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Let’s start a little from afar. Everyone is familiar with the situation when the memory stores completely unnecessary information. At the same time, remembering the necessary (in our opinion) information is often a problem. For example, many people learn a foreign language all their lives, but the result is usually unsatisfactory. There are a lot of different teaching methods. But after all, native speakers, including children, master the language without any method at all, regardless of ability.

What is the matter?

Only in one phraseological dictionary (note, not a textbook) I met an honest statement of the fact that you will never know the language well if you do not have a real need for it. Certain genetically gifted people do not count, talking about millions

The level of EFs can be determined by external factors that are completely unrelated to the information flow. We do not manage this process. That is, the process of forming an EF is usually random.

It is said that at the moment of mortal danger, the whole life of a man sweeps in front of him, the Olympic champion will retain a sense of triumph for a long time, just the smell of a stadium. These examples illustrate the work of the brain in moments of highest emotional arousal.

Increased EFs can be either with a plus sign, which corresponds to positive emotions (the upper part of the chart), or with a minus sign, which corresponds to negative emotions (the lower part of the chart). In the middle of the EF is low and information will not be digested. This is how the mechanism worked out over millions of years of evolution, protects us from the irrational expenditure of scarce energy. The share of the brain in the human energy balance is about 25% and there is no place to get additional energy.

This mechanism works not only in the field of intellectual work, but also in any situation when it is necessary to expend energy, including physical. This is our natural limiter to minimize waste of energy.

This mechanism works not only for people. A well-fed predator will never hunt. Another example already from the life of people is the “Dutch disease” (the Groningen effect) in economics, which explains that as long as you have some kind of resource and you, in general, have enough of it, then hope that they will develop and other unnecessary sectors of the economy are not worth it.

It is important to understand that this mechanism works on a subconscious level and may conflict with conscious human activity. Let’s say a person believes that information, skill, action are necessary for him, and the brain as it says: “And you prove it to me. Your emotional background is low now, so I do not believe you and therefore I will prevent your desire to spend energy. ”

This mechanism works not only at the level of an individual, but also at the level of society, for example, a company or … a country. An example is the same “Dutch disease” in the economy.

Let us return to the topic of relations between Russia and the West. The historical period is almost unimportant, since even the revolution of 1917 did not change much from the point of view we were considering, moreover, it aggravated the contradictions.

So: Any complex system is hierarchical. There are key determining factors, and there are dependent ones. In our case, it is really possible to single out such a key factor, which is determined by a lot, if not everything that makes Russia not Europe. Namely, we answer the question differently:

What is the priority: the rights of the individual or the “interests of the state”?

And now let’s see how the level of EF in society depends on the answer to this question and through this prism we will try to answer the question in the title of the article:

1. If a state recognizes the priority of the rights of an individual, then by so doing it, in many respects, disclaims responsibility for its fate. Rights are inseparable from duties, including the duty to ensure one’s existence. In society, everyone has the right to his position, there is no state ideology. Minority rights guaranteed. The cost of losing is high, but the price of winning is immeasurably higher. The presence of numerous legal entities ensures the rule of law. Socium is bursting with initiative from below. As a result, the company is located in a zone with a high level of EF.

2. If a state takes away from a person the right to determine what to watch, read, wear and how, in the end, to think, then it should give him something in return. It could not be otherwise even in a totalitarian society. It’s just that in a totalitarian society the number of those who generally need to give something is reduced. From here conditionally free education, medicine, non-material forms of encouragement, etc. The cost of loss is low and the cost of winning is no less low. Only a certain resource independent of the existing paradigm of existence or violence or self-isolation can save for a while. As a result, the company is located in a zone with low EF.

And now we will formulate the following question, the answer to which brings us closer to solving the problem:

Can a person, consciously bring himself out of the state of low EF and move into a situation where the EF will be guaranteed high, and it is not known in advance with what sign?

We are not talking about a short period (for example, sports), but about things of principle, ideological choice, which is called “for life”. For most, the answer will be obviously negative.

And the opposite is true?

Will a person strive to a zone of low EF?

For most, the answer will be obviously positive.

That is, spontaneously current processes will push society into the zone of low EF.

For people familiar with physics, there is an analogy with the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which states that all spontaneously occurring processes proceed in the direction of increasing entropy. Entropy is an indicator of chaos.

For example, if there are areas in the atmosphere with different pressures, then winds blow, huge masses of air move (this is a spontaneous process), but as soon as the pressure levels off (maximum chaos), then everything stops, there is a calm.

Yes, the world is one and the laws governing it are universal.

Let us return, however, to the world of people.

Important: Political forces offering society to move to a zone of low EF (stability, paternalism) appeal to the subconscious, political forces offering society to move to a zone of high EF (freedom of choice, responsibility for themselves) appeal to the mind.

The forces are clearly unequal. To clarify that the losers will be those who appeal to the mind, I think, unnecessarily.

Another point must be clarified: “And what does the winner actually win?”. The answer is that he defeats his opponents.

But society as a whole is the loser. Because it loses development incentives, because in favor of the passive majority, the interests of an active minority are sacrificed, which often simply cannot, because of their genetic characteristics, exist in a zone of low EF. It is these people who are moving humanity along the path of progress, the results of which are used by everyone, including the passive majority.

The world, of course, is not black and white. The majority of people, depending on the circumstances, can begin to live by reason or continue to be at the mercy of their instincts. In the zone of increased EF, they can be squeezed out by either the threat of a crisis or the prospect of high dividends in case of a win. And here it is appropriate to emphasize the special role and responsibility of the elite, which can move this mass in one direction or another. The trend and the used arguments give the intention of the elite to the full.

Any progress, the creation of unique technologies – this is not a spontaneous process, but rather a process that reduces the entropy of the system. This process is impossible in the zone of low EF.

So, why is Russia not Europe?

The way of priority of “personal freedoms”, “rights of an individual” …, as we found out, is the way towards a high EF of society. This process cannot be spontaneous.

The priority path of the “interests of the state” is the path towards low EF. This process can be spontaneous.

And the first and second trend “may be” and “may not be.” The modal verb “can” in this case is in its place.

If a society has the resource to keep itself in the zone of low EF, then this resource will certainly be used to stay in this zone as long as possible.

If a society does not have such a resource, then it simply has no other way out, it will move to the zone of increased efficiency. Otherwise, do not survive.

It seems that neither Russia nor Europe, as is often the case in history, had a choice. So, for a number of historical reasons, it happened. But this is a separate issue.

No less interesting is the question of the relationship between the interests of society and elites, which, as we know from history, do not always coincide.

And here it’s more important not even where we are, but where are we going? And who is calling us there and why?

The proposed approach makes it possible to somewhat differently look at some processes taking place in society, to make an adequate diagnosis and, accordingly, to identify ways out of the crisis, which, as is well known, may become a stepping stone to the next round of development, or it may not. It depends on our understanding of what is happening.

Can kids fly first class

It makes no difference how many zeros in the amount stored in the offshore are nine or eleven. It matters if something is created with this money. For example, new technologies, or they go to charity, or at least something is being built on them. If they simply lie, then after a certain amount the size does not matter. You can simply draw zeros on a piece of paper – the effect is the same, but the number of zeros creates a sense of danger. Wealth must be protected. But the billions of dollars stolen in the country are stupid to be stored domestically, and abroad, as it turned out, it is impossible. Money and theft have lost their meaning. Ceased to be the main thing in life. Privilege has faded into the background. The main thing was the dominance of life.

The number of crimes committed, both at home and abroad, creates an understanding that the term of life and the term of power is one date. The protection of personal power and the protection of the physical body merge into one project. And this project becomes not only the main, but the only one. Everything else is irrelevant.

This project is assigned a person who has only one of the whole set of values ​​- loyalty to the owner. Professional keeper of the master’s body. Whose body, it does not matter. Guarding the president, then the mayor, then the gangster. Now he became the head of the most powerful power structure in the country. About 400 thousand fighters, armored vehicles, aircraft, special forces, riot police, SOBR, paratroopers, Cossacks.

For the sake of the project to protect the presidential body, important national interests have been ditched. It will be harder for the police to fight crime, since for military operations it is necessary to turn to another, senior in the hierarchy, department where crime control is not a priority. Migrant affairs were transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and thus, firstly, they became extremely repressive affairs, and secondly, they fell in status, because any official knows the difference between an independent department and a division.

The same with drugs. In a country leading in heroin use, the agency that must fight drugs is reduced administrative weight, giving it to the police. The budget and all other resources are now only through the Ministry of Interior.

As for the effectiveness of the supermonster created in the fight against terrorism, one can already begin to tell jokes. If in the open field against ISIS and according to our rules, then there is a chance. But how the riot police with paratroopers, or SOBRs with Cossacks on tanks, can manage the death row network is not entirely clear.

Then someone remembered oprichnina Ridiculous. At first, there were 1,000 oprichniki, then it grew to six thousand. And then almost half a million. And all for the protection of a small body of one elderly man, who became very scared.

In 1934, it became very scary to another person. And he began to create a structure for the protection of his power. From horror, he included everything in this structure: utilities and construction, transport and firefighters, border guards and the Gulag, the State Archives and army counterintelligence, cartographers and the workers ‘and peasants’ militia. The NKVD and the USSR gradually became one and the same. After that, it became even worse, and he, the previous one, began to change the top of the monster, and then all the time he redrew it in fear, as if the monster did not devour him. It did not help – he died alone in a pool of his own urine and vomiting.

The current does not give a damn about construction, transport and other nonsense. All forces are concentrated solely on the protection of their own body. There is, however, a rating. This is also important. Therefore, at the head of the largest rating company, a girl was put, the main advantages of which are a good stretch, a complete lack of brains (while she was the sports queen, this did not manifest, but the role of media manager was immediately revealed) and absolute dependence. It is also important to control the past, the history. She, too, can not trust anyone. Therefore, Rosarchiv goes under personal control.

Education, medicine, science, pensions are all nonsense, let this be done by a funny little man who was appointed prime minister for fun. There is one main thing – the protection of the presidential body. And two things of the next level of importance – rating and past. This is under personal control.

Fear is an important emotion. But when she becomes the main and only, she destroys the person. When a person stands at the head of a state, the main emotion of which is fear, it destroys the country. There is not a single real threat that the created super-force monster can withstand. Even that, only for the sake of which it is actually created. If everything crashes and people who have nothing to eat, take to the streets for real, no guard will stop them. The little frightened little man has good accountants, and the country under him is very big and rich. Therefore, if he had not done stupid things, he could still rule lying on his side for thirty years. But fear makes you do nonsense almost daily. One of them is the creation of this national guard.

For at least three centuries, the first need of Russia is revolution.

Of course, in the history of this country there were raging crowds and shooting kings. But all the cataclysms ended simply by replacing one despot with another. Symbolism and attributes changed, but the principles of power remained unchanged. The kings, general secretaries and presidents inherited from each other the pleasant right to execute or pardon millions. Of course, one of the crowned heads wrote stateliness in watercolor, and someone in oil. But the essence has never changed.

A good earthquake is indifferent to the style of architecture. It crumbles gothic with the same pleasure as modern. It demolishes whole countries at ease. The revolution, unfortunately, is not so omnivorous and omnipotent. In addition, she knows the taste of Russia and remembers well how she squeezed it a couple of times and burped, without bringing the matter to the end. Of course, she always wanders around, choosing the moment for a new throw.

So far no confusion has managed to crack the carcass of a dark empire. Yes, there were very picturesque attempts. But Russia has never experienced a true revolution.

After all, a revolution is not just a gag reflex of a country in response to tyranny and theft. Not guillotine. And the basement of the Cheka is not clogged with corpses. Cellars and guillotines are only savory, but not obligatory spices to the dish of state transformation.

A revolution is an irrevocable change in the principles of life and government. This is a painful, but necessary act of political hygiene, transforming the nature of power and people.

But in Russia, the revolution did not happen. By the way, it is not quite clear what exactly blocked it.

It is foolish to suspect this of Orthodoxy. It has long been exhausted and turned into a state show business. This is especially noticeable in comparison with Islam, which regularly demonstrates those feats of faith, which the spiteful critics call “terrorist attacks.” Modern Orthodoxy with its scammers on the 148th looks very pale against this background. And once it was shining in the cause of religious terrorism, then tearing nostrils, then burning entire families in log houses. But in the early twentieth century, the degree of faith dropped to zero. However, this is a misfortune not only for Orthodoxy, but also for Christianity as a whole. Of course, the popes and the patriarchs continue to play the old performance, washing and kissing the feet of the homeless. But we note that any prostitute and not a kiss for much less money.

Beyond suspicion and the “great Russian culture.” Fortunately, it is one hundred percent secondary and is an obedient copy of European culture. And she never interfered with the triumph of revolutions. The mythical Russian “originality” cannot prevent anything at all. If it ever existed, then how meaningless ballast was dropped by Peter I.

Secret Expedition, III Division, the Cheka-KGB can not even take into account. They are not suitable for blocking large political processes. The problem is that they are not formed from complete fools. Therefore, in any serious situation, they are the first to flee.

However, the mystery of the failure of all revolutions in Russia is a topic for a separate study. Today we will manage with a simple registration of the fact that the political evolution of the country did not take place.

Of course, you can do without a revolution. But, alas, it is she who writes out the pass to the future. In addition, the revolution washes the country away from perverse traditions and managerial slain. Such deposits accumulate on any sovereign structure, and Russia is a particularly neglected case. She entered the twenty-first century without experiencing a single revolution in her entire history. Its underlying mechanism has never been updated. He still rumbles, generating lies, fear and war.

Of course, Putin’s autocracy automatically inherited this mechanism and age-old accumulations. It could not be free from them. The one who sees the main evil in Putin, is guided by funny ideas about the “role of the individual in history” and does not understand that “Napoleon” is not the properties of a particular character, but just the name of a lottery ticket that could be pulled out by almost any person era.

Approximately the same story with Putin. He is just another puppet of Russia. And the traditions that have not been updated for 300 years have been pulling the strings. Putin’s reign contains neither original features nor his personal fantasies. He only diligently follows the standard of Russian imperial administration. All his actions are a direct logical continuation of Russia’s behavior over many centuries.

The one who claims that “Putin is Russia” is right.

True, the fact that the word “Russia” has a lot of meanings, including frankly nightmarish ones, is missed. In no way incompatible with the concept of “civilization”, nor with the concept of “modernity.” Syrian arts, the seizure of the Crimea, the Donbass, the celebration of obscurantism, the omnipotence of the secret police, etc. – these are natural and inevitable sprouts prushushchi from rhizomes of Russian imperialism. And Putin is just a good gardener: he cuts shoots in time, watering and bleeding away aphids. Anyone who admires Russia is obliged to admire Putin.

Of course, the Russian god was dragged into the world again. What is not surprising. After all, the KGB brain is easy prey for priests. However, if there were no priests, then there would have been some other dirty trick. But they turned up the arm – and again the coercion of the country to Orthodoxy was brewing. The people were again called “God-bearer”, and he became straggled. By the way, from God-bearing there is a direct practical sense. This is a great anesthesia. He allows not even notice death. Industrial, financial, scientific, etc.

Can kids fly first class

Probably another Russia can not be. She can not steal, not to seize, not to force, not to fester and not to obscure. Alas, it is a doomed country. Changing its management principles, it will fall apart. And if they are saved, they will finally undock from civilization and perish at its hands. The last tractor driver will crush the last goose – and everything will finally end. The absence of revolutions has never been free for anyone.

With illusions should say goodbye. Intellectuals planned their “own” Russia. Real Russia gave them the opportunity to lag their dreams with camp-based grease. But they didn’t sober up, but they were even more offended by the reality that has no resemblance to their dreams.

This resentment is so strong that today’s intellectuals do not notice the gift that Putin quietly gives them. Hanging on the lanterns, they would raise the gardener’s personal rating to 100%, and the people’s triumph would even exceed the “Crimean degree”. But they are allowed to live. And even pokuchkovatsya in tiny reservations for people with the wrong thinking like “Echo” and “Snob.” But, most likely, this is not generosity, but savings on soap and ropes. As it turned out, the renegades are completely harmless. Their intellectual tricks are indifferent to the population. The people are very busy. He licked, remembering the sweetness of vaksy on Stalin’s boots. It is built in immortal shelves.

Of course, Russian statehood has admirers. For example, smart Kadyrov. But it should be remembered that he loves her for about a billion rubles a day. And for that kind of money, even I would love her.

Other fans of the Russian idea is not visible. It is becoming increasingly clear to Western pragmatists that the death of Russia would be a boon to civilization. Its contribution to the general development of the world is incommensurably less than the problems it creates. From it constantly carries war and priests. Her trump card with participation in the Second World War was long bored, and declarations of complete victory over fascism became funny. Fascism is alive and well, including in Russia itself. Not lost his ability to move into any nation and her puppeteer. Perhaps fascism is waiting for its high point, and on which side Russia will be this time, to put it mildly, is not obvious.

Pragmatists and their vile sobriety could be ignored. But, unfortunately, it is they who decide whom to live and who to die. It remains a mystery that complacency with which the West is watching our gardener. Note that the dust is not even blown off the snuffbox.

However, this indulgence has its explanation. To the poison of today’s Russia, the antidote has long been worked out. He is not dangerous to the world. Its composition is known: despotism, priests, the cult of war, theft, duping, etc. When trying to export, all these traditional values ​​are easily recognized and neutralized. But those trapped within the state borders of the Russian Federation, they will finally poison the country. The problem of Russia will be solved by itself, and the world will sigh with relief. The main thing is that the composition of the poison should not change, and new, unknown details should not be added to the autocracy mechanism. And then Russia will again lurk, pretending to be a miserable, but developing poor thing, striving for progress and democracy. And when it accumulates power, it will move from a simple robbery of neighbors to more serious tricks.

And Putin is good just because he is not inclined to fantasies and innovations. He embroiders only on the old imperial canvas. He leads Russia to isolation and ruin so predictably, confidently and beautifully, as no one else can lead. Following the logic of Western thinking, he should in no way interfere with the rule. What the hell is a snuffbox?

However, we should not forget about the revolution. Perhaps she will forget the old grievances and still take on Russia. Last time. Undoubtedly, this will make all future processes much more picturesque.

As a journalist, I always advocate for the accuracy of formulations. Exact determination of the names of things leads to an accurate understanding of the processes taking place. From this point of view, no "ships" over Nadezhda Savchenko, of course, does not exist. Savchenko is not the accused. The accused is not just a word. This is a legal status. Legal Term. In order for a person to become an accused, some conditions are necessary. As a maximum – the presence of a set of public institutions for the management of the territory, governed by a social contract and obey the law and the Constitution. That is what we call "legal state". At a minimum – the presence of at least a real, not delusional criminal case. Because the court is not a psychiatric concept, but a legal one. What relation to the law has a certain action, in which some people who usurped power tell an officer of the army of a neighboring country who fought against the cities of terrorist armed groups that captured his country, that he killed the citizens of another, neighboring country who had fallen into his country, but for this, we kidnapped him, illegally taken him out and are now bringing charges – I don’t understand at all. The closest, though not complete, analogy would be a trial of an officer of the Red Army in the Gestapo for his participation in the partisan detachment. Not complete, because even in this case he would be a prisoner of war. Savchenko is not even a prisoner of war. Officially, this state is afraid to even call a spade a spade. Cowards call the war that it prepared, unleashed, and leads – war. So Savchenko is kidnapped. Hostage. Art. 126 of the Criminal Code, part two paragraphs a, c, d, and part three paragraph a. Up to fifteen, especially heavy. In general, from a legal point of view, we have a completely casuistic picture: the criminals – and they have committed serious crimes – are judged by the officer for defending the right and legality of his country, while trying to build from himself exactly the very law, for which they stole and tortured an officer.

Delusion, fake this case, expressed in all. In every detail, in any fact, in any word. This existence is in some kind of completely parallel world with Bandera snipers adjusting fire specifically for journalists and then crossing the border into the country with which they fight, after they are voluntarily released from captivity — apparently because they are snipers. banderovki, corrective fire for peace journalists … The picture of the incident is more or less clear. Group of fighters "Aydara" advanced on several boxes in the direction of the Metalworker. Moved as in a parade – by small forces, in the center of the road, without intelligence. Naturally, I was ambushed. The Ukrainian side did not know how to fight. Sending personnel to an ambush in general was then a tactic of warfare — Karlovka, Ilovaisk, Shakhtersk, Volnovakha. Naturally, the first group was broken. Naturally, the second group put forward by him for help was also defeated. Undecided in a situation Nadezhda Savchenko, who arrived in a passenger car, arrived in captivity with her two colleagues practically herself. In any case, approximately such a picture emerges from the information that is currently in the public domain. After that, two employees of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, as far as can be supposed, having heard the cannonade of the battle, left for the checkpoint "shoot the war", came under fire and died. Actually, everything.

How did this completely ordinary battle, from the capture of a completely ordinary soldier of a volunteer battalion, manage to unleash such a world scandal that Barack Obama and the EU and the State Department are already putting open ultimatums on the immediate release of Nadezhda Savchenko and preparing to form a new sanction list? No, I understand, would have caught the Blood Pastor. Or Dmitro Yarosh with a business card in your pocket. Well, or, in extreme cases, the burden. Then yes, the game might have cost a candle. But – an ordinary fighter of the partisan detachment, the main armament of which is the old-time rifle, and the vehicle is an ancient "Niva"…

Here we must understand what Russia is. What is the psychology and worldview of its Russian world? Modern Russia exists in its own, parallel dimension. Well, first, of course, Bandera. Maidan. Hear the Donbass. No one overthrew me, I am legitimate. Junta. Capture power. Crucifixion of a Russian-speaking boy. Putin, send troops. Crimea is ours. Further though stones from the sky. Full-blown propaganda. Zomboyaschik. Turned out to be a surprisingly effective tool for clearing the brain of the population. However, and lay on good ground. The bourgeois democratic revolution, the Revolution of Dignity, is a crime in itself in a state with such a slave-gopnic mentality. All power is from God. King can not fold. And if you fold the king, it means that you do not have spiritual braces. So you came to our land to kill Russians. Cho, padla, do not you love the motherland? There is no third way in this simple psychology. Inhumans – all who do not belong to your pride.

Further, of course, "Aydar". I don’t think that by that time anyone understood what the difference between "Aydar", "Right sector", The Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and "Donbas"but-the fascists. It’s clear. The fact that four-fifths of the Ukrainian army personnel spoke Russian then, that Russian in general was the working language of the Ukrainian army then, is not important. The fact that all the most outspoken fascists from all over Russia were dragged into the DPR and LPR too. Fascists, fascists, fascists. And we – the grandfathers fought.

And, of course, "woman sniper". Oh, it covers everything. The Russian world is the bearer of medieval patriarchal gender psychology. A female soldier is in itself sufficient circumstance for a basement. And if a woman is also on the front line, then she is necessarily a sniper. Required. It can’t be otherwise. In the perception of the Russian soldier, any woman he meets in the war – except for her own, of course, these saints are a sniper. Regardless of anything. If you are detained – that’s all, sniper. No options. Even if it was just going to the market for potatoes. The fact of detention itself is already evidence. And in the bag – a red dress, lipstick and a mirror. Why would a woman dress, lipstick and a mirror? Well, of course – a dress to change into civilian clothes, lipstick, to make up on a bed before this night. And the mirror – give signals. Why else? And nothing this set of evidence can not be knocked out. These "proof of" cause delayed wild hatred. All, give it to the bag and to the battalion commander. And already there special people know how to unleash a language. Moreover, I absolutely do not understand that these snipers were given to them. Why snipers? Why not radio telephony, for example? Even if Savchenko was a sniper, so what? What is the fundamental difference between a sniper and an LNG operator? All these stories about white pantyhose and spotters for the twenty years of my contact with the war have become so much sober that I personally can no longer hear them. But in Russia, time does not move forward. And nothing ever changes. All the same. All the same myths. Snipers around every corner. Surprisingly tenacious legend. In principle, these people believe that they have committed the greatest act of humanism, without tearing Savchenko down there, in the forest belt, with two Beteras,

In the end, the wine banderovki-snipers proved a priori. This is subhuman. This is not a man. She shot at us! The question – and whom she had to shoot in a war – is ignored. Well, or at best, the answer follows – explain this to the mother of a girl (boy, grandmother, old man) who died in Slavyansk (Gorlovka, Makeyevka, Debaltseve). The question of who brought in Slavyansk, Debaltseve, Makeevka, the war – is ignored as well. As a result, the sniper-banderovka in the form of an exemplary trophy is delivered to Plotnitsky, who, wishing to show both his need and economic need for his infusions and supplies of military equipment to him, sends information further, there, wanting to show the need for his fight against Ukrainian fascism, start a business propagandists, wanting to show their relevance in covering the fight against fascism, carry the next nonsense about crucified boys, the power that wants to arrange their own personal little Nuremberg, all this suits – and the cart spun, went.

You ask – and, moreover, strictly speaking, are there all the workers of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company? Well … You lack spirituality. You do not understand. Bandera snipers, in principle, would be enough for television (they would stop at that and after the first interview quietly exchange Savchenko for their own, you see, and would not get into such a puddle) – but for the court, even as a Russian, you still need at least something that is at least indirectly in contact with jurisprudence. Yet for a red dress and a pocket mirror you will not be put in prison. Need something more substantial. As a result, they seize the most inappropriate woman in all of Ukraine, kidnap her, take her to Russia, here come up with some kind of crazy story about how Nadezhda herself illegally crossed the border, side-by-side the death of two VGTRK employees sewed here at the checkpoint an hour later her detention — to try anything for something — and bring the whole case to court, sincerely believing that the nose mosquito will not fail and this will be such an illustrative process, after which all the internal problems will be resolved by jumping to the skies us from banderovok and exterior will be removed due to our obvious right. For TV, I repeat, it could still give a ride. Fifteen years of zombies were not in vain. The population is now ready to eat any nonsense about any crucified boy, without asking themselves any, even basic, questions. Critical perception of information is completely lost. But for the court, where there are real, not fake, lawyers – no longer. Who among them could have imagined that Ilya Novikov would SO dig his nose in the ground, proving with the help of experts from meteorologists that, judging by the location of the shadows, the time at the moment of captivity does not correspond to the time of the alleged crime? Cooks.

As a result, any person, even superficially acquainted with the case, clutches his head. She is a sniper. And spotter. Damn … And what? Established army positions. She crossed the border illegally. Yep Tell these tales to Razvozhzhayev. She is charged under Article 105 – the murder of two or more persons in connection with the performance of official activities, in a generally dangerous manner, based on political hatred, committed by a group of individuals. Uh … guys, are you talking about? Such an act as murder implies intent. And a murder based on political hatred in principle cannot be without intent. This means that Savchenko wanted to kill precisely Russian journalists. Let not specifically these two – but in general it is Russian journalists. Not artillerymen, not infantry, not tankmen – workers of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. Tracking their movement, realizing that journalists are at the checkpoint, distinguishing them from other goals, etc. Even leaving aside the aspect that Savchenko had been captive by the guys for at least an hour by then, technically you how do you imagine it? "By transferring coordinates"as written in the delirium that you give out in the blue eye for the prosecution? Well, in the country declared anti-terrorist operation. LC recognized as a terrorist organization. The checkpoint is a legitimate military target. Savchenko – officer of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Volunteer battalions are in the process of legalization. No weapons of indiscriminate defeat were used. The laws and customs of warfare are not violated. Summary – a legitimate artillery strike was struck against a legitimate military target. The fact that there at that moment were the workers of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, who turned out there consciously and voluntarily – the problems are only and exclusively the workers of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. Cooks, as was said.

If this crazy machine could reverse, it would, of course, reverse. But she does not know how. Because they have it all. This is Country Fake. Fake state. Fake prosecutor’s office. Fake accusation. Fake Judgment. Fake captivity. Fake, created exclusively by the TV, war. Deaths are always real. Oh yeah. That they can.

As a result, the country, just two years ago – just two years ago! – the former eighth world economy and entered into all the elite clubs of the world political arena, rushing towards the world isolation in all pairs, awarding the honorary title "rogue state" and the alternatively gifted club of friends in the face of North Korea, Congo and Vanuatu.

What’s next? Yes, in general, it is clear that. It is clear that the sentence could only be an accusatory one. It is necessary. All just for the sake of it. It is clear that the term should be large. The prosecutor’s office requested twenty-three years. I thought there would be something in the region of eighteen. Dali – twenty-two. But, in fact, it does not matter. Because the real bargaining will begin only now. After the end of the performance. Now they will try to sell Savchenko in exchange for some preferences. Maybe on Alexandrov with Erofeev. Maybe at Bashar Assad. Maybe on some kind of contract in Syria. Maybe for some preferences in the sanctions. Maybe she will be extradited. Maybe it will be the king’s beautiful gesture of pardon. Maybe in a few months. Maybe in a few years. But be that as it may, Nadezhda Savchenko will be released.

And the country is fake … The country-fake will continue to exist in its inverted world. To invent new enemies, new wars, new crucified boys, new judgments and fight, fight, fight with all of them. With the whole world. Until it falls apart.

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