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What we arrange: party in mexican style. Mexico is a bright, sunny country with very cheerful, temperamental and sociable people. Cacti, ponchos, maracas, tequila … So much of the whole stinging! If you want to visit Mexico, you can go to a travel agency or have a Mexican party. The Mexican theme will raise the degree of any holiday, making it burning like chili, incendiary, like Mexican dancing, and hot, like the temperament of Mexicans!

What we celebrate:

In fact, you can choose a Mexican theme for any holiday: be it a birthday, a new year or a corporate anniversary. And if you don’t need an official occasion to have a party, you can arrange a Mexican party on any day off or choose one of the Mexican holidays for this event.

For example, on February 5th you can mark Constitution Day of Mexico , 5 May – Victory Day at Pueblo , 16 of September – Mexican Independence Day , November 22 – Saint Cecilia Day, a holiday of Mexican musicians , December 25 – Catholic Christmas . A carnival week is taking place in front of the Great Catholic Fast in Mexico – why not a reason for a Mexican party?

Where we celebrate:

Where it is convenient to arrange a celebration: at home, in a cafe, in the fresh air.

How to hold a party:

1. Theme and title of the event

Party in mexican style. The Mexican party may have an original name: for example, “Hot Maracas”, “Mexican-party”, “Crazy fiesta”, “Tequila-boom”, “Fazend Party” and

2. Entourage for a Mexican party

Interior. To decorate the venue of the Mexican party you can use:

* tablecloths and other textiles, featuring bright multicolor. Fabric striped and ornamented. Actively use orange, bright yellow, blue, and green to combine them. Remember the striped self-woven tracks and wicker rugs of our grandmothers? If you find such – be sure to use;

* multi-colored satin ribbons – you can hang them anywhere and tie them up as you like;

* Flowers with large, bright buds. It can be homemade paper flowers;

Best Mexican City

* cacti. Of course, what is a Mexican party without cacti? Cacti can be real, if, of course, be able to collect them. But you can buy fake cacti or cacti-toys – plastic or plush. Very beautiful cacti figures are made of balloons – for this you need to turn to the services of a company specializing in balloon design. Posters, pictures, photos and panels depicting cacti will not be redundant;

* fruit baskets, especially with lime or lemons;

* numerous sombreros hung on the walls and under the ceiling. Sombreros can be made of cardboard and painted with bright colors;

* wickerwork: baskets, fruit baskets, boxes, lamps, pieces of furniture, dishes on the table.

Well, all sorts of Mexican “things”:

* maracas; * chili pepper, for example, in the form of a garland; * guitar (if there is an old guitar, you can brightly paint it and hang it in a prominent place, and for a large party you can order “guitars” from balls); * Maya hieroglyphs; * Mayan pyramids in miniature; * “Pot-bellied” vases with bright multi-colored painting; * Mexican flag and / or a garland of balloons in the color of the Mexican flag and

Photos from the site

Music at a party in the Mexican style should also be special – in the style of “Latino”.

Dress code for a mexican party. If you want guests to express themselves, it is necessary to assign just a “Mexican-style clothing” as a dress code. Oh, what they just do not invent! However, you can specify: for example, “Poncho and sombrero”, or “Chaps and only chaps”, “Seven colors in clothes” .

In general, be creative! For guests who come without headgear, you can prepare a mini sombrero made of cardboard the size of a saucer – keep these caps on your head with a thin elastic band.

A girl can come to a mexican party like this:

Image for a young man:

Preparing props for starting a Mexican party. Place a tray with glasses filled with tequila and a plate of lemon slices on a separate table – all by the number of participants in the party. You will also need badges (you can get badges or paper medals on a string) with the words “I am Mexican” or “I am Mexican”, and then any name typical of Mexico should appear. For example, “I am a Mexican Pedro” or “I am a Mexican Juanita.” Names should not be repeated. Put the badges next to the tequila tray, dividing by names into male and female.

Hide in the place of the party ten models of various fruits. You can also take real fruits by making notes on them (so as not to be confused with fruits prepared for a treat). It is necessary to hide the fruit so that it is not difficult to find them. For example, hang a banana on a curtain on a string, put a lemon under one of the chairs, hide an apple on the chandelier and

3. The course of the event “Party in the Mexican style”

First everyone who comes passes procedure for dedication to mexicans . To do this, you need to drink tequila, eat a slice of lemon and get the icon. The badge is chosen randomly (they can be flipped in advance). The only important thing is that the name matches the floor.

Then guests can be invited either to the Mexican bar, or to Uncle Pedro’s hacienda – this depends on the place where the parties are held, and its design. And, of course, from the desire of the organizer. In essence, guests are invited to the tables.

Further, the Lead (it may be the same Uncle Pedro, Mother Choli or Anna-Rosita-Juanita Sanchos-Parero) dedicates the newly minted Mexicans to the mystery and thus outlines the idea of ​​the event:

– Uncle Juan-Carlos (the former owner of the hacienda, if it is a hacienda, or the former owner of a Mexican bar) somewhere nearby hid a box of tequila and sweets. I guess where the box is hidden, but I will exchange this information only for a dozen bananas and other fruits for my monkey. You find the hidden fruit, and I tell you where Uncle Juan Carlos’s box lies. In the meantime, you can have a light snack and drink.

A few minutes later, the moderator announces that he will only allow fruit to be searched for after the guests entertain him. Further, there are various games, contests, entertainment, after each of which participants find one hidden fruit. When all ten fruits are found, the moderator will give a hint on the location of the box with tequila and sweets. Guests find a box and sit at the table to drink tequila, eat hot, and then dance and have fun.

Mexican party: games, contests, entertainment

First Fun: “Guess the Song”

The leader reads a line from a famous song. Only this line is a remake of the Mexican way, and sometimes also a flip-flop. If guests cannot find a solution, the facilitator may give hints. A guest who gives more clues can be awarded a prize. At the end, the moderator suggests finding the first fruit.

Alteration in the Mexican way:

* “A tornado squealed his anthem: sleep, cactus, go to sleep …” (Blizzard sang a song to her: sleep, herringbone, bye-bye …).

* A caballero is walking along the Colorado River full of vigor (A young Cossack walks along the Don).

* Marianna, Marianna, this state of Guerrero is yours and mine (Alexandra, Alexandra, this city is with you).

* And I strum on a guitar in full view of seniors and senorites (And I play the harmonica with passersby in full view).

* A canoe with shrimps in Acapulco Juan-Carlos brought (Scows, full of mullet, brought Kostya to Odessa).

* Do not be ill, keep in stock a lot of tequila, and we went home to our hacienda (So be healthy, live richly, and we leave home, to the hut).

* A conglomerate of scattered states was united forever by a small Mexico (the Indestructible Union of Republics of the Free rallied forever Great Russia).

Changeers in the Mexican way:

* “Caballero, caballero, burst into tears, because tears are a symbol of the desert!” (Captain, captain, smile, because a smile is the flag of a ship!). * “Ah wither agave on the ground by the ocean” (Oh, viburnum blooms in a field near a stream). * “The bush dried up on the prairie, it did not grow on the prairie at all” (A Christmas tree was born in the forest, it grew in the forest). * “And senorites are all the same: white, black, green” (And girls are different: black, white, red)

Second Entertainment: Proverbs in Mexican

The presenter distributes paperwork sheets to the participants, on which Russian (or well-known in Russia) proverbs, sayings, popular expressions, memes are written. Objective: to change the phrase, bringing in her Mexican flavor. First, the moderator can read already prepared modified phrases for an example:

* A bad caballero prevents a sombrero * Coyotes are afraid to not walk on a prairie * There is nothing to blame for the moon, if you crouched on a cactus in the dark * You can’t pull out a cactus from sand easily * Siesta time, tequila – an hour * Caballero cried, pricked, but continued to crush tequila * His poncho is closer to the body * A lucky caballero was born in a sombrero * Juanita – from the balcony, Carlos is easier * A cactus is close, but you won’t bite * Search for a needle in thickets of cactus * According to Haun and sombrero * Someone brings storks, and Mexicans in cactuses find * Skunk in the bag can not be hidden … * Beauty look um – like pesos bestow.

Then the participants themselves are taken for creativity. Humor and creativity are welcome. You can offer several options. When everyone copes with the task, you can select the best option by voting and hand it over to the author. Then the moderator suggests finding the second fruit.

Third entertainment: A small table game with the words “Sombrero and his amigos”

The presenter shows the sombrero, tells a little about its history and significance for the Mexican, and then suggests to remember and name the “relatives” of the sombrero – that is, any headgear, including those that are part of the national costume and have become obsolete. Participants on a chain call on one headdress, it is impossible to repeat. Whoever calls the last one is considered the winner and receives the prize, and all the participants together are honored with the right to find the third fruit.

Fourth Fun: Cactus Game

Called a few volunteers. Each is given a large fresh cucumber (hard, elastic) and a dozen toothpicks. At the command of the lead, participants must insert all the toothpicks into the cucumber, making a cactus. Whoever does it faster gets a small prize. However, the presenter does not let the participants, and offers them to remove the spines from the cactus – that is, pull out the toothpicks. But you need to do this only with your teeth. Who is faster – he wins and gets a prize. After that, everyone is looking for the fourth fruit.

Fifth Entertainment: The Abrasador Macho Game

Volunteers are called (better than men). Before each presenter puts on a plate with ten lemon circles. Participants on the lead team must first put one circle into their mouths and, without swallowing, say: “Abrasador macho”. Then, without taking out and swallowing the first slice of lemon, you need to put the second one in your mouth and say again: “Abrasador macho”. The same should be done with the remaining lemon slices. However, time is strictly limited – exactly a minute. Whoever has less lemon slices on his plate, he wins. Then the moderator invites all party members to find the fifth fruit.

The Sixth Amusement: The Slick Mexicans Game

An inverted sombrero is placed on the floor. Those who volunteered to participate receive a set of items: 3 playing cards, 3 coins and 3 beans each. Participants take turns throwing one thing at a time, trying to get into a sombrero. The distance must be at least one and a half meters. The leader considers who has hit the target many times. As a result, the most accurate, having thrown more items in a sombrero, receives a prize. Then follow the search for the sixth fruit.

Seventh Entertainment: Mexican Cook Game

Best Mexican City

The presenter does the eyeliner: “In Mexico, the beans are very much loved and appreciated – almost as much as the Italians honor their pasta, and we, buckwheat. Boiled beans require careful handling. Let’s see if any of you could work as a Mexican chef? ” Before each participant put two vessels: one is empty, and the other – dry beans. Participants need to imagine that it is not dry, but boiled. Issued and tool – tweezers or any forceps. Task: as soon as possible to shift the beans from one pot to another, without touching the product with your hands, but using only tweezers. Who is faster – the winner of the laurels. And the fastest you can present the diploma of a Mexican chef. After that, the guests are looking for the seventh fruit for the monkey host.

Eighth Amusement: Comic Corrida

The presenter talks about the fact that in Mexico the bullfight is loved as much as in Spain. A pair of bull-torero is chosen. Bull horns can be put on the head of a bull. Torero on a back hang a sheet of paper with some word of Mexican subject, written in large letters.

The task of the bull: read the word on the back torero. Torero task – prevent the bull from doing this. Push, grab each other hands can not. Only hugs are allowed, but not too strong. The presenter puts a musical composition, during which the bullfight. Several pairs of toreros and bulls can simultaneously participate. If the bull was able to see and read the word on the back of his torero, then the prize goes to him. If by the end of the song he could not do it, then the torero becomes the winner. The results are summarized, after which the search for the eighth fruit begins.

Ninth Entertainment: Mexican Ribbons Game

You will need ribbons with a length of approximately 20-30 cm. The ribbons should be as many as the guests. The color of the ribbons should be different: one third of the ribbons – red, the other third – white, another third – green. The facilitator must emphasize that these are the colors of the Mexican flag.

Three volunteers are called. Each are given ribbons of the same color. At the command of the lead, the players begin to tie their guests one by one with their wrists. But if there is already a ribbon of a different color on the wrist, you cannot tie your own. So, you need to act quickly in order to have time to “tie up” as many guests as possible with your ribbons. When someone runs out of ribbons or there are no unwound guests left, the results are summed up: those who tied more than their ribbons are the winner. Next – awarding the prize and the search for the ninth fruit.

If the company is small, the competition can be changed: not three participants are called, but six. Divided into pairs. Each pair is given ten ribbons of the same color. One of the pair must tie all the ribbons onto the body of his partner as quickly as possible. The winner is the couple whose ribbons will be tied faster. Immediately after this, you can hold a contest for the fastest unleashing of ribbons.

Tenth Fun: “Remember All”

The facilitator asks to remove the badges (badges, medals) that were distributed at the dedication to the Mexicans. Different names were indicated on the badges. Now the presenter will check how attentive the guests were and what their memory is. He calls up one guest and asks the others to remember what name was on his badge. Each remembered – a small prize. Then icons can be returned. After that, the guests are looking for the last, tenth, fruit.

The host picks up ten fruits for his monkey and gives a hint to the guests, where a box of tequila and sweets is hidden. You can hand a card on which guests will find “the treasure of Uncle Juan Carlos” or give a hint with a riddle. When there is a box, everyone sits down at the table. Found tequila bottled, served hot. Mexican party continues.

Than to treat:

Once we party in mexican style , then we will treat Mexican cuisine. A selection of simple recipes for a Mexican party can be found in our article “ Mexican recipes for party and holiday table “.

We wish you an unforgettable Mexican party!

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