Best beaches in brazil

Place: Portland, Oregon City (USA, Oregon)

Film: Twilight (Twilight, 2008), dir. Catherine Hardwick

The state of Oregon bears the unofficial title of “the most greened region of the United States” and is famous for the exceptional beauty of its landscapes and landscapes. The first part of the film adaptation of the Twilight Saga, based on the novel by Stephanie Myers, was filmed in various parts of the state. In Portland, episodes were filmed from the school where the main characters met. By the way, the school is real and is called “Madison High School”. A few kilometers from Portland, in North Vancouver is the futuristic house of the hero of the saga, Edward Cullen.

Those who are going to just relax, and not wander in the footsteps of filming, we advise you to walk around Portland in the evening or at night, because with the onset of darkness the city is unusually transformed. In the afternoon, you can visit the local parks and gardens, the most famous of which are Mount Tabor Park and the International Garden.

Beer lovers should make pilgrimages to local breweries such as McMenamin Brothers, Widmer Brothers, Bridge Port and Hair of the Dog. Few people know the fact that Portland is famous for its breweries even more than the German town of Cologne. A vivid confirmation of this is his second official name “Beertown”, which in 2006 Portland was given by Mayor Tom Potter.

In terms of cultural heritage, the city can be proud of its literary people – the writers Ursula Kreber Le Guin and Chuck Palanick. And finally, the Oregon Ballet Theater, the Oregon Symphony Orchestra, the Portland Opera House and the Portland Philharmonic of Young Talents work for all art lovers in Portland. And in the city of Oregon City, located nearby, in the same place, is the most picturesque beach of Cannon Beach, which was involved in the film “Twilight”, as the beach of an Indian residence, called La Push.

Location: Belfast (Northern Ireland)

Film: Dracula (Dracula Untold, 2014), dir. Gary Shore

Northern Ireland is a picturesque corner of Great Britain, perfectly suited to lovers of quiet, measured rest. Not surprisingly, for the filming of a new film about Vlad Tsepesh (Dracula, 2014), director Garry Shore chose Northern Ireland. In addition to the green fields, forests, landscapes and mountains that you could see in the film, this picturesque part of the United Kingdom can offer a number of other attractive places for your leisure.

On the outskirts of Belfast, on the slope of Cave Hill, at an altitude of 400 feet (122 m) above sea level, Belfast Castle is majestically located.

Best beaches in brazil

In Belfast itself, life is in full swing, and therefore there are plenty of places for leisure. Being in the city, you should definitely visit Thanksgiving Square, admire the Big Fish monument made of colorful mosaic, as well as take the child to the interactive museum W5 and fish on Lake Fermanagh ).

Place: Montepulciano (Italy, Tuscany)

Film: “Dusk. Saga. The New Moon ”(The Twilight Saga: New Moon, 2009), dir. Chris Weitz

A small Tuscan town is located on a hill with an incredibly beautiful view of the horizon, fields and vineyards of Tuscany. This city has two core values ​​- the local wine, which is world-famous under the pretentious name – “Nobile di Montepulciano” (the Noble of Montepulciano) and the majestic palazzo (the palazzo in the lane from the Italian palace).

Montepulciano, in the first place, is well suited for gastronomic and cultural pilgrimages. In addition to local restaurants with traditional provincial cuisine, guests of the city should visit the old Piazza Grande Square and the majestic Palazzo Comunale. By the way, the final scene of the film Twilight. Saga. New Moon ”, in which the main character, vampire Edward Cullen, tries to break the laws of his own kind by going out into the sunlight. It is also worth noting that Montepulciano is located just 2.5 hours from Rome by train.

Location: Brasov (Romania)

Film: Dracula (Dracula, 1992), dir. Francis Ford Coppola

This city, one of the 10 largest cities in Romania, formerly known as Kronstadt, is a place where, literally, legends are born. You will understand what is at stake when you find out that 32 kilometers from here, on the outskirts of the old village of Bran is Bran Castle (often called the Castle of Tepes), where Vlad Tepes, the Romanian prince who became the prototype of the book, once stayed for the night Bram Stoker, Vladislav Dracula. Actually, in this castle and went part of the shooting of the first film about Dracula, under the guidance of Francis Ford Coppola, based on the novel by Stoker.

However, in life, Vlad Tepes had nothing to do with the “dark” power. He was a wise ruler, whose small state was constantly attacked by enemies, for whom, as a rule, there was numerical superiority. In this regard, Vlad decided to toughen the methods of protecting his land, and therefore carried out a new type of execution – impalement, which none of his predecessors had done before him. After the death of the prince, the emphasis in his biography shifted precisely to this “bloody” part.

Nevertheless, it is not at all necessary to be a fan of the book of Bram Stoker to go to Brasov, because there are quite a few interesting places for cultural recreation. First of all, on arrival in the city it is worth visiting the First Romanian School, where you can sit at the real desks of the XIX century. Also, you should definitely go to the Black Church, formerly known as St. Mary’s Church, and admire the Kronstadt fortress, built in the XIII century. And for the most sophisticated tourists an important fad in this journey should be the Brasov Philharmonic.

Location: Paraty (Brazil, Rio de Janeiro)

Film: “Dusk. Saga. Dawn: Part 1 »(The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, 2011), dir. Bill condon

In this location, the scenes of the “honeymoon” of the characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swan were filmed in the first part of the last movie of the famous franchise. Esme Island, the so-called screen island donated by Dr. Carlisle, the father of the Cullen vampire clan, his wife Esme, is actually located in the city of Paraty, which is part of the municipality of Brazil and belongs to the state of Rio de Janeiro.

A considerable part of the city is occupied by Paraty Bay (Paraty Bay), on whose territory the best sandy beaches, waterfalls and hacienda Paraty are concentrated. The bay has 65 islands and more than 300 beaches. Ideal beaches for holidays in Paraty: white sand beach – Paraty Mirim (Paraty-Mirim), located at the mouth of the river of the same name, a beach with coconut trees, almond trees and fine sand – Conceisau, a beach with emerald water – Sono ( Sono Beach) and Felix Beach (Felix Beach), which is a crystal-clear shallow water, perfect for families with children.

A special place in the Paraty Bay occupy the coast for diving. The most popular of them: the coast of the islands Ratosh, Komprida and Katinbau. The main cultural heritage of the city of Paraty is the Chapel of the Virgin Mary, which, in its structure, resembles an ordinary residential house, and is located in a picturesque place among evergreen trees. It is very remarkable that in its entire history the building of the chapel has never been restored, and in fact it, like the whole city, is more than 200 years old.

For those who want to spend a holiday not only with spiritual, but also with practical benefits, we recommend enrolling in courses at the local cooking academy, which has a pleasant name – Academy of Cooking and Other Plesures (

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