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Bad is when you want to see all of Georgia in a week. You should not even try, because you will come again and again. Well – when the time of ten days, and better – a couple of weeks.

Here is routes, passed by us in Georgia at different times by car, while hiking, hitchhiking or public transport also has the right to life. Some routes were originally slightly different. I worked on the bugs – I removed something, added something, swapped destinations in several places for reasons of ease of movement, considering my experience.

Route number 1 – Batumi plus Svaneti

Perfect route If the goal is to relax on the sea and see the most beautiful mountains of Georgia, you will have to sacrifice Tbilisi. However, if time and budget allows, you can go to the capital of Georgia, but I would not interfere with one another.

The route is also suitable for those who arrive in Kutaisi or Batumi, in particular on flights to Kutaisi There are often quite good discounts; the price of a ticket is considered good if it costs no more than $ 150, both ways.

Batumi – Kobuleti – Kutaisi – Tskhaltubo – Prometheus Cave – Zugdidi (Transit) – Mestia – Ushguli – Kutaisi (Batumi)

Depending on arrival point Batumi and Kutaisi can be swapped, there will be no big problem.

Attractions along the route

Batumi – a separate story and an extensive program point, it takes at least three days, and taking into account the rest at sea and trips around the neighborhood – up to a week. Details about what to see in Batumi wrote in the article Batumi and surroundings. Practical information plus personal experience

Kutaisi – an industrial city in which it is worth making a stop from several hours to two or three days, see the temple of Bagrat, the White Bridge, the central old part of the city and the parliament building. You can spend the night here, but if the budget allows, you should stay in Tskhaltubo. If time permits and weather conditions, near Kutaisi can see Gelati Monastery of the Virgin, which is 6 km. from the city and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as well National Park Cetaplia. At 50 km. from Kutaisi is wonderful Nature Park – Okatse Canyon with specific observation platforms over the precipice and the walking route, in the same place – Kinchha waterfalls. In detail about what can be seen in the vicinity of Tskaltubo and Kutaisi, you can read the link to my article – Kutaisi and Tskaltubo. Hyde around

Tshaltubo – a formerly cool balneological resort, in Soviet times, the Moscow-Tskaltubo train ran here. Now – a quiet beautiful place in the subtropical greenery, which I would consider as a transit overnight on the way to Svaneti. We spent the night at the hotel Tskaltubo SPA Resort 4 * More housing offers can be found at the usual

Best time to book an international flight

Near Tshaltubo and Kutaisi Be sure to go to Prometheus Cave, you can get there by car in 10 minutes, by bus or taxi. The best time is morning to get to the most beautiful part of Georgia – the mountainous Svaneti.

Mestia. The capital of Svaneti, a small district center and a tourist mecca of all lovers of mountain Georgia, must visit for all – experienced and not so much. We drive a car from Tshaltubo or Kutaisi through Zugdidi, down the mountain serpentines. Road to Mestia excellent, relatively recently built. AT Mestia will have to spend at least one night, preferably 2-3, it is worth to book hotels and guest houses in Mestia according to your budget.

Ushguli – the highest mountain village in Svaneti, We get off-road vehicles that we rent with a driver from Mestia. Back-and-back costs about $ 60-80, you can make it through time for a full day, but it is better to stay in Ushguli for the night.

On Svaneti you need 3 days at a minimum, less will not work as almost half a day as a whole will go on the road back and forth and Svaneti. Ideal for 4-7 days if hiking tracks to the foot of the most famous peaks and Kuruldi lakes are planned. I advise you to read the story of the trip to Svaneti – there are described in detail all the nuances of travel to Svaneti.

In total, at a minimum – 3 days in Batumi and its environs, 1 day in Kutaisi (Tskaltubo), 3 days in Svaneti. Total at least a week for the whole trip.

Route 2 – Tbilisi, Kazbek and Alazani Valley

For those who have only 4-5 days and arrive, you fly to / from Tbilisi, as well as for connoisseurs of wine, ancient monasteries and beautiful nature. Along the route Greater Caucasus, Georgia’s most famous peak – Kazbek, resort Gudauri and part of the wine road in Kakheti.

Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Ananuri Fortress – Gudauri – Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) – Tbilisi – Signagi – Tbilisi

Attractions along the route

In the capital Georgia It is worth spending at least two or three days. What to see, where to sleep and where to eat, read the article Three days in Tbilisi. Nearby is ancient Mtskheta, in which the most interesting is Jvari Monastery on the mountain, a top view of the city and the confluence of two rivers – Aragvi and Kura (Mtkvari). On Mtskheta need at least half a day. Book budget hotels in Tbilisi at

We are moving along the Georgian military road towards settlement Stepantsminda (Kazbegi). On the way, we look at the ancient fortress of Ananuri on the bank of the reservoir; we stop at the high mountain ski resort Gudauri and make plans for the winter. We pass the picturesque Cross Pass, stopping every 15 minutes for a photo shoot.

In the evening we arrive at Kazbegi (Stepantsminda), The village is famous for the fact that here is the most famous peak of Georgia – Kazbek and Gergeti Monastery practically at its foot. It is near the monastery of the place with the most amazing panorama that I have ever seen. “We pray” that we are lucky with the weather and Kazbek was not obscured by clouds.

You can get to Gergeti Monastery and the foot of Kazbek on foot (about two hours), but it’s better with the local on an off-road car – 20 minutes, you can agree on a rental in the central square Stepantsminda or hotel, the price is about $ 20 round trip with the expectation as much as you need.

We spend the night in one of the hostels, and if the budget allows, I strongly advise you to stay at the best hotel – Rooms Hotel Kazbegi, memories for years are guaranteed. We stayed in it, but today the price has risen slightly (from $ 90 per night to 110 and up depending on the number), although there are discounts in the fall. I also advise read the article with a selection of the best hotels in Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) Choose and book Hotels in the village of Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) on

We return to Tbilisi, we spend the night and radially we leave Kakheti – beautiful town Signagi. We look at the remains of the fortress, watch towers and view of Alazani Valley against the background of snowy caps of the Caucasus Mountains. If time permits, you can spend the night and walk around the wineries. The most famous and beautiful winery – Chateau Mukhrani, there is also a specific open-air restaurant on a rock, prices are higher than urban ones, but if not to glam you are perfectly tolerable. On the central square there is a tourist office where you can get detailed information on the region. Kakheti and a map. The entire route will take from 4 to 6 days, if in stock 12-14 days, it can be combined with route number 1.

Route number 3. Svaneti, Kakheti, Tbilisi and more

This is a route for those who want to see everything or almost everything in Georgia.

Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Gori – Uplistsikhe – Kutaisi – Tskaltubo – Svaneti (Mestia, Ushguli) – Batumi – Tbilisi – Signagi

Destinations that are repeated in previous routes will not duplicate. If we arrive in Tbilisi, then after two or three days in the capital, we look at the ancient capital of Georgia – the city of Mtskheta and move towards Kutaisi. On the way, if you wish, we call in Stalin Museum in Gori, I didn’t like it very much, better to climb Gori fortress and look at the city and surroundings from a bird’s eye view. Next you should make a stop and enjoy the air, the atmosphere and of course mineral water. Borjomi. In this case, you will need at least one more night.

After Gori and Borjomi we make an obligatory stop in the cave city Uplistsikhe, the entrance is worth a symbolic couple of lari, a walk will take two to three hours. Most of all I liked the view of the valley from a height. The caves themselves are a bit like the Crimean Chufut Kale.

The whole route needs at least 8 days excluding Batumi or 10-12 days with rest in Batumi and the surrounding area.

What time of year is best to travel in Georgia

The swimming season on the Black Sea coast from July – to the beginning of October (we swam in late October, water – +18), the best time to travel is autumn, because there are fewer people, fruits, reasonable prices for housing and food, almost everywhere comfortable weather, The exception is the mountains of Svaneti, where you are lucky. The cost of fuel in Georgia is cheaper than in Ukraine and is approximately

How to rent a car in Georgia

I recommend using the site for searching and renting a car in Georgia.

How to buy a cheap flight to Georgia

Flight to Georgia You can buy an average of 100-170 US dollars back and forth. Optimally search for tickets through the international website search and book air tickets aviasales. It is almost always cheaper than searching on airline websites. For example, on the routes Kiev-Tbilisi, Kiev-Batumi, Kiev-Kutaisi, Moscow-Tbilisi, Moscow-Batumi.

Useful links when planning trips

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Airbnb – the world leader in the search for apartments and apartments for travel, register by the link and get a cash bonus on your first booking

Car rental in Georgia – a site for finding and renting cars all over the world with the possibility of free cancellation

Order a taxi online – you will be transferred from the airport to the hotel and vice versa. The driver will meet with a sign with your name and deliver to the destination. No route specification is needed – everything is done in advance online. Often it is cheaper than ordering a taxi on the spot and is very convenient. Knowledge of English is not required.

Travel insurance is the best online service for selling insurance services from leading insurance companies.

Order tours online from Ukraine – Misto-travel – This is the only online operator for the sale of online tours, which is well established.

Pre-booked transfer (taxi in Georgia)

Do not want to run around the airport in search of taxi drivers and / or bargain with them? Now in Georgia there is a convenient service that allows you to order a transfer online in advance. Upon arrival you will be waiting for a car with a driver. You can do this on the site gotrip.

You will also need a pre-booked transfer if you are traveling from Tbilisi to Gudauri or Batumi, from Kutaisi to Batumi or Mestia (Svaneti) as well as in any other popular direction.

Cars can accommodate from 3 to 6 passengers, you can choose a specific car with a specific driver. The drivers speak Russian, English, Georgian, in the description on the site there is detailed information.

How to find housing in Georgia

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