Buying tickets at the airport

Dear passengers! Agency "AST" does not sell tickets for charter flights a / k Yamal. For questions about the acquisition, exchange, return, amendment, please contact the travel agency. Check-in for charter flights takes place at the airport.

Flights became available

Modern globalization and significant passenger flows of tourists lay an important basis for the development of information technology in the transport industry and focus passengers on the availability of air ticket purchases through the worldwide Internet. Today, anyone can buy a ticket, for example, from Kiev to Moscow, while in London. Or pay for flights from Tyumen to St. Petersburg hryvnia. All these benefits have become available thanks to the ability to buy a ticket through the world wide web.

Airline tickets online: benefits

The convenient and intuitive interface of most systems that offer to purchase a plane ticket via the Internet allows you to buy tickets from Tyumen, Moscow, Volgograd or any other city to the point you need without any problems. Booking tickets, thanks to the module of connection to the global distribution system, provides an opportunity to get information about the schedule of flights from all airports of the world and immediately buy tickets from Tyumen to Moscow, Paris, London, or between any other cities of the entire planet.

Buy air tickets online

To buy plane tickets using the Internet, you need to select the departure city from which the passenger wants to buy tickets, date or dates – if the flight will return (for example, tickets from Tyumen to Moscow and again to Tyumen), and enter the number of passengers who need airline tickets. The system searches for all available tickets in a given direction, shows their prices and fares. The passenger is left to choose a flight, book a plane ticket (usually free of charge) and decide on payment methods. If the passenger has a bank card, he can immediately pay for the ticket price and get an electronic ticket.

A plane ticket: what is included in its price?

The price of a ticket includes a large number of components, which allows you to effectively manage the cost of plane tickets, carry out seasonal discounts, etc. The basis of the price of a cheap ticket is a minimum of comfort, the absence of additional services, the return of the minimum amount in case of a client’s refusal of the ticket and many other factors. Most airlines tend to use cheap credit resources, a kind of loan money from customers, realizing in advance airline tickets for flights that may not take place.

Air tickets to charter

Irregular flights that allow airlines to make a profit by introducing additional or seasonal destinations are called charters. Usually, wholesale plane tickets are ordered by travel companies, and an excess of air tickets is offered to tourists for public sale. Every year the popularity of charters is growing, as they not only make it possible to buy a plane ticket cheaper, but also relax in an exotic country where it is impossible to purchase a ticket for a regular flight. Tickets for a plane performing a charter flight are usually bought up as a scarce commodity, but in cases where this does not occur, offers to buy tickets are sent to travel agencies.

Buying tickets at the airport

Airline tickets through a travel agency

However, many passengers, especially in the countries of the former Soviet Union, prefer to buy a ticket at the ticket office of a travel agency. And this option is considered quite acceptable, because at the ticket offices of travel agencies work mainly professional and experienced staff who will provide the passenger with all the necessary information, help you choose a cheaper ticket, talk about the conditions of the flight, its advantages and inconveniences. For example, cheaper Moscow airlines offer budget flights from Tyumen, with a minimum of comfort and additional services, and more expensive airlines that provide a substantial range of services use new and modern aircraft and offer flights from Tyumen for a high price. This kind of information can be obtained from a qualified travel agent.

Waiting for tickets, what is it?

A railway ticket is a document giving the right to receive a paid service and the possibility of traveling by public transport of a railway type. Tickets are divided into preferential, free and fully paid. The category of preferential travel includes full-time students, veterans of the Second World War, disabled people, children under 14 years of age. The free category includes children under 3 years of age, railway workers and people on state support, all others pay the full cost.

Train tickets, terms of use

The use of railway tickets is defined by strict standards, such as the deadline and the specified direction according to the train schedule. A future passenger has the right to purchase a railway ticket only after the presentation of relevant documents confirming the identity. The direction of the path can be at one end or in the direction of “round trip”.

Train tickets, cost

The cost of the document for travel depends on the type of the selected car, the duration of the trip and the destination of the track. Accordingly, a ticket for the passage of passing trains will be cheaper than booking a seat in a train car. Basically, a ticket is purchased no more than 45 days before the departure date of the train.

Where to get a train ticket?

Railway tickets are purchased both directly at the ticket office of the station before departure, and by booking well in advance. It is worth noting that booking a railway ticket can be a guarantee that your trip will be made, as they say, on a schedule. You can book a place in the car by phone, through sites on the Internet, as well as through the ticket office of the station. In the modern world of computer technology, booking by phone and online applications are the best ways to purchase train tickets.

Railway tickets via the Internet

As for the method of acquiring through the Internet, everything is extremely simple. It is necessary to indicate personal data, the message of the track and the desired car type in the appropriate fields. After that, the search engine of the site instantly issues options in accordance with the specified parameters, then it remains only to book and purchase train tickets. Thus, in a fairly short time you will be able to purchase a ticket guaranteed, while not spending additional time and effort on the queue at the box office.

Buying tickets at the airport

Purchase train tickets online: the ability to quickly compare options

Another positive point in the preference of the online application for the purchase of a ticket is the simultaneous consideration of several options from different operators, which makes it possible to compare the cost of transportation services and choose the most suitable option. Depending on which train ticket is purchased, the cost and comfort of the trip will depend. A more expensive and convenient way to travel is a ticket to a seat in a coupe-car, and accordingly, a cheap but practical one is a reserved car.

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