Best places to travel in june

The popularity of bus transport in recent years is growing steadily. Bus routes compete with rail transport on intercity and international routes.

For example, it is bus tour that is very popular among those who want to see Europe. He has the opportunity to visit several countries for a limited period of time and at an affordable price.

On the road, a traveler can spend more than one day. And although stops are envisaged on any route, most of the journey is on the move.

Going on a trip it is very important to bring along items and gadgets that can brighten up the road leisure.

Another important question is what to take with you from the meal to the bus.

Best places to travel in june

It is assumed that the bus tourists take full, hot meals during the stops. The task of the food you take with you is to quench the feeling of hunger between stops or simply arrange a snack for pleasure.

General requirements for products taken on the bus

  1. Products must not be perishable. All food taken with you must be transported in the cabin. Temperature regime does not allow to have products that are demanding to storage conditions.
  2. Taken food should not have a strong smell. Bus – public transport, each passenger has the right to a certain comfort. Pungent odors not only cause discomfort to others, but can cause asphyxiation in allergy sufferers.
  3. It is necessary to choose products, after which there is as little waste as possible (chips, cleaning).

The number of products taken in the bus

How much to take a particular product, each person determines on their own, based on their appetite.

Best places to travel in june

General rule: Take into account the time for which the scheduled bus flight. If you have to spend the day on the road, then the amount of food will be more than during the night flight.

What is on the road?

1. Nuts. On the road will fit any, pre-peeled, nuts or pumpkin seeds. 2. Dried fruits. Choose options that do not cause excessive gas formation in the intestines. Good raisins or dates. Be careful with being dried apricots and prunes. 3. Biscuit. Unsweetened and slightly crumbly cookies – the perfect travel option. 4. Melted cheese is a wonderful addition to cookies. 5. Fruit or cereal bars. 6. Pre-sliced ​​bread. Can be used to make sandwiches. 7. Sausage – this product is controversial due to the presence of a characteristic odor. But if for you a sandwich without sausage is unacceptable, then you should take dry, uncooked smoked varieties with you.

8. Fruits and vegetables. These useful products need to be washed first. It is not known whether this possibility in the bus. Suitable option: citrus, apples, bananas.

By the way, apples are better to choose with a green skin, they are less capable of causing gas formation in the intestine.

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