April holidays

Winter is over, and very soon warm days will come. And that means spring holidays of the 2019 school year are just around the corner, which, of course, pleases. It is very difficult for schoolchildren, especially of the lower grades, to concentrate during this period, set themselves up to gain knowledge, because you want to play outside after a long winter and long, dark evenings. Therefore, before the final quarter, it was just necessary to come up with spring breaks in order to give Russian schoolchildren a chance to relax a bit, relax and relieve stress, get well prepared to successfully complete the 2019 academic year.


Vacations: rules and regulations

In domestic institutions:

April holidays

The period of school holidays does not always coincide. Everyone has to adhere to general guidelines – the rules and recommendations of the Ministry of Education. This has its convenience. And in many cities, towns and villages at this time for schoolchildren organizing cultural events and so on.

There are educational institutions where vacations do not coincide in time. They can be distinguished by type of training or for some other reason. Also influenced by the fact that the educational institutions adhere to two options for learning:

In the 2019 school year, there are already dates by which you can guess when the holidays begin and when to go to school.

From the history of spring break

The spring break is a vacation period at the beginning of spring at universities and schools, which began in the 1930s in the United States and is observed in some other western countries.

Spring break is often associated in our country with the celebration of Easter, when the whole country celebrates the holiday, regardless of the faith, and the parent’s day.

The period variously known as Easter Holidays falls in April. Until 1917, the Easter break took place in schools.

In the Soviet Union, the spring break was always from March 24 to March 31.

Now many schools in Russia still have spring breaks, but the exact date is determined by the school itself. In most cases, they are installed in mid-April.

April holidays

Vacations in spring 2019: when will they be?

If we take into account the practice of past years, we can already make a forecast for the 2018-2019 school year. It will look like this when working in quarters:

  • Third quarter:

In Moscow and in other regions, Russian schoolchildren who are trained in the principles of the modular system (5-6 weeks of study and 1 week for rest) will most likely study and rest according to the following schedule:

  • Fifth module: with

This schedule was drawn up for schools that study on a five-day week — there are a majority of them in Russia. If your child is engaged on Saturdays, you just need to adjust the forecast for one day.

What to do in the days of spring break?

Spend a spring holiday with benefits:

Pull up your knowledge so that academic performance does not drop after the holidays, but on the contrary, you added in the subjects you are lagging behind, this is not what teachers need, but you yourself.

While enjoying the long-awaited days free from school trips, you should remember that it is advisable to complete the task given by the teachers for the rest days.

Especially this topic is relevant for graduates of the 9th and 11th grades. Not far off OGE and USE. Therefore, along with the rest, it is necessary to eliminate gaps in knowledge or once again solve tests.

Where to go on spring break in Moscow?

School students have ample opportunities to diversify their holidays. Moscow cultural institutions are trying to fill the days of rest for children with informative and exciting events.

Spring holidays: where to go to rest Russian families with children:

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