Boat Trip in Dubai

Dubai has long ceased to be exotic and inaccessible to an ordinary tourist vacation spot. The brightest and fastest growing city in the Middle East can provide entertainment for almost every taste and wallet. Attracting investment and visitors from different countries – the main objectives of local authorities. Therefore, they offer leisure and appropriate.

Since the historical component here is far from the first place, service, comfort, modern buildings and the introduction of technology, as well as the infrastructure that the most visited cities in the world will envy will surprise in a good sense of the word. Various safaris and walks, fishing and hunting, exploring stately buildings, markets and fairs – not a complete list of plans for the duration of their stay in Dubai.

Description of the best tours in Dubai

What to do, where to go and what to see in the city and its surroundings?

Jeep safari

It is conducted by experienced drivers. They send cars to the Arabian desert, allowing tourists to admire the sand dunes and ride along difficult routes. The tour most often includes stops in the Bedouin settlement, acquaintance with local legends and traditions. In addition, the organizers set a rich table in order to treat guests with both national dishes and international products. After the safari, you can ride a camel and compare the impressions of the two trips. There will be a trip without a show program, for example, belly dancing and other colorful entertainment.

Boat Trip in Dubai

Dubai City Tour

Acquaintance with the city and the opportunity to outline for yourself a more detailed route and make a plan of rest. The tour includes a visit to the most interesting places. Burj Al Arab – the famous sail hotel. Built at a distance of almost three hundred meters from the shore. Included in the hundred tallest buildings in the world. Khalifa Tower – the tallest building in the world, has 163 floors. Atlantis is a resort complex created on an artificial island. Also worth seeing are the local malls, the singing fountains, the aquarium, fashionable districts. You can explore Dabai, both traveling by car and walking, and rising to the upper floors of one of the skyscrapers.

While in Dubai, you can book a tour of the capital – a popular tourist destination. In addition to the offices of large companies and the business center, Abu Dhabi is famous for its attractions. The main ones are skyscrapers. The shape of the buildings is always unusual. For example, Aldar HQ is called a circular skyscraper, and Capital Gate – a leaning tower. There is also a unique amusement park – the largest indoor park – Ferrari Park. An authentic shipyard operates on the Corniche, where dow are still made – special Arab boats. Nearby is the El Husn fort, preserved from the time of the old Abu Dhabi.

One of the emirates with the same capital. Tours from Dubai here are commonplace. The most remarkable thing in Sharjah is the Desert Park. It is located outside the city and receives guests on a permanent basis. Among the dunes are several thematic zones. This is the Museum of the History of Nature, where you can study evolution, and the Botanical Garden with plants from different regions, and the Wildlife Center, which has gathered almost all the fauna living on the Arabian Peninsula. The tour is available for visits with children, and a special farm is organized for the youngest guests: you can feed your pets right from the hands.

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

The largest of the amusement parks that are located indoors. Opened in 2010. Everything inside is dedicated to famous cars, racing and speed. Several exhibition areas demonstrate the evolution of the fleet of the Italian company. There is a cinema where there are thematic films. A lot of rides and miniature tracks, interactive shows, playgrounds, driving school – entertainment for every taste. Fans of extreme sports can ride a roller coaster, including the fastest of the existing ones in the world. The rest will usefully spend time considering the rarities and the latest achievements of the automotive industry.

Burj Khalifa

Also called the “Khalifa Tower”. The year of completion is 2010. The tallest building in the world. Located in the business center of the city. The tour consists of a visit to this magnificent structure. Viewing platforms on the 124th and 125th floors (totaling 163) are a great opportunity to see Dubai from a bird’s-eye view. In many ways, the Burj Khalifa is a symbol of renewal and modernization of the country. Therefore, to see a skyscraper in the immediate vicinity – “must see” for any tourist who finds himself in the AEO. Available for visits with children.

6 emirates in one day

Car tour, which takes about 12 hours. The trip allows you to see the natural areas and iconic places of the country. Starts the tour in Dubai and gives a brief acquaintance with its beauty. Then tourists move to Sharjah, which at the end of the 90s received the title of the cultural capital of the Arab world from UNESCO. The path through the desert lies in the mountains of Fujairah. Here it is impossible to pass by the colorful market with traditional goods of the east. In one of the canyons is to make a stop and admire the views from the observation deck. Swimming in the waters of the Gulf of Oman is a chance to refresh yourself before a visit to Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Quwain.

Indian Ocean Coast

Get out of the big cities for a while and visit the emirate of Fujairah – change of exposure to relax. There is no such fuss here as in Dubai, although tourists are traditionally surrounded in the local market with attention and various offers. Nearby are the Hajjar Mountains and, both natural and man-made, green oases. Those who wish to visit the archaeological museum or inspect one of the mosques. And the whole road here is one big impression. Picnic on the beach – the perfect end to a busy day. The coast of the Indian Ocean is a picturesque place where everyone can find something to occupy.

Modern Dubai

Although the city was founded in 1833, practically nothing remained of the former one. Today, Dubai is a concentration of everything modern and advanced. At the same time, many traditions of the past have been preserved, which is important for the cultural component of the whole country. The business district is the place where the majestic skyscrapers are built, looking into the sky. Many large companies have offices here. Numerous shopping centers have a trump card to attract tourists and the local public. And artificial islands near the coast show that a person is able to overcome difficulties, creating something beautiful.

The oldest district of Dubai. Visit here – familiarity with the traditions and the opportunity to see the other side of the city. The tour includes a visit to the Bedouin house and breakfast with the hosts. They will not only treat with national dishes, but also will tell about the traditions of the region, and also share some local legends. Narrow streets, rare old buildings and a bustling market have preserved the atmosphere of the past. All this in contrast to the skyscrapers and lights of the rest of the city makes a strong impression on tourists. If you wish, you can ride on an Arab boat and visit the museum.

Night dubai

At dusk, everything in the literal and figurative sense is seen in a different light. Since Dubai, following the example of many large cities, never sleeps, a walk through it at night is a great opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of an advanced east. A lot of lights and illuminated buildings make the night a comfortable time for exploring the main attractions. In addition to the hotel-sails, singing fountains and the Tower of Hilifa, the Atlantis resort located on the man-made Palm Island is also worth a visit. Yes, and some markets are working around the clock, so go there will not be superfluous.

Dubai Miracle Garden

The opening of the flower park was held in 2013. A real fragrant oasis, organized in the middle of the desert. Here are hundreds of types of flowers. They are put on public display as separate plants, bright flowerbeds, expositions and installations. Most are in the open. The length of the footpaths of the park is about four kilometers, and about 45 million flowers are to be seen walking along them. Nearby is another miracle – the Butterfly Garden. These are two separate centers, but thematically they have many points of contact.

Peninsula Musandam

Located in the north of Oman. Outing trips here from Dubai are conducted by many travel agencies. The route to the peninsula passes by the east coast of the UAE and the picturesque mountains in the Indian Ocean. Visiting fishing villages is a mandatory part of the program. Traditions, cultural characteristics, familiarity with life and treating national dishes – part of the entertainment. Swimming, fishing, familiarity with the underwater world – at the request of guests. Especially here lovers of diving in the mask and flippers will like it. Sometimes dolphins swim nearby, which becomes an additional advantage of the trip.

Boat Trip in Dubai

Night crab hunt

In the vicinity of the city of Umm al-Quwain, tourists are invited to catch their own dinner. Hunting for crabs is accompanied by a guide who speaks Russian. Night time is the ideal time for such an activity. The event lasts about an hour and goes into dinner, prepared from the catch and complemented by the guests. Nearby is a club with a full-fledged restaurant. That is, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the hall or sit comfortably on the beach (as chosen by travelers). Sommelier will advise suitable drinks.

Sea excursion

View of the tour, allowing to see the sights and the city as a whole from a different angle. There can be many types of such recreation. They differ in both the route and the choice of the craft. Speedboats are suitable for lovers of comfort and speed, and classically dhow will appeal more to those who support authenticity. A cruise near the coast (you can see man-made islands close by) lasts about a couple of hours. Unusual views of skyscrapers, embankments, mosques and other beauties open from the water. In the evening, such excursions are also held regularly.

Oasis Al Ain

The fourth largest city in the UAE and the only one that is removed from the coast. Located on the border with Oman. Departures here from Dubai – regular excursions – a sought-after destination. Al Ain is the country’s largest zoo, there are many resort areas and recreation areas, all of them are rich in greenery and vegetation. There are also ancient forts, a variety of museums, mosques, small gardens scattered throughout. Jebel Hafeet Mountain is equipped with observation platforms, and a winding road leads to its top. Part of the mountain already belongs to Oman.

As Dubai strives to satisfy all the needs of the guests, such a city could not manage without water parks. The most famous of them is “Wild Wadi Water Park”. Here you can relax quietly and comfortably, book a massage, lie down on a lounger with a cocktail in your hands. But most people come here for impressions and extreme. In the wave pool of impressive size, you can get into a man-made storm and fight with controlled elements. Slides, too, are fraught with indescribable sensations. First of all, it refers to “Jumeirah Sceirah”: first, the pressure of the water throws up brave men up, and then descends through the tunnel at an incredible speed.

Moroccan baths

Special program of rest, which includes various cosmetic procedures. Treatment of the face and body takes place, both dry and wet steam. A visit to the bath is combined with swimming in the pools. In one of them, the water is fresh, in the other – salty. In addition, there are many additional services: face masks and hair, manicure, pedicure, body scrub. All this is part of a visit to the Palace of Beauty. The atmosphere and the interior will not let you forget that the spa is located in the eastern country. Here traditional methods are combined with modern developments and the secrets of the world of cosmetology.

Fair Global Village (Global Village)

It takes place annually, lasts from November to March. On the impressive size of the territory, many countries of the world exhibit their trade pavilions. It sells goods from all over the world. There are both industrial products and those made by hand by craftsmen and artisans. In this case, sellers, as a rule, are not tied to the price and willingly enter into the process of bargaining. Tastings of sweets and national dishes are held everywhere. At the same time acquaintance with the customs and cultural characteristics of other countries. At the fair is always crowded and full of life.

Singing fountains in dubai

Usually, visiting the show is reserved for the final part of a sightseeing tour of Dubai, although it can be viewed as an independent presentation. Presentation – a composition of water, light and sound. The fountain performs both Arabic melodies and world hits. It is located in the Dubai Mall – the largest shopping center, not only the east, but the whole world. Watching the show is best with a traditional water taxi. In the same mall there is a large rink, and after the show, the city at dusk opens to tourists in a new light and gives an indescribable feeling.

Fishing in the Persian Gulf

Passes in the company of experienced fishermen on a well-equipped vessel. It takes about four hours. The catch may be different, depending on the weather and cool. Some tourists manage to catch a shark or barracuda. Others are limited to tuna or something similar. Such fishing can not be called extreme, but the adventure is clearly associated with vivid memories and emotions. Such a holiday is suitable, both for fishermen with experience and for those who have never taken a fishing rod before. All tackles and bait provide the organizers of the tour.

Big Bus Dubai sightseeing bus

Open-top double-decker buses ride along several routes. When buying a ticket, a tourist gets the right to go out and sit at any stop an unlimited number of times while his ticket is valid. The audio guide is available in several languages, including Russian. He talks about the sights that the bus is passing at the moment. You can choose a route depending on your interests. Some cover landmark buildings and objects, while others are thematic and are associated with some specific area of ​​recreation (for example, beach).

Dubai from above

The easiest way to explore the city from a bird’s eye view is to buy a ticket to the observation deck of one of the skyscrapers. However, in this case, the panorama will be static. There are more extreme types of excursions. For example, you can rent a helicopter, as with a guide telling about the sights, and without it. Some prefer to fly over the desert in a balloon, and there are plenty of such offers from operators. Also on the coast are renting together with the pilot hydroplanes. They sit on the water at the end of the journey, which adds positive emotions to passengers.

Dubai Markets

Shopping is a full-fledged tourist destination of the UAE and Dubai in particular. The gold market is divided into two: traditional products are sold in the old, modern ones in the new. In addition, here you can buy not only jewelry from precious metal, but also precious stones, as well as jewelry from everything that is valuable to potential buyers. The textile market looks more like a quarter of stores, and not like a market square. Fabrics for every taste of high quality – the basis of local trade. In addition to a large grocery market, there is a separate spice market and a fish market. The trade in numerous malls, trying to lure buyers with something unusual, does not subside.

Individual car tour

View excursion. Not suitable for children. On a private car with a guide, tourists are offered to slowly visit the main sights and take a closer look at them. Fancy shaped skyscrapers stretching high into the sky, bulk islands, luxury hotels, respectable districts, mosques, shopping centers, business centers, numerous markets – everything for a traveler to compile his own opinion about Dubai. No cost without a visit to places where all visitors like to take photos. During the trip, the guide will tell the story of the city and its cultural features.

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