All about airplanes

Flying and jumping year round

You can always fly and jump with a parachute.

About spring and summer, everyone understands everything: the maximum number of summer days, the weather is good.

If there is a golden autumn outside, then despite the clouds and frequent rains, we continue to fly and jump with a parachute. Believe, very beautiful.

And as the snow falls, many will ask: “Is it not cold to fly in winter?” We answer the question: “Is it not cold to ski in winter?” Maybe it’s better to go in summer? Winter flights are and will be. Come on. In the meantime, see photos.

20 minutes. on the Yak-52 for 6500 p.

– We will bring a beautiful box with a certificate, we will show the aerobatics, we will give you the opportunity to “steer” the aircraft, video filming in flight is possible.

Order certificates for aerobatics, fly from Wednesday to Sunday, according to the weather!

Three of us on Cessna-172 from 5000 r.

According to our certificates you can fly your fun company. One certificate – your three seats on the plane!

Order a certificate from us and try to control the aircraft under the guidance of an experienced pilot!

Parachute jump – 12500 r.

Also a certificate, also in a super box. Skydiving from a height of 4000 meters. Two airfield. Photo and video shooting.

What customers love us for

We only sell sky, and we do it well. We fly ourselves. We want to give you the opportunity to fly and give flights. Our goal is safe flights for everyone!

All about airplanes

We have adequate delivery and our own courier service. Delivery is possible on the day of the order, delivery is possible after hours. Our couriers arrive on time. Our couriers know how to use cards and find their own way.

A huge range of flights: more than ten types of aircraft, more than a hundred different flights or jumps. Adrenaline, extreme, aerobatics or beautiful sightseeing flights and air tours.

Many different airfields in different directions of the Moscow region. Fly where you are comfortable. And which airfield to choose? And anyone! Everywhere is beautiful, interesting and safe: we work with professionals.

Reasonable prices. Our certificates cost real money. And we have real flights. We sell just so much time for a person to “fly”; the flight duration is your choice, we only advise.

The information on our website is relevant, complete and true. We constantly monitor the correctness of the presentation of the material and the relevance of prices. We write on the site details. We know them and will be happy to tell them to those who do not like to read.

And we are all honest. Flight time is counted from the moment the aircraft leaves the runway. We warn in advance that flights can be postponed due to weather conditions.

And the gift box, in which the flight certificate lies, is stylish, beautiful and convenient. A wrapper cannot cost more than candy: we do not sell certificates in jewelry boxes encrusted with diamonds, but our box will be noticeable among other gifts and will delight its owner.

Holiday Gifts

Birthday gifts are in demand all year round. We advise a longer walk on our site and choose what is best suited. The choice is rich. If you need help – call, help with the choice.

All about airplanes

Christmas gifts 2018, of course, we also have. Flying as a gift for the New Year is one of the best gifts. Find out why.

For Valentine’s Day (February 14) we have prepared this page for you.

On February 23 (the day of the Soviet Army or Defender of the Fatherland, as someone you like) you choose gifts here.

We offer gift certificates for flying on various types of aircraft. The certificate is packed in a beautiful box that can be a worthy gift to someone or yourself. Do you want to fly or donate a flight? Act:

  • Choose a flight from the proposed options (there are a lot of them).
  • Order and receive a certificate (from our courier or in our office).
  • Sign up for the flight and come to the airfield.

More than 40 flight options on more than 10 types of aircraft. How to choose what you need? Quite simply: you can call and we will find you the “flight of your dreams,” or you can read this page further. Let’s try to divide all flights into categories:

Flying with elements of complex and aerobatic

They are performed on piston sports (Yak-52) or training jet aircraft (L-29 Dolphin and L-39 Albatross). These machines are capable of performing inverted flight, slides, loops, barrels, turns with rolls of 90 degrees and other figures of complex and aerobatic maneuvers.

During the flight, you can imagine yourself as a participant in an air battle of the times of the Great Patriotic War (on piston aircraft) or the Korean War of 1950-1953 (on jet aircraft) and understand how difficult it was for military pilots of those times.

This is the most vivid, entertaining and emotional type of flight: to see the earth “upside-down”, to feel overload and weightlessness, to understand how easy it is to turn the world through the control stick of an airplane. Impressions about the flight will remain in memory for years! This will be one of the most exciting events in life, although we cannot advise such a flight by far to everyone. Athletes and extremals – this is a must, but for people who are quieter, we offer

Sightseeing flights

This is a gift for those who want to see the earth through the eyes of birds, as a direct participant in the flight. For those who want to comfortably, without fear, climb 300 meters (or 500 meters) upwards, fly over the most beautiful and interesting places of the Moscow region (which are next to each airfield), watch the pilot’s actions (and maybe even try a little control), listen to the radio of the aircraft and the dispatcher and, after a while, make a soft landing at the aerodrome.

No overload, no adrenaline, almost no restrictions on health: only beauty, heaven and positive. I just want to smile with happiness, from the fact that you were there right now.

Sightseeing flights are conducted on double and four-seater aircraft.

In the double version (Aeroprakt A-22, Cessna-150, Golden Avio F-30, Tecnam P2002, Sigma-4, Skyleader 500) only you and the pilot. An excellent overview (not to compare with a sports plane), comfortable seats and modern headsets with an active noise cancellation system will provide comfort in flight. This is a wonderful gift for those who love beautiful planes!

Four-seaters (Wilga-35M, Yak-18T and Cessna-172) are even more interesting: one person takes the place of the second pilot in the first row of seats, the other two are located behind. All the same: great visibility and comfort, but only for three people.

All about airplanes

Want to make a gift that you can “use” yourself? Flying is a great idea: you place the donated beside the pilot, while you yourself enjoy the flight from the back seat. Talking and taking pictures during the flight is possible!

What do we fly on?

On all the most interesting! Many aircraft can rightly be considered legendary: the Yak-52 learned to fly in DOSAAF and they won their numerous gold medals for the USSR national aerobatics team. In the Soviet years in aviation sports, we were also “ahead of the rest.”

L-29 Czech-made dolphin was used in the training units of the Air Force of our country. All military pilots, without exception, remember this car. This aircraft is not available now, but there are still enough airplanes around the world. You can still have time to fly on this, there would be a desire, but the opportunity will be there!

Cessna-172 – the most massive aircraft in the history of aviation, is still being produced.

All aircraft in their own interesting, choose to your taste.

When and where do we fly?

All flights of small aircraft are conducted in the daytime with good flying weather. We fly all year round! In the spring and autumn, during the rainy season, there may be a break, due to the fact that the ground strips of some airfields become unsuitable for use. But this is not for long.

All flights take place in the suburbs. Points on the map – airfields. And the most detailed schemes with the description of travel on personal and public transport will be in a box with a certificate.

They start with several thousand rubles and end with tens of thousands. It all depends on which flight you choose. In any case, you will receive:

  • Competent consultation of our employees.
  • Adequate, fast and free (in Moscow within the Moscow Ring Road) delivery.
  • Beautiful gift box with a certificate, description and detailed directions to the airfields.
  • Support and resolve questions by phone during the entire validity period of the certificate.

And, of course, interesting impressions for life! Choose. Ask. Order.

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