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Singapore is the city of the future. And everyone wants to come to Singapore for a couple of days to walk along the most modern streets in the world. Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail and made for people. In this city, one minus – expensive hotels. Regular rooms cost an average of 200 euros per night. For example, the price per night in the famous hotel Marina Bay Sands (with an infinity pool on the roof) – from 300 euros per room. On holidays more expensive. However, there are Cheap hotels in Singapore – up to 100 euros and even cheap hotels in Singapore – up to 70 euros. But places need to know! About these places and tell. For convenience, I quote prices in euros, not in dollars, so as not to be confused in currencies,

Life hacking! Friday and Saturday hotels in Singapore are cheaper than on other days.

Tips for choosing a hotel in Singapore – it is important to know!

Keep in mind that Singapore budget hotels are incredibly modest. and for the first time really shocking – in cheap hotels there may not be windows in the rooms (as a rule, this is indicated in the room description), rooms from 7

Therefore, if you still want comfort, then choose a hotel from 150 euros and with a rating of at least 8.7 – for example, Pan Pacific Singapore 5 * – you will definitely not regret it and it is twice cheaper than the famous “Marina Bay”! Spacious rooms, wardrobes and everything in a familiar hotel. Here is a photo of the difference between a cheap hotel in Singapore and the usual one:

Hotels in Singapore: Cheap Fragrance

In a cheap hotel – there is no closet, at best there will be a table like in the photo, the bed is close to the window, we place the suitcase at the wall where the hangers are. There is a toilet and a shower and nothing else. And this room is the best of the cheapest, there is even a window here.

So, if you are ready for cramping, read on and don’t tell anyone later that “even things had no place to put” :)))

In which area of ​​Singapore is it better to choose a hotel? Out of ignorance, tourists often book cheap hotels in the Geylang area – this is a big mistake. Thus you can spoil the whole impression of Singapore – unfortunately, even in the city of the future there are unfavorable areas. Geylang in Singapore is a red light district and hotels are rented mainly for … Often the rooms are not very clean. In general, the rest in these hotels will not work. If we choose remote areas with cheap hotels, then instead of Geylang it is better to prefer Novina (Novena), Katongu (Katong), Kallangu (Kallang). Near the center, see the Chinese or Arabic quarter. It is better to add 10-20 euros per day, but settle in a normal area, so as not to spoil the impression of the city.

Council We went know Never choose a hotel by the “stars”! Starry does not guarantee cleanliness and comfort – they wrote about it in detail here. You should always choose a hotel only by rating and read the reviews very carefully – some air conditioners above the bed will fit, while others will not be in it.

When choosing cheap hotels to 100 euros in Singapore, one must also take into account that all of them are, of course, somewhat inferior to standard hotels from 150 euros. Some of the hotels are oldish and “stuffed”, in others – noisy air conditioning, and in the third – very small rooms. Ideal hotels for the price in Singapore does not exist. Therefore, immediately determine what you are willing to donate.

Best hotels ever

We found the most cheap hotels in singapore, checked them and selected the best ones: without a window – up to 50 euros, with a window and a normal shower – up to 100 euros! Here is a list of cheap and cheap hotels in Singapore and prices:

1. Cheap hotel “Fragrance Hotel – Selegie” 3 * in the center of Singapore, with a swimming pool

Excellent budget hotel between picturesque Little India and shopping Orchard Street. This is probably the best cheap hotel in Singapore. Convenient location almost in the city center. Very small, but cozy and clean rooms. 11

Prices from 50 euros for a double room (vary greatly depending on dates). Check prices >>

Best hotels ever

Council went-know. The price of hotels in Singapore strongly depends on location, holidays and weekends – experiment with different dates. Sometimes it is possible to combine, for example, 2 nights in one hotel + 2 nights in another and save a couple hundred euros.

2. Capsule Hostel >.

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