Best hotels in the lagoon

The best sandy beaches of Turkey make the rest in this country comfortable and enjoyable for anyone. Today, vacation in Turkey is not only fashionable, but also profitable, the cost of rest is quite acceptable here. However, the hotels excellent service and good conditions for recreation.

Best hotels in the lagoon

Attracted tourists and well-equipped sandy beaches. Clean, fine sand provides the highest comfort for both adults and children. Many beaches belong to hotels and are private, but some are accessible to tourists from every corner of the country on a paid basis. It is always pleasant to rest here, as on all equipped beaches there is a need for equipment – chaise lounges and umbrellas, bars and much more. Some of them have basketball courts and water sports equipment can be hired.

Oludeniz Beach (Fethiye)

Oludeniz Bay is located near Fethiye, 15 km from the city. This is a very picturesque place that tourists love, as the bay itself is located in the lagoon and fenced off from the sea by a sand bar. More recently, Oludeniz (Fethiye) beach was considered the best place for independent travelers, but now there are many hotels on the coast, which have divided the beach.

Oludeniz is a national park of Turkey, with stunning turquoise waters, emerald pines and soft sand. Today, there are 3 beaches in this bay – Laguna, Patara and Kidrak. The lagoon is ideal for beginners who master water sports, as well as for families with children – it is quite small here. Patara is one of the best beaches in the world, so you should definitely visit it, and Kidrac is the most quiet and secluded place.

You can get to Oludeniz from Fethiye, in the summer tourists regularly take dolmushi, and in winter – minibuses with an interval of 30–40 minutes.

“Very beautiful nature, but the arrangement of the beach Laguna leaves much to be desired. A lot of people, all on each other’s heads, catamarans in terrible condition, ladders hanging in the air. You can go once, for the sake of the view, but there is nothing more to do there. ”

Lara Beach (Antalya)

Lara Beach is located near Antalya, it is one of the most prestigious beaches in the region. The length of the beach is 12 km east of the Lower Düden Falls. The place was recognized as the highest level international beach, as evidenced by the blue flag located on the coast. Lara is a city beach, so the entrance for tourists is free.

It is clean, there are bars and shops of soft drinks, for a fee, you can rent deck chairs and umbrellas. There is also a rental of catamarans, showers, changing rooms and a toilet. To the beach all year round city buses from Antalya.

“A beautiful place, on a sandy beach it’s good to rest with the kids. Around expensive hotels, so a very clean and well-groomed area, overlooking the mountains of Olympos. Of course there are a lot of people, but there is also enough space. ”

Best hotels in the lagoon

Cleopatra Beach (Alanya)

This beach was donated by Marc Anthony to Queen Cleopatra, the most soft and clean sand from Egypt was brought here specially. To this day, Cleopatra Beach (Alanya) is called royal.

The length of the beach – 2 km, fine, golden sand everywhere. There is a gentle entrance to the sea, and the sea itself is quite shallow near the coast, which makes it ideal for children. The water in this area is very warm and clean, the bottom is sandy.

This is an ideal place for tourists who prefer a quiet and safe holiday, as well as those who are trying to master water sports.

Entrance to the beach is free, this place is open to tourists and citizens, around a lot of hotels, whose guests also visit Cleopatra Beach. For a fee, you can take a sun lounger or an umbrella, there is a bar nearby and a point of sale for drinks and snacks. There are also changing rooms, a shower and a pay toilet.

Beach Address: Kızlar Pınarı, Atatürk Blv. 194 / A, 07400 Alanya / Antalya.

“Nice beach, very clean, warm water and developed infrastructure. To the disadvantages, I can only take the expensive fare (apparently, they compensate for free on foot) and a pay toilet. But for a holiday place is suitable. “

Patara Beach (Fethiye)

Patara Beach (Fethiye) – one of the best beaches in the world. This title was given to him by an international commission in the evaluation. It is huge – the length of the sandy beach is 18 km. There are tidal waves here, so the calm of the sea is far from always, which is a big plus for fans of surfing. Patara Beach is called the classic, the best beach for relaxation. It is located in the southwestern part of Turkey with an optimal climate. Near this place, a 10-minute walk, are the ancient basilicas and the ruins of ancient castles. According to legend, right in the harbor of Lykia, next to Patara, Apollo was born.

The main advantage of this place is that in the area of ​​Patara any construction is prohibited, nature has been preserved here. On the coast there are only small, cozy restaurants and old private houses built many years ago. You can get from the bus station Fethiye, in the direction of Kalkan and Kas. The bus takes you to the highway where the road leads to the beach. The length of the road is 5 km, but taxi drivers are always on duty here.

“A chic place, very beautiful, clean, and very few people. Probably not always, but we were lucky. The water is warm, the nature is splendid, although it is far to get, we were very pleased. ”

Kaputas Beach (Kalkan)

Kaputas Beach (Kalkan) is considered one of the best in Turkey, it is located between the towns of Kas and Kalkan. The beach itself is located in a bay between two rocks, this place is protected by the state, as it was recognized as a reserve.

This is a “wild” beach, there are no sun beds, umbrellas, cabins, restaurants and other benefits of civilization. The beach is deserted and clean, as it is located away from the cities – the nearest town is located 5 km away, this is the city of Kalkan. The government has banned any construction on the beach, as well as any changes in its appearance. You can get on a rented bus or car, also, from the bus station of the city of Fethiye there are scheduled buses to Kas. The bus will drive through the town of Kalkan, and then make a stop on the highway near Kaputash beach.

“Excellent beach, left a lot of impressions. Being there, you forget that life is in full swing around – time seems to stop. Great place, especially for a romantic getaway. There are few people – this is also a huge plus. ”

Iztuzu Beach (Dalyan)

Iztuzu Beach (Dalyan) is a rare natural place in the Mediterranean. This is a long, 4, 5 km long sandy arc that goes from pine to river delta. On all these 4, 5 km there is no shop, hotel or house, moreover, there are no buildings even in sight.

This is a picturesque place where preserved primitive nature. The beach is a nature reserve and is often called Turtle, as there are many Caretta Caretta turtles living here. In the open spaces you can also find the blue crab, a very rare creature.

You can swim on the beach only in specially designated places, there are not many of them. The beach serves as a reserve rather than a place to relax. Earlier there was an old port and salt mining was carried out.

Visit Iztuzu better with the guide – he will tell about the unusual history of this place. You can go on a trip on a yacht, from the Dalyan pier. The duration of the trip is 40 minutes. You can also take a minibus from the post office.

“The impression is ambivalent, there are a lot of people and the beach is rather dirty. Of course, there are no turtles in such a crowd. Another disadvantage is unreasonably high prices in shops and cafes. But I liked the unusual nature and the very arrangement of the beach, if it were more often cleaned, it would be great. “

Olympos Beach (Kemer)

Olympos Beach (Kemer) is included in the world list of the cleanest places to stay. The length of the beach is 4 km, it is covered mostly with pebbles and sand. Thanks to this coating, the water on the beach is very clean and clear.

Here, the beautiful air – there is the aroma of pine and the sea, so this air is healing. It is very quiet, few people, despite the large number of hotels around. A great place for everyone who is tired of city life and plans to relax away from civilization. There are no expensive hotels and fashionable restaurants around. The beach is free, located at the address: Turkey, 85 km south of Antalya, 45 km south of Kemer, the resort of Olympos

“I liked the fact that here is very quiet, calm and free, few tourists, no one bothers anyone. They made luxurious photos on the background of beautiful nature and without people. It is inconvenient that there is no cafe, but this is the specificity of the beach. ”

Pamujak Beach (Kusadasi)

Pamujak Beach (Kusadasi) is another place for sunbathers in a relaxed atmosphere. It is very clean, spacious and comfortable, there are no signs of civilization. There is not even a store with drinks on the beach, but this is exactly what provides the special atmosphere of unity with nature, makes the place colorful and unusual.

The beach is clean sand, very clean, warm and clear water. The length of the beach is 5 km, you can find a place where people will not be at all. You can diversify your rest by riding camels or horses, which are often brought there. Entrance to the beach is free, sun beds and umbrellas are not provided here. The place is located at the address: Turkey, 12 km north of Kusadasi, you can get on a rented car, the landmark is the Aquapark, then turn left and follow the sign.

“Our favorite place with friends, sometimes we come here with tents for a couple of days. Very beautiful, quiet and peaceful, a real primitive rest. ”

Akyarlar Beach (Bodrum)

On the southern shore of Bodrum, Akyarlar beach is located – a small beach with fine, clean sand. This is a favorite place for families with children and surfers, as the wave here is small and you can ride safely. And professionals go to the eastern part of the beach, where the wave is much higher.

For children, the real expanse – the entrance to the water is gentle, the bottom is good, and the depth increases gradually. Today it is one of the best beaches of the coast, but tourists will not find any special entertainment here. This is a place for a measured, relaxing holiday. The beach is well equipped, you can rent deck chairs, umbrellas and visit a cafe or shop. There is a great view from here, as the beach is located in the bay, around a lot of green, exotic plants.

“We really liked it, a lot of space, even when there is a large influx of tourists – it will work out to find an empty place. Very beautiful views, warm water and a small wave – ideal for babies. “

Side Beach

In Turkey, many sandy beaches, near Side, there are two of them – east and west. Western is ideal for family holidays – there is a gentle descent into the sea, very clean beach and sand, shallow depth. East Beach Side is very different from him, there are almost no people, there are no benefits of civilization.

On the West Beach in high season, many tourists, all places on the coast are filled. Some of its zones are given to hotels, on others there are bars and restaurants, but there are also areas accessible to all for which admission is free. You will only have to pay for sunbeds or umbrellas, about 5–10 euros. Both beaches are marked with the Blue Flag, that is, they are recognized as safe and comfortable for relaxing.

“At first, we went to the West Beach, but there is always noisy and crowded, it’s difficult to find an empty seat, as there are not many public sites. Then they came to the East – it is much quieter and calmer there, but the entrance to the water is worse. Anyway, East liked more, and if you walk a little more along the sea, you can find rare Caretta Caretta turtles. ”

Best hotels in the lagoon

Turkey is famous for its beautiful, sandy beaches. Even if they are free and publicly available, it is comfortable to relax here, as all resort areas are very well maintained. You can come to Turkey from May to the end of October, but in the summer it is very hot here, the temperature rises to +35 degrees. The best period for rest is May, September and October.

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