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On the eve of the spring-summer season, the question of choosing high-quality rubber is acute. Do not underestimate the seriousness of this issue. Tires are one of the most important components of safe and comfortable driving.


Ranking of the best summer tires 2018

It’s time to figure out which summer tires are 14 better. We will discuss in more detail the following brands:

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The Toyo NanoEnergy 3 tire line is the perfect solution for cars of compact and medium size.


Average price – 2300 rubles per piece.

  • lack of noise;
  • fuel efficiency.
  • long braking distance on wet surfaces;
  • sensitivity to road irregularities.

The cabin has become much quieter. Fuel consumption has decreased, a trifle – but nice. Road holding is excellent, the speed of 120 km / h is simply not felt. When braking the car stops rooted to the spot. By the way, it slows down equally on dry pavement and on wet. On the wet asphalt car does not lead. Of the minuses, probably too soft sidewall.

Yokohama Bluearth AE01 summer tires designed for small family cars. The composition of the rubber compound is developed using nanotechnology.


The average price is 2,200 per unit.

  • low noise level;
  • long service life.
  • difficult handling during extreme maneuvering.

Car tires Yokohama Blu Earth AE – 01 in my opinion and experience of use – a good ratio of price and quality. On wet asphalt, the grip on the track is excellent, the braking is excellent, on a dirt road it goes smoothly without noise and knocking, the cabin is quite quiet. And there is another plus: when using these tires, fuel consumption has decreased.

Michelin Tires Energy XM2 – economical and durable road tires with durable sidewall and good grip.


Average price – 3300 per piece.

  • increased sidewall strength;
  • Manufacturer’s warranty 5 years.
  • reduced wet handling.

Michelin Energy XM2 tires are decent tires. It showed itself well both in the rain and in hot weather. Grip on the road at the height, wear resistance is very good compared to other brands. Almost always I prefer Michelin – only positive impressions. Rubber though costs more than its counterparts, but the price matches the quality.

Nokian Hakka Green 2 tires provide comfortable driving, reliability and save fuel.


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The average price in Russia is 2,900 per unit.

  • unlimited warranty;
  • improved wet grip.
  • rubber is very soft, damage is possible.

Reliable, strong. Feels great road. On the highway I drove 120 km / h in heavy rain. All how much. The behavior of the machine is easily controlled. For 1200 km traveled saved 21 liters of gasoline. Partly there is the merit of these tires. Not brought neither in the rain, nor in the heat, nor on sharp turns. In general, I go and I’m not afraid of anything. No drifts.


The Continental ContiEcoContact 3 tire line is designed for compact cars. The manufacturer guarantees a reduction in braking distance on both wet and dry roads.


Average price – 3500 per piece.

  • reduced braking distance;
  • improved grip due to silicon dioxide in the rubber compound.
  • poor handling on gravel.

Tire worthily holds the road at any speed. Grip in the rain is no worse than in dry weather, and it is also very quiet. On the good asphalt it is not audible at all, the car goes smoothly, confidently.

Korean car tires Kumho Sense KR26 are suitable for comfortable and confident driving compact and family cars.


Average price – 2000 per piece.

  • drainage protector;
  • reduced rolling resistance.
  • increased noise background.

Rubber is good for a quiet ride in travel, out of town, and so on. Despite its valkost when driving, it keeps on sharp turns. Compared to others, the tire is very tough and is audible by noise. But in general, when driving on a good road, it feels that everything is fine and comfortable.


Bridgestone Ecopia EP200 passenger tires are the latest technological developments from Bridgestone.


The average price is 2800 per unit.

  • provides fuel savings of 12.3%;
  • improved wear resistance.
  • movement instability on a wet surface.

The wheels were very quiet. The pleasure of driving is incomparable. On a wet road it maintains stability, the rut is practically not felt. In short, I am very pleased. Recommend!

Summer tires Matador MP16 Stella 2 provide improved handling and low noise.


The average price is 2,200 per unit.

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  • wear indicator;
  • drainage protector.
  • soft sidewall increases the risk of lateral damage.

Of the main advantages: when driving, they do not make noise either at 90 km / h or 150 km / h. Keep the road well, including wet asphalt. In my opinion, they have good aquaplaning indicators, which does not lead to a loss of steering when hitting the water surface at high speeds. These tires are very pleased.

The Hankuk Optimo K715 Series tires combine superior performance and stability on both wet and dry road surfaces.


The average price is 2800 per unit.

  • increased uniformity contributes to a smoother running and long service life;
  • the seamless bead ring improves tire stability at high speeds.
  • increased noise background.

The HanKooK “Optimo K715” summer tires hold the road quite well; there are no complaints about the braking qualities. Rubber behaves well in the rain. The course is smooth, you turn into a wet track without any problems. On the rural road in the mud rows quite well. HanKooK summer tires “Optimo K415” can not be called silent, but the noise level is acceptable.

Adverse weather will not affect the handling and maneuverability of the car, equipped with a set of tires Amtel Planet 2P.


Average price – 1800 per piece

  • there is a drainage system;
  • self-cleaning quickly from dirt and water.
  • rubber stiffness increases the sensitivity to road irregularities.

They are definitely not afraid of dirt. I do not know about consumption, most likely it has become less, I did not observe noise at a speed of less than 70 km / h. The second season – no cracks, no cones, no tread wear.

Test-comparison of the presented tires

The summary table below shows all the summer tires R14 and their characteristics.

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A brief video review will help you quickly navigate in all the variety of summer tires.

Tire marking

How to choose the right tires for your car? First of all, it is desirable to get acquainted with the manual for your car. It lists the tire sizes recommended by the manufacturer. If this is problematic, read the inscription on the side of the rubber you already have.

On the example of 175/65 R14 82T we discuss the main markings:

  • 175 – tire width in mm;
  • 65 – the ratio of the height of the profile to the width in%;
  • R – tire with radial cord;
  • 14 – wheel diameter in inches;
  • 82 – load index, the level of maximum load on one wheel. In our case, the corresponding 475 kg;
  • T – tire speed index, determines the maximum allowed speed. T is 190 km / h.

Additional information indicated on the label:

  • XL or Extra Load – reinforced tire;
  • M + S – dirt plus snow;
  • All Season or AS – all-season tires;
  • * (snowflake) – tires for use in harsh winter conditions;
  • RSC (RunFlat) is a tire on which it is realistic to continue driving on a car with a speed of no more than 80 km / h with a complete drop in tire pressure (when a puncture or cut);
  • Tubeless – tubeless tire;
  • RF – the strengthened tire;
  • C – truck tire.

What to look at when choosing?

When choosing tires, we advise you to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • seasonality – summer / winter;
  • tread type – symmetrical / asymmetrical / directional / non-directional;
  • tire construction type – chamber / tubeless;
  • cord construction type – diagonal / radial;
  • mounting diameter / radius;
  • tire width;
  • profile height;
  • load index;
  • speed index.

Where better to buy summer tires

Shops selling summer tires, many. We recommend to purchase tires in the official service centers that help with the installation of rubber and provide a guarantee on the product and its services, such as:

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