Beverly Hills Tour Map

The city is divided into several areas, the most famous of which are considered to be Downtown (expensive hotels, business centers and fashion boutiques), Santa Monica (beaches, bars, restaurants and music clubs), Beverly Hills and Hollywood (home to the richest people in the country) and Malibu (a paradise with very expensive real estate).

Fans of American cinema should visit the Dolby Theater, where the annual Academy Award ceremony takes place. Also, do not miss the opportunity to take pictures next to the star of your favorite actor on the “avenue of stars” in Hollywood. It is possible that you will meet your idol in one of the restaurants or clubs, because everything is possible in the “City of Angels”!

There are many interesting museums here, for example, Madame Tussauds wax collection and the Museum of Modern Art. There are also more unusual collections: the Velveteria Museum, where velvet paintings are presented, or the Death Museum, the exhibition of which is devoted to such unpleasant things as blood, serial killers and sacrifices.

Beverly Hills Tour Map

The little guests of Los Angeles also will not be bored. When swimming in the ocean becomes boring, you can spend the day at Disneyland or at the Universal Studios entertainment park, visit a zoo or an aquarium.

Tours in Los Angeles

Trips to Los Angeles are not cheap. View the famous Hollywood and exposure at its studios, “Disneyland”, Griffith Park and many other attractions guests are ready at any time of the year, in any weather.

Rest in the city of angels can spend the most diverse. During the day, there is a huge number of museums of different orientations, and at night, guests go to entertainment tours of nightlife.

The best beaches of the Pacific coast of the USA are open in the city. On the famous Malibu beach to find cheap trips is almost impossible. The best surfers and divers from all over the world come here.

Despite the fact that the city has summer weather almost all year round, the cost of tours depends on the season. The hottest months are summer, so for this period, even last-minute trips will cost a lot of money.

In winter, the price of tours is also not the lowest. At this time, lovers of mountain entertainment come here. The local climate allows one day to ride on the snow-covered slopes and dip the feet in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The air temperature on the coast this period does not fall below 17 o C.

The most budget travel options can be found in the off season. On average, last minute deals in this area are held at the level of 1800 USD for one in two weeks with the flight.

Places of interest in Los Angeles

You can visit the famous areas of Los Angeles and see such sights as the “Walk of Fame” or the Dolby Theater by ordering a tour or hiring a personal guide. Independent travelers can walk unaccompanied along pre-arranged routes. Shopping in Los Angeles will satisfy even the most demanding fashionistas, and in the evening you can go to one of the clubs where Hollywood stars like to visit.

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