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I constantly meet the opinion that it makes no sense to ride a road bike on our roads – it will fall apart right away. Friends, believe me, this is absolutely not true. The safety margin of any roadmaster is very large, and if you trust the hybrid, then the road race certainly will not be weaker.

I understand where such an opinion comes from – it is worth looking at these thin wheels and lightweight frame, as it will seem that all this will burst from the very first section of a bad road.

In fact, this subtlety is very deceptive, the device of a highway-type bicycle is very durable. There are calculations behind the refined appearance, so it’s impossible to break a bike with potholes and joints. The wheels are finished very hard, but at the same time elastic, which allows you to withstand any load. Of course, this is true for a well-assembled wheel.

The only weak point of the roadmaster is its thin tires. If you jump all the way into a pothole with a sharp edge or a curb, you can get a “snake bite” – breakdown of the camera on the rim. In the worst case, the rim itself will be tangled. In order to successfully ride a road bike, you only need to learn how to toss the front and rear wheels into the air, as well as to bounce as a whole.

It is necessary to always monitor the pressure in the chamber: note that road tires stuffed to 10 atm tend to drop to 7-8 in a few days, and this is not noticeable if you check with your fingers for compression. But when driving on a bad road, low pressure can play a bad joke with wheels. So get a floor pump with a pressure gauge to quickly and timely pump up tires before pokatushkami.

Likewise, do not be afraid of the road bike to people who have a weight of more than 100 kg. Shosser remarkably holds the weight and more, checked for yourself. But here even more follow the curbs, potholes and pressure in the tires – the load is stronger. Neither the frame, nor the sleeves, nor the rims will be damaged due to the weight of your carcass, unless you specifically kill a large one.

On roadies ride one of the most difficult races of Paris-Rube. Take a look at the photos to imagine for yourself what cyclists and their road racers must bear. And nothing, everyone is alive.

Someone may ask, and why is it even necessary – to roll on our roads on the road? Why watch over the pits, when you can buy a full suspension and without breaking the road to break all the potholes and cracks in the asphalt. All the way, friends, but the one who has never felt this mad run, which gives a road bike, has lost a lot in his bicycle life.

When you first sit on the shosser, it feels weird to the limit. Landing just crazy even in the upper grip, great tries to react to the slightest movement of the steering wheel, acceleration is simply stunning – all this is puzzling at first, even a little scary, as if sat on an unbroken horse. But I drove a couple of kilometers, and everything – fell in love. I found a comfortable position of hands on the steering wheel, picked up the pace – freedom! It seems that you are not pedaling, but only twisting, and the speed is already 30km / h and more.

Do not believe those who say that on the road-builders, due to the specific landing, it is uncomfortable to drive long distances. This is just a habit, as soon as the muscles get used to the new pose, everything will fall into place. I personally drove more than one marathon on a road bike, including 300km, and would never change it to either mtb or a hybrid. That only cost a variety of grabs steering and aerodynamic landing.

As for the shaking on a bad road, I can answer this way: better, I will shake in broken areas, but I will fly to all the others. The only advice, if you buy a highwayman, he must have a carbon or steel fork, aluminum will take out the soul on the potholes. However, as far as I know, even aluminum forks are no longer put on modern road horns — only carbon.

Ideally, the entire bike should be carbon: the frame, the steering wheel, and the seat pin. In addition to less weight, this gives the absorption of microvibrations. Unfortunately, carbon models are still expensive, but sooner or later, this material will displace aluminum, as aluminum once replaced steel.

Finally, take a look at what Martin Ashton gets up on a road bike. And I note that this is a lightweight bike for professional racing, with carbon wheels. I hope this will convince you that the road workers are very strong, and even our roads will not be able to beat him.

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First of all, the danger of driving on public roads stops me from buying a roadmaker. The complexity of keeping two bikes also matters. But in general, of course, I want to try)

Yes, in Russia, roads are poorly adapted to cycling. First of all, not because of the roads themselves, but because of what is happening in the heads of drivers. We are here in Estonia easier with this.

Absolutely agree. Russian autobahn is a game with death. At 180-200km a continuous stream and with … and cling to you (((on the left …

Any autobahn in any country for a bicycle is prohibited. In Germany, the police will arrive very quickly with all the consequences, and even earlier the local drivers will make it clear that I don’t have a place on the highway.

I remembered, I still had a close experience. In the Soviet past, Sputnik led about 4 speeds with a lamb steering wheel and accelerated so that it was scary at first.

Heh, and the modern shosser will be even cooler. &# 128578; Not in the coil, of course, but in ergonomics. More speeds, contact pedals, light weight. It goes!

To go nuts, I would never have thought that the road horns are capable of such things … Damn, but they stand like a locomotive … &# 128577;

Such as in the video – yes, terribly expensive. But the usual, with equipment class Ultegra and carbon frame costs about $ 2500. And if you do not show off, and take the budgetary master, it will cost thousands and a half, if not less. And the margin of safety will certainly not be worse.

So rumors of roadlords’ high prices are greatly exaggerated. &# 128578;

Wow and cool this Martin Ashton! Just breathtaking! Great!

Victor! Tell me, what are the widest tires fit on the shosser? I ride a hybrid, but I want to change to the shosser + an extra wide set for the forest and the ground.

Nick, wide tires will not go to the shosser, at best I would count on 32mm, and then, look not at the hybrids rubber, on the cyclo-cross one. They have a pronounced tread, it allows more or less comfortable ride on the ground.

Well, if 32 becomes, then everything

Taki need to check. There are such frames that there and 28 almost becomes bald but not to mention 32mm cyclo-cross.

I would like to add about fatty and road racers and rubber and so on.

a) if you want to ride the highway on public roads, it is better to immediately buy some armor-piercing rubber, as the standard one usually does not have any protection from anything.

b) I’m fat, I had a scooper, right now, somehow I feel like it again. So, I got the scoser on a 23mm Panaracer rubber, and I immediately bought an armor-piercing Vittoria Randonneur from a friend. And then I decided to try the same.

Vittoria was very tough, with great difficulty put on the rim, did not deform not pumped up under the weight of the bike.

Panarucer was soft. And as a result, no matter how I shook it, the roll-up was worse than with the wider Vittoria. For tire deformation was greater.

Morality? You weigh a lot, take a hard rubber, it will work as usual under a person of normal weight.

c) capacity. At best, 99% of modern road workers will hold 28mm without wings.

d) choice. It is worth exploring the line and look at the appointment. For everyday use, IMHO, of course, it is better to take a model designed for Paris-Roubaix, for example, Specialized Roubaix. Fell – will. It will be somewhat more comfortable than Tarmac.

In general, in terms of slicks, I sit tightly on the Continental. For the hybrid – Conti Sport Contact and Conti 4 Season, for the roadmaker – the Conti Grand Prix 4000. The choice has developed over many years of using all sorts of different things – it’s better not, in my opinion.

I can’t say anything about stiffness, I didn’t complain about other options. But I was looking for rubber with a good degree of puncture protection and a normal resource.

Yes, I also thought that 28mm for a modern roadmaster is close to the limit. Clearances all reduce and reduce demons. &# 128577; I do not understand why only. These few millimeters will not give anything either in terms of rigidity or in terms of aerodynamics, and you can’t put tires wider. Brad, in my opinion.

Shl. About fat. Join our marathon – an excellent reason !!

I agree with both, I think 28 will be fine with me, since I don’t climb too much into the dirt, I travel around. And Martyn Ashton seems to have been born with a great one, grew up and it seems that with him

By the way, he broke his back ten years ago, but nonetheless returned to the sport. Iron people ..

I have been looking at the highway for a long time, I used to like mtb, but I bought a hybrid, tried ktat on mtb after my hybrid, it seems to me that they like a tractor go and stand still and the tires make a lot of noise, well, after your article I wanted a scoser even more, it’s like a Ferrari , current cycling))))

Max, but imagine, after the highwayman, even a hybrid seems like a tractor. &# 128578; When I sit down on a hybrid after him, then everything is inconvenient – both vertical landing and semi-MTB geometry. And most importantly – neither accelerates nor rolls. &# 128578; Subjectively, of course.

WOW. Wow. suddenly. And all the time I felt sorry for the road drivers in the parks on the ground .. and they are capable of such things! I’m shocked :)) thanks for the dispelled myth :))

Slavets, no question, I also thought earlier that since I have a weight of 100 kg, then my road raiders are banned. In fact, there is a lot of strength.

Fizkult hello. Interested in the thought of the experienced. After seeing Martin Ashton doing a flip on a roadbike, he was interested in a carbon bike for one-day pokatushok (it doesn’t come out any longer, but over time, who knows). Generally carbon bike will last? I am from Ukraine, the roads are “zubodrobilka”. Hacha in some places already appear European. Interested in low weight, because the legs are not the same as they used to be. And so I sat down, drove 200 km and was not at all tired.

Vasil, carbon – the material is very durable, and the question of how long it will last cannot be set apart from your use. It will serve as much as aluminum, that is, until it becomes obsolete morally or you will not fold it anywhere. You will just roll, without jumps, falls and etc., will last for many years.

Unfortunately, the weight of the carbon bike is not much less than aluminum. The difference in frame weight will be 400-600g. So do not believe that this will allow you to “drive 200km and not get tired.” &# 128578; To roll 200km and not get tired, you need a moped. &# 128578;

On the straight, you just do not feel the difference in weight between carbon and aluminum. Practical sense to buy carbon today is not, except for aesthetic pleasure. At the same time, the future is behind this material, another five years, and aluminum will be ousted even in the middle price class segment completely, and the price will drop to aluminum.

Believe carbon gives you a super feeling after aluminum. Carbon seems like something unimaginable. I’ve been riding since 2014 for the last two years all year round when you sit on aluminum, then all joints hurt because carbon as a shock absorber and overclocking and reeling is indescribable. .

In Chelyabinsk, we announced a vote on a bicycle path in the city (for the choice of location). At first, they wanted to build along the river (which would be quite convenient (by the way, the first news about the cycle path appeared on February 15).) Then they remembered it at the end of April (see, the day was unforgettable), but the previous 15 km along the river disappeared, and other options appeared no more than 6 km. At least something will be.

Very pleased Belarus last summer! Bike path is 27 km long along the river! Great! Let her be crooked a little bit, but still great!

highway led is capable of much and it is a fact >> I recently rode in my mountain on 26 wheels with a speed of 35

What is, that is, the scoser is a different kind of freedom – the freedom of speed. &# 128578;

And did not consider cyclocrosser as a universal option? While I see one minus – sand. On MTB lowered wheels and forward &# 128578;

Eugene, cyclocrosser is good, but for the time being I can afford at least two separate bikes, so I don’t need a universal one. &# 128578;

I want to transfer from mtb to shosser. What do you tell me? I do not have the opportunity to have two led immediately.

Alexei, in general, if you are not specifically drawn into the forest, the master will cope with everything else. Of course, after landing may initially seem wild, but you get used to it in a day.

Mostly of course I ride on the pavement again. I myself am from Russia. from the hero-city of Mumansk, our roads are not so hot here. but a lot of people ride on roadbikes. but do not give katnut. and in rental companies all alone

In terms of your weight, 90kg is a fie for roadies. No problems. Ordinary pedals of course you can start.

If we are talking about sand, then the shosser, of course, will not pass, so see – do you have many such sites?

In short, it is difficult to advise, but the boss, it is – power.

sorry for the mistakes at the beginning

here is by the way the site of our Murmansk

By the way, what company would you advise to buy? The budget will say immediately limited. The amount of approximately 30 to a maximum of 35 thousand. I am the main frame. And what would you recommend to buy in the nearest store or on the kettle? While I ride on my all-terrain vehicle, and simultaneously try to ride the highway.

Sorry, but I do not advise on the choice of brands.

A small hint – in the budget and middle price segment, choose not by brand, but by body kit.

and what kit to choose?

Shimano in order of increasing level of Sora-Tiagra-Ultegra-Dura Ace. The chaosser on the mixed Tiagra-Ultegra is already quite high. In principle, the Sora for the novice highwayman will go.

So it will be more correct. Electroina does not count

Tell me then by the size of the frames. My height is 178-179 cm. What else should be taken into account when choosing a road-racer?

Alexey, everything is on the site – http: //

Hello, but they mostly speak about mining and about, but not words about the road-racer, and specific dimensions are not mentioned under a certain height.

Alexey, if you read the article, you saw that there is no single rule for choosing the size – everyone has their own geometry. What is the use of telling me that my 60cm road racer fits my height 188 perfectly? A shosser of another firm of the same size will be small to me.

Search Yandex on http: //

Already a month I ride on a highway, recently went on business on a hybrid, kapets, heaven and earth, on a highway road, distances are eaten and spat out!

Alexey is exactly the same height for me, he took the 54th frame to Merida, just right. As for pumping the wheels in the highway, up to 10 atmospheres: First pumped up the wheel to 8 atm, drove 200 meters stupidly tore the camera at a speed of 38 km / h. The second time I changed the camera I shake, it reaches 8 atmospheres, the camera burst right in the apartment, after that more

Sanya you have with the wheels that’s the problem: the camera is squeezed into the holes for the spokes because of a bad rim tape. I myself have come across this. Buy a new one, ask in the store just for the road owners. The 10 atm camera itself holds lightly – this is its workload.

But I am interested in the opinion of professional lovers. I bought my first shosser (used) Nishiki Race Competition: full lumin, standard equipment, sora and

Aerodynamics may not interfere too much, but it’s bad if the frame reaches your crotch when you stand with both feet on the ground.

Well, for the most “can not” – there is. But not critical of course …)

http: //


Unable to calculate. Of course, the shosser will give some advantage, but how many kilometers – only you will know. &# 128578;

If the money is not too tight – buy an inexpensive shosser and practice the season – you will see everything.

>Nick NU in the first place of this pepper is called Martyn Ashton and he really is “on the drum on what to ride”. But he is called not only as a bike trial legend. And according to his movie Tricks & Stunts, filmed with two other grandees, learned, in my opinion, very many. At first I thought that jumping to 28 ″ is not very easy and you need to learn only on MTB. Like for example Chris Akrigg. You will learn to ease the bike on the mountain and you will jump on the kid as he did in the ‘five’ video. Until I found out that Tom La Marche rolls only on FIXES! And jumping pohlesche nekotryh trialistov.

>Alexander. I bought an inexpensive shosser and he, however, gives an advantage. I overtake MTB on a hybrid, but I overtake myself on a hybrid on a highwaymaster. But here is bad luck. A trained rival on MTB with contacts and a strong lower leg, with a good cadence, overtakes me on the highway. )

Can I ride the road-racer more slowly, like on my usual road builder – 15 … 20 km? A terrible coward – I’m afraid to sink it under 60 – I need a habit of certain tracks and their sections to get used to. &# 128578;

Pro 60 – optimistic. &# 128578; In life, I have not seen people capable of driving alone at least 50 km at a speed of 40 km / h. Basically, the normal average on a highway for an ordinary person is no more than 27-30 km / h, and even then, training is needed.

Then on FIG me this highway driver, if I squeeze out the same 30 on the road builder without any problems? Or a mechanic’s road mechanic has a longer playing time due to a weight of only a few kilos?

I agree about 60 – utopia. But from 5 to 10 km with good cadence, he adds exactly. Today, the highway was 35-40 confidently with a small headwind. This pace can be kept for a long time. Maximum squeezed 45 on the horizontal. At MTB or hybrid so you will not squeeze. The dykhalka will roll to 28. I’m generally surprised by people on mountain bikes, when they show cycling computers on which the numbers are 65+. Maybe diameters are incorrectly set. PS 15-18 km he quietly goes.

And what is the average turned out for pokatushku? &# 128578; And then I often meet the reviews – I ride at a speed of 30 km / h, although in fact it is just cruising. From my own experience I will say that if I roll 30km / h, then the average is obtained at best. 26. Ascents, stops at traffic lights, then that, that’s what the average drops. And cruising to measure is too subjective.

And I generally do not care about the average. =) I don’t look at the computer at all or I go without it, I’m going for the road more, but I’ll have to be around. If I look, it is only to see time — if I am not late for work or a meeting. Or I support the speed: I feel guided by my well-being. If good: waiting for 30+, if not very 25+. Well, the wind in St. Petersburg is always the opposite, padla. =) I agree about the forum’s nonsense – an average of 28-30 km / h. I check the average so: If I have 10km to work, and I scratched with all the dope and speed of 28-30 ++ km / h. Logically, I should have come in 20 minutes … But I arrived only after half an hour,

In general, I do not look at traffic lights. Braking (so as not to crash), rebuilding takes time. I would succeed instead of these 20 25 minutes. &# 128578;

Hello to all! A small question for connoisseurs: I have a big one, probably a road-racer)), because the thin tires and lamb horns))) brought him about 10 years from Germany, Hanseatic. Actually, the question is: what tires and wheels (DEAR.) I could put on it wider and bigger (something like that), well, not so thin (now there are dead tires on which it is written – Cheng Shin, inflate to 70 psi, made in Taiwan, C-82B-25, 28-630 (27 × 1 1/4, REX). It says on wheels: RIGIDA, superchromix, 28, 27 × 1 1/4, made in France. Thank you.

I would like to ask experienced cyclists such a question. Is it possible to compensate for the small size of the frame of a road bike by removing the steering wheel and lifting the saddle? Unfortunately, funds are only available on the start highway (

Well, of course .. you can, of course, only still it is a half-measure. The frame should be in size.

Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, I did not find such large frames for the start highway, I hope in the future it will turn out to buy a normal bicycle.

Abrikos, why are start-ups bad?

Good afternoon! Victor, do you have girls who ride on highway? In the Kuban region, something on the highway is not popular among the female gender at all (. I go marathons alone, the men immediately fly forward)))

We ride, but we can not say that massively. Although every year more and more girls participate in cycling and marathons, which pleases. &# 128578;

And I didn’t understand something about the landing and even went to my “stable” with a meter (fair, jolly) – from pedals to a seat and from seat to a steering wheel on Kuvaharushka, which turned out to be a Champion … “… no, no – I do not understand at all …”

You can decipher, but I also did not understand. &# 128578;

Yes, everyone is pushing about different landings on the MTB and the road racing road – and what I have seen is, so if the bike is good. now and landing like a highwayman in the middle rack; Of course, the “tractor driver” posture also exists – but driving with a vertical back – well, thank you – I am uncomfortable. And when I put the steering wheel instead of the driver on my “Kuwahara Colorado” – just to jump the brakes from the diameter of the lamb forward – almost as much and the removal was shorter. And with regards to speed (I, unfortunately, this season mainly to work I wind: 12 km of the city + 20 srednevyborgsky): on the highway-driver – and he runs 28 TourRide for reliability – the maximum average with a backpack of 28.4 on the computer; taking into account + 6 minutes approximately for traffic lights somewhere 26 will turn out; on Koloradushka yesterday, 25.3 turned out, but I’ve got it characteristic and smart and in MTB there was a kitty. and with a lamb. Sistemka 48 = 36-26 and 9-koy 12-21 and on Kenda k-839 and generally made fine. Well, I, the truth, was always an amateur, not a kid already – 54 and now not in the best shape, and because of the grown-up slightly “ore corn” I slightly lowered the saddle and twist in the middle stand, that is, I don’t use all the advantages. But in terms of dynamics, sensitivity, even my “Champion” is dispersed on very rimless and tourist rims, of course, you don’t compare with MTB, and the pleasure of it … well, you yourself know that. Юз: Ш: Shosser is Shosser. And you will not add anything.

Kotofej! Very original style of presentation …) I need a translator from Russian to Russian …

Comrades! I’m going to buy my first val, and I’m thinking of taking a road race. Does it make sense right away with a carbon frame or aluminum should be enough at first? They say that carbon will be “softer and stronger”. Thank!

Carbon has some tendency to absorb vibrations, but is not sure that a beginner is able to feel the difference. The strength of aluminum is enough for the eyes. Buy something that has enough money.

Thank you, Victor! I read that road workers sometimes are divided into hard and “comfortable” ones. Have you ever come across “comfortable” ones? such, for example, as Specialized Roubaix or Scott CR1? Is there really a difference?

Month ago(

Vladimir, the difference in the nuances, as usual. Here you will drive a few thousand miles on a hybrid, then you will feel the difference. &# 128578;

Although, you have a rather atypical hybrid – it is practically a road-raiser, only with a direct wheel. So the difference will not be so big.

And I sold the shosser and bought a used Cyclocros Kona Jake (2012) mid-level, still on cantilever brakes. 18 mm rim: you can put 23-25C road tires, you can 45C evil Niner. I go around the city to 45C – I jump banihopy and

Thanks for the clarification and especially for the video! better to see once! Before that, I just wanted to start a highway (because of the affordability of the price, though it’s rare that they are not converted), but now I want to!

And I wanted the highway! Well what will you do! &# 128578;

The steel highway option is also good for novice riders or for training. And inexpensive, even from eminent offices

People, and FUJI – is this a cake at all or not a cake ?! &# 128578;

Oh, I feel next season I’ll be rolling on the roadies. I bought myself a hybrid this season and finally realized in practice that MTB is not mine and my element is the road and speed … Is it that the contact pedals are confusing =)

This is why contacts are confused? &# 128578;

Just unusual &# 128578; I myself understand that in all respects they are better than tramplers and the skating technique is slightly different. And the experience of riding in wet weather is not in favor of slippery plastic, but it is still unusual when the foot is “nailed” to the pedal …

You will try, then you will not be able to tamper. &# 128578; As for the wet weather, this is generally by, because the shosser keeps on the road and in the rain is fine. If we break it, then you will not have time to expose your foot with the tamer. &# 128578;

I have contacts on the road host, and on a hybrid there are angry, toothy mtb tops, I ride them in spiked football boots, so it’s better grip. I never understood plastic pedals and I advise everyone to get off of them, but when the bike is rolling next to you, you need to lift the connecting rod upwards – otherwise you will scratch your shin. I drive a hybrid in a busy city; often in traffic jams, it is precisely the tamers who help to stop between the rows, to balance, along the edge of the row. A couple of times kissed contacts on the sidewalk because of a sharp maneuver = (But for fitness or on weekends outside the city contacts have no equal. But if you travel along a certain route, without any special adventures on the road, then in the city contacts will be added at the start 50-60 % and at a rate of 10%.

Yes! I forgot to add that I have been dreaming for a long time to put the combined pedals: on the one hand contact, on the other flat. And then you will not get enough cycling shoes. While the shoe is dry, you ride in sneakers =)

Victor, by the way, this moment is very interesting for me – how dangerous is it to dump a highwayman much, and is it even possible to do this? Because I turn debris even at very small speeds, I just have a bzik on this topic since childhood …

This is perfectly normal, without inclination at speed, you can not turn it. &# 128578; In dry weather, it keeps cornering very well. But on wet asphalt, it is careful, it is the only way to tear it off, especially if it is worth stock cheap tires. I immediately changed myself to my beloved Conti Grand Prix 4000, it keeps well, but in the rain I still try not to risk it.

Zdrastvuyte! It makes sense to collect a highwayman on the frame of colnago mexico with a body kit shimano rx 100 or still take a new one?

Andrew, it makes sense if the size is sitting like a glove and (or) it will be the second or third, training one. Colnago of that generation is practically Start-Highway. They just had more sizes. “Take new” – what does new mean? If carbon Colnago – then look for a frame of class C HP40 + and hang. If alucarbon is not necessarily Colnago, there are lots of other good branded frames, the same Merida. In the frames of the Colnago, the plus is that they do not use integrated steering columns and led perfectly adjusted for the shape and fit. Well, they, as a rule, are designed with a large margin of strength and vibration resistance – for example, for racing on the pavement. But now the elements of these technologies are already picked up by all.

I bought MTB 29er at the end of this season and quickly realized that my element was dear! What Schwalbe – Furious Fred Evolution 29er and lock forks do not save the situation. And that good thought comes afterwards! And the fleeting thought of buying a road racer swallowed me up very quickly. Most likely, for the next season, the Shimano M-520 ordered by me earlier will already be on the road racing road! Viktor Kotovsky, as you think (I know that you do not advise, but your opinion is important to me) how did you boardman – Team Carbon (on Wiggle for

Sergey, as for me, the usual normal scooper on good components. I hear the Boardman brand for the first time, what a frame there is – I have no idea. The price for such a setup is good, but on Wiggle is a sale, I doubt that by summer you can buy at that price. This led RRP – 1500 pounds.

Good day. Some moments uttered a little surprise. Especially about the average speed and speed advantage over the MTV. I am not a cyclist, especially a professional. In May of this year I bought Specialized Aliez. One of the most unpretentious, but high quality. Prior to that, with a half-year-old ride on the old killed miner GT. That’s all my cycling experience. But I understand perfectly well that the same person on MTV and the road-raiser will not have a difference of 10 km / hour (of course, provided that the road-raiser is not top, and the MTV is completely killed =)). Real values ​​hardly exceed 5 km / h. Several times I arranged this year for myself. The average speed has never been lower than 30 km / h. For example: 240 km for

Timur, if everything is as you say, then cycling is crying for you. &# 128578; Seriously.

Even if you throw away an interesting, but ironic remark, it still remains a thought: why buy a F1 car for unhurried, peaceful walks in the countryside.

To be honest, I lost the thread of your thoughts. &# 128578;

The note about cycling was not ironic.

I hope I’m not insulting anyone :). It is embarrassing that lately in an attempt to keep up with a certain fashion, people are buying roadies. But this is a sports equipment designed for speed. I understand that everyone has “speed” – his own concept. And besides, if a man wants carbon fiber led over 150 thousand for riding around the city, then this is only his business. It was just that a road bike was “fooled”.

You know, I do not know about fashion, personally I just like to ride on the road. Yes, this is a sports equipment, so what? The usual mountain is great – the same sports equipment. It turns out that everyone should ride the road singlespids, or what?

And by the way, it is not necessary to buy a shosser for 150K, for 40K it will also be quite good.

Best lightweight durable luggage

I think that when buying a highwayman, it’s not all about ordinary people. For me, the purchase of a road-master, but not one, was the result of almost 35-year-old cycling on Satellites and Tourists. Plus, all sorts of MTB and hybrids. Landing and

As for the price, of course, you start from your capabilities. You can try to assemble it on a frame like SS, which I also do. In parallel, buy a good second-hand. In the secondary market, for $ 1,200–1,300, there are no longer just good bells, but elite carbon with the same elite body kit – such as the Colnago HP C40 + that I mentioned. For serious racing, of course. Although Western fans buy and ride them just for fun. The amateur market is a normal niche for sales of elite road workers,

Sergey_K, well, where does such a stereotype come from – a master for sports achievements. Shosser is first of all a bicycle, for example, it is just a pleasure for me to ride it. Without sports, just like that. And many of my friends bought road workers for their own pleasure, being very far from sporting races.

I really do not like this snobbish distinction between bicycle classes. Price – yes, this is a factor, but it depends only on the wealth of the person, and not on whether he is an athlete or not. Why a car with a motor 250

Good, good, Victor :) Let you be right. I meant something else – I need some kind of push, stimulus, starting impetus for the transition. You can ride on MTB for years and think that “there is no better.” And the reason for saving on something else and investing more or less serious money is to have a meaningful goal in the scooper – say, to drive a marathon in some good time over a very rough terrain. And I’m not saying that a good shosser is definitely expensive. For b / y it is not so, the main thing to guess with the frame and get into size, and the difference in the body kit will not feel soon, if at all. From trips you get a buzz, what is there … do not feel like getting off of it))))

http: //

Bought today my first highway driver. Feeling is something! I recommend everyone, even if you don’t buy, but it’s definitely worth a try.

I have a simple mountain bike (Scott Aspect 60) and a road race (Dynamics RSL Signature). I go to both, in the mood. Bought for city driving.

So, at first I was a little afraid, but now I jump from the sidewalks on the highway and no problems. Of course, I don’t ride the stairs like on a mountain, but it’s no problem to jump over a hole or fly off a curb.

Both have their own buzz. But I get less tired on the highway, it is more convenient to drive. On the fifth point load less. Ride on asphalt easier and faster. I do not feel more danger than mountain. Both are equally dangerous.

Buy a shosser, do not strive. Buzz one more!

Good health to all! Guys, tell me, can I install wings on them? Okay, the trunk … But without wings it is tin.

Ivan, you can, no problem. Here it is written about the wings, including for the roadlords:

Thank you, Victor! Got it. This is another

3 years ago I decided to plant my wife on a bicycle, picked us up two hybrids. All this time I was thinking about the roadmaster, but everyone was saying everywhere, the master was not for our roads. My wife is small and the hybrid turned out to be great for her (thank God

In early August, I got it / assembled and left for a test drive on an empty highway under construction. Guys … (further quote from those times)

These are the impressions …! Pulse before the start jumped to 110, (when at rest, 40 beats) such a pleasant feeling when you do not know what to expect! At low speed, the bike turned out to be very nimble, the wheel slightly to the side and went. On the high, when you turn the steering wheel, the bike directly dives into the turn, so nice!

I was very surprised with the gentleness with which he overcame all the irregularities and seams of asphalt, this is what a hard, carbon fiber plug means.

Now I can’t wait for the roads to dry, everything is itchy, I want to go on the road …

I want to try a shosser, for money only up to 15,000, is it possible to take something less? So that he is not killed for the season on Russian roads? Of course, I will drive along the asphalt and roadblocks, but still, I read here that someone had the camera burst in 8 atmospheres)) What can you say? *

Only used, I think. And about the kill – yes nothing like that, read the note.

Hello! Recently, I also decided to buy myself a road bike, but now the problem with the finances + the hryvnia has collapsed, because of this, all the bikes have risen in price approximately by 3 tis. hryvnia. Visited the idea to buy z-abroad and seen enough of this machine – http: //

What masters like Akrigg or Ashton are doing on the roadmaster is something unthinkable. Eyes do not believe it. After such a limit the possibilities of the roadowners moved apart infinitely. It is clear that the devices are simply cosmic, for cosmic money, that the virtuosos of the highest class, that there were drops behind the scenes, injuries and inevitable breakdowns of expensive equipment with such extremes, but the message with its hellish positive achieves a goal – it got me, anyway. I just want to quit and run to the cashier to pay extra for pleasure. I have a question for knowledgeable comrades. Purely to expand horizons, not self-interest. Here, for example, http: //

For many years I ride a motocross

I have 2 bikes. One mountain with a front shock absorber, the second highway, but with direct steering,

@Victor, it would be cool if you wrote an article about the types of bikes and what for what. And even the shosser, and cyclocross, and a hybrid, and a rig, mtb, cross-country, tourist, urban, folding, and the list can be continued for a long time – an unprepared reader comes to the silent horror of all these names. I still have not figured out myself what is the difference between the road and the cyclocross)

Alexei, maybe you are right, you need an educational program for beginners.

I decided to look for differences and the second link in the search engine to the article of Victor)) Ahaha, the irony of fate is direct. Now everything is clear.

Great article, I wanted to change my motocross high to the shosser, sorry I did not read it before buying!

Today I caught myself thinking that it was not at all necessary for me to acquire a master. The fact is that the steering wheel easily rotates around its axis, it is worth loosen the locking screw. Expand it by 180, raise the saddle a little higher, change tires to ABSOLUTELY bald – so the highway owner is ready, typically for the level of “Start-Highway”. And this is taking into account the fact that I am mortally afraid of aluminum and carbon. Rather, not these materials themselves, but a fall at full speed due to cracks and suddenly burst parts of the “warp”. &# 128578;

Good day! Very “tasty” article, thank you! The budget, unfortunately, is limited to 35,000. You say that you are not giving specific recommendations, but suddenly make an exception? )) As a “starting option” is this suitable? I look at the option with a 7-speed sleeve. And in general, “planetarki” + road workers, in your opinion, is this reasonable?

Damn, I did not think that everything is so serious with these roadhorses. Kata is not much, since last year. Understandably, like everyone, went to the store and bought MTV, Niner. For a year, I realized that pokatushki in the forest and horse racing through the roots is not very mine, although it does not cause obvious rejection, but I stubbornly pulled onto the asphalt and wanted speed and speed. Today, one of the online stores spent in our city free test-ride of any, two-wheeled. I signed up for my trouble at Cannondale SYNAPSE CRB 5 105 C 2014 BBQ. Drove 20 km in 45 minutes and disappeared. Now I can neither eat nor sleep, I want the boss. Tomorrow I will still test Cannondale CAAD8 6 TIAGRA C and finally fall into prostration.

And why do girls at the end of the movie wash the bike wd-skoy?

Greetings to the community! I am glad that I found you) The horse raiders are getting more and more attracted, but already, probably, next year, I want to take carbon as the second one. Now I choose the first one for the city mostly, but with the possibility to move down to the forest path and

Maxim, Revolt is a cool thing, of course. I would also have thought for a long time what to take in your case if the shosser is on the way. &# 128578;

Victor, what better brakes on a highway to choose hydraulics or vibraki?

Alexey, for the time being I would advise taking ordinary tick-borne ones (they do not put vibrations on the road horns). Hydraulics is still too expensive.

Good day! Tell me, I want to buy a highway for going to work (25km back and forth) 4-5000km a year. I now have a giant MTV, Niner 29 wheel, bought it even when about the scooper did not know absolutely nothing, advise, several aluminum frame models and a few carbon ones, I also consider Italians.

Good day! I would like to know the advantages and disadvantages of bicycles with 2 front stars and three. as an example, MERIDA RIDE CARBON 93-30 and MERIDA SCULTURA COMP 903. now I choose between these models, used to ride a steel Soviet bike with one gear, but tried on MTB, I didn’t have enough gear for high-speed driving.

Best lightweight durable luggage

Micha, tee on a roady bike put or beginners who do not have enough low gear, or if the cyclist rolls in the mountains. For our area you can safely take with two stars.

Hello! There is a question. Now I have mtb on 26 wheels. I thought that I would roll through the woods with a bunch of roots and other impassable roads, but I drive mainly along the roadway and on sidewalks. What do you think, is it worth changing mtb on the highway? On the roads sometimes come across all sorts of irregularities – whether fossa or small stones (but rarely). On mtb I do not care – he swallows it all .. and here’s the highway-driver .. he will pass? I do not live in Moscow, so the roads are sometimes not very smooth (but most of them are quite good).

On the first day of the purchase of the master, many mistakes were made. And this led to gaining invaluable experience. Whatever is done, all the better. I bought it because I quit my job (I hate RABOT in the usual sense) and spent my free time, there was some money. And I had to do what I wanted. I played in the computer of week 2, I got tired, and then I remembered my petty hobby (then) – the bicycle! Experience skating 9 years on MTB. How many miles I do not know. But my miner somehow did not roll at all. He studied the classification of greats, ride on my brother’s expensive hybrid, Nishiki, it seemed just awful, something was not right. It was a strange feeling that I had once experienced the sensation of riding a highway. Well, not really thinking, I bought Author Aura44- I just wanted to roll. The most interesting. Immediately after the purchase, she bought additional contact pedals in the same store, there were no shoes. Someone drove to Trial sport and bought shoes there. I did not know how to quilted and immediately collapsed. The main problem is that they are not allowed in the subway, and there is almost 50 km to the house in the city! Zhuvu near St. Petersburg, I had to go through it, through Nevsky, and there were so many people, cars, but I didn’t learn how to get out of my contacts, I didn’t learn how to switch speeds too .. And such tin! In addition, the phone sat down, and there the navigator. In general, my trip ended far from home, when the SUV moved the rear wheel, it was the last fall for the first day, number 3. During the second, the steering wheel bent slightly. The rim is in the trash, the front wheel is pierced. I drove to the house by train (fortunately, the right branch was nearby, I was only dragging 30 minutes on my shoulder). I was tormented with repairs a week. I didn’t know about Wiggle or CRC. I also did not know that 95% of velomagazes are rubbish, and that sellers are recent schoolchildren who know almost nothing, and advertising is a lie. Spent thousands of 7. Barely barely found the rim in the city (!). He killed a set of spokes with pliers. I learned how to edit 8, purchased an instrument, removed a cassette, climbed into a sleeve. Dark spots in the bike device has become much less. I bought Schwalbe Lugano, what was then in the city. I was looking for spare parts so that in 1 day I spent 7 metro tokens, and this is just the metro! When driving on the first day there was not any equipment. And in about a month, especially in 1 week, I gained experience, probably, as in the previous 9 years. Personally, I have with the roadmaker for 1 month. There were more problems than with MTB for 9 years. It was a period of extremely fast gaining experience. In my opinion, spec. Experience is a paragraph with letter A) in the rights of the category “road racer” pathos =). That was such a tough acquaintance with highway velom, now in the city for any rug you do not drag me! If it were not for these breakdowns, I would never have learned about our site and a ton of utilities and necessities!

Victor, a harsh experience. &# 128578;

I now wonder, but do they really say that the brakes on the road brake are bad?

Not bad, but less effective than vibraki, and the more discs.

And how is it for everyday use?

And I travel on an aluminum fork, and nothing, the shower is in place.

Bought last year cyclocross as a summer option.

Kantriynik finally moved to the category of winter-hiking, got a short-eyed SRAM X0 and a one-star system with a 32-tooth Narrow-Wide star (cleaning from snow / dirt is easier, without a damper, nothing flies).

First of all – repeaters of brakes around the removal – it is extremely convenient when driving in the city. A comfortable upper grip appears with the ability to look around and, in case of anything, to lose one’s grip, without going over to the grip “by the pistols”. Another of the small amenities – with them you can keep the bike from moving with one hand – conveniently at traffic lights, when hurrying / climbing a bike or if you have to carry a bike next to you.

There were questions about the strength of the wheels – I have 120 kilos in me, and the wheels are Fulcrum Race 7 (the front is 20 spokes radially, the back is 24 spokes, the left umbrella is radial, the load is declared up to 80 kilo per pair). So – the front of the year never required a broach, ideally even. And the back – constantly leads – the spokes from the side of the cassette (not radial) weaken. And – with a quiet ride, catching curbs and gutters, this process does not accelerate.

On the other hand, about the strength of the apparatus, it overheated the rim brake pads to melt (Avid, put not probes, but normal shoes in your cantilevers!) While descending the serpentine from Königstuhl mountain in Heidelberg right before a sharp turn. There were options – to decompose on shchebat asphalt at a speed of 45 km / h and fly to the curb or jump over this curb and go to conquer a part of the equipped dowhill track (yes, with marking tapes and treated obstacles) on 32mm slicks and without brakes. I chose the second – in the end – put out the speed of 150 meters. I thought that if the frame did not work out, then the wheels would form. As a result, a snake bite on the front wheel and “pistols” that slightly rotated on the steering wheel from terrible loads. On the rims – not a single notch, although they rang over the stones very defiantly. Wheels – in the back I had to tighten one needle (the eternal problem of radial knitting in the absence of sealant between the needle and nipple – the needle just unscrewed). All – no damage! I was lucky, of course, but this case convinced me in many ways.

From unpleasant – brakes. If you can take cyclocross with discs – it’s worth it. The cantilevers very noticeably push the frame feathers and legs of the fork apart – as a result, they have to be pressed on the brake with incredible force. Decent Avid Shorty 6 does not give out half the power of the usual Sora / Tiagra road ticks, even if properly tuned and with good KoolStop pads – all efforts are eaten by the frame and fork. By the way, on the disk version, of course, put the wheels without radial spitsovki – they are stronger, though softer and heavier. On the other hand, the smaller longitudinal rear wheel on the aluminum frame – is it a drawback?

Best lightweight durable luggage

About landing with a rudder-ram – the only thing that keeps me from refitting the Kantriynik with such a rudder is hydraulic brakes. Rudder-ram has many advantages, some of which are not immediately obvious: additional depreciation at the grip on the lower horns due to the steering wheel elasticity, on such a steering wheel, hands not only numb, but also significantly less cold (braid and a more comfortable hand position), bicycle holds the direction much better (the effective length of the stack consists of the actual length of the stack and 80–150 additional millimeters of distance from the stack to the “pistols”).

About tires: “to drive” I have 23mm Schwalbe Durano – but in the city it’s disgusting – it shakes on every crack in the asphalt. For the city – I use 32mm Schwalbe Marathon Supreme – the rollback suffers slightly (minus 2-3 km / h in perfectly flat dorg), and the smoothness is obtained like a good “hybrid” on 45mm tires – tires “high” and bulky with a small width. And also – for which I love these tires very much – they have excellent grip with wet markings, marble and other slippery surfaces – I did it on a two-inch version on a country garden too – stop at a pedestrian crossing before the car decided to leave the sidewalk in the rain, wet trams rails at a sharp angle, sand on the road – these tires were all in the teeth. By the way, they don’t have teeth either – they are just slicks from the compound, resembling an abrasive eraser with a deep v-shaped notch.

On the shosser and 38mm can be put. I have a Cilo Swiss with a direct wheel (not a ram) now stand 35mm, the gaps are decent, but there is no need to put 38. Nakat good, not afraid of a dirt road.

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