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The more you learn new things in this life, the more often you become convinced that fishing in the Caribbean islands, rafting in America on Orinoco, or sunsets over the island of Bali, entertainment, perhaps, for those who are looking for beginners. In fact, is it worthwhile to forever dwell in search of new impressions and go far to distant lands, because the Russians have it all at hand, in some three hours of summer from Moscow. Of course, we are talking about a very cozy country called Turkey. Sometimes it becomes just amazing how much everything could fit in one place. It has everything, and beautiful sea beaches, and excellent ski resorts, hot springs, hammam and apple tea, the ruins of Troy and the Cathedral of Saint Sophia.

Antalya and Alanya: how to get there and the distance

Alanya and Antalya on the map of Turkey:

Distance between cities 140 kilometers. Taking as an average car speed of 75 kilometers per hour, simply calculate the total travel time, which will be about two and a half hours.

The average cost of a transfer from Antalya Airport to the resort of Alanya is approximately 60 euros if you eat in a group of two to four people, and 70 euros in the case of a group of five to eight people. Exactly the same will be the cost of the return transfer, that is, from Alanya to Antalya Airport.

You can get from town to town in one of the following ways:

– In order to get to Alanya from Antalya Airport, you need to get to the bus station in Antalya, the journey time will be approximately one hour. Next, take a bus to Antalya, next to Alanya, and spend about 3.5 hours in it.

– In addition to this option, from Antalya Airport to get to Alanya – you can take the “D 400” road, where shuttle buses go to Alanya. The distance between the cities of Antalya Alanya, we remind, 140 kilometers, how much time to travel, you can easily calculate.

– Another option is to make a reservation for transfer to Antalya Alanya at the hotel where you will relax, or at the company specializing in transfers. In addition, you can go to the counter of tour operators at the airport and try to agree. In case of availability of seats in the bus, you can take with you.

– It is possible to overcome the distance Antalya Alanya by taxi, it will be worth the pleasure about 120 euros.

Rest in Turkey for Russian tourists, as a rule, begins in the main resort of the country – in the city of Antalya, near which there are just two fashionable airports. After landing, after 15 kilometers, the tourist already arrives at the sea. In addition to traditional comfort and hospitality, Antalya hotels vary in distance from the central urban part and the presence of their own beaches. As a rule, hotels with three stars in Antalya do not have a sandy beach, and vacationers bathe on the city-wide beach, where the water is crystal clear and soft. Although if you want you can swim everywhere, except that in addition to a small and very picturesque bay, located in the city center, due to the fact that it was occupied by graceful yachts. If a tourist is suddenly bored with the waves of the open sea, he can always plunge into the pool, take a jacuzzi or visit a luxurious water park. Where every whim of the satiated summer heat of the imagination will be fulfilled at the same second. It is curious to stray along the city streets, where modernity and antiquity intertwined. Antalya is a single whimsical ensemble of the youth discos “Olympus”, the monumental gates of the Roman emperor Hadrian, attracting shop windows and the symbol of the city – the “folded” minaret, built in the XIII century, cut off by the lightning of Kezik minaret, palm-lined boulevards of the old Ottoman city and medieval houses.

People come to Antalya not only because of the sea and the beach, but for the sake of Turkish cuisine, for the sake of a full tourist sensations, by all means eat

Alanya and Antalya on the map is not near. Groves and sandy beaches stretch eastward to Alanya itself, however, near the city there are mountains near the sea, from which the sandy strip becomes narrower. In Alanya, a huge number of attractions that you should definitely visit are the Seljuk fortress and the Ottoman towers, this is an ancient shipyard and a small karst cave that is equipped for tourist visits.

Best cities to visit in America

Alanya is a modern resort center, which has comfortable hotels and hotel complexes, numerous fish restaurants, cafes and bars. Cafes stand here around the coast and have long been one of the most popular tourist destinations. Along the coastal road, immediately after the picturesque city park, a number of shops begin, which are curious not only for their leather goods and clothing, jewelry and handbags, but also Turkish souvenirs, for example, amazing bottles made from ordinary pumpkin. Every year, Alanya is overwhelmed by the International Folklore Festival, which turns the measured life of this resort town into a noisy, cheerful and crowded, very colorful holiday. And then try, choose where Alanya or Antalya is better.

Kemer is mostly pebble and sandy-pebble beaches, it is often quite steep descent into the depth and clear sea water in the sea. Alanya, on the contrary, sandy beaches and a gentle entrance, with a small storm on the sea, the water becomes muddy. There are many shops in Antalya, and the international airport, located not far away, all this makes the city a bit noisy and crowded, and an ideal place for those who like to combine leisure with excellent shopping.

All Antalya coast, including Kemer, is a very beautiful green mountains, next to which built many hotels and sand and pebble beaches. The local nature is reminiscent of the Crimean, there grows a lot of all kinds of greenery and beauties – pines. By the sea begins exotic – palm trees! Today, Kemer is focused on the Russian tourist, more and more often it is beginning to be called the most Russian city located on the Mediterranean coast. The main pride of the resort and its true treasure remains indescribable beauty of nature, clear sea and well-groomed beaches. Vacationers in this cozy place are not afraid of the heat, because almost all of its beach area is surrounded by mountains and securely covered with coniferous trees, which give a gentle coolness.

Hotels in Alanya and Antalya

A little to the east of Antalya is the resort area of ​​Lara, which consists of dozens of fashionable hotel complexes and large shopping centers. This is a relatively young and not very green resort, which was designed specifically for those who are too lazy to go far from the international airport. However, today the paucity of green vegetation is fully compensated by the originality of the decoration of hotels, polite and friendly staff, as well as exceptional service.

Recommended hotels in Lara Antalya:

“Titanic Beach Resort & Spa – the hotel, which has in its piggy bank all five stars, is completely stylized under the grandiose sea liner. Its floors are built in the form of a deck, and the registration area is framed in the form of a captain’s cabin, the hotel’s attendants are naturally dressed in a marine uniform. This hotel can be called a good five-star hotel with a small adjacent territory and impeccable service. Recommended hotel for youth, for family, and for active recreation.

“Concorde Deluxe Resort& Spa, belongs to the category of “Five stars”, the hotel is styled as a large aircraft. It differs in very original rooms, in standard rooms the bathroom and bedroom are separated by a glass wall. The hotel has an excellent SPA center. Modern hotel with quality service is not designed for families with children and the elderly.

“Kervansaray Kundu”, Another five-star hotel is ideal for relaxing pretentious young people, who know a lot about excellent service, and used to spend nights at parties and entertainment.

“Delphin Palace Deluxe” – A five-star hotel is ideal for those who like to relax in luxurious interiors. The hotel has a great green area and active animation. Large selection of restaurants serving the “a la carte” system. Rest here is convenient for the whole family with children.

“Lares Park Hotel”– an excellent five-star hotel with a large and very beautiful area, which has many cozy corners with hammocks and lawns with sofas, as well as bars and restaurants. In addition, there is here and a great SPA center, which occupies the entire lower floor, a good mini-club and even its own “film studio”. The hotel will find entertainment for tourists of all ages.

Recommended hotels in Alanya:

“Long Beach Resort& Spa, Mukarnas Spa Resort, Kirman Hotels Leodikya Resort, Arycanda Deluxe Resort, Saphir Resort & Spa “and” Botanik World of Paradise “are the newest and best five star hotels in Alanya. All of them are the most ideal way for families with children, for older holidaymakers and for active young people. The hotels are distinguished by stylish interiors, good rooms, and the presence of spa salons.

“Sunmaritim Hotel”, “Alara Hotel”, “Mahberi Beach Hotel”, “Mirador Hotel”, “Grand Paradise Hotel”, “Lonicera Hotel”, “Club Hotel Kosdere” and “Saphir” – The best hotels in the four stars category. All of them delight guests with beautiful and spacious rooms, excellent sandy beaches and varied food, as well as service and animation.

Gorgulu Kleopatra Beach, Ulusoy Aspendos Hotel and Lenna Beach Hotel, This is probably the top three hotels in the three-star category in Alanya, located on the first beach line with its own beaches with a gentle entrance to the sea. Among other things, hotels offer a simple and relaxing, reasonably economical holiday, which can be safely recommended for families arriving with children, and for young people who want to save a little.

There are enough tourist attractions, in particular, shopping and discos, cafes and excursions in all Turkish resorts, they don’t have to be searched for for a long time, and they are for every taste and budget. In general, I want to say that whichever resort you have chosen Antalya, Kemer, or Alanya, you will be provided with full hospitality everywhere, and your rest will pass unforgettably.

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