American carrier carry-on

Today, visit anywhere in the world is available to everyone. Air traffic simplifies this task. However, such trips are designed for a different level of comfort. We will decide how to choose a class of flight and what you should pay attention to when purchasing an air ticket.

Flight conditions

Given the current level of various airlines in the world, passengers choose their own classes of service on airplanes. Based on the degree of convenience of the trip, tourists are entitled to purchase tickets of the first, business or economy category. In addition, these three main areas of service imply an internal division according to the degree of booking and other conditions.

American carrier carry-on

By purchasing a plane ticket, passengers independently determine the class of service on the ship.

In general, the ticket booking class is an encoding in the form of Latin characters, defining specific quotas for the number of seats or time limits for reservations.and. Do not confuse this definition with the level of service – because both categories have different characteristics. In order to understand a little about the information presented, we will tell you more about all the possible nuances.

Service of the highest category

On intercontinental flights, competitive airlines offer all-inclusive flights to wealthy passengers. The first class on such liners is a separate “room”, where the tourist is provided with a full bed, a choice of a menu of high-end restaurants and a full range of entertainment. Sometimes on board liners offering similar services, there are individual shower units and dressing rooms.

Flight in the first class of the aircraft – the most expensive, but the most comfortable way to travel

Of course, the chairs here are made of high quality materials and equipped with convenient functions: massage, heating, orthopedic seats. The seat implies its transformation into a full bed or its additional installation. In addition, some airlines add a personal bar and movie theater to the services of wealthy customers.

On tickets such places indicate, marking them with the symbols “P”, “F” or “A”. Mark “P” means booking individual cabins of an improved sample. There are separate beds for sleeping, satellite communications and television monitors. Such conditions are feasible on Airbus A330 or Boeing 747 200 liners. Marking “F” implies a first class trip by the general rules. The designation “A” indicates the provision of space on special conditions – at a discount offered by the airline at the peak of seasonal flights.

In addition, first class passengers have additional privileges. At the airport, these people are registered in a separate room or compartment. Here they are provided with individual waiting rooms, where there is everything you need, including showers. Unlimited Internet, a choice of snacks and drinks, comfortable furniture and other entertainment – the minimum set at any airport for passengers flying in this class. A similar category of tourists gets to the airport terminal by individual premium class special transport, and the standards for baggage of such passengers far exceed the standard minimum set by airlines.

Improved comfort flights

Business class liners are becoming a substitute for a first-class flight on domestic and international short-haul flights. In addition, some types of aircraft, such as the Boeing 777,200, are equipped with both types of salons. Conditions of increased comfort suggest an increase in the number of hand luggage seats for a client – 2 units against one seat for passengers flying on general conditions. In addition, the airlines have provided a sufficient amount of space between the rows of seats, twin chairs, which in most cases are located on the sides of the liner. Usually the following seat options are used here:

Flying business class involves certain privileges for passengers, as well as an increased degree of comfort of the seats and service

  1. The angle of folding back 160º. The standard width of the chair here varies between 440–860 mm. Passages between the lines range from 0.84 to 2.02 meters depending on the dimensions of the liner.
  2. 180º folding chairs. Here the dimensions of the seats range from 460 mm to 580 mm, and the dimensions of the aisles will be at least 1.4 meters. The maximum width between the seats reaches 1.7 m. The angle of reclining of the back allows you to transform the seat into a comfortable bed and minimizes the discomfort of the client in the plane.

During flights, Wi-Fi is available here, a choice from a wide range of menus, the ability to charge gadgets and get acquainted with the latest press. At airports for these passengers also provided some privileges. These people are registered either on a separate terminal, or bypassing the general queue. In addition, the waiting area of ​​such clients is equipped with quite comfortable conditions of stay in separate rooms.

Passengers who have canceled the trip here have the opportunity to return the tickets at their face value or postpone the trip for a convenient time.. As for ticket marking, the business class category includes the symbols “J”, “C”, “D”, “Z”, “I”.

Moreover, the mark “J” indicates a reservation of premium seats. Here the seats will be more spacious, the choice of drinks and snacks is wider. In addition, this category of customers are entitled to rely on the provision of additional entertainment during the flight.

The abbreviation “C” means business-class travel on a general basis, and the last three symbols indicate booking a seat on an airplane with the probability of a decrease in cost in a season. As you can see, special flight conditions allow you to travel in comfort. The only disadvantage in this situation is the high cost of the ticket – usually the price of such seats in the cabin is about four times higher than the cost of a standard ticket.

General flight conditions

Since we have discussed the main characteristics of high and high comfort places, we will proceed to the issues of providing standard type services. When purchasing a ticket to an economical salon, some people flying for the first time are interested in: “B class on the plane – what is it?”. This designation indicates the possibility of providing discounts to the airline during the peak tourist season. The symbol belongs to the category of booking and to the conditions of the flight is indirectly related.

American carrier carry-on

For economy class passengers, the carrier allocates a large part of the cabin, because it is this option that is very popular among residents of any country.

If we talk about comfort, the economy class of any airliner is a standard chair that is compact enough, which lowers the comfort of customers on the road. On some seats there are certain restrictions – the backs of the seats at the emergency passages and the places located in front of the food and sanitary blocks do not recline or are not fully folded.

Seats of this class occupy the main part of the liner and are located in the middle and tail zone of the board. Their layout usually follows the 3: 3 or 3: 4: 3 scheme, depending on the type and model of the aircraft. As a rule, there is no talk of a comfortable flight here, but each of the seats, nevertheless, is equipped with an armrest and a convertible table. Although catering for passengers who have chosen such travel conditions, the company offers only on condition of a flight lasting over two hours.

The service, which is offered to economy class passengers, includes only the most necessary things during the flight.

Low-cost airlines specializing in short-term flights, exclude free provision of food at all. Here passengers rely exclusively on a limited number of drinks. For customers occupying standard seats, the airlines provide for certain restrictions on carry-on (up to 10 kg) and baggage (about 23 kg) standards.

Registration of such people takes place at a common reception desk at the airport, the lounge area here is also public and does not imply any special delights. Directly to the aircraft passengers delivers the bus, and in some cases, customers get on their own. All possible inconveniences are compensated by the low cost of the trip – air tickets to the general salon are affordable for the majority of residents of the country. Consider some of the nuances of the flight, which involves a trip of this level of service, more.

About the classification of economical booking

As in situations with the purchase of tickets to the salon of a higher degree of convenience, there are several options for passengers of different levels of solvency and claims. Specialists carry the codings of economy class: “W”, “S”, “Y”, “B”, “H”, “K”, “L”, “M”, “N”, “Q”, “T” , “V”, “X”, “O” and “G” reservation categories. Consider them in the order given.

The Latin symbol in the “class” ticket column indicates the passenger’s travel category.

The symbol “W” implies the client’s ability to occupy premium seats in the cabin. Usually the distance in front of such seats is increased, sometimes the seats themselves are located paired (at the emergency exits on some modifications of liners). The fixed and standard conditions assume the category “S” and the class “Y” in the aircraft. What does this mean? Experienced tourists know that tickets with such marking do not provide for any changes in terms of the agreed conditions in transit or cost.

The remaining symbols, with the exception of the “G” marking, suggest the possibility of reducing the cost of the flight as decided by the airline. These include the class “N” in the aircraft, marking “Q” and “T”. Category “V” is considered youth, and the symbols “K” and “L” are cheap seats, which are sometimes subject to discount.

On some large ships, the places in the tail of the board are called “tourist”. It is on this category you can buy tickets marked “Class M”. In an airplane, this level is served under the same conditions as the “Y” category or with some restrictions.

The purchased ticket to the economy salon marked “M” means that the airline’s discounts during the peak seasonal flights are covered by this type of seat.

As for the “G” tagging, here airlines provide group bookings. This practice is used for charter flights, when the tour operator buys only a part of the liner or a separate unit of seats. In addition, there are other redundancy class encodings. Economy class “E” in the aircraft means the inability to choose a place in advance. Here, the passenger seat determines when the flight is checked in.. The “U” symbol says that the reservation is not required, since all the clients are guaranteed seats, according to the fare of their air ticket. Finally, we note that the airlines independently control the number of tickets that offer discounts. Keep in mind that when lowering the comfort class the quota for the number of air tickets decreases proportionally.

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