The company has held strong positions in the implementation of paints and varnishes in the Russian Federation for two decades. A wide range of coatings allows us to quickly and efficiently carry out orders of our customers. In the warehouse of the company are constantly in the presence of several hundred items of primers, paints, varnishes, paints, putties, antiseptics. This range of paint products is sufficient to provide consumers in Moscow and regions of the Russian Federation.

We work with construction companies and clients throughout Russia. Banks, hospitals, factories, office premises are painted on the inside or outside of our company. Various types of industrial coatings are widely used for painting various metal structures, automobile and railway rolling stock, at woodworking plants, for the manufacture of self-leveling floors.

We also work with retail stores. To create a retail department (color studio), modern tinting complexes are proposed. Warranty service is offered for one year. After-sales service is provided by the company’s specialists. For connecting equipment, troubleshooting and for training your staff to work on an automatic tinting machine, our experts go to the site.

Working with us, you can always offer a full range of services for the selection of paints for repair and construction. Our Company is not only a supplier of varnishes and paints, but also provides technical support for construction companies and industrial enterprises.

Our partners

For architects

Individual approach, advertising and marketing support, provision of technical information and trial painting, solution of non-standard issues, selection of your color, quality assurance, provision of necessary documentation;

For construction companies

Reasonable and reasonable prices, special delivery terms, technical support, individual approach, exact delivery time, provision of technical information and trial paintwork, quality assurance, constant availability of materials;


For Tender and component organizations

Stable deliveries, reasonable and reasonable prices, highly qualified assistance in the implementation of complex projects, quality assurance, technical support, accurate delivery times, advertising and marketing support;

Customer Issues

  • Good day. My husband and I are engaged in the manufacture of children’s furniture. For painting used your lacquer (zakolerovali in the color of wenge and tick). We really liked. They wanted to ask whether it is possible to tint varnish on the RAL table directly in the store or is it done only at the factory? I really want bright colors, because the furniture is childish!



DECOTECH ECO line extension:

Launch of sales and presentation of the new universal gloss enamel Decotech ECO PF-115

Release of a new product:

Launch of production and presentation of Decotech ECO, an alkyd based, new, lessking antiseptic, which does not form a continuous film.

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