Best hotel in mexico

Looking at the pictures of hotels in Mexico on the Internet, it is very easy to get confused in them and make the wrong choice, it hurts everyone is good. We will try to clarify the situation and put everything on the shelves. So, we present to your attention the TOP 10 hotels in Mexico:

Place number 10 – Hotel Riu Palace Las Americas 5 * (Hotel Rio Peles Las Americas). This is a small hotel in Cancun. It features an immaculate beach, with a calm sea, the color of the water in this place is simply incomparable. The hotel is youth and active?, Living in this hotel with only 18 years of age. Another highlight of the Rio Peles Las Americas hotel is the food, it is magnificent: lobsters, mussels, cheeses, red fish and all this on a buffet, without any restrictions. Literally 10 minutes walk from the hotel is the most famous disco of Cancun – Coco Bongo Cancun (Coco Bongo Cancun).

Place number 9 – Beach Scape Hotel Kin-Ha Villas & Suites 4 * (Beach Hotel Scape Kin-Ha). Probably the most popular hotel in Mexico in the category of price and quality. Beach Hotel Scape Kin-Ha is one of the few economical 4 * resort cities of Cancun, while it has fresh rooms, a nice beautiful beach (in the area where the ocean is not active). A small area, accommodates in areas for recreation with children, youth entertainment areas (beach volleyball), 5 restaurants and bars.

Best hotel in mexico

Place number 8 – Hotel Riu Yucatan 5 * (Hotel Rio Yucatan). This hotel is located on the coast of the Riviera Maya, so it has a large green area and a great sandy beach. The beach is by the way a real treasure of the Rio Yucatan hotel, since one of the few, this hotel in Mexico, does not have stones in the water. Like all Rio hotels, it is very stylish and progressive.

How to choose a hotel in Mexico

Place number 7 – Sandos Caracol Eco Experience Resort 5 * hotel (Sandos Caracol Eco Resort Hotel). The hotel, the cost of which is usually much less than what it can offer the tourist. The only drawback of the hotel is that it stretches out to the beach with “sausage”, therefore the coastline is not very wide. A wonderful children’s concept, including: a mini zoo, mini club, swimming pools, professional ped. team A huge amount of living creatures you will find at the hotel Sandoz Caracol Eco Resort, here both capybaras and coati are wild animals, but absolutely harmless. The kids love to come in the evening to the green areas of the Sandos Caracol Eco Experience Resort 5 * and feed them fruit from the restaurant Mexican cuisine.

Best hotel in mexico

Place number 6 – hotel Live Aqua Cancun 5 * (Hotel Live Aqua Cancun). This hotel is located in Cancun and therefore can not boast of a huge territory, but the magnificent use of the territory that can eat! Everything is so properly decorated in this fashionable hotel, Live Aqua Cancun, that you do not leave the feeling of a fairy tale. Here and a cozy Italian restaurant was lost in a cocoon of lianas, and next door the Mexican cuisine restaurant is refreshing by the sea air right by the sea. Rooms with views of the Caribbean Sea from the 30th floor simply spread their wings and make your Mexico unforgettable!

Place number 5 –Barcelo Maya Beach Resort 5 * (Barcelo Maya Beach Resort hotel). In this article, I try to give an objective rating of hotels in Mexico, but in this case I can not help it, the hotel Barcelo Maya Beach Resort is my personal favorite! It would be more accurate to say that the whole complex of Barcelo on the Riviera Maya is good, it consists of 5 hotels, but we will consider the most economical of them. First of all, living in any of the hotels, you can use the territory of 5 hotels (except restaurants). Secondly, the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort 5 * hotel has the best beach on the Riviera Maya, 1 km long, consists of 2 bays, there is a coral reef and at the same time an ideal entry into the sea without a coral peel.

Best hotel in mexico

Place number 4 – shared: the hotel Grand Sunset Princess 5 * (Grand Sunset Princess Hotel) and the hotel Grand Riviera Princess 5 * (Grand Riviera Princess Hotel). In fact, these are 2 buildings of the same hotel. Incredibly beautiful and large territory, all furnished with statues of gods and ancient totems. Getting to the Grand Riviera Princess Hotel or the Grand Sunset Princess Hotel you will plunge into the true flavor of the ancient city of Maya. Great beach and delicious food will also brighten up your holiday in Mexico.

Recommendations for choosing a hotel in Mexico

Place number 3 – Hotel Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar 5 * (Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar Hotel). And again, we consider the most economical of a network of 5 hotels in the Riviera Maya resort region. Iberostar hotels are the most understandable and familiar, they are presented around the globe and every experienced traveler has ever stayed at the Iberostar hotel. Speaking about the hotel Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar 5 *, this is a great family option, with delicious food, fun animation and a comfortable beach. The beach of the Iberostar Paraiso del Mar Hotel (Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar 5 * hotel) is notable for its small approach for children and the lack of pitfalls.

Place number 2 – Hotel Fiesta Americana Villas Cancun 5 * (Hotel Fiesta Americana Villas Cancun). By the standards of the city of Cancun is not even very small hotel, located on the 1st coastline. Democratic by manners and pricing policy. The highlight of the hotel Fiesta Americana Villas Cancun 5 * is its restaurant of Mexican cuisine. The hotel offers family and youth vacations in Mexico, in the evenings there is always live music and laid tables on the very shores of the Caribbean Sea.

Place number 1 – Grand Velas All Suites Hotel & Spa Resort 5 * (Grand Velas All Suites & Spa Resort Hotel). And finally, the cherry on our cake is one of the best, most luxurious hotel in Mexico – Grand Velas All Suites hotel & Spa Resort 5 *. Unrivaled territory, comfortable rooms in classic style, cleanest beach. There is a five diamonds award-winning restaurant at the hotel. This award is considered the most prestigious among hotels in North America and South America. I was lucky, and I personally had the pleasure of dining at the Grand Velas All Suites & Spa Resort, it was unforgettable!

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