kim jung) revealed in unique characters and attracted the attention of many fans, thanks to its almost perfect external data. Female spectators could not miss the series on Mondays-Tuesdays. Name Lee Min Ho, who did not immediately deserve the approval of the audience, became an everyday word, and the actor himself is a rising bright star of 2009. Singers Kim Hyun Joong and Kim jung successfully broke into the world of acting, striking everyone with their determination and diligence.

11: The number of episodic roles that made the drama "Flowers after berries" brighter Many will remember "Flowers after berries", thanks to numerous cameo roles. The first star to surprise her appearance in drama was Khan Chae Yong, who played first love Yun Zhi Hu, Min So Hyun. Despite the fact that the actress appeared only in a couple of episodes, she managed to make a strong impression on the audience. Sister Gu Jung Pyo played Kim Hyun Joo (Gu Jung Hee), and the role of his bride, Ha Jae Kyung, performed by Lee Min Jong. Among the other actors who performed episodic roles in the drama are Jong Ui Chol, who played two different roles, Lee Min Ha and Le zhe ha, boyfriend Chhu Gail, Gon Soo Pyo (played by Lee Jong Joon), girlfriend Gym Chang Di, Oh Min Zhi (Li Xi Yong sang her role), who subsequently betrayed her. Grandfather Zhi Hu played by Lee Jong Gil, the role of playboy father So And Jong, So Hyun Zopa, performed by Kim Jong Jin, big brother So And Jong, So Il Hoen, played Im Zhu Hwan, and finally, in the role of first love So And Jong, Chha Eun Zhe, Pak Su Jin starred.

25: Number of episodes with additional episode. Originally planned 24 drama series "Flowers after berries". The accident, which hit the car Gu Hye Son February 27, entailed the overlays in the charts, which made it very difficult to finish shooting on time. The actress was stitched, and she had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days; accordingly, the shooting was suspended. KBS increased the number of episodes to 25 and filled free time with a special episode "Flowers after berries". On the 30th, the producers expressed their opinions on the home page: "The time allotted to us for the additional episode was very inconvenient. It seemed to us that we overdid it and left unfinished at the same time. Despite the fact that we were accused of adding unnecessary kiss and scenes with memories, we were obliged to complete the story in due time.".

Cherry Blossom Japan

6000: The cost of the most expensive outfit Gu Jung Pyo "Flowers after berries" – The drama is about very wealthy characters, so the costumes in which the actors were shot, had to match their social status. Stylist F4, Jung Hye Jin, commented: "We wore F4 like European princes. The most expensive outfit cost $ 6000. This fur jacket was on Gu Jung Pyo, when he officially introduced Gym Chang Di as a girl student in Shinhwa High School (5 series)". A spokesman for Group Eight, Song Pyong Joong, also stated: " F4 never wore the same outfit twice. Some outfits may be similar, but they are different. About 90% of clothes Gu Jung Pyo It was custom made. We tried to give all the characters an iconic appearance and spent more than $ 100,000 just on clothes".

3000: The number of fans gathered on outdoor film sets Drama "Flowers after berries" has become known for the number of fans. University Kemen at Daegu, which was a movie set for some school scenes, gathered over 3,000 fans. The representative reported: "We were shocked by the number of fans who visited the site. After that, about a month we could not shoot in Kemen University". At such a frantic meeting, officials were forced to help monitor and ensure security. When, during one of the open scenes, 2000 fans gathered, 100 policemen were brought to the set. Worked places Gym Chang Di and Chhu GaYl, also collected about 200-300 fans per day. However, despite its popularity, drama "Flowers after berries" survived a lot of pain and suffering.

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