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Thai massage – special. Some Russians come to Thailand precisely in order to pamper themselves with the art of local craftswomen. But even here you will be offered several types of this wonderful procedure.

Thai massage in Phuket is no different from the same procedure in other parts of the country. Salons are located “at every corner.” The island will gladly offer you a variety of massage options, which we will tell you about.

How to find the best massage in Phuket?

At first decide on the type of massage and the level of the institution.

VIP salons will offer dozens of options:

  • classical – standard full body massage;
  • Thai – Massage based on the impact on energy centers and stretching;
  • Scandinavian – Intensive massage;
  • aromatic oil massage ;
  • massage scrub ;
  • hot stone massage ;
  • head massage ;
  • neck, shoulder and back massage ;
  • foot or hand massage ;
  • face massage ;
  • herbal bag massage ;
  • relax massage .

Best beaches in April

You can also choose combined massage . In addition to this procedure, you can take a bath, visit the sauna or use other services.

More modest salons will offer the same types of massage, but the level of service here will be simpler. In addition, additional options are usually not provided.

It should choose the salons of the average level , specializing in massage and offering its various types. But here it is better to rely on the recommendations of friends, at worst – a hotel guide.

The most modest places look quite exotic. You will not be kneaded on a special table, but on a mattress lying directly on the floor. Female masseuses probably own only general movements. It is better not to go to such places, and if you still risk, then choose a relax massage .

At least you will not be harmed. If you ask for Thai, then there is a considerable chance that you will be spoiled for something, because it is rather complicated.

The most pleasant massage option is on the beach. . You will enjoy the sound of the surf, and pleasant sensations from the procedure. But here you must first clarify who provides services. If this is a large hotel or spa center, then the prices and quality will not be low. And if not, then it is better to choose a simple relaxing massage, so that you do not hurt anything.

There is one more type of massage parlor, where you will be offered a special pleasure – Erotic massage. In Phuket It is very popular with male tourists. The girls in them do a massage with their own body. This option is often mistakenly implied when they talk about “Thai massage”. The price will depend on the number of services provided to the client and the availability of a “continuation”. These salons are also divided into different levels of comfort.

Some “civilian” massage parlors provide such services at night. And unpretentious street establishments in the evening turn into “hangouts”, one has only to close the curtains.

Best beaches in April

Let men dream of beautiful Thai, but in Phuket most Thai massage salons are for women. It is here that they go for the health of the body and the beauty of the face. After the procedures, the blood circulation in the skin is not only improved, it is impregnated with oils and herbal extracts, but also the mental state is significantly improved. This contributes to the impact on certain points, pleasant aromas and tactile contact with the massage therapist.

How to choose a salon in Phuket?

If you can not afford a massage in the luxury salon or want to feel the local flavor on your body – look for places not right on the most tourist streets and beaches. But do not get too far from them. Again, it is better to rely on the impressions of people who have already been there.

Hi-Class Oriental Massage Spa and Massage in Phuket

Going into the salon, pay attention to the cleanliness, cozy reception, a wide “menu” and the uniform of masseuses. Decent salons do not allow people to work for them without permission and without special knowledge.

If you decide to save, then choose the first salon, but do not expect too much from him.

Massage Salon “Oriental Massage” in Phuket

Men, and maybe women seeking erotic pleasures, will have more difficulty. During the day, such places are either closed or disguised as decent places. It is better to walk through the noisy evening streets and look at the inconspicuous signs and girls sitting next to.

One of our compatriots, who lives in Thailand, even developed her own scheme for distinguishing a decent salon from an indecent one. If the masseuses sitting at the entrance are cheerful, cheerful and smiling, and also dressed in a special form – then it is a good salon . If they are tired, yawning and “dented” – then this salon also works on the night shift.

Beauty Massage Sukhee Phuket

One more sign of a good salon, if there are not only girls, but also men in the staff. Do not confuse them with ladyboys.

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Thai massage in Phuket. What is it?

When they talk about Thai massage, some imagine naked girls, others have a massage table decorated with exotic flowers, and others – atrocities of a masseur stinging on pain points. What is Thai massage really?

Thailand has absorbed the culture of its western neighbor – India , so and the northeast – Of china . It was at the junction of these cultures, religions and medical knowledge that a special kind of massage appeared. It is based on the impact on energy points throughout the body or in a separate part of it. The classical practice taught by most massage therapists includes stretching elements . Royal practice excludes this clause.

Ideally, your masseuse should know everything about you – diseases, injuries, and mental state. Before the procedure, you need to tune in a calm way. Thai massage has many contraindications. Among them:

  • pregnancy;
  • oncology;
  • muscle and joint inflammation;
  • skin diseases;
  • psychical deviations.

For heart disease and diabetes, Thai massage should be done with caution.

What gives this massage:

  • Improving blood circulation.
  • A surge of vitality.
  • Increased joint mobility.
  • Stress relief, relaxation.
  • Deepen breathing.

Best beaches in April

How much does massage in Phuket cost?

Phuket massage prices will vary according to several principles:

  • institution level

If you see a beautiful entrance with the inscription SPA, especially next to a large hotel, then most likely the prices here will be maximum. Somewhere from 500 baht . Of course, compared to Russia, it is very cheap, but you can search for it cheaper.

The cheapest street salons will offer you a massage and for 100-150 baht . But here you can decide whether to trust your body to incomprehensible personalities.

The truth is somewhere in the middle – within 250-400 baht . Erotic massage begins from 1000 baht .

  • remoteness from tourist centers

Phuket Thai massage is the most expensive on popular beaches and streets. Cheaper all – in Phuket City , away from the main streets. The difference can go up to 4-5 times.

The cost of massage in Phuket also depends on the level of the massage therapist. If this is a good specialist (it does not matter, a man or a woman), then his services cannot be cheap. If in the same salon there are different categories of massage therapists, then this is also a quality indicator.

The price varies from the time of the procedure, specify it before it starts. You can call the price in 300 baht , but it will be the price for 1 hour, and the massage will last 1.5 hours. This means that the total cost will be 1.5 times higher.

We hope that you liked our story about Thai massage in Phuket.

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