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Presentation on music 2 class 2 half of the program "Music"


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Music 2 class 2 part

Winter: poet – artist – composer Yevgeny Baratynsky “Winter” In the summer everything blooms and matures, And in winter the evil frost. That leg will freeze, That poor nose will grow cold. But she has her caresses, There are wonderful days. She has snowballs, sleds, Ice mirror and skates.

Vasily Surikov. Painting gallery. Taking snow town. 1891

S. Prokofiev. Variation Fairy winter. From the ballet “Cinderella”


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Next to the key there are always hints – this is the SIZE: the upper digit shows, HOW MANY tenants live in each measure, the lower one tells what kind of tenants it is. 2 Two quarters live here. 4 What is the size of the music for? Musicians like to measure bars in quarters: two quarters, three quarters, four quarters, and these dimensions are recorded as fractions in arithmetic, only without dashes:

Here are 2 quarters of Mom and Dad ONCE AND TWO AND

4 eights can live here. They also consider their steps: ONCE – AND TWO – And or

8 sixteenth notes can live, they necessarily consider all their steps: ONCE – AND TWO – AND

In a house with such a SIZE in each TAKT there should be notes that move like this: Once – and, Two – and A in this little house, in each TAKTE live notes that count like this: Once – and, Two – and, Three – and A here in each TACK you will hear: Once – and, Two – and, Three – and, Four – and

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Look at the SIZE and check if the tenants settled in this house correctly?

In the house, not all residents correspond to the size. If it is right to go along with everyone, then you can find someone who settled out of step. In the second bar, instead of a quarter, the eighth was supposed to settle.

MUSIC TACT SIZE * ACCENT Why do I need a musical size?

Bear, Trezor, and Polkan, and Armishka Took together all the waltz to dance, – But not in tune, at random spun, fell And began to paw each other to bite!

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P. Tchaikovsky. Waltz. From the ballet “Sleeping Beauty”



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March of Chernomor Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka March of Chernomor from the opera Ruslan and Lyudmila MUSICAL SIZE 4/4 MARCH


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The piano is a keyboard stringed musical instrument. Both the piano and the piano are varieties of piano. In Italian, the word “forte” (f) means “strong, loud”; the word “piano” (p) – “quiet.”

Grand piano Today we saw the town inside the grand piano. The whole city of bone, Hammers are a mountain. Shine the strings with the heat of the sun, Everywhere soft sukonets, Whatever street – string In this city is visible. Mandelstam Osip

The piano can sound low and high, loud and quiet, jerky and connected. Therefore, the sound of the piano is often compared to the sound of an orchestra.

Accompaniment musical accompaniment ACCOMPANIUM PIANO GUITAR ROYAL Accompaniment in French means “accompaniment”.

C. Van Dongen Anthony La Kokiner.

Dirk Gals. Concert

Gardener Beauty rushes On a white horse, She is enamored, enchanted, I look like in a dream. Prances and gallops So joyfully horse, Sand on the track Shines like fire! E. Merike

RHYTHM * RHYTHMIC DRAWING * PAUSE Rhythm is the alternation of different durations and pauses. A pause is a stop, a break in sound.

The result of the lesson. The accompaniment plays an important role in the vocal and instrumental works of composers. He is equal to the melody. This is not just a rhythmic accompaniment, but a bright musical picture.


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Grandmothers and Moms Day

Maybe there is a bigger date And, probably, not one. March 8 only in the afternoon. Spring is opening. P. Golosov

Spring Festival is known since ancient times. It was the most joyful holiday for women of ancient Rome. The whole city was transformed that day. Festively dressed women took to the streets with wreaths of flowers in their hands. They went to the temple of the goddess Juno, bringing flowers as a gift. They believed that from that day luck would come in everything: there would be good weather, a rich harvest, happiness would come to the family. On the first day of spring, men did housework. And women were given gifts.

Eighth of March, the holiday of moms, Tuk, knock! – Knocking on the door to us, He only comes to the house, Where help mom.

Separation I do everything for mom: I play scales for her, I go to the doctor for her, I teach Math. All the boys climbed into the river, I alone sat on the beach, For her, after an illness, I didn’t even swim in the river. For her, I wash my hands, I eat some carrots. Only we are now in separation. Mom in the city of Pryluky, The fifth day on a business trip. Well, at first I, without my mother, Put it to the side of the scale, I looked at the TV For the evening programs. I was not sitting too close, But in the eyes went strips. There they have one actress. She walks in her mother’s hairstyle. And today is the whole evening Something I have nothing to do! My father has a newspaper in his hands, Only he is hovering somewhere, Says: – Tolerate a little, Ten days still left. And probably out of habit Or, maybe out of boredom, I put the matches in place. And for some reason, my hands. And sad scales sound In our room. Without mom. A. Barto

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