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What to see in Bali? We have collected in the article Top Bali Attractions – Top 10 Places, worth visiting on the island. Below you are a map with all the sights, their photo and description.

There are much more than ten sights on the island of Bali, but it’s impossible to fit their description and photos in one article. Below you will find information about 10 beautiful and interesting places in Bali, which are definitely worth a visit, and all the other attractions of the island can be viewed on the map at the end of the article.

Excursion or self inspection?

All interesting places of Bali can be viewed as part of the tour, and independently.

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For those who have a driver’s license, we recommend choosing the second option: rent a car and see all the interesting sights on your own. In addition, in the places you like you can spend as much time as you like. If you decide to see the sights of the island on your own – the article Rent a car in Bali is useful to you.

Tours have their own advantages. For example, you do not need to think through the route and read information about the sights on the Internet – the guide will tell all the most important and interesting. If you are going to take a tour, look at the service Mybalitrips – there are a lot of options and good prices.

Photo: Ubud City © Chang’r /

Top 10 main attractions of Bali

The main attractions of Bali are concentrated in the north and east of the island; in the central part and in the south of the island there are fewer of them, and in the western part there are none at all.

Source and Temple of Tirta Empul

One of the most popular attractions in Bali is the water temple of Titra Empul, located in the town of Tampaxiring, 39 kilometers east of Denpasar. On the territory of the complex there is a sacred source of purifying waters, which is often visited by locals.

At the entrance you must purchase a sarong for 20,000 rupees. For the implementation of the ablution you need to buy another one – for 10,000 rupees. But it is optional. The line for ablution is usually long.

In reviews, many complain that due to the large number of tourists, this landmark is difficult to see and feel the spirit of this place. We recommend coming to the Tirth Empul temple early in the morning or in the evening, until it is filled with people. In addition, you should avoid visiting the sights during weekends and holidays – these days many local people come to the source.

Admission: Rs 20,000

Bali Attractions Nearby:

  • volcano Batur
  • city ​​of Ubud
  • Gunug Kawi Caves

Photo: Ablution at Tirth Empul © © Jelle Oostrom /

Rice plantations Jati Luvi and Mount Batukaru

On rice plantations in the center of Bali you can see how rice is grown on the island. Locals consider rice a gift from the Gods and cultivate it in the same ways that they used hundreds of years ago.

Not far from rice terraces there are cafes and restaurants where you can not only eat, but also watch the beauty of the Balinese landscapes.

When visiting, it is better to wear flip flops, as there may be mud and puddles on the plantations. In the reviews, travelers note the extraordinary beauty of these places.

In addition to this informative excursion, tourists, while on the plantations, can inspect and even make an ascent to Mount Batukaru, at the foot of which the eponymous temple is located.

Admission: Rs 20,000 (parking is charged separately)

What sights to see nearby:

  • hot springs and falls ye hu

Photo: rice terraces in Bali © kayugee /

Architectural Ensemble Pura Lempuyang

Religious architectural ensemble Pura Lempuyang enjoys great popularity among tourists. It consists of seven ancient religious buildings.

To get to the complex, you need to drive from the administrative center of Amlapura along the main road, then overcome steep serpentine and get to the main temple, which is located on the top of Mount Lempuyang, breaking the 1710 stone steps.

The first religious building is constantly open to visitors, it is more than 2,000 years old. From this place open beautiful panorama of mount agung and bali island.

Upper, main temple, usually closed. Locals call it “the temple of 1000 steps.”

To climb the holy mountain Lempuyang it is necessary to wear traditional women’s and men’s clothing – a sarong. It can be rented for 10,000 rupees.

Many tourists are advised to visit this architectural complex in Bali, because here everything is saturated with the history of the people and the beauty of nature. Especially good reviews receive the first temple, where the soul comes to peace.

Keep in mind that the climbs in the complex are steep and the steps are dirty.

Admission: free of charge, but you can donate any amount of money to the temple.

What to see next:

  • water palace titra ganga
  • Besakih temple

Image: Lempuyang Temple © Scott Dexter /


Among the 10 best sights of Bali, the city of Ubud, which is located in the central part of the island forty kilometers from the airport, stands out.

This city is more than eight centuries old. Ubud is not like cities in the modern concept. There is little transport, no high-rise buildings. Ubud is rightfully considered to be the cultural capital of the island: artisans, artists, sculptors of different directions, architects live in it.

Ubud is popular among tourists who are interested in painting and folk art. It attracts the attention of lovers of music and dance shows.

Guests have the opportunity to visit the Safari Park, visit the temples during festive ceremonies, ride around the city on a rental bike. The territory of the city is picturesque and immersed in greenery.

Many tourists are advised to look at natural sights in Ubud: Elephant Cave Goa Gajah and Monkey Forest, where you can admire the local nature.

You can get to the city by a special bus from Ngurah Rae International Airport.

Video about the sights of Ubud in Bali:

Agung Mountain and Besakih Temple

Another attraction of Bali is Mount Agung. This is an active volcano with a height of 3200 meters. The last eruption was in 1963. For local residents, this mountain is the most important on the island of Bali – they are sure that gods and ancestral spirits inhabit Agung.

For lovers of mountain climbing Agung is one of the peaks of the island, which certainly need to climb. For climbers created three routes. They are accompanied by specially trained guides.

On the southern part of the mountain at an altitude of 1000 meters is the temple Besakikh. It is a unique complex in its artistic form and historical value, consisting of 86 religious buildings. Their age reaches thousands of years. The temple of Besakikh is the only one where believers of any faith and of any social affiliation can perform prayers.

Visiting the temple is paid – 15,000 rupees. In addition, at the entrance you will have to buy a sarong for 10,000 rupees (or bring with you).

Many tourists are advised not to enter the temple from the main entrance, as there is a guard and requires a donation for the entrance, as well as the presence of an accompanying person. Accompanying, as a rule, they ask tourists to make offerings at every step, as well as considerable tips for their work. Therefore, it is better to enter the temple from the side gates, from where tourists go, who completed the inspection.

Photo: view of Agung from Mount Batur © Jan Alonzo /

Water palaces

In the list of the 10 best places in Bali are the attractions of Ujung and Tirta Ganga – two water palaces. A feature of these structures is that they are built on water. Each place is very beautiful and picturesque, definitely worth a visit.

The Ujung palace complex is built against the backdrop of the ocean and mountains and is one of the most beautiful architectural structures in Bali.

Visitors to the palace park will certainly try to capture themselves against the backdrop of extraordinary nature. In their reviews, seasoned tourists advise to climb to the top of the terrace, where they get the best photos of the palace.

To visit the water palaces, you must get to the city of Amlapura. Water palaces are located at a distance of 5-7 kilometers from the city. You can get from the airport by taxi.

Admission: Rs 20,000.

Sights of Bali nearby:

  • white sand beach white sand beach
  • Besakih temple

Photo and description of sights: Tirta Ganga Palace in Bali © Graeme Churchard /

Volcano and lake Batur

If you follow any northern road from the city of Ubud, then you can visit a large caldera, the diameter of which is more than 13.5 kilometers. Inside the caldera is a volcano and lake Batur.

If you feel prepared enough, you can climb the volcano Batur. Starting climbing at night, travelers meet extraordinary beauty dawn at the very top of the volcano. The whole journey takes 3-4 hours.

If you go along the northern road, then there is a post along the way, where you have to pay approximately 25,000 rupees for entering the caldera. But there is an opportunity to bypass this post. To do this, you should go from the Bintang shop in Ubud to the temple of Batur.

What to see nearby:

  • hot springs at the top of the volcano (in case of ascent)
  • vegetable plantations around the lake
  • rice plantation Tegalalang (on the way from Ubud)
  • Gunung Kawi Temple
  • Tirta Empoul source

Video about climbing the volcano Batur in Bali:

Botanical Garden

Near Lake Bratan is another attraction of Bali – the Botanical Garden.

To get to this heavenly spot, where more than 2000 different plants and trees are gathered, you need to drive about 60 km from the capital of the island Denpasar on the highway towards Singaraj.

In the park, which covers an area of ​​58 hectares, in addition to exotic, there are many amusement rides for children and adults. The entrance ticket costs 18,000 rupees. The price includes a two-hour tour of the park.

Tourists who have visited the botanical garden advise them to walk in the park slowly in order to feel the local nature. The park is very beautiful and collected all the flora of the island. In addition to the natural beauty of the park there are special places for recreation, rope rides and sculptures.

Image: Botanical Garden © Annie Mole /

Lakes Buyan, Bro and Tamblingan

At an altitude of more than 1,400 meters above sea level, is located the mountainous region of Bedugul. Three adjacent lakes – Tamblingan, Bro and Buyan give similarities with the Swiss Alps.

The area of ​​Bedukul, with its many places of worship, is one of the best places for tourists in Bali. In the coolness of the lakes you can relax, enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature and silence.

In the northern part of the island Bro is located temple Ulun Danu. The temple complex with an age of more than 300 years has survived to our time unchanged. The construction looks spectacular against the lake. Some of the buildings of the complex are located on small islands, and it seems that the pagodas have grown right out of the water.

To get to the territory of the lake and the temple you need to purchase a ticket, which costs 30,000 rupees. It is possible to go free through the village Kandikuning.

There are many historical places of worship around Tumblingan Lake. These temple buildings are located in a conservation area. The price of the ticket for the passage to the nature reserve is 15,000 rupees.

Sights of Bali nearby:

  • famous abandoned hotel
  • Botanical Garden
  • Munduk waterfalls

Photo: Lake Tamblingan and the temple on it. © alex hanoko /

Temple Gunung Kawi

Twenty-five kilometers from the city of Ubud is the oldest and most mysterious temple building – the temple of Gunung Kawi, which is the tomb of the ancient kings of Bali.

The entire complex is located in the rocks and consists of many original caves. They are sculpted images carved from the rocks. The height of each bas-relief is seven meters and is a burial tower.

To get to the temple, one must go down three hundred steps to the Pakrisan River. Entry fee – 15,000 rupees.

In the reviews, tourists write that this is a great place with extraordinary energy. Especially striking architectural masterpieces carved on the rocks.

Photo: Gunung Kawi Temple and Caves © @yb_woodstock /

Temple Tanah Lot (Pura Tanah Lot)

The temple is the best of the sights in Bali, according to the rating reviews on TripAdvisor. Among other things, tourists come here to see the extraordinary sunset.

Best restaurants in the upper east

The temple is located on the water, and you can get into it only after the ebb.

Some tourists in their reviews write that the locals do not allow tourists to the temple and offer for the money to hold a cleansing rite. In fact, only locals are allowed inside the temple. But you can see the cave, located under the temple.

The sight of Pura Tanah Lot is good to watch from nearby cafes.

Sights of Bali on the map

The map below shows all the main attractions and places of interest of Bali named in the article.

To remove unnecessary marks from the map, click on the menu button (in the upper left corner) and uncheck all the categories except for “attractions”.

Useful information about Bali

Here we have such a list of the 10 best places among the attractions of Bali. And how do you think – what interesting and beautiful places to see on Bali on your own or with a guided tour?

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