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A walking route map will help you explore the main sights of Budapest on both sides of the Danube and understand why it is called the Paris of Eastern Europe. In this article, walks along Bodo: the Buda Castle, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and Gellert Mountain with the best panorama of the city. Calculate your strength, take a camera and go to get acquainted with the history of Budapest.

Route 1. Buda Castle

one Chain Bridge Széchenyi (Széchenyi lánchíd). The chain bridge was opened in 1849.

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Route 2. Mount Gellert

one Square Szarvas tér. In the 18th century, the Tabán area, located between Gellert’s mountain and the castle hill, was littered with vineyards. Wine cellars and bars attracted many visitors and were the center of entertainment. Now here is the park, the Church of Tabán, built between 1728 and 1740. and the Oleniy Dom (Szarvas Ház), which has a restaurant. 2 Square Döbrentei tér. In this small park stands a bronze statue of Empress Elizabeth of Bavaria (Sissi) 3 Erzsébet híd Bridge. Built in 1903 and named after Empress Sissi. The original bridge was blown up by the retreating German army, the new one was erected in 1964. 4 Statue of Saint Gellert. According to legend, Saint Gerard of Hungary, who baptized Hungarians, was thrown from a mountain into the waters of the Danube 5 Citadel (Citadella). The fortress on the top of the mountain was built by the Hapsburgs in 1851. The strategic location of the citadel allowed, in the event of an uprising, to fire on both sides of the city — I would be Pest 6 Statue of Liberty (Szabadság Szobor). The statue, together with the pedestal, rises 40 meters above the mountain. Initially, the composition was devoted to the liberation of Budapest by the Soviet Army.

In Budapest, there are sightseeing tours with a Russian-speaking guide, a hop-on hop-off tourist bus is walking.

After a bit of thought about how to get to the Buda Hill, we decided to travel by car so as not to waste precious time traveling on the ill-fated tour bus. And did not regret it at all. Navigator led to the designated point. The roads of Budapest, like the rest of Hungary, are great, drivers are polite on the road, seeing some confusion of foreigners, never honk and miss, even if they should not do that.

A walk along the Buda hill began from the church of Mary Magdolin along the fortress wall, judging by occasionally meeting tourists, this is not the most visited part of the hill. But here are the houses of the Hungarians and this is also some immersion in the everyday life of this country. But we continue to move to the sights. And here we face in all its glory Matyas Cathedral.

Inside is very beautiful. Unfortunately, part of the cathedral is under restoration, and it was not possible to see everything.

In the cathedral there is a small exhibition of museum exhibits. Interesting enough. The entrance ticket costs 1000 forints or 140 rubles.

Fisherman’s Bastion is a five towers.

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The open balconies connecting the towers offer views of Pest, the Danube Bridges, Gellert Hill and Margit Island.

Two elderly musicians played in one of the towers, having heard the Russian language, they began to perform potpourri from famous Soviet pop songs. Having received a contribution of thanks for the development of the duet, we were told in Russian: “Thank you!”.

The road to the Buda Palace goes through the old streets of Buda, paved with cobblestones. On both sides of the street are souvenir shops and cafes, if you wish, you can ride in the carriage.

The territory of the Royal Palace is surrounded by flower beds, fountains, monuments and is admirable. In the courtyard of the Palace is the well of King Matthias.

On the left on the way to the Palace is located the Palace of Shandor, which today is the residence of the President.

There we accidentally came to change the guard.

We did not consider the advertised pedestrian part of Vaci street wrong.

We were surprised by the absence of any creative personalities: musicians, mimes, dancers, artists, etc. In general, this street did not make an impression on us. Probably, we do not belong to the category of tourists for which it is designed. Shops and cafes we were not interested.

This ended our two-day trip to Budapest. Unfortunately, we failed to carry out all the plans, but this was only our first visit, so everything that we did not have time to see this time, we will definitely look at the next one!

Well, we move on to the famous Lake Balaton, well, on the way we’ll stop in a small town called Szentendre …

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