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Your college of specialists produces for one or two, This is how clearly and how purely your affairs are arguing. Prosperity I wish your fine anniversary, After all, the responsibility is big. Our children are always taught, Your college will always be the Best in the country, And they will not forget about you!

College glorious notes. Today is a loud anniversary. Let the doors be open. For students and friends.

Creative big successes, Prosperity, victories. Knowledge to give a great many, many years.

Congratulations on the anniversary of the College. Let everyone here not only learns something new, but also acquire a new dream, grow spiritually, fill their thoughts with bright hopes, replenish their knowledge base with important facts, find good friends. Set yourself the main goals, friends, strive for them, support each other and everything will certainly work out. I wish you all health and great success, and our college – purposeful students and many years of decent work.

The college has a holiday today – A fun and happy anniversary, So let your team have a wonderful Ten years of experience for people.

Carry luggage

Let the doors of institutions open for all those who have an interest in knowledge, And the teachers will smile sweetly, the training opening the process for them.

Our beloved college Notes its anniversary, May many more centuries He grows, thrives!

Let everyone, who has studied in him, Will not forget how he strove, And he will understand – this is wonderful, That he did not study in vain!

It unites us all, To be closer makes us. Let the whole Earth hear: College, with a holiday!

Although sometimes we often, What to study is very lazy, But you, beloved college, We will congratulate you on this day.

Prospects and prosperityWe want you to, so that of all the innovations, you came out unscathed.

Today, the college celebrates its anniversary! We wish you success, eventful days, The best knowledge to get here, Professional skills to develop!

Let our sphere develop, Let’s build the future skillfully. All of health, prosperity and good, Let any height be available!

The day today is not normal, The day is now all brighter — Since we are now celebrating college, we are celebrating an anniversary.

Here you are greeted warmly, So much knowledge is given here! They help with difficulties, And homeliness here is cozy.

So much work has been invested, To carry the knowledge of light! With joy come here to gain this knowledge.

Today, the college celebrates its next anniversary, We wish the institution Happy and wonderful days, Let our college develop, Students will come here again, We wish you all prosperity, Success of the college is just waiting!

Carry luggage

Your college is a tremendous asset, it has received universal recognition. And students acquire skills in it, They find answers to hundreds of questions!

Today you have a grand anniversary, Let it be not a centenary, but very serious. We want to congratulate your college wholeheartedly. Let us make us happy with your success!

We say thank you to you! And for the knowledge, and for strength. For fun days, What have we done in you.

And today with the Jubilee, Accept the College, congratulations. Wishes for many years, Bear light in the world of knowledge!

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