Anna Maria Beach

Quality: WEB-DLRip / WEB-DL 720p / WEB-DL 1080p 10 Series Year of creation: 2019 Country: USA Category / Genre: history, detective Director: Robert Stromberg, Norma Bailey, Pete Travis Actors: Aidan Gillen, Frances Bianchi, Neil McDonafe , Michael Malarki, Laura Mennell, Ksenia Solo, Michael Harney, Heather Dorken, Jill Morrison, Robert John Burke

Description: Between 1952 and 1969, the US Air Force recorded more than 12,000 evidence of a collision with a UFO. All the information received was combined into a highly secret program, codenamed "Project Blue Book". It is with these documents that astronomer John Allen Hynec became interested. With the help of Air Force captain Michael Quinn, he reveals a terrible secret that the US government carefully concealed from the inhabitants of the country.

Toman / Toman (2018) Download torrent

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Quality: HDRip / BDRip 720p Year of creation: 2018 Country: Czech Republic, Slovakia Category / Genre: Drama, biography, history Slogan: “Trafficker in Human Destinies” Director: Ondzhej Troyan Actors: River Hold, Stanislav Meier, Jaromir Dulava, Irzhi Makhachek, Katerina Winterová, Jiří Dvorak, Adi Hajdu, Martin Finger, Peter Vanek, Kristina Bokova Budget: CZK 50,000,000

Description: The film shows the story of Sehndek Toman – the head of foreign intelligence, whose role in the history of Czechoslovakia is quite ambiguous. During the Second World War, he managed to save not one hundred Jewish population. But in the period from 1945 to 1948, this man was accused of sheltering war criminals.

Kursk / Kursk (2018) Download torrent

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Quality: HDRip / BDRip 720p / BDRip 1080p Year of creation: 2018 Country: Belgium, Luxembourg Category / Genre: action, history, thriller, drama Slogan: “History that shook the world. True, uniting the world ”Director: Thomas Winterberg Actors: Max von Sydow, Lea Seydou, August Diehl, Michael Nykvist, Colin Firth, Pernilla Auguste, Matthias Schweighhoer, Stephen Waddington, Zlatko Buric, Matthias Schönarts Budget: $ 20,000 $ 000

Description: The film tells about the catastrophe of the 2000 K-141 submarine, about the sad events that took place with the crew in those difficult days and the events that followed it. Kursk was damaged and the submarine could not already emerge. While the sailors fought for their lives, their relatives tried their best to help them with this.

Mary Queen of Scots (2018) Download torrent

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Quality: BDRip / BDRip 720p / BDRip 1080p iTunes Year of Creation: 2018 Country: United Kingdom, USA Category / Genre: Drama, Biography, History Slogan: “Two Sisters – One Destiny” Director: Josie Rourke Actors: Joe Alvin, Margo Robbie, Tom Petty, Angela Bane, Sirsha Ronan, Jack Louden, Guy Pierce, David Tennant, Guy Reese, Richard Cant Search Movie Rating:

Description: After the death of King Francis of Scotland, Mary Stuart ascended the throne. Queen of England Elizabeth I sees in her cousin a serious rival. Personal ambitions of two female monarchs influenced the fate of entire nations.

Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer / Gosnell: The Biggest Serial Killer (Trial of America) (2018) Download torrent

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Anna Maria Beach

Quality: WEB-DLRip / WEB-DL 720p / WEB-DL 1080p Year of creation: 2018 Country: United States Category / Genre: History Director: Nick Sirsi Actors: Amelia White, Damon Carney, Dean Kane, Michael Beach, Sirina Fiilo, Sarah Morris , O Shay Brooks, Nick Searcy, Kate Jones, Earl Billings

Description: The film is a shocking, true story of the investigation and trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell – his 30-year practice. He did abortions late. And his medical facility tried to hide it. Who can be trusted by investigators when a regular drug investigation reveals a scandal that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Olavi Virta / Olavi Virta (2018) Download torrent

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Quality: HDRip / BDRip 720p Year of creation: 2018 Country: Finland Category / Genre: music, drama, history, biography Director: Timo Koivusalo Actors: Martti Suosalo, Seela Sella, Malla Malmivaara, Raimo Grenberg, Lauri Mayyala, Yonna Jarnefelt, Wes Viericco, , Lauri Tilkanen, Juhani Niemel, Hannu-Pekka Bjorkkman

Description: While still a rather young man, Olavi Virta managed to win the hearts of all of Finland. This talented singer has become the most popular artist in the entire history of this country. The film shows his path to glory, which even the difficult war years could not break.

The Favorite / The Favorite (2018) Download torrent

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Quality: BDRip / BDRip 720p / BDRip 1080p iTunesCreated on: 2018 Country: United States, United Kingdom, Ireland Category / Genre: History, Drama, Biography, Comedy Director: Yorgos Latimos Actors: Emma Delves, Denis Mac, Paul Swain, Rachel Weiss, Lilirose Stevens, Olivia Coleman, Emma Stone, James Smith, Fay Davey, Jennifer White. Search Rating:

Description: During the Anglo-French War, Anna is on the throne of the kingdom. But the queen is sick and cannot make responsible decisions on her own. She trusts her only friend Sarah, who takes the reins in her hands. Soon a new maid comes to the court – a young and ambitious Abigail, who is taking care of Sarah. But soon the queen’s friend regrets her action. After all, now it is Abigail who becomes Anna’s favorite.

Victoria 1-3 Season / Victoria (2016-2019) Download torrent

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Anna Maria Beach

Quality: WEB-DLRip / WEB-DL 720p / 1080p 3 Season 8 Series Title: Victoria Foreign name: Victoria Year of creation: 2016-2019 Country: United Kingdom Category / Genre: Drama, history, biography Slogan: “Every inch a Queen” Director: Tom Vaughn , Oliver Blackburn, Jeffrey Sachs Actors: Tom Hughes, Tommy Knight, Jenna Coleman, Margaret Clooney, Nigel Lindsay, Jordan Waller, Ferdinand Kingsley, Nell Hudson, Daniel Holtz, Adrian Schiller Budget: £ 10,000,000 Rating: MoviePinoPoPoPoPo: 15

Description: The series tells about the personal life of one of the greatest persons of the XIX century – Alexandrina Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland. Everything starts from the time when the young teenager was enthroned on June 20, 1837, the ruling state for more than 60 years and rightfully bearing the name "grandmothers of Europe". In the entire history of the United Kingdom, our heroine was the longest ruling monarch. The series is based on the personal diaries of this amazing man, in which all the personal dramas and experiences of Her Majesty were described.

Anna Maria Beach

My war / My War / Wo de zhan zheng (2016) Download torrent

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Quality: WEB-DLRip Year: 2016 Country: China Category / Genre: History, Military Director: Oksid Pan Actors: Huang Zhizhzhun, Gigi Lau, Tony Yang, Liu Ye, Paul Philip Clarke, Wang Lodan, E Qing

Description: Historical drama. 1950 270 thousand Chinese volunteers crossed the border with North Korea and started a war against the United States. Among these volunteers was Sun Beichuan, along with his comrades. They had at their disposal obsolete rifles and grenades, and the entire American military machine came out against them.

Cessez-le-feu (2016) Download Torrent

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Quality: BDRip / BDRip 1080p Year of Creation: 2016 Country: Belgium, France Category / Genre: History Director: Emmanuel Kurkol Actors: Morvenna Spagnol, Yvon Martin, Romain Duris, Julie-Marie Parmentier, Celine Sallett, Gregory Gadebua, Benjamin Jangers, Wabinlé Nabié, Marivonne Schiltz, Arnaud Dupont

Description: The film’s actions take place in the 1920s. Georges Laffon is trying to start a new life, to forget the horrors of the war in which he was wounded. He travels around West Africa, campaigning for the local population to work on plantations in Ghana. But this case was a fiasco, and George returned to France to his dumb brother Marcel, who lives with his mother. Georges literally immediately falls in love with Helen – a sign language teacher who deals with Marcel. At the same time, he is trying to restore relationships with his family.

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