Best places to visit in August

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Sanatorium department

Sanatorium “Nadzeya” located in the Zhabinskovsky district of the Brest region. It is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest, which is a natural factor in healing. Fresh medicinal air, picturesque landscapes and ecological cleanliness await every guest who decides to relax in this sanatorium.

Vacationers live in cozy rooms of different categories, in some additional places are possible. It is convenient to stay here with children, while there is a children’s room with a tutor for them, and on the street there is a playground with swings, houses, a trampoline and a sandbox. Catering for guests is organized according to the principle of a customized menu, which is very convenient.

Treatment in the sanatorium is mainly aimed at diseases of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory system and circulatory system. The list of services provided is quite wide. Guests can undergo diagnostic tests, including ultrasound diagnostics, electrocardiography and many others. It is also possible to consult a specialist: pediatrician, psychotherapist, reflexologist, therapist.

The resort uses methods of alternative and oriental medicine. These include acupuncture and massage with elements of manual therapy. Popular balneotherapy, which includes baths of various kinds and showers. You can also visit the infrared sauna and the mini cedar barrel sauna. Qualified employees conduct classes on Nordic walking, aqua aerobics and in the gym, where you can not only increase the body’s vital energy, but also lose weight.

A popular place to visit is the swimming pool, which has a waterfall, geysers, a hydromassage and children’s area, and an aquatics center. This is a great way to raise your mood and strengthen the body. In the summer there is an opportunity to visit the beach, where not only sunbathe well, but you can also play volleyball. Also on the territory of the sanatorium there is a sports ground for basketball, futsal, a dance floor, and a tennis court. Nobody will have to miss in the free from the procedures. Organized including a cultural program for holidaymakers. Often there are concerts, film screenings, entertainment evenings and much more. Those interested can still go on a tour of the historical places of Belarus.

Best places to visit in August

This resort will be an excellent choice for those who want to get a full recovery and have fun. You can come at any time of the year.

Promotions and news

Sanatorium Nadzeya – the winner of the contest Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus 2018


We are glad to inform you that the resort “Nadzeya” Brest region won the contest “Best goods of the Republic of Belarus“2018 in the nominations”Public services“And”The best in the region»In the Brest region!

Free Wi-Fi in the sanatorium Nadzeya


Good news for holidaymakers who can not imagine life without the Internet. For the convenience of guests in the sanatorium “Nadzeya” Internet access via Wi-Fi technology made free in all buildings. Now it’s easy to be in touch with your loved ones!

January 22nd-2019

Sanatorium Nadzeya Brest region reports: From 01 to 10 April 2019, the sanatorium aquatic center will be closed for maintenance. Vacationers on sanatorium vouchers, whose holidays are affected by these dates, will be able to visit the aquacenter pool before closing or after opening for several hours or several visits per day to compensate for the missed sessions. The administration of the sanatorium apologizes for any inconvenience.

Best places to visit in August

Thermograph examination in the sanatorium Nadzeya


In the sanatorium “Nadzeya” not only launched a new type of diagnosis – thermographic study, but also provide it as a gift on arrival until March 31, 2019. The imager allows you to detect inflammation in the body, a tumor and circulatory disorders.

Rooms and rates

Double one-room junior suite (buildings № 2, 3)

Single one-room (buildings № 2, 3)

Single one-room (building №5)

1-room 1-room (building № 7-10)

1-room 1-room suite (building №7)

2-bed 1-room suite (buildings №1, 2, 3)

2-bed 1-room suite (building №5)

Double one-room suite (building number 8-10)

2-bed 2-room suite (building №1)

2-bed 2-room suite (building №5)

2-bed 2-room suite (buildings № 7-10)

Double one-room (building №4)

Double one-room (building number 7-10)

Double one-room (building №5)

Triple one-room (building №5)

1-room 1-room suite (building №4)

Customer reviews


The reception works only until 15 o’clock, on weekends it does not work at all. The son arrived late and accidentally managed to get the keys to the room. Perhaps there should be a duty officer at the sanatorium who could help with the settlement of guests. We were lucky, immediately gave out the keys and the direction to the doctor. Not thought out the issue with the cashier of the sanatorium and the exchange office. It is not always possible to order and pay for paid services. I don’t understand, the sanatorium doesn’t need money? By the 10-day voucher there were only 3 massages, the procedures indicated on the website were not offered, I had to remember myself that I visited in other sanatoriums, there are no programs for losing weight, anti-stress and

I liked everything very much, accommodation, food, treatment, excellent! There was one moment that did not like, on New Year’s Eve at a banquet, my husband and I were seated far from each other, we presented our claims, but we were not listened to, although everyone sat in pairs, it could have been foreseen, since we sat on opposite sides of my the spouse asked me to leave the banquet, which we did. AFTER WHAT WE DECIDED THE SANATORIUM IS EXCELLENT AND WE WILL COME ONLY IN SUMMER, BUT NOT FOR A NEW YEAR.

The general impression about the rest in this sanatorium is positive. The procedures are of high quality, excellent aquatic center, wonderful forest around. But did not like the food. Also in the sanatorium there is no pharmacy and store. To get to the nearest town of Kobryn is problematic,

Great room and grounds. Liked the concerts, pool and massage. The child loved the children’s room and living area. With pleasure, would return.

Rested in "Nadzee" in August 2018 Before that, we visited many sanatoriums, liked it everywhere, but prefer to visit new places and get new impressions. Sanatorium "Nadzeya" we chose based on the many enthusiastic online reviews and acquaintances. However, after a rest in it we can say that they were written, apparently, by those people who have nothing to compare with. But I will start in order. The big advantage of the resort is comfortable rooms and location in a luxurious pine forest. Convenient to get from Brest. The territory is huge, it is clear that people are trying to arrange it, but they do not have time to take care of it. Paths do not sweep, flowers and flower beds "asked to drink". Gazebos on the beach also required cleaning. Unpleasantly surprised by the lack of shower gel or shampoo in the rooms, even in "a suite". There was only liquid soap tucked over the sink. There are no covers for the beach, especially since there are no sun beds on it. Such "discoveries", maybe even small things, but they make the first impression immediately upon arrival. A more significant negative impression was that when you buy a wellness voucher for a visit to the doctor, it turns out you have to pay 10 rubles. per person. We deliberately took vouchers without treatment,

Wonderful rest, the second time is even better than the first. Arranged EVERYTHING! Good luck to the sanatorium!

Best places to visit in August

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