Athens gastronomic tour

General information

Rhodes – is 300 sunny days a year, two seas – the Aegean in the west and the Mediterranean in the east, the fourth largest area among the islands of Greece and, of course, traditional Greek hospitality.

Here everyone is very polite, thefts are absent for granted – all valuable things lie quietly on a sun lounger while the serene tourist rides the waves of the stormy Aegean Sea or basks in the calm waters of the Mediterranean. It is warm and tasty here. Looking through the trips to Greece from TEZ TOUR, you will not regret if you choose a vacation in Rhodes.

The climate of the Mediterranean, with mild winters and dry summers, is characterized by high humidity in Rhodes, which is easily tolerated due to the constant winds blowing from the sea. Selection of a tour for a beach holiday, it is advisable to plan for the period May – October, it is quite possible to visit the excursion all year round.

Entertainment and Attractions

Part of the city of Rhodes is included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage. The culture of the Middle Ages will allow to diversify the rest and supplement its beach component with an educational program.

In order not to reproach yourself at home for the aimlessly spent holidays, you should visit the Butterfly Valley, Prasonisi, where the two seas are joined together in a kiss, Rodini Park, in the shady coolness of which the peacocks hide, see how the sun sets behind Turkey, on the Aegean coast of the island and, perhaps , make boat trips to nearby islands, so dissimilar to each other.

At the request of tourists, the entertainment plan of the trip is complemented by a visit to the only nudist beach on the island, an aqua park, sea bathing in the bays, kitesurfing, fascinating shopping. The gastronomic tour of the taverns will not disappoint the discerning tourist. The cuisine of Rhodes is both tasty and healthy, and the wines have an unparalleled aftertaste.

Regions and beaches

Reviews highlight the most popular resort areas of Rhodes. The most popular resort was Faliraki – a center of tourism with a developed infrastructure. The two-kilometer-long sandy beach is well-equipped and provides a wide selection of water activities for children and adults.

Hotels here overlook the beach, a convenient entry into the sea is conducive to rest with the kids. Young people who have bought trips to this village will not be disappointed either: the numerous night clubs and bars located along the road will not let you get bored.

Lindos is snow-white houses at the foot of a hill with a fortress, the temple of Athena on the top of the Acropolis, where you can climb on foot along narrow stairs or donkeys, the famous heart-shaped bay with a sandy entrance and, of course, attractions such as numerous temples.

Athens gastronomic tour

Kalithea is famous for its Blue Flags, confirming that the water here is not only crystal clear, but also safe for swimming. The operator TEZ TOUR recommends this area for a relaxing holiday on a sandy beach.

Ixia is a district located five kilometers from the capital of Rhodes. The sandy-pebble beaches, the undulating Aegean Sea and the island’s best winds attract to this resort both peaceful rest and surfers.

The hotel fund of the island is diverse and is able to increase the search for a tour. If you are not confused by prices, then there are plenty to choose for tourists: you can buy a ticket to a luxury hotel working on an all-inclusive system, you can choose a bed and breakfast hotel or stay in a budget apartment in order to have the opportunity to taste authentic Greek cuisine in numerous taverns. Last minute tours to Rhodes allow you to relax in a luxury hotel at an affordable price.

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