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Although there are three major airports in the suburbs of Milan, if you fly from abroad, you most likely will land in Malpensa. Malpensa Airport is the second largest in Italy and is one-on-one in terms of passenger traffic volume with the country’s largest air terminal named after Leonardo da Vinci in Rome. Although Malpensa Airport is located almost 50 kilometers from the city, thanks to a developed transport infrastructure, getting from it to the center of Milan does not seem to be a problem.

Milan, although it is the main business hub in northern Italy, is still not very popular among tourists. By the number of tourist attractions, the city is inferior to such monsters of Italian tourism as Rome, Florence and Venice.

Thus, many of those arriving in Malpensa do not burden themselves with visiting the city and choose roads that bypass Milan. If you belong to this glorious cohort of travelers, then you can safely skip this post, because our goal today is to get to Milan.

Malpensa Express

As the name suggests, there is a railway route at Malpensa airport, using the services of which you can easily get into the city.

Malpensa Express travels from the airport to the center of Milan in 40-50 minutes depending on the terminal station of the trip and the number of intermediate stops. Trains run almost around the clock 7 days a week, with the exception of a small daily break between 1:30 and 5:30.

Malpensa Express train at the airport station

Best weekend trips from La

As of the beginning of 2018, a one-way ticket from Malpensa Airport to the station Milano centrale cost 13 euros for a one way ticket. Regardless of whether you buy a one-way ticket or 2, do not forget to punch it before you board the train.

You can buy tickets for Malpensa-Express at the box office at the station. The only “But” is that the cash desk is open from 5:30 am to 00:20 on weekdays and on a shorter schedule on holidays and weekends. If the ticket office does not work for your arrival, you can use the option of buying a ticket through the machine.

Milano Centrale Station is conveniently located in the city center.

Also note that Malpensa Express trains go to several stations in Milan, and the latter may not be located on the same line. Thus, it always makes sense to double-check whether the train is going exactly where you want to go. Otherwise, arriving at the final station, you will have to use the subway in order to correct your mistake. Of course, this is not the end of the world, but still an obstacle that can be avoided.

From Malpensa to Milan by bus

You can get from Malpensa Airport by bus not only to Milan, but also to many other points on the map of Italy (and not only Italy). The total number of destinations is about 20 and includes Turin, Genoa, Bergamo, Verona and many others. Directly to Milan from Malpensa are several routes.

Bus stop at Malpensa Airport

The most profitable of these are the buses of the famous European low-cost airline Terravision. When booking online one way ticket will cost only 8 Euro for an adult and 5 Euro for a child from 5 to 12 years old (children under 5 years of age travel for free). So get from Malpensa Airport to the center of Milan by bus almost 2 times more profitable, than on the express.

Buses depart from special stops at the exit of terminals T1 and T2 and follow to the main railway station in the center of Milan – Centrale station. During business hours of the route, buses depart approximately every 20 minutes. Travel time is about 50 minutes.

The first flight from the airport departs at 5:05 am, the last – at 00:10 at night. When traveling from the city to the airport, the first flight departs from the stop at the Central Station at 3:50 am, the last – at 21:55 pm.

You can purchase tickets in advance both at one end and in both. At the same time, buying tickets “back and forth” in advance is even cheaper (14, not 16 Euro).

In 2016, going to Rome, BlogoItaliano tried the service on a similar route from Fiumicino Airport, after having bought tickets through the website. The whole process was recorded on video, and bring it here. When buying tickets online, do not forget to print them out – when you board the bus, only the printed version of the ticket is accepted. Company website, where you can get more details about the route, as well as book your tickets, is here.

By the way, From Malpensa you can get to another airport of Milan – Linate, with which a regular bus service is established.

Helpful advice: Going to Milan, be sure to download the audio guide for the city from BlogoItaliano for iPhone [link]. The full version works even without the Internet, makes it easy to navigate in the city by GPS and contains a ready audio tour of the most interesting places in Milan. And all this is much cheaper than even the most budget tours.

Taxi from Malpensa Airport to Milan

Although there are still taxi drivers in Milan who do not mind “warming their hands” on tourists who first arrived in Italy, there is an effective way not to mess up with “extra-tariffs”. One of the most effective alternatives is to call a taxi over the Internet to the expected arrival of a flight to Malpensa airport. Catching a taxi at the terminal is also quite realistic, but with this option, all risks are transferred to the passenger.

With the development of online ordering use Taxi from Malpensa Airport to Milan via the Internet has become megapopular among travelers. And it’s not just the risks of running into an overpriced tariff, as often happens in Russia or Ukraine. There is another reason: the majority of local drivers other than Italian do not speak other languages.

When ordering a taxi via the Internet – all these risks are leveled. The passenger must specify his flight details, the final destination of the trip, special requirements for cars, if any (seats for children, a large amount of baggage and

Taxi drivers meet passengers at the exit from the arrivals area

Thus, by the way, you can expect travel time without ordering a taxi itself, since the cost and time of transfer from Malpensa airport to Milan (and many more cities in the vicinity) are counted by the service even without personal data of the passenger.

Ordering a taxi via the Internet is also convenient because it allows you not to worry about delaying or postponing a flight. The company providing the service independently monitors the information board of the airport and is notified in advance about all changes in the schedule. For passengers, it is convenient because there is no additional charge for waiting the client.

The meeting of passengers with the driver is also worked out to automatism and occurs at the exit from the arrivals area. His driver is easily identified by a sign with the names specified when booking, which he holds in his hands. It is impossible to overpower.

In more detail, all the nuances of the BlogoItaliano service are devoted to a separate article, and you can order a taxi online from Malpensa airport or simply calculate the estimated costs of transfer depending on the end point of the trip here.

Another taxi service from Milan Airport (added in 2016)

When BlogoItaliano wrote this article, the choice of taxi services from Milan Airport left much to be desired. Yes, we found one, but there was really nothing to compare with.

But times are changing: from 2013, you can also order a taxi from Malpensa airport to your hotel through the KiwiTaxi service. We will not talk about tariffs now – they tend to change over time – but at the time of this writing, the service had at least 3 strong advantages: a more convenient interface than the previous one, the presence of the Russian version and Russian-speaking support. In the screenshot below, you can see the actual taxi rates at the time of this writing, but, of course, it always makes sense to check them separately on the service website – prices do not stand on the spot and can change both upwards and downwards.

Compare, choose and travel cheaper.

Rent a car at the airport of Milan

All major international car rental companies are represented at the Milan airport, and therefore for traveling around the country Malpensa can be considered an ideal starting point. The only, perhaps, exception is if you plan to spend your vacation in Milan (which happens quite rarely) or Venice (which happens much more often). For traveling around the city itself, it makes more sense to use a developed public transport network or a taxi.

You can rent a car at the airport of Milan both in the terminal itself and in advance via the Internet. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is to use the popular international car rental rental comparison service Rentalcars, developed by the creators of the equally popular

For example, BlogoItaliano tried to score in the search for a rental car for a period of 10 days. The cheapest option found by the system pleased me – a little more than 13 Euro per day:

Rent a car at the airport in Milan starts from 13 Euro per day

If you wish, you can take something more roomy or colorful: it will be a little more expensive, but also within reason.

By the way, if you are seriously focused on avtotrip, then we also recommend our article Rent a car in Italy: 5 most useful sites for autotrip.

Infographics: Transport from Malpensa Airport to the city

To make it easier for you to navigate in all the options, as you can get from the Malpensa Airport to Milan, BlogoItaliano summed them up in the form of infographics.

All ways to get from Malpensa Airport to Milan: infographics

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