Best Luxury Family Holidays

New Year is coming soon. Colorful illuminations, New Year’s compositions and elegant Christmas trees will appear in the cities. Against the background of this beauty you will certainly want to take a picture. What should be done to succeed in the New Year’s photo session 2019, and the pictures taken capture the pleasant moments of life for a long time?


In the past, during the New Year holidays, we took random photos, which were not much different from year to year. In fact, every New Year is a new stage in life, which deserves its place in family photo chronicle.

Knowing some of the techniques and subtleties of photographing, it is possible to dissuade even people who are confident in their non-photogenicity.

Preparing for a photo shoot

As for any important matter, you should prepare for the photo shoot in advance. If you are going to take a photo with your loved one, then you need to think in detail about the location of the shooting and the outfit. For example, if you are going to celebrate the New Year in a restaurant, then you need to pay attention to the evening dress in harmony with the men’s suit. Trousers should be chosen without arrows, so that officialism is not felt.

If the photo session is planned in the fresh air, then you can wear knitted things:

  • original hats;
  • sweaters;
  • scarves with a New Year’s ornament;
  • leggings with a Norwegian pattern.

Best Luxury Family Holidays

If the photo session takes place in a forest or park, then clothes in traditional New Year’s key will look good: in green, red and white. You can also use Santa Claus hats.

In this case, do not forget about New Year’s accessories: Christmas wreath, Christmas-tree decorations, lanterns and

Best Luxury Family Holidays

In the cold, photos with a warm bright blanket, a cup of hot tea and a thermos will be appropriate.

Photos should not be dark, monotonous and boring. They must convey your high spirits. Beautifully look photos in blue tonality on a background of white snow.

In general, in order for the photos to turn out bright and memorable, you need to think about suitable clothes, accessories and choose a good location.

Family photo session

Family photos require no less preparation. We need to think in advance about the location of filming. The clothes of all family members should be kept in the same style.

Photos with the baby will be especially effective if you will not restrain his initiative. Usually, children tend to take center stage, so do not pull them down. To make the kids look happy, they must first be treated to something tasty. Do not take photos of sick children. Once again they will remind you of difficult minutes.

It will be very good if all family members participate in the photo shoot. These photos show the continuity of generations and bind the family for many years. Having shot at least once full, you want to continue to celebrate the New Year holidays with the whole family. The best family photo is obtained when all family members receive New Year’s gifts.

If you plan to take a photo of the family on the street, then you need to think in advance about the warm things for children: mittens, blankets and

If you have a pet, do not forget to include it in the New Year’s photo session. Animals help to convey the spirit and warm relationships in the family.

Try to avoid standards, fantasize with the location of filming and accessories and then your photos will surely turn out.

If there is a thaw on New Year’s holidays, and you wanted to do a photo session with snow, do not worry. There is always a way out. You can use artificial snow, both at home and in the yard.

Original photo shoot ideas

If you think that your home is not suitable for a colorful winter photo shoot, you can make wonderful New Year pictures:

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