Best carry on backpack 2019

Chinese fishing nets on the cargo cord.

Fishing jails – primitive hunting for real men! Spikes on pike and spikes on crayfish.

Fishing jail is a fishing gear worthy of a real fisherman! Designed for fishing pike and other predatory fish. Accuracy, speed, ease in a throw and exact defeat of the purpose. Fishing jails are used to catch crabs and sea crabs.

They have a telescopic handle, whose length is 2.5 meters, reinforced screw stops, a soft rubber handle for a more accurate throw, interchangeable tips.

The fork tips in the outlets have different shapes and different functionalities – narrow tips – for filling fish and crustaceans in hard-to-reach places, wide 9 fork tips – on pike perch and pike, 3D in 3D is the newest models with non-plane teeth , and the volumetric location of the tips of the edges. Handguard length from 1.5 to 2.0 cm, perfect sharpening and hook, not allowing any fish to escape.

Fishing jails for autumn fishing are already on sale. You can buy it for fishing of predatory fish, crayfish and crabs in the online store Pan Fisherman. Now you can buy separately and tips.

Fishing jails – we catch the target from the stones, from the bridge, from the shore – the best catch with the most perfect fishing gear.

Casting nets – admission!

Kastingovye networks to buy in Moscow or order by mail cash on delivery, you can in our online store. Casting nets or a parachute (zakkushka) are the leader in sales for the maximum catch of fish. It is possible to cast a net from the shore, from a berth or other elevation, as well as from a boat – casting nets of small diameter can be easily dropped from a boat. This net is thrown with the help of a cord with a loop for a grip, which is included in the kit, after a cast, the parachute opens in the air and thanks to a large lead load in diameter, the net falls into the water, sinking to the bottom and capturing the entire volume of fish that is within the girth network, that is, from 4 to 5 meters.

American Casting Network is a network that has a large ring, which makes it easier to open the network in the air. When the net is taken out of the water, it closes into separate bags, which are tightened in the process of lifting, thus excluding the loss of catch in the event of overweight of fish on one side.

The Spanish Spanning Net is a net that has one big bag and high double sides all around, protecting the catch from falling out of the water if the net is tilted when it is removed. Spaniards are more often used by beginners and fishing enthusiasts, since their casting is easier and the percentage of network opening is higher than that of an American, which is more often used by professional anglers. Casting network Spaniard from fishing line – does not require care and is best suited for fishing on rivers and lakes. Spaniard from caprone – more durable, designed for fishing large fish in reservoirs and large waterways of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Novosibirsk region, Krasnoyarsk region Also, the Spanish type casting net is recommended for use in sea fishing.


PVC boats manufacture

Chinese fishing nets KAIDA

We offer Chinese fishing nets to buy KAIDA factories. These China-made networks manufactured by KAIDA are not only the unsurpassed quality of networks, but also a guarantee of quality and continuous product improvement.

Chinese KAIDA nets you can buy from a thick fishing line with a diameter of 0.22 mm, 0.25 mm, 0.28 mm on the load cord to reduce entanglement of the network when installed in water. The networks have a trim along the edges, reinforced cargo cord, durable stabilized cells, heat setting, smooth paint on the fabric at factory production and a double cord on the top selection.

Chinese KAIDA nets from thin fishing line 0.16 – 0.18 mm are recommended to buy for river fish. The net height of 1.8 meters, 3 meters and 5 meters will allow you to expand fishing areas. These networks are represented on cargo cords. Networks of KAIDA are presented in our store at manufacturer’s prices, high quality, the guarantee of the continuous availability of the size range.

They can be ordered by mail cash on delivery.

Finnish fishing nets Beluga

Finnish fishing nets Beluga is a convenient landing of nets on cords (floating and cargo reinforced cord), nets that do not require additional loading along the bottom edge. Finnish fishing nets are notable for guaranteeing the quality of the net linen, the strength of the fishing line, sustained dimensions in length and height. Industrial planting of the Finnish network eliminates the marriage. The color of the nets is blue, because Finnish net webs are used for planting.

Finnish fishing nets are presented in sizes:

  • Finnish fishing nets 120 meters long,
  • Finnish fishing nets 60 meters long,
  • Finnish fishing nets 30 meters long,
  • Finnish fishing nets 10 meters long,
  • Finnish fishing nets 1.8 X 180 meters,
  • Finnish fishing nets 3.0 X 180 meters,

Along the height of the net, the fishermen will be pleased with 1 meter depth, 1.8 meters landing – standard Finn, 3 meters depth – for deep-sea bottom fishing.

We offer to buy Finnish fishing nets with delivery by mail to all regions of Russia.

Best carry on backpack 2019

Fishing nets of thick fishing line 0.30 mm, 0.40 mm and 0.50 mm.

Fishing nets from thick fishing line are used for fishing large carp grass carp, sturgeon and tolstolob. Networks are recommended for rep. Sakha Yakutia, Khabarovsk Territory, Primorsky Territory, ideal for the Krasnoyarsk region and Murmansk – the networks have a solid line with fixation on the knot, strength, softness of the network plate and reliable protection of the line from temperature drops, which allows the use of fishing nets at the lowest possible temperatures. Fishing nets can be added up along the bottom with lead rings or additional cords, single-wall nets of thick fishing line can serve as independent tackles for fishing, as well as the basis for three-wall nets. You can choose the height from 3 to 4 meters, cell sizes from 35 mm to 120 mm.

Fishing line for knitting nets. Weit fishing nets.

Fishing line in large Sirena and Uniline reels for weaving fishing nets. The fishing line is transparent, of medium hardness, strong on the knot used in recreational and commercial fishing for weaving fishing nets, as well as for making ryazhi from fishing line. It has been tested and has a patent, it is characterized by high wear resistance, it complies with the test, it is resistant to stretching and temperature drops and holds the specified structure to minus 45 degrees. It also has UV protection, coated "Chameleon" prevents glare in water. It is easy to knit nets when you have a Sirena line.

Three-wall nets of thick fishing line.

Three-wall fishing nets of thick fishing line 3 meters high on the load cord – the long-awaited arrival of thick fishing nets with a strong cut from the fishing line of 0.25 – 0.28 mm.

These nets of solid thick fishing line on the load cord provide a high catch, easy installation with a length of 80 meters due to the non-tangling of the lower cord with weights, the reinforced loads allow the use of three-wall nets in the current. Monofilament fishing line with a thickness of 0.25 – 0.28 mm in a ryazha and in the main canvas – ideal even for sea fishing (Crimea, Krasnodar), as well as a network of thick fishing line, which waited in the Republic of Sakha, Tyumen region – a network for strong fish .

We offer to buy three-wall Chinese fishing nets from thick fishing line for fishing of large fish weighing up to 10 kg in our online store. Direct deliveries from China, cheap prices on all Chinese networks, constant stock availability – we guarantee all of this for you, any Chinese fishing nets with fast delivery by cash on delivery.

You will get by purchasing them:

  • fishing line thickness of 0.25 – 0.28 mm,
  • cargo cord on the lower network selection,
  • strong binding,
  • reinforced floats,
  • soft ryazh with a cell 220 – 240 mm, thickness 0.25 – 0.28 mm,
  • the main canvas of fishing line thickness of 0.25 – 0.28 mm,
  • high breaking load up to 10 kg
  • The optimal network dimensions are 3 meters deep, 80 meters long,
  • low price, high percentage of large fish catch.


We send orders by mail, you can track orders by mail track numbers on the official Russian mail website by clicking on the picture below.

Best carry on backpack 2019

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